• Grammar Nazi

    Well this is the automotive non-story of the year thus far.

    In other news I’ve just installed a MIRAGE. It’s a Mitsubishi Mirage, which I’ve put in my garage. Quickly, alert the press…

  • Aaa

    Yuck. Arty farty. I’d much rather see a Jeep on the ground. If the pole was not engineered properly, it could collapse and kill someone.

    • Amlohac

      I dont think they would put it on a pole without thinking it through first buddy.

  • MisterZed

    An article on Wrangler reaching new heights, yet no mention of Wrangler’s Australian sales record set in 2011?  Talk about a missed opportunity.

  • Oosh

    There’s some sort of 4×4 on a pole on the road between Adelaide and Melbourne. Been there for years, I’ve driven past it numerous times, no one cares about it or this non-event either.