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by Brett Davis

Chrysler has unveiled a rather strange and futuristic-looking new MPV called the Chrysler 700C concept at the 2012 North America International Auto Show.

Chrysler has decided not to reveal any details or specifications on the 700C concept. Instead, the MPV makes a statement all on its own, with diagonal B-pillars that roll forward from the roofline, and a long bonnet (for a van).

It’s all very peculiar, in terms of design. There’s plenty of fluidic shapes and flowing lines, not to mention plenty of chrome. A set of large, chrome alloy wheels completes the theme.

The 700C is said to preview a successor to the brand’s versatile Town & Country people mover. The concept features a pair of electric sliding side doors, ample cabin space with three-row seating, and a front-wheel drive powertrain.


  • Steve_42

    The SSangyong Stavic has a little cousin….. yikes

    • c1ockwork



    • gti

      How the hell was the design team for this not fired? I mean, modernizing and re-imagining the Stavic and calling it a 700c? Really? Disgraceful. Absolutely disgraceful.

  • Artega

    Brett – the first photo has the wrong model in focus 😉

  • johnny

    I wonder what Ford’s group vice president, design, and chief creative office, J Mays, has to say about this then. He might like it as it follows the BRICK design that he likes.  

  • MichaelLock

    OMG……WTF……LMFAO…..FFS, they should all be sacked

  • Ibc

    Ozzie Osborne’s hearse! Now I know where his pills went when he went dry.

    • Eyes Wide Open

      A hearse is a hearse is a hearse!

  • theillestlife



    Brilliant and DIFFERENT looking, job done

    Because u guys are uneducated and not worldly, i will let you in on a secret, this was designed by and has cues and smells of Lancia, 100% [Have any of u heard of that brand?]

    Memo to Sergio, build it!!


    As if Chrysler would have the skill to design this, its been done by the Italians, a 6YO in Italy has more skill with the crayons then the whole team @ Chrysler and USA in general