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Ford has threatened General Motors with legal action after the rival automaker refused to pull its Super Bowl commercial for the new Chevrolet Silverado, in which the blue oval’s top-selling F-150 pick-up is painted as less durable and long lasting than the Chevy.

The 60-second spot called “2012” shows a man driving his Silverado through an apocalyptic world. Four men make it to a meeting point but ‘Dave’ is not so lucky. One of the men explains: “Dave didn’t drive the longest-lasting, most dependable truck on the road. Dave drove a Ford.”

Predictably, Ford didn’t see the funny side. The manufacturer sent a letter to NBC requesting it not show the ad during the game, and sent another to Chevrolet asking it to pull the ad from the telecast as well as its website and YouTube channel, where it has racked up more than 1.7 million views alone.

“Ford demands that Chevrolet immediately cease and desist from making any unsubstantiated and disparaging claims regarding Ford’s pickup trucks,” the letter to the automaker read.

“If Chevrolet does not comply with the above terms prior to the start of the Super Bowl, then Ford will take all appropriate steps to enforce and protect its reputation.”

Chevrolet ignored Ford’s request and ran the commercial during today’s sporting event, which was estimated to be viewed by more than 110 million Americans and millions more around the world.

General Motors global chief marketing officer Joel Ewanick said the company had no intentions of backing down.

“We stand by our claims in the commercial, that the Silverado is the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickup on the road,” Ewanick said. The fine print of the commercial aimed to substantiate Chevrolet’s claims: “Dependability based on longevity: 1981 to July 2011 full-size pick-up registrations.”

Ewanick said the ad was “a fun way of putting this claim in the context of the apocalypse”.

“We can wait until the world ends, and if we need to, we will apologise. In the meantime, people who are really worried about the Mayan calendar coming true should buy a Silverado right away.”

The ball is now in Ford’s court. While the actual game nears its end, it seems unlikely we’ve heard the last of this Detroit stoush.

  • Steve2012

    I wonder if Holden will do the same thing here now that Commodore is no longer Australias top selling car. Most dependable, based on bogans keeping the s___boxes on the road past their use by date.

    • Robj

      ha, what a d&&k h&^d comment…

    • Sydlocal

       I am not a huge fan of the Commodore and personally would never own one. However having said that I respect them for what they are and where they fit in the market and there is no doubting their durability, especially considering how much they get abused by said bogans (in the scheme of things the common occurance of bits of trim falling
      off/blown tail lights etc doesn’t really count and don’t stop the car from
      running and getting you to where you want to go etc)…

    • Crummydore

      Geez, wow…. um, I suppose I will have to consider growing a mullet.

      My very useful and reliable (over 11 years and 220,00km) VS Series 2 Acclaim, and my Commodore based Adventra, seem incomplete without their owner having one….

  • Robj

    Actually, I own a Calais and don’t consider myself a bogan. I’m sure I am better educated than many on this website. 

    • Eric Knutsen

      Yep your owning a Calais is definitive proof that your are smarter than the average poster.

      BTW Did you polish your Bow Tie this morning.

      • Midi

        Hahahahahah love this comment.. Pure gold.. Hahaah

      • Robj

        So many retards here…anyway. Each ^%$ comment shows the IQ.

        • Guest

          mate why do you think youre smart and all. you dont even know who we are

        • Jordan

          wow, you show how low your iq actually is with every comment you make, not that anyones iq means anything anyway

      • Karl

        Errr….he didn’t say that owning a Calais is proof of intelligence.

        However, there’s NO defending the intelligence of drivers who insist on planting bow-tie’s on locally produced cars. 

        • Sydlocal

           Do you mean the V8 versions of the locally produced car (the most common models that I see fitted with the “bow-tie”) with the Chevrolet small block V8 (what it is universally known as) being shipped over already assembled in a crate from North America? Some people may be proud of their Chevrolet powered Commodore and are under no delusion on where the “heart” of the car comes from. Either that or they may like to re-live their time from the middle east where it is a Chevrolet. 😉 (TIC)
          However the V6 versions…
          Then again, at the end of the day it is still the same car company.

    • Sue

      Better educated doesn’t mean common sense.

      • Sue

        Oops, sorry about that. No offense intended.

    • Oz

      Please share your educational qualifications with us Rob.

      • RobJ


        • Oz

          Well played. I’m going now. :-)

        • Slinkywinky68

          Obviously a near-sighted gynaecologist…did I forget to mention that massive chip on the shoulder?…

  • Henry Toussaint

    Gosh, Ford need to take a Chill Pill Lately, Saying Hyundai had ‘Way over styled’ designs (the i45 and ix35 are kinda over styled) when really their EcoSport is over styled…and now this?

    • Joker

      I don’t know why they’re freaking out.. The F-Series is the highest selling Truck in the US in any case, 

      • Sumpguard

          Even the mention that they might sue GM is doing themselves harm. Get over it. Manufacturers have donee ads against other brands for decades. Ford will be the only losers if they proceed!

        • Henry Toussaint

          True as plus their are some car websites and newspaper ads the say like ‘ Bigger boot than Commodore’ from Suzuki’s SX4 sedan Etc, but thats not really the point of whats happening here…

  • guest

    look above at the related articles below the main article… “GM recall 1.5m vehicles”, F150 truck of the year’…

    • Eric Knutsen

      Funny, how many Explorers where recalled?

      Wounder if GM used that to their advantage back then. HMMMM

  • TuffGuy

    They always say the truth hurts.   Ford would probably not be so sensitive if it were not true that their vehicles are junk.

  • The Salesman

    Don’t get mad Ford…get even. Make an ad that extends from Chevy’s one. Maybe the next scene is Dave driving/operating a Ford that has transformed into a Chevy eating transformer of some kind. It might stomp through the ruined city churning up Chevy’s while the twinky eating Chevy drivers flee.  

  • MisterZed

    Totally irrelevant here in Australia, as we don’t get any real trucks here, instead having to settle for tiny little toy trucks with noisy and agricultural 4-cylinder diesel engines, cramped seats, tiny rear trays and pitiful towing capacity.

    • Sydlocal

       I wouldn’t call the latest gen of 4, 5 and 6cyl diesels in the current crop of utes agricultural. They are way more high tech in most cases than the diesels in these American “trucks”. (note-this doesn’t apply to the Hilux which is still living in the past!)

      • MisterZed

        Yes I was mainly referring to the HiLux but also I don’t believe the Triton’s diesel is anything special either, nor the Colorado or D-Max.

        • Sydlocal

           Fair call! The Hilux is still in the dark ages relying on a reputation that it IMHO no longer deserves! The Triton was one of the better ones when released but it is now getting a little long in the tooth and most of the others have overtaken it.

  • Micheal_r_22

    It’s seems to be a global GM policy, tell lies and talk crap in order to sell cars.

  • Keithheron9

    f-150 is way better then the Chevy any day

  • Guest

    Surely people know by now that both manufacturers produce crap!

  • Guest

    Ford make the F150 Raptor
    GM makes… ????

  • Awwwwwbaby

    maybe ford should just pick up its dummy and go home


    Why is it that whenever there are Commodore or Falcon related articles there are always stupid trolls commenting? Get a life guys. Who cares what people drive.

  • Dave S

    Good old Gm / Holden v Ford rivalry – love it. Great ad, ball is now in Ford’s court.

    • Slinkywinky68

      don’t you mean Daewoo v’s Ford?…

  • twa

    Chevy better hope the make it will take them that long to repay the American tax payer.

  • chook

    Maybe Ford could invest in missile technology and launch an attack on GMs headquarters and Silverado assembly plant . No legal action necessary anymore ….haha