• Rick

    Dodge won’t succeed in Australia with the crap they are currently selling . If dodge was serious they would sell the Durango ( a proper 7seater that would instantly become a success for the brand ) , charger srt8 as a sporty Hsv/ fpv competitor , the challenger would succeed (simply because there is no other competitor ) and the new dart because aussies are now obsessed with smaller cars . We drove Both the charger srt8 and the Durango citadel on holidays in the states they are both the best cars in their class , so much so ,we looked into importing a Durango and having it converted and complianced (however no one in Australia does the Durango ) shame …….

    • Rocket

      Yes agree. They sold the wrong models in Australia and have damaged their name here. The Charger and Challenger SRT8 models would have sold in the HSV and FPV market but they chose to sell at the cheapie end of the market and got what they deserved. The new Dart looks like a good small car but I think they want to build Alfa sales in the smaller car class.

    • Carsalesman

      Agree wholeheartedly they need to listen to Rick above and stop thinking they are going to get anywhere with the other brands they offer here.

  • Pal

    I agree 100% with Rick. Mike Manly would not have a clue about the Australian Auto Industry. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  If Dodge Had the Charger, Challenger, Durango (i believe much better than the new Territory) Dart and with the updated Journey (worth a look), Dodge would outsell Jeep, Chrysler, and all Fiat brands in Australia. I have no doubt about it. It will be a real shame to remove Dodge right when they are currently producing and now will continue to produce Excellent world class vehicles and not the generation we were introduced in under Daimler management.

  • Ibc

    Well I don’t think the Dodge brand will ever really get going here again. When I worked for Chrysler in the early 70s the Dodge Phoenix had just been discontinued – it was the 2nd last of the US barges sold here. The Rambler Matador was the very last and both were assembled here incidentally. Dodge meant big and were cars for not so poor oldies who are no longer around, so the brand has no following in Australia except for a few muscle car fans. If the product is good, then well we might see it with another badge….

  • Steve

    When are Dodge and Chrysler  going to wake up bring in the Dodge Charger and Challenger they will sell here. Put the 300c dashes in them and be done with it, for car manufactures to survive in the future they have to make models that can easily be for left or right hand drive to capture the world markets.

  • MisterZed

    Fiat Journey?!  What the?!  I thought Chrysler products were to be badged as Lancias in Europe.

    • Pal

      Yes it’s sold as the Fiat Freemont in Europe now. It’s selling Quite well since been introduced as a Fiat. Sold nearly 10,000 units in Italy alone since they started selling it this year. There will be a Fiat version of the Dart too. So that’s what this article is about, that now they can mix any vehicle and sell it under a reconised brand in each country. But removing Dodge From Australia is a Mistake.

      • Pal

        Oops, i meant 2011

    • Darryl

      Lancia Ypsilon (Fiat 500 based) and Delta are sold as Chryslers in the UK now. They sold 109 there in December for 0.09% of the market according to SMMT figures. Not a huge success then. Agree with your comment about the Journey, As if Fiat has a better name and image than Dodge in this country. And the inappropriately named  Mr Manley in the photo above does a passable take on Mr Bean I reckon, you certainly don’t get the impression he knows what he’s on about.

  • Oz_poppa

    Who are you all kidding? Dodge won’t re-engineer the Durango for RHD just to sell a handful in Australia. They couldn’t spread this cost because no other RHD market would be interested. Does Ford or GM engineer their muscle cars, truck based utes and SUVs for RHD? No way!

    So remembering how the Sebring failed to sell here – for good reason – unless it suits Fiat- Chrysler to sell the Dodge Dart here they are left with only the Journey and it is too late to rebrand that as a Fiat here. To keep dealerships to sell one nameplate is unlikely. Maybe all non Jeep products should be rebranded as Chryslers to give a product line of Dart, Journey, and 300

    • Ibc

      Yes, years ago in America (US/Canada) there were versions of Chrysler models sold under the Chrysler, De Soto, Dodge and Plymouth brands with minor differences. In the future the differences might just be badges (but without being sold against each other) for different regions/countries.

    • Pal

      Well oz-poppa, The Durango is not Ram Based anymore. The Durango is grand Cherokee based, and already had been engineered to be Rhd compatible.  I did here it’s still being considered.

  • Gigi

    Dont forget folks that the Chrysler 300c is now being sold in Europe as a Lancia Thema

  • Lyndin Hume

    As an Australian who has just test driven the dodge caliber and compared this car and price against whats on offer within this price range I believe this car to be a total winner.
    But reading the above comments it scares me to think that if I purchase this beautiful car that Dodge is going to pull the rug from under me and I will be stuck high and dry.
    Dodge why not try an aggressive advertising campaign I well and truly believe in your product and I know it will work in Australia.

  • mrsxr8

    I totaly agree with Lyndin….I love the agressive look of the Dodges and are something very different here in Australia. I did find the Caliber a bit claustrophobic, but love the Nitro’s and see heaps of them around. I would love to buy a Dodge Nitro but am also worried that I’ll be stuck with a car if Dodge pull out of the Australian market. I do believe with better marketing they will have better success. Dodge…..PLEASE don’t pull out!!!

    • MisterZed

      Dodge Nitros are a joke.  In the USA they are considered one of the 10 worst cars on the market.  Anyway, production has stopped on the Nitro.  I wouldn’t get one – they look ridiculous.