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  • Tarquin, Hair Artiste

    Why not target less complexity and higher reliability? The cars are great, marred somewhat by reliability and cost of ownership issues. If VW can fix this Toyota has no chance.

    • Lucii Pooky

      Because if VW use Toyota like tech then they wouldn’t be winning all these “Car of the year” awards because they would be mediocre.

      Our VW has been fine and a relatives nearly 3 year old Tiguan has been fine. All this VW reliability stuff is rubbish.

      • Andrew

        Tell that to my wife that has to put up with her Golf. AC Compressor, window regulator, door lock, airbag connector all giving grief in the last 6 months.

      • Barry

        You can not be serious Lucii Pooky.Get off your computer and get out in to the real world.Have a look at whats on the back of the flat tops.If 12,000 kms is the life span of a DSG Transmission,well thats a joke.
        New awards like car of the year do not access 12,000 kms dsg transmissions..

        • Lucii Pooky

          Thats odd. Ive NEVER seen a VW on top a a tow truck. Ive seen a few Jap cars though. 

          Saying a company has NO “Lemon” or ONLY has “lemon”  cars will just prove that you a very arrogant person. VW and Euros in general aren’t the most reliable but neither are Japanese and Korean cars. 

          • Barry

            OK Pooky
            25 years of driving towtrucks,believe me Volkswagens do break down.Not saying there not appealing on a test drive as a new car.
            Thats one of the reasons they sell so well.Even the most loyal diehard veegrub driver dumps there car at the end of the NCW.

          • Sumpguard

               You nailed it Barry. I have heard several horror stories that started out as love stories where VW is concerned. Mostly Golf including a very costly GTi and 1 Tiguan. Every owner had the same comment.

                    “Never again”!

          • Rick

            look at any reliability study/poll Jap cars usually take the top 3 or 4 spots. VW is normally below korean cars and the american big 3, ouch VWs really do suck sorry Pooky

      • Tarquin, Hair Artiste

        I’m afraid that my experiences with 2 VWs and that of others I know that own VWs is regrettably the opposite.  I’m glad you have had a good run with yours.

      • Anthony Mindel

        VW forums at vwwatercooled and vwvortex will disagree,lots of horror stories locally and abroad…

      • Rick

        tell that to my parents and brother, new computer, new injectors new turbo, couple of new sensors ac stopped working, new wiring harnesses, new control panel for the power windows…. want me to keep going?? cause there is more. both cars were brought new, very well maintained at the VW dealer. so this reliability stuff is rubbish hey??

  • semiserious

    Any in Australia?

    • JP

      42000kms in a Mark VI 118TSi 7 speed DSG, & 45000kms in a Mark VI 103TDI 6 speed DSG.

      Both utterly fault free in every way.

      Neither of them are driven gently.

      I live in Brisbane

      • Anthony Mindel

        You have been VERY lucky.

        • JP

          What, lucky with 2 different models, with different engines, different gearboxes, built on different days? Yeah, must be lucky.

          Or it could be they aren’t as unreliable as the Haters on here say….

          I’ve owned a mazda 2 recently, bought new in 08. Total shitbox…..

          Japanese? NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!

          A business associate just traded his 08 Jetta on a new Jetta. He’s on the road all day for work. Obviously he was lucky enough to get a good one as well…..
          And his was chipped & ran the DSG gearbox……

          • Hung Low

            Funny how neither the business associate or yourself have dared to keep them after warranty runs out!
            Its heart warming hearing all these stories of total reliability, but sadly they are still overs shadowed with the reality of faults inherent with Vee Duds!

          • Rick

            i dare you to put 100k plus and keep for a couple of years after the warranty runs out. Do some research in general VW suck sorry just a fact

      • Shak

        I think he meant production facilities. And the answer would be a definite no.

  • Peanut

    100 Plants and none in Australia :(

    • Brian Dunlevy

       That’s never going to happen mate. They’d have to pay $600 million in consultation fees and that’s before any earth gets moved.

  • I like Skoda!

    I’ve owned a Skoda for 4 year and I haven’t seen any issue with my Octavia.  And Skoda always seems to be at the top of the relability charts. At least one part of the VW family has it’s “reliability” act together. 

    Anyhow all you seem to find in these chats & forums are people complaining, very rarely hear about folks happy with their cars.  Toyota seem to have their own reliability pains lately so no use comparing VW to them.

  • Golfschwein

    We Vee Dub fans keep buying the  wrong car. Must get something sturdy next time, perhaps a Hilux manual diesel or a Patrol or something. 

  • Guest2

    95 of those probably will be in China as VW sold millions of cars there.

  • Hung Low

    Recently went for a ride in a Golf GTD with 1600km on board. Already has issues with the DSG with erratic up shifts in Auto mode, did not upshift at all whilst in the middle of overtaking in auto mode, stupid kickdown switch which over rides downshifts in S mode, abs and esc warning lights on dash constantly on.

    Vastly overated gearboxes and cars! 
    Owners should get a complimentary roll of masking tape to stick over the warning lights on the dash for long term ownership. Disposable cars that will not be economically viable to run after the warranty period!

    • Rick

      DSG gear boxes will have a limited life, just need to refine the auto with a lock up torque convertor  more simple, cheaper, more reliable