• http://realcars realcars

    I hope they are smart enough to flaunt this.

  • Adam (aka Mada)

    Couldn’t agree more.

    I can’t wait for the lame arguments to start.

    It’s good they released the actual points, showing FG passed it’s primary competition by some margin.

    Ford simply did a very good job with FG.

  • Richo

    umm.. haven’t we already done this? Come on caradvice you should atleast try and hide your love of fords just a little bit… 😛

  • Adam (aka Mada)

    Number 1 lame attempt…


  • BMWSauberF1Team

    What’s not to love about them if they keep producing quallity vehicles like the FG Falcon? 😉

  • Richo

    oh come on adam, didn’t you pick up the 😛 symbol that i was having a laugh.. fcking hell these ford blokes can be twitchy

  • Adam (aka Mada)

    Oh i did!
    Didn’t you pick my laugh also!?

    You would be finnier if i was a Ford fan you see…

  • Bret

    Base model as I claimed it would be!

    Car Advice, care to retract your ealier erronous assumption, from the previous story?

  • Duck

    Good work ford. I read in the WHEELS June edition on one of the car tests it showed the falcon had a ANCAP rating of 4 stars not 5.

    So does that mean if Holden and Toyota opted for the pole crash test either the Commodore/Aurion could have got 5 stars for the ANCAP Crash Test?

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au David Twomey

    We had the unofficial story and the word was that because ANCAP had always insisted the five-stars would only go with a curtain airbag that it had to be those cars.
    I think we’ve made it clear that this was an even better job on the part of Ford to get it with this very neat head/chest bag they’ve introduced.
    Would Commodore and Aurion get five stars, unlikely is the word in their current form!

  • pg

    is it just me, or that blue g6e looks fabulous, classy in so many ways

  • Spitfire

    A five star ANCAP with a 1 star resale value.

  • Bret

    Spitfire, Better than a 4 star Commodore or Aurion with 1 star resale – all relative.

  • George

    A good result it really is about time they have lifted there game when it comes to safety and after being in a major crash I don`t have enough praise for air bags, so to achieve the 5 star rating without the curtains is an excellent result but to anyone ordering a Falcon do yourselves a favour get the curtains.

  • Riley_V8Supercars

    it is all unbiased, i know Alborz likes Subaru as he is mates with my sisters bf (Dan)

  • Riley_V8Supercars

    thats to some posts claiming bais views earlier

  • Starky

    Hot news for all Ford fanboys. The VE scores less than the minimum amount required for 5 stars in frontal offsett – 11.4 vs 12.5. No amount of airbags (except duel knee airbags, which won’t do much if your legs are already pinned) will change that. Plus the car has to be engineered with them in mind – rather hard to retrofit from memory.

  • TP

    HHAHAHA post of the year…. 5 Star ANCAP 1 Star resale. So very true. But I would have also accepted 1 Star Reliability, 1 Star engine, 1 Star Quality, 1 Star Fit, 1 Star Finish…

  • Andrew M

    Starky has already answered your question.

    even if the VE was pole tested with more airbags than the falcon has,
    it still would fall short of a 5 star rating.

    even if the VE scored maximum in the pole test, it would still fall short.

    its good to see someone still engineers cars rather than building for fans or the masses that require vehicles with out style.
    its a pity they cant sell vehicles to save themselves though.
    whats an ANCAP sticker on the windscreen going to do?
    advise the people who were already going to buy one anyway???
    come on ford, pick up your game in the marketing stakes.

    as already said, if you dont flaunt it, you are seriously stupid.

    the most interesting news out of the article was that DSC will be on E-Gas model at the start of next year.
    that to me would mean a sequential vapour dedicated system if they can get DSC to work in conjunction with it.

    more info on that would be great CA

  • Andrew M

    news just in…….

    toyota is the “mostest” recalled make!!!!

    your jealousy is welcome anytime TP.
    it makes us all feel better to see how unhappy and bitter you are with your toyota

  • TP

    Jealously? You musnt keep up to date with the sales / market share reports. 20 STars isnt going to save Ford.

  • Andrew M

    you are right,

    ford still cant match toyotas mass fleet sales.

    as long as people like yourself keep buying the worst vehicles you can buy, ford will never receive the recognition they deserve

  • TP

    Who the hell are you kidding, matching Toyota fleeets? Ford sell 80% of Falcons to fleets…. Toyota highest is the Corolla at like 60%… a comparable Aurion is under 50%. You are delusional. Why do you think they have such poor resale…. Ford sells at discount to fleet… fleets dispose and flood market with cheap cars + supply > demand = CRAP RESALE.

  • http://realcars realcars

    Dear TP u just don’t get it do u?

    So the Toyota Safe-t-Cell(Pat Pend)isn’t five star crash worthy.Oh shock horror scandal.LOL.

    Pretty important test the pole test considering how many accidents unfortunately involve a car and a pole.

    I’m positively certain that Toyota would sacrifice one Aurion to claim bragging rights if they thought they could pass the test.

  • http://realcars realcars

    TP is the Toyota voice in the wilderness.LOL.

  • Andrew M

    how many hiluxs and hiaces sell to fleets????

    just keep clutch, clutch, clutching at straws

  • Andrew M

    thats it,
    im ringing ACA.
    the toyota Safe T Cell is a scam…….

    the brain damage TP exhibits is already proof of how damaging toyotas are to your health

  • http://realcars realcars

    Most. Look around and Falcon ute seems to be more popular among small contractors who use their own money than anything else.

    Most big companies buy Toyota commercials.

  • http://realcars realcars

    Geez, Andrew M do u mean to say that Safe-t-Cell(Pat pend)is just a bullshit marketing line Toyota use for something that modern cars have anyway?

  • Andrew M

    please sit down, because it is all true.
    shock horror

    dead right on who buys the falcon utes.

    its the sole trader segment of tradespeople.

  • Wheelnut

    Isn’t that TP – in the first [cut-away] image under all the various quotes.. looking at the camera?

  • http://integra What The ?

    Gee it didnt take TP long open his utterley stupid mouth. Face it TP………..FG is a so much better car than a Camry\Aurion it must eat away at you. The FG IS THE BEST CAR MADE IN AUSTRALIA AND THE SAFEST……..so get over it.

    Anyway TP when does your passport Visa run out? I think its time you went back to Japan and sat outside the Toyota factory drooling over Corollas …….you loser !

  • pg

    Right on Andrew M
    why does TP like toyota so much?
    has he actually driven one?
    seriosly, i drove my first toyota the other day, after years of tight handling hondas, i stepped into a camry, and my gosh… the quality was very poor, the ride was so bland i may have fallen asleep, and the “v6″ engine was un-inspiring… hence i conclude that TP is either a)a toyota employee or b) 79 yrs old with gout

  • Minnow

    WOW!! i was not expecting the base model falcon to be 5 star!! Whoa, if they tested one with curtin airbags it may be even closer to the maximum score of 37!!

    Falcon got 93% obviously the Einstein of the locals… holden got 74%… Look whos Paris Hilton now.

  • http://realcars realcars

    Ford-Protection-Cell the Safe -T- Cell(Toyota motor Corp Pat pend)with the five star rating(including the elusive pole test).LOL.

  • http://integra What The ?

    Most Corollas are sold to fleets because they are sold to them at no profit by Toyota. This is how they inflate their sales figures …………you only have to look at the profit they made. Not much of a profit really considering the amount of cars they sold. Lower the price enough and any idiot will by them, thats the Toyota way.

  • Wheelnut

    People who put the ANCAP Crash Test Safety Results as a high priority when buying a new car do so with the conscious thought that one day they are going to have an accident.

    Which indicates that they don’t have that much confidence in their driving skill – that they [along with the various computer contrlled safety devices on a modern car] don’t have the ability co-ordination thought processes or reaction times needed to take some form of evasive action..

    that they just like the crash test dummies ANCAP use in their tests – which are performed in controlled conditions and don;t allow for any other variable factors.. will continue to drive straight into the wall or under a truck

    If that is the case then you shouldn’t be on the roads at all as you will be so timid nervous cautious that even if you aren’t in / don’t have an accident you will probably cause one.

  • http://integra What The ?

    Oh yeah…….FG FALCON 5 STAR SAFETY FOR A GREAT CAR !! Why dont you go drive one TP and find out what you are missing……..and did you read the Carpoint review of the TRD Camry\Aurion? It didnt even come close to the Ford XR6 Turbo……even though it is supposed to compete with the FPV F6 !!!! The XR6 Turbo killed it for driveability, comfort, performance, enjoyement and the wonderfull FG interior killed the TRD for fit and finish.

    AURION……..The NAME HAS CHANGED !!!!! lol

  • Golfschwein

    1.Cue stirring superhero music.
    2.Voice over. “One man can turn a positive into a negative…just one man…”

  • http://integra What The ?

    No pole test for Camry|aurion because Toyota know that it wont pass. Thats because the very old platform and body structure isnt strong enough. Aurion platform is the old old Avalon platform so unless Toyota design a descent one it will never pass the pole test. The BF Falcon would probably have not passed the pole test either but because the FG is virtually a totally new body it improved on the BF.

  • pg

    these arguements are funny
    ford/holden supporters vs the toyota ppl, which im guessing were the kids that used to somehow change supporting teams whenever they started winning… haha its fun, although a bit sad to see that 80 yr olds are blogging on the internet instead of seeing their grandkids

  • Glen

    Please people don’t feed the troll (TP) he is only here to cause a stir. Obviously has nothing better to do

  • http://integra What The ?

    TP will go home to Japan soon with any luck……….damn Japanese tourists !!!! lol

  • Eward

    TP Hater,

    It’s people like you TP that are killing the world, you buy Toyota crap, crap that is disigned in one country for the world. When you buy a Holden/Ford you are buying a home growen car that is for your kids future. So stop thinking with your pocket and think with your head…..

  • TP

    AndrewM you actually got any figures to support your claims RE hilux? I very much doubt it, more hot air from Ford fairies. The fact is over DOUBLE prviate buyers buy a Toyota then compared to Ford and Holden COMBINED. As I said the Falcon can have 20 stars it wont change the fact they have a fraction of the market share of toyota… it wont change the fact they are running at multi billion dollar losses…. it wont change their poor reliability.

  • TP

    Eward who the hell are you kidding?

    Is the Holden engine Australian? NO
    Are the parts from any of them ALL Australian? NO
    Have they both sacked workers recently while TOyota hasnt? YES
    Does Toyota build various cars in Aus? YES

    If you had half a brain cell youd realise that Toyota is far more important to our economoy and our kids future then the “locals”… Toyota is building various vehicles here for export and is looking to expand with hybrid camry etc… meanwhile Ford and Holden are sacking their workers and warning of more. WAKE UP.

  • Eward

    Have you heard of give aways and then slug you on spare parts and service, TP (TIP RAT)


    Top effort Ford, never really had a doubt!! Well done

  • Glen

    TP, those multi Billion dollar loses were from the US arms not the Australian branch’s. Funny how you don’t mention Toyota in Europe are currently not making a profit.

  • Glen

    Although it still doesn’t change the fact the FG Falcon has a 5 star passenger safety rating without curtain airbags.

  • Golfschwein

    Congratulations Ford! For those who like numbers, this article gives them all they’d need for conclusive proof that the FG is the safest Aussie car.

  • Eward

    AUSTRALIAN cars for AUSTRALIAN people, not parts that come in a box from JAPAN to be be put together here as a tax rip off for Toyota. Have you heard the term clean sheet of paper? That’s what you get with Holden/Ford,jobs for Australian Engineers and Designers…maybe your kids will go to Japan and take up one of these profession there. The sackings in this country is caused by people like, yourself selling your soul for a dollar and defending imported goods against home grown…..

  • Jimbo

    Adam (aka Mada)

    On the initial article that Car advice offered on this particular new item I posted a passing comment that made you fly off the handle.
    “Well done Ford, you are now at a level of safety that many other manufacturers have been at for the last decade.
    And Holden still have not made it yet?????? “

    I apologise if I upset you but I was merely alluding to the fact that many other manufacturers with various different models had achieved a 5 star level of safety well before Holden or Ford. I know the truth can be confronting but it is the truth!

    Many of these manufacturers, mostly European and some Japanese were well ahead in safety and were and still are achieving 5 star ratings more than 10 years ago!
    Two such examples are the Peugeot 306 and the 97-01 Forester. Both Five star cars in their time and still today! Both were designed 11-12 years ago! I was merely voicing my displeasure that both Ford and Holden Australia took more than a decade to catch up, and Holden still has not.

    The fact that they have not done the optional pole test to gain the 5th star worries me a little (That smaller cars like the Toyota Yaris have!!!). Are they afraid their car will fail the test and not achieve the extra star?

    Who knows, but well done Ford for finally taking the step and achieving a well deserved safety rating! Lets hope Holden does the same!


    Wheelnut, although i acknowledge your view on buying a safe car being prepared for a crash, the same can be said about driving safely. If i choose to buy a safe car incase i have an accident, it is the same as me choosing to drive in a way that doesnt subject me to a greater chance of having an accident. Im confident in my driving, but not confident in the housewive driving the prado and merging into my lane at 100kmh because she cant see properly through her thailand knock-off Gucci sunnies…


    I feel that you
    a) have no friends because you upset everyone around you. b) sit here stirring people and having a laugh
    or most frightening
    c) actually believe the crap you (and toyota) spin.

  • No Name

    Bloody hell TP. You don’t half open yourself up for it.
    Give em enough rope eh. 2/10 try harder next time.

  • acfsambo

    Its like this. Congratulations to Ford for making the Falcon 5 stars. It took too long. Even though it has a 5-Star rating unless there is a safety propaganda campaign put out by the government, this won’t increase the sales. Toyota makes cars for the everyday person, but doe not make cars for the Australian conditions (bar Landcruiser in the outback).

    From Wheelnut’s comment about buying a safe car cause you aren’t confident in your driving. What happens if you are going across a 4 way intersection at lights legally and someone runs a red light and t-bones you? That id definitely where it want the 5 star rating, especially a good side pole test.

  • Joober

    Lol golf = ““One man can turn a positive into a negative…just one man…” – haha so true its so funny reading the posts after one person puts one stupid comment, and tragic in a way because the topic goes completely awol.

    TP i reckon you should be always be the first poster of each article that comes out, so all the following comments will be nothing on the article itself!!! hahaha.

  • PoisonEagle

    TP you are a one star simpleton.
    I guess it’s hard to keep on topic when your precious coffin-on-wheels get’s completely reamed.
    Thanks for wiping bowel-movement on this site day in,day out.

  • Golfschwein

    My Auld Dears have had their Falcon for 3 years and it’s required nothing but routine servicing. Not even a rattle to fix. Falcons are reliable, on the whole. Lancia Gammas weren’t.

  • The Axe

    Since it was ignored in the previous story:

    All those who claim say that Aurion/Commodore wheren’t tested for the side impact test, all that it would have gotten them is 2 points. Falcon scored 4.6points more than Aurion and 7.1 more than Commodore. Bit more humble pie for ya…

    Crash Mode FG Falcon VE Commodore Toyota Aurion
    Offset frontal 14.6 11.5 13.6
    Side impact 16.0 15.0 15.4
    Bonus points 2.0 1.0 1.0
    Pole test 2.0 Not eligible Not tested
    Combined 34.6 27.5 30.0
    Star rating 5 stars 4 stars 4 stars
    Source: ANCAP, August 2008

    Keep clutching at straws TP.. You’ll run out soon enough.

  • http://integra What The ?

    Toyota dont sell many cars in Europe because people there like cars which are actually a pleasure to drive and look at……..Toyota build cars that are not only ugly but are totally devoid of any character and engineering substance. They have never built a new car because all they do is change the badge and call it new………pathetic really. Sure they are selling at the moment but thats just because they slash the price so much. Well done to Ford Australia……..FG Falcon….the best car made in australia and the safest !!!

  • Lee

    I still want one here in the US.

  • http://. Naughtyius Maxiumus

    Brain damage…………ha ha ha ha ha you aint wrong!

    When one lives with reality in mind TP it is the Ford that comes out in front in reviews on most areas you wrongly state Ford is at a one star rating! One does not need to be Einstein to work out if it was one star rated then it would have lost the comparo with the Toyota Aurion on this website! But then again being a whippersnapper nurse come accountant come Uni student come expert at cars……you only look at sales numbers like an abacus!

    Go bang your head more harder as you might come good? Will be very hard bangs one must assume to awaken you from your boring Toyo world.

  • http://. Naughtyius Maxiumus

    And you support the funny PR spin……”THE GAME HAS CHANGED” and at same time with Toyota’s how hum lacking 5star safety rating which they neglect as more obsessed about charging a certain amount and leaving some stuff out of inclusions! Smell the roses mate!

  • http://. Naughtyius Maxiumus

    BOSSCR Says: August 6th, 2008 at 9:23 pm

    To sum up in one word…………..AGREE!

  • The Associate

    I just wanna say congrat to car advice on this article! I just read one on carpoint and all they bag on about is the lack of curtain airbags on XT FG. Ok, they are $300 but compared to other brand new cars on the market, a 5* Falcon has been awarded this and thats that. This was a good read on what the cars safety is about. Keep up this site, its awesome!

  • http://integra What The ?

    FG Falcon is much safer than VE and the Name Changing Aurion even without rear curtain airbags……….thats a fact now !!!! If Toyota stopped just recycling very outdated platforms maybe they would be stronger…….

  • Adam (aka Mada)

    It didn’t take long…!

  • http://. Naughtyius Maxiumus

    Lets charge and charge and charge and forget 5star safety rating!

    Congrats FORD for changing the game!

  • Tony M

    This evolution of the Falcon to the current FG is great. Now that they have a 5 star rating in safety I believe it could increase their sales marketly.

    Great effort Ford Australia because now we do have a world class car coming from Australia.

  • alec

    Congratulations Ford.
    Word Class Product at a world class price.
    Australia needs companies like this to stay competitive in this world and everyone should support them!!

  • tonyn

    well done ford!!!

    This thing is every bit as good as the euros and leaves the aurion and commo for dead, im sure it must be hard to hear that said TP and Dingo!!!

  • turbin

    Well done Ford, now for the Territory…

    Wheelnut, you’re a hero : P

  • Stevo the Devo

    TP – one thing that has puzzled me – are you single-ply or 2-ply? Wheelnut – people buy safe cars not because of their own lack of driving ability but because they have to share the road with the likes of you.

  • alec

    This better win Wheels Car Of The Year

  • silky

    “Who knows, but well done Ford for finally taking the step and achieving a well deserved safety rating! Lets hope Holden does the same!”

    The VE cant achieve 5 stars ever, only scored 11.5 in the offset frontal and the minimum score required is 12.5. Will need to totally redesign the front end at this point.

    Heres an interesting link for those interested, discusses the VE’s dreaded A pillars and the ramifications of same;


    Interesting read, as someone mentioned earlier, Holden went
    for looks rather than safety and engineering excellence, congrats to Ford, this is easily the best car made in OZ.

  • http://Dean robbo

    This result is kinda expected given it has the freshest design in its class. Good work Ford.

  • Bret

    Wrong on the Toyota fleet sales – again.
    Just over half of Toyotas sales are passenger, where the market averages out to about 50-50 private-fleet.
    The rest of Toyotas sales are in the SUV/Commercial sectors where the ratio is about 20-80 private-fleet.

    And (private sales) Falcon outsells Aurion 3-2!

    Anyone claiming this 5 star result won’t affect sales may be right, because the falcon sales are already “on the up” without this, but it probaly will help.

    Wheelnut, your thoery is flawed, people consider many aspects when buying a car, including safety – two examples of the proof are the two star Barina and the “look at me I’ve got lots of airbags” Camry. People consider safety because of other people’s inabillities, not their own.
    (But I suspect that it’s just sour grapes FG betters VE)

  • Golfschwein

    Why all this talk about who does what proportion of fleet sales?

    WHO CARES!!!

    If your foot touches the ball on its way through, it’s still a goal.

  • I6orNothing

    I will add to the long list of people saying well done to Ford Oz.

    Now I just hope the management team in Broadmeadows & particularly Bill Osbourne have the smarts to advertise this result loudly to the rest of the Ford world. Surely the Yanks have to sit up & take notice of just what a superb job the engineering team here in Oz have done with this falcon & use it as the basis of the RWD platform throughout the entire FoMoCo world. Time will tell I suppose, but it just seems such a waste if it is ignored (again).

  • Joober

    Agree Golfy – who cares, this article is about first five car rating for any australian built car, congratulations Ford and have raised the benchmark for a the competitors.

    Now the question is whether the sales will hit the mark that they want/need to achieve…

  • Dlr1

    Finally a couple of posts that are on topic, well done to you and Ford. It would seem thatthe long delay in releasing the FG(6 years after last major model update) was worth the wait. Hopefully they will sell enough of them to justify designing its replacement here and not replacing it with a slightly modified US model.

  • Phil C

    Congrats Ford. What a great result.

    I would be pumping this in all the adverts. Maybe even paraphrase the following:

    “Previously ANCAP has indicated that cars without a curtain airbag, which protects the upper areas of both front and rear passengers, had little chance of achieving a five-star rating.

    Mr McIntosh said the Ford had set a new standard and it may mean that in future ANCAP would have to look at an additional rating, beyond five-stars, for vehicles with curtain airbags.”

    Into something like “the Ford had set a new standard and it may mean that in future ANCAP would have to look at an additional rating, beyond five-stars”

    Also promote the scores. The Falcon has scored massively better. According to Go-Auto, it meant that the Falcon was in the Top 7% of all vehicles ever tested by ANCAP / NCAP!

  • Phil C

    The biggest thing missed here is the addition of ESC / DSC to the E-Gas Falcon by early next year.

    This means that the current Gas setup will be updated!

  • Bret

    Mate why have a go at me for the reply to that twit TP’s rubbish? Didn’t you bother to read the rest “on topic” comments in my post??

  • Andrew M

    Phil C,
    i already picked up on that mate.

    when E-Gas gets DSC, it means it will also get sequential vapour injection (or better) on its LPG range

    thats the story i would be more interested in…….

  • Andrew M

    Phil C,
    if what you say in that the falcon scored in the top 7%, imagine what it would do if it were tested with the full compliment of airbags.

    as it already stands, if the falcon was a swimmer, it would easily beat its competition with out shaving down or wearing a shark suit.

  • Minnow

    wow, what other car can compete on awesomeness of the G6E turbo… 5+star crash rating, reverse camera, parking sensors, and 0-100 in 5.1sec… what an insane car all for 54,990. Have to go for something from Merc or BMW for something like that. This should be exported to britain and wipe the HSV’s off their little island.

  • alphabeta777

    Don’t you guys have anything better to do than just flame each other all day?

  • Minnow

    Nope…. i spend my entire day and life on caradvice intently watching for people to grill because its so entertaining and the only break i get from it is too sleep and walk too centerlink for poverty payments…. its so totally worth it dude…this is my life.

  • Glen

    Just saw the 1st advert for the 5 Star Falcon during the Olympic Telecast, they chose the best time to advertise it. They better show it again during the opening ceremony and throughout the games.

  • TP

    Did they mention how unreliable Falcons are?

  • Fred

    No TP they only mentioned FACTS not your unfounded opinions.
    You obviosly have never owed a falcon long term – can’t be beaten for long term durability.

  • blue blood

    TP, Toilet Paper

    i need a sh&t finally you are needed,

    remember 5 stars for the unreliable Falcons,

    4 stars for the unreliable Camion.

    When toyoda start to make cars worth defending i should let you know “you moron”.

    Go Ford

    5 *****
    5 *****
    5 *****
    5 *****
    5 *****

    thats it 5 stars.

  • Watto_Cobra

    Still so very, very bitter TP.

  • Glen

    I try to just keep to topic without any baiting and TP comes on with this rubbish.

    Anyways back on topic the ad has been on throughout the opening ceremony so that are going to flog the heck out of this, like they should.

    I just thought of something, they’re talking about adding a 6th star for cars with curtain airbags, why didn’t they do that before when they made it mandatory for cars to have ESP to get 5 star, which just made matters confusing because before Jan 1 2007 cars that didn’t have ESP could get the 5 stars so now what we have is 2 5 star ratings. They should of just brought in the 6th star then so the ESP cars could be promoted to 6 stars and therefor no confusion.

  • Paul E

    As I drive a lot with my job, I go through a new car every 10 months. So I have driven many cars, and I can’t wait to get my hands on a new falcon. In the last 3 years I have had 2 VZ’s and 1 VE commodore, 1BF Falcon and 1 Camry and I am nearly due for a new car, and I will say that, I will NEVER touch another VE. There was always something wrong with it, and Holden never had parts to fix it. So if the FG is as good as the BF then I’ll have one next time.

  • The Axe

    Turd Pool (TP) clutching at straws again..

  • Wheelnut

    Reliability is the ability to keep working time and time again over an extended period of time [more than 5-10 years] as people are ABLE to RELY on them year after year after year.

    Therefore TP; – once again; using 1958 [the year Toyota arrived in oz] as a starting point; how many Locally Built Toyotas that are older than 10 years are there still on our roads compared to Fords and Holdens?

  • Bavarian Missile

    Toyota Paul I think your just a little bitter that Toyota chose not to spend the extra $100,000 they estimated it would cost to do the pole test,with Toyota having all that extra cash to spare dont you think it a little strange they didnt take it up to get that extra STAR,I do! I thought you were into all those safety and nanny controls !

  • TP

    Fred you say ‘facts’. Here is a fact, Industry figures have shown 55% of Falcons need to return to dealership for unscheduled maintenance within 5 months of sale. Fords in general faired poorly while Toyotas topped a number of categories. What is your ‘fact’ to the contrary of this one. I note ‘oh my Ford lasted 300,000kms’ or ‘oh oh taxis last ages’ is NOT a fact it is heresay.

  • Glen

    TP, fact is your opinion of reliability is different to everybody else’s. Those surveys NEVER say what the unscheduled maintenence is. So if someone kicks off a bit of trim is that a reliability issue? No but it can be a warranty claim. Please stop clutching at straws because they must be running out soon.

    Spam word -> XR8 😀

  • falcodore

    @ wheelnut,people who drive toyotas need to look at crash rating because from what ive read their stability control systems are among the worst in the automotive world,they either cut in way too early or not at all.Look what happened at WHEELS coty testing last year. Sounds like they need all the protection they can get! LOL

  • Toyota are overated junk

    TP, you really have no other intention but to rubbish every make and talk up Toymotor at any opportunity.

    Fact is Toyota are NOT the reliable, well built vehicles you claim they are. Camry/Aurion interior plastics are the worst of all the large locals, let alone European makes.
    Cost cutting with Toyotas is also laughable, skinny tyres on practically every car, no ESP on Corolla, poor door alignment on Aurion/Camry’s, LIVE AXLE ON PRADO AND LANDCRUISER!! Very modern indeed..
    THEY ARE ALL FACTS! You work for Toyota and therefore will rubbish other makes.


  • Toyota are overated junk

    What “industry figures” are you refering to TP? Your own created ones?

  • Toyota are overated junk

    Couldn’t help myself, found this on Toyota Avalon:

    Pros: None
    Cons: A ver bland looking car with poor handling and lots of squeeks and rattles from bad quality control. Engine uses lots of petrol (about 14L/100km)
    Overall: If you like driving bland and uninspired cars and believe that a car is simply to get you from A to B and that its not about enjoying the ride, then this cars is for you. This car is really mediocre from its poor exterior styling to the handling which gives almost no feedback to the driver. The interior is boring and plain, with seats that are to soft and give nearly no support to the very poor quality stereo system with speakers which crackle all to often while they are in use. THe build quality is average and there is lots of rust on mine and i never go near the beach, plus the constant rattle i have had since new, which the dealer states it is normal for this car and refused to do anything about udner warranty.

  • TP

    Glen yes they did say what the service was, predominantly engine problems!

    Above poster, so can I buy a brand new Avalon? NO. Might I add we are talking mainly reliability here, I want to see a decent source with some decent support which shows Toyotas aernt reliable.

  • Wheelnut

    Bavarian Missile Says: Toyota Paul I think your just a little bitter that Toyota chose not to spend the extra $100,000 they estimated it would cost to do the pole test,with Toyota having all that extra cash to spare dont you think it a little strange they didnt take it up to get that extra STAR

    It is a little odd when considering when ANCrAP crash tested the VE Commodore; Holden only provided 4 cars because the rest of production was being sent to dealers as demo models prior to its release.. and they passed the first 4 tests.. [100% sucess]
    Then in the same series of tests Toyota provided 5 Aurions they failed the final pole test [80% success]
    However; due to a loop-hole in ANCrAps regulations Toyota were able to provide extra cars to do the tests which they did it took an extra 2 cars to pass the last test and get a marginally higher better rating than the VE Commodore

    I believe car companies shouldn’t have to pay to provide the cars to ANCrAP.. it should be the Insurance Companies as they use the data more inorder to calculate repair csts and set premiims etc.
    The cars could then be donated to TAFE Colleges around Australia for Automotive Apprentices to rebuild and repair; which they then sell at Auction.
    That way it becomes a tax deduction for the insurance companies and can provide TAFE colleges with extra funding

  • Glen

    TP that is a dead set utter lie. You show me where they say that, I want a URL so I can look at it myself because I read that article and in NO PLACE did it ever mention what faults were reported so now I know for a FACT where you pull all your “facts”.

  • Glen

    Wheelnut, the ANCAP tests are just a set standard test for everycar which compares a certain vehicles safety in as close a situation to every other car ever tested, that is the only fair way. Yes they don’t take into effect the reactions of the driver but the tests are done on a worse case scenario which is no driver reaction. Car manufacturer’s are allowed to resubmit cars for a better rating after making modifications for improved safety as long as those modifications are on the production models as well.

    By the way those cars are pretty much right offs after the test and noone in their right mind would purchase a repaired one. The undamaged parts are stripped and sold to wreckers or destroyed depending on the policy of the manufacturer.

  • Bavarian Missile

    Hey Glen sent you a PM on the Forum !


    Industry figures have shown 62% of Toyota need to return to dealership for unscheduled maintenance within 5 months of sale. Toyota in general faired poorly while Fords and Holdens topped a number of categories. What is your ‘fact’ to the contrary of this one TP.

  • Wheelnut

    Thanks Glen – but given the miraculous work the TAFE boys have done with V8 Supercars at Bathurst over the years… I think that they wouls still be relatively safe and reliable cars.

    Some of the cars the TAFE boys get on a Thursday or Friday Arvo look like they’ve been ripped open with a can opener yet they manage to get the car back in shape with all the sponsors logos etc on them etc in time to make it on to the grid on Sunday morning – and most of them still manage finish the race [if not complete at leat 75%]

  • Glen

    Wheelnut, yes those TAFE guys do miracles but remember those cars are built much stronger than road cars because of roll cages and other safety equipment. Plus are also built to be repaired quickly, not necessarily tidy work but good enough so the car goes. In those ANCAP tests the passenger cells do buckle, not much visually but enough to make them near on impossible to repair and straighten.

    They may be safe enough to drive but for one noone would buy a car known to be in an ANCAP crash test, plus the costs to repair those cars would be more than to buy another one.

  • Glen

    Ive already sent you one back BM

  • Bavarian Missile

    Cool thanks for the email address sent you a reply!

  • Andrew M

    thats right wheelnut,
    do you remember how jason bright nearly wrote off the pirtek falcon in practice in 1998, yet it got put back together and he went on to win the race with richards???

    i cant remember how long the TAFE guys have been helping out for though…..

  • Toyota are overated junk

    Still waiting for your reliable source to prove your figures Turd Pool..

  • falcodore

    Got a ride in an avalon taxi the other day, thought i was gunna fall off the seat! First time i felt unsafe in a taxi,even the bloke driving it said it was uncomfortable

  • Frugal One

    Well done to Ford, we KNEW it was going to get a 5-star-rating, pretty much every new car these days does [China excl.!]

    Like to see –

    VE Commodore GLOVEBOX -v- FG Falcon GLOVEBOX

    That would be a good test and we can finally see who is the God of GLOVEBOX’s



  • Oz.

    Well done Ford! :mrgreen: Next time I ever have to ride in a Taxi it better be an FG Falcon not a BF/BF or as Falcodore said, a Toyota.

  • Tilly Thompson

    Congrats to Ford and the 5 star FG Falcon, hopefully it will be highly advertised, i would buy one myself, but iam waiting for the updated Territory, now if that got 5 stars too wouldnt that be great. Keep it up and hopefully we can save our great Aussie icon in motor manufacturing