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  • Alex

    Thats’s Lexus like value! There will be a lot of these on the road.

    • Dave

      That’s base price without any of the ‘niceties’. Add the options to get it like a Lexus and it will be easily over $100,000

      • Birty_B

        They’ve added in a lot of the ‘niceties’ You’ve got nav accross the range. The biggest reason for the price drop is due to the 4cyl engine. The 6 cyl diesels in the Q7 and X5 are awesome, quiet, smooth powerful. Be interesting to see how the 4 pot goes in the ML, 500nm is nothing to be sneezed at though.

    • Phil

      Lexus like value meaning a tarted up Toyota Klugar for twice the price?

      Though to be honest, the original Mercedes ML was built as cheaply – possibly more so than a Toyota Klugar, but was also twice the Klugars price.

  • Indy

    How does it compete with the Q7 when it’s only a 5 seater?

    • Info

      …… competes well by forcing you to STOP having damn children…..Bah humbug…..

  • Jez Spinks

    It’s about price point and size rather than about number of seats, Indy. The ML, along with the X5, Q7 and RX are classed as large luxury 4WDs – even if the RX, like the Merc, is also a five-seater only (and physically a bit smaller). The Q7 only became a standard 7-seater when the Q5 launched. Benz’s mid-sized luxury 4WD rival for the Audi Q5 is the GLK, which is not currently sold in Australia. Rgs Jez Spinks

    • Fuvkyou

      Is your real name Jessica?

  • Zoom

    Can someone tell me why I should get a high tech Euro diesel when:

    - The motor uses urea injection. When the urea runs out the motor stops. Good luck if you’re in the outback and not on the autobahn. A couple of litres of blue urea from the dealer costs $70.
    - There’s DPF or diesel particulate filter. Got to run it at freeway speeds often to burn off the particles else the engine won’t run properly. It costs $4,000 to replace one.
    - High pressure fuel injectors. It costs $4,000 ($1,000 ea) to replace those. Like when the fuel is contaminated with water, dirt or bad injectors.
    - VGT (variable geometry turbo). Costs $5,000 to replace it.
    - Fuel pump. Forget about the $100 fuel pump in your Commodore or Falcon. The fuel pump for these things cost $5,000 a pop.

    Have I missed anything else?

    • nugsdad

      Sounds like a problem for the second owner

    • Imo

      Zoom, you’re an absolute tosser that fears the worst.
      Had no such probs with my high tech Euro diesel….all those problems are in your own mind.
      Btw, don’t ever fly in a plane ok…planes have known to crash sometimes.

      • Tarquin, Hair Artiste!

        Imo, you are the tosser. If you keep your cars longer than the warranty period, cost of ownership is important. In the case of the DPF it is classed as a consumable… so there is risk from day one. Having owned a euro and having been stung with high repair cost for items that should not go wrong… I’m with Zoom.

    • AS

      Stick to Commodore and Falcon then. Simple. :) Or Hyundai even!

  • Dasullivan

    Hey Zoom  sounds like Bloody Doom.Better i stick with a Jeep.

    • 3D4

      Well that applies to Jeep as well as most of the modern diesel engine cars.. PDF, VGT. High pressure injectors, airflow meters… You name it.. 

  • Guest

    Yep, it makes the D-Max’s 3.0 engine look low-tech – or should that be low-maintenance?

  • Rodge

    Zoom has nailed it.  The DPF thing is a huge problem.  Needs freeway speeds for 30 minutes twice a wekk to avoid clogging it up.  Ummm, what percentage of the populastion does that rule out ???

    • Imo

      Well I didn’t even know about it Rodge, & it seems my touareg didn’t know either coz nothing’s clogged or broken ever in over 90,000 km of trouble free driving.
      DPF is only a huge problem in your mind.

      • Hairynose

        `Recently met a Toureg owner who spent over $15K replacing DPFs and sensors needed to make the DPF work. Had 120,000km on the car when they ditched it for a Lexus

    • Mr Gaspo

      Spot on Rodge

    • AS

      Good god man. I drive an Isuzu truck with a DPF. Takes approx. 5-10mins of any kind of driving to burn off…. I don’t see how it would take a small-ish SUV 30mins to do such a task. Plus, I’m pretty sure the vehicle would squirt small amounts of diesel into the filter to assist with the burn process if desired heat levels aren’t achieved. 

  • Luke Brinsmead

    Gee, the Bluetec is very economical. Makes petrol SUVs, and “large” petrol family cars for that matter, seem like fuel leaches.

    • Realtor

      6.4 L/100km that is better economy than any other SUV or CUV that I can think of. Also have done 78,000km in my E250 CDI which is the exact same motor and haven’t had any of the problems listed above. By the way I live in North Queensland where our service stations are famous for serving up contaminated fuel. I can’t say the same for my friends X5 though it has been an absolute bucket. I also know a few Golf owners who’ve had no end of trouble from their diesels with the above problems. This look like a suitable replacement for my E-Class. Besides that my local dealer has really looked after me do far which is better than what I’m hearing about the other locals.

  • F1

    Looks ugly..

    The 82k Lexus RX is the x special edition.. The normal price for the lowest trim RX is 90k

  • Steve Angilinwago

    how to afford this car in 4 steps
    1, kill all so called local auto makers
    2, wait for the gov to open parallel import, reduce tariff, LCT, etc.
    3, wait to see the competition heat up and dealers and car companies reduce price to international level
    4, buy the car at a fair price and stop feeling being ripped off

  • Srx

    You Australians must be rich..

    Back in the states this will have a sticker of about 38k, but you’ll get good incentives.. So you’ll probably pay like 32k..

    • Guest

      im feeling jelly of you people from USA… seriously, s class benz for 100k? :D

      • Srx

        Where I used to live (west hollywood) an S-class (S550) retailed for 90k.. But seriously lol you’ll get it for like 80k.. Since it has strong competition from the Lexus LS460 which has a starting price of 69k..

        • Guest

          far out… why is it so cheap over there… i just dont get even civics from 16k? woooah

    • MisterZed

      I think you’re on something.  The cheapest ML350 in the USA is $48,990 USD + taxes.

  • MisterZed

    I love the monochrome GPS display, and the temperature dials that look like they’re from a 10 year old Mercedes. 

  • Andre

    Nice car, drove it in Germany.  But annoyed that you can’t have a cargo barrier behind the driver/ passenger seats anymore when you have the seats down…  you can in all the previous MLs.  Cost cutting to compete with Lexus…???  Where else did they skimp?