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The 2012 Lexus LX570 been revealed at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit ahead of its Australian launch in the second quarter of this year.

The mid-life upgrade for the full-sized luxury four-wheel drive parallels similar styling and technology enhancements to its sister vehicle, the 2012 Toyota LandCruiser, which is also due to hit local showrooms in March.


The most noticeable change to the exterior styling is the LX570’s adoption of the spindle grille, which has become the new corporate face of Lexus following the unveiling of the LF-Gh concept at the 2011 New York motor show in April.

The new front end also gets LED daytime running lights integrated into the revised headlight assembly, and a redesigned bumper and fog light arrangement. The taillights have been revised along with the licence plate surround, while the rear bumper protector gets a new stainless steel accent. The indicators are now integrated into the side mirrors, and the side body mouldings are wider to create a sportier look.

The cabin benefits from the new Easy Access system, which retracts the steering wheel and driver’s seat when the ignition is switched off, as well as improved seat cooling and a 120-volt outlet for the middle row. The instrument panel has been updated with a new colour screen, while there is a new dark chrome finish to the centre instrument cluster and air vents and conventional chrome along the glove box. Mahogany wood trim is standard, while there is a new interior leather colour and two new exterior paint colours to choose from.

The US-spec 2012 Lexus LX570 maintains its 285kW/545Nm 5.7-litre V8 petrol engine, which is marginally more powerful than the 270kW/530Nm unit fitted to Lexus vehicles sold in Australia. The LX570’s drivetrain should carry over unchanged when the 2012 Model Year SUVs arrive in local showrooms.

Like the 2012 LandCruiser, the upgraded Lexus LX570 gets the Japanese group’s new Multi-terrain Select system with five pre-programmed traction control and brake settings to prepare the vehicle for the road (or lack of) ahead. It also gets an updated Crawl Control feature for optimum throttle and brake modulation on difficult surfaces, and Turn Assist, which improves urban driveability by decreasing the vehicle’s turning circle.

Full Australian specifications and prices will be revealed closer to the local launch of the 2012 Lexus LX570.

  • Golfschwein

    Sister, you is so UUUUUGLY!!

  • O123


  • Mikey

    I’m sure there is a valid reason for this…..

  • Martin

    Toyota and Lexus have among the most fragmented design language of any car manufacturer.


    stop it,my eyes hurt…

  • 3D4

    What the hell happened to japanese car manufacturers? Every single car that comes out looks  ugly.. I mean they make great cars, but the styling is rather shocking…!

  • MichaelLock

    C’mon guys, stop putting us readers through this as it takes almost an hour to recover from looking at these pictures. 
    It makes you think like this, Landcruiser is made for Australia market, but the LX570 is (or should only be) for the American market because it Fat, Ugly and totally Overrated. Let the yanks have it, they deserve it.

  • Weatherbey

    Lexus took the Landcruiser and … uglified it. Seriously? The new LC is looking much more premium than this poor effort, both inside and out.

  • ToyotaGuru

    Going by the headlamp washer covers, does this mean LX570 buyers will actually get HIDs now for their $160K plus? 😀

  • MisterZed

    Stainless steel??  For the price they ask of this vehicle I’d expect silver plated surround.

  • Altezza

    The Lexus’ “finesse” design language just did not flow with this car.

  • Dan

    I like Lexus in general, but I just do not understand the reason for this car. Yes, it’s very competent off road, but would you?? 99% of the buyers of course won’t! Why bother buying it then? It’s impractical for the city, it’s fugly, and makes you look like a try hard.

  • Ibc

    That’s the ugliest TUTmobile (Tarted-up Toyota) ever!