The Mazda3 is officially Australia’s favourite car, ending the locally made Holden Commodore’s run of 15 years at the top.

The small Japanese car with the big grin fought a tit-for-tat battle with the big Aussie family favourite throughout the year, and eventually claimed the win by just 812 vehicles (41,429 vs 40,617).

The Mazda’s unprecedented 2011 performance, in which its sales increased by 6.2 per cent compared with 2010, sees it dislodge the Commodore from the number one spot for the first time since 1996, when the Commodore surged past traditional Australian rival, the Ford Falcon.

Official VFACTS data released today by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) shows that 1,008,437 passenger cars, SUVs and commercial vehicles were sold in Australia in 2011, down 2.6 per cent (27,137 vehicles) compared with 2010.

The year was just the fourth in history that more than one million vehicles were sold across the country.

Despite a year disrupted by the supply issues stemming from natural disasters in Japan and Thailand, Toyota was by the far most popular brand in Australia. Toyota has now been the top-selling brand in Australia for the past nine years, and for 15 of the past 21.

Holden was a distant second while Australia’s only other local manufacturer Ford held off strong challenges from Mazda and Hyundai.

Top 20 sales by marque:

1. Toyota – 181,624
2. Holden – 126,095
3. Ford – 91,243
4. Mazda – 88,333
5. Hyundai – 87,008
6. Nissan – 67,926
7. Mitsubishi – 61,108
8. Volkswagen – 44,740
9. Subaru – 34,011
10. Honda – 30,107
11. Kia – 25,128
12. Suzuki – 23,778
13. Mercedes-Benz – 21,180
14. BMW – 17,508
15. Audi – 14,511
16. Great Wall – 8665
17. Jeep – 8648
18. Isuzu Ute – 6397
19. Lexus – 6347
20. Land Rover – 5832

Volkswagen was among the prime movers in 2011, overtaking Subaru and Honda into eighth place overall. Honda plummeted more than 25 per cent, however, giving Kia and Suzuki a sniff of the top 10.

Mercedes-Benz remains the dominant luxury-car brand in the country, although of the big three, Audi was the only one to enjoy increased sales in 2011.

Top 20 sales by model:

1. Mazda3 – 41,429
2. Holden Commodore – 40,617
3. Toyota HiLux – 36,124
4. Toyota Corolla – 36,087
5. Holden Cruze – 33,784
6. Hyundai i30 – 28,869
7. Nissan Navara – 21,675
8. Toyota Camry – 19,169
9. Ford Falcon – 18,741
10. Mitsubishi Lancer – 18,717
11. Volkswagen Golf – 18,383
12. Mazda2 – 17,591
13. Mitsubishi Triton – 17,188
14. Toyota Yaris – 16,214
15. Ford Ranger – 15,586
16. Ford Territory – 13,866
17. Subaru Forester – 13,142
18. Toyota RAV4 – 13,125
19. Ford Focus – 12,863
20. Suzuki Swift – 12,388

The Mazda2 (17,591) held off a late challenge from the recently updated Toyota Yaris (16,214) to claim top spot in the light car segment. The Ford Fiesta (12,286), narrowly missing out on the overall top 20, and Suzuki Swift (12,388) ran a tight race for third.

Small cars dominated the pointy end of the sales charts in 2011, accounting for five of the top 10 models overall. The Mazda3’s top ranking has somewhat overshadowed the resurgence of the Corolla. A win in December made the Corolla the top-selling vehicle in the country for the past four months, and that momentum potentially makes it the early favourite to steal the Mazda3’s crown in 2012.

A lacklustre November couldn’t come close to knocking the Toyota Camry (19,169) off top spot in the medium segment, although its share of the sub-$60,000 category fell almost seven per cent in a difficult year for Australia’s locally made mid-sized sedan. The Ford Mondeo (6626) enjoyed solid growth in a declining segment, while the Mercedes-Benz C-Class (6428) and Mazda6 (5794) followed closely behind, despite slipping compared with 2010.

The Commodore’s 40,617 sales gave it a 55.4 per cent share of the large-car segment, well clear of the Falcon, which limped to a 25.6 per cent share in 2011. Both were well down on 2010 – the Falcon by 36.5 per cent, the Commodore 11.6 per cent – as consumers continue to downsize from traditional large family cars. The Toyota Aurion also dropped more than 24 per cent last year, recording just 8915 sales.

The Kia Carnival (3595) increased its dominance of the people mover segment over the Hyundai iMax (1922) and the Honda Odyssey (1178).

A strong end to the year put the Subaru Forester (13,142) on top of the compact SUV segment, just edging out the Toyota RAV4 (13,125). The Nissan Dualis (9214) and Hyundai ix35 (11,487) both enjoyed healthy sales growth this year, up 39.8 per cent and 59.5 per cent, respectively.

The revitalised Ford Territory (13,866) won plenty of fans in 2011, and finished the year as the top-selling SUV in the country. The Toyota Kluger (11.692) and Prado (10,849) duo rounded out the podium in the medium SUV segment, while the Toyota LandCruiser (9119) maintained its 3:1 advantage over the Nissan Patrol in the large SUV segment.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee (3374) – although arguably out of its league in the luxury SUV segment – won the class ahead of the Audi Q5 (2801) and the BMW X5 (2770).

The Hyundai iLoad (6610) overtook the Toyota HiAce (6034) in the van segment to achieve top spot for the first time.

The HiLux was unbeatable in either ute segment, however. The 4×2’s 12,399 sales put it clear of the Commodore-based Holden Utility (9489) and the Ford Falcon Ute (6814), while the HiLux 4×4’s 23.725 sales gave it the edge over the Nissan Navara (20,162), the Mitsubishi Triton (11,297), the Ford Ranger (11,286), and the Holden Colorado (10,618).

  • Artega

    Well deserved…

    • DAVIDZ


      • BIGJV1

        MAZDA has done a good job, but the issue is that HOLDEN is still trying to flog what is fundamentally a 5 year old vehicle. The current VE looks almost identical to the 2006 vehicle and the general public have woken up to that fact.

        They have the issue that many commodore buyers who trade-in vechicles every 4-5 or so years and bought in 06-07 have no choice but to buy almost the same vehicle again. This turns off many potential buyers, myself included.

        If Holden got their act together and released the VF this year instead of the “refreshed” series 2, they would be looking at 16 in a row…

        • Sydlocal

          I guess you could also say that Mazda are trying to flog what is fundamentally an 8 year old car in the Mazda3 considering that under the skin the car hasn’t really changed at all since the 2004 original.

          I think that is not the only reason why the Commodore didn’t make it to 16 in a row BIGJV1, the whole market is changing and “joe public” are just not really interested in such a big car (larger footprint on the road than most SUVs) considering only around 20-25% of all Commodores sold are to people spending their own money. The public are buying either smaller cars like the Mazda3 or SUVs. Commodore’s success is at the whim of the fleet market, that is all that is keeping it, and all of the other medium/large Australian manufacturerd cars, going in Australia. Hopefully the Cruze will step up to the plate and keep Australian manufacturing alive.

  • Bert

    The top 3 in 2012 will be,
    1. corolla
    2. hilux
    3. mazda3 

    • JEKYL & HYDE

      and the top 3 fleet darlings…

  • O123

    Amazing what mazda is achieving without fleet sales.

  • Gotme

    My top 3 in 2012 is:

    1. Corolla (I still cannot believe they sell so many of these)
    2. Cruze
    3. Mazda 3

  • Sam

    If the rental vehicles were removed from Corolla and Hyundai results the Mazda 3 would be even further ahead.

    • Golfschwein

      On the one hand, I know what you’re talking about: I drive past a yard full of 30 to 40 identical white Corollas at a Perth hire firm occasionally. On the other hand, results are results, and if I were to use a sporting context, it’s probably not fair to watch a footy match and say the only reason the other team won is because they have a bloke who kicks lots of goals.

      • ozmazda

        Thats true golfschwein but the private sale figures would be a great comparison…
        Mazda sales would be quite impressive compared to the others….

        • Guest

          So would fleet and that’d be a great comparison too. Toyota sales would be quite impressive compared to the others….

        • Golfschwein

          Absolutely agree, Ozmazda…on the one hand :)

          Yes, it’s nice to know that you have the private punters on side and the 3 has obviously done brilliantly without fleet assistance. I guess I’m saying that it’s a combination of private buyers and fleet buyers who make the Corolla’s and Commodore’s annual tally. Every fleet purchase still represents a decision by a person, somewhere, to sign on the dotted line, which is why I think that they can’t be dismissed.

          • MrDucati

            keep in mind that those people only want to hire them and not keep them. toyotas are great reliable cars only because they still use the same driveline (engine/gearbox) for the past 10-15 years if not longer..

  • Joe

    …….amazing also what Mazda is achieving with a REALLY ordinary car…..incredibly noisy, harsh ride, cheap plastics, hard seats, etc…..

    …..but, of course, journalists love it because it handles. So what if your uncomfortable driving it day to day, that dosen’t count……

    • Bert

      Well said JOE if a car handles well the wheels magazines etc love them, even if they are ugly harsh and noisy to drive!

      • Golfschwein

        I think WHEELS is realistic about it. It came third in a Golf/Focus/3/Cruze comparison last issue and for the very reasons Joe mentioned. And, yes, they handle well, so it seems.

        • Luke Brinsmead

          Put a journo on a trip from Brisbane to Sydney in a Corolla, 3 and Golf, and then ask how comfortable each car is, they’ll probably say the Golf.

          • Jack

            but a jurno doesn’t have to pay for the broken DSG gearbox or timing belt six months out of warranty.

    • coolbeans

      Agreed. The Mazda 3 may be reliable and handle well but it is not the best for ride,interior,tech,NVH and economy (except SP20).
      But congrats for knocking off the Commodore. no easy feat

    • Amlohac

      The corrolla is horrible inside and out and people still buy it, the focus seems like it is put together with sticky tape, ive personally owned one and driven the new ones, nothing has changed, they fall appart.

      • Sumpguard

           It’s seems to appeal to young women. That is where they are selling them!

  • Rocket

    Surprised to see so many people buying the Holden Cruze. The Mazda 3 and Ford Focus are a much better drive.

    • Joker

      It’s the “Australian Made BS that common Aussies are fed… it’s not just the commercials  they’re running now, it’s the overall image they have built for themselves over the last 30 years. 

      • Amlohac

        Aussie made… american owned.

        • Joker

          Assembled in Australia. Majority of Parts from elsewhere  

          • Dave S

            Many parts, built by Australlian suppliers in Australia.

          • Sydlocal

            The irony is though Dave S is that “Australia’s Own” Holden acutally build the 2 cars (Commodore and Cruze) with the least amount of Australian made content!

      • Shak

        It was made in Korea for more than year before production switched to Adelaide, and holden didnt mention anything about it being Aussie made in that time and it still managed to sell in very healthy numbers and only with one body shape. Regardless of what armchair experts such as yourself think, the Aussie public are snapping them up in droves. I dont know about you, but i would much rather Aussies buy a Cruze then a 3 or Corolla.

        • Joker

          Shak, I’m talking about the brand image Holden has created over the last 3 or 4 decades.What I’m saying is… Holden don’t NEED to mention it’s Aussie built. It’s assumed by Joe average. It’s priced right, yes but the only thing really going for it is the noise deadening, the 1.4t and the diesel. It’s not the most attractive car in segment and it’s not superior in any category/benchmark by any stretch. I’d like to know how many Aussies test drive other cars (and which ones) and the reason for buying what they do. 

          • Shak

            Of course they dont need to mention it, but when they do its to their benefit. And what if they do, the Cruze and Commodore are Australian Made. No car in the world in mass production has all its parts made entirely in its country of assembly. So what should it matter where some glass, or some wheels, or some bits come from. The final product is made here.

            You’re probably right in saying that many people do not test drive cars before they buy them, but if they did test it against the competition, your average joe would probably still choose the Cruze. It does not handle as well as a 3 or Focus, but is quieter, rides better and most importantly its quieter.

          • Joker

            You’re right, no cars are entirely made in Australia .. This one just happens to  be probably one of the least Australian (Australian) built cars if you get me :) lol . The final product is assembled here.  Id like to think there’s a difference (example where Hyundai manufacture their own steel, and parts etc). 

            I’d genuinely like to know: are Holden re-assembling Ikea Flat packs essentially?. Maybe i’m being pedantic. The good thing is Australian Jobs nevertheless. If this is the case with Holden’s Cruze (i.e they press the steel etc), then I stand corrected and would be a bit more of a fan than I am currently, considering the Opel Astra’s getting around in Europe which in my opinion own the Cruze in design. I have to ask why Holden/GM had to go design something on the same platform that is well.. so ordinary next to the Astra? In my opinion, the Commodore is still the only Australian made car in Holden’s line up, marketing aside.   

          • Sydlocal

             The funny thing is Joker (like that?!) is that the Commodore even then still has less Australian made content than the Falcon, Aurion and Camry (hybrid aside but I think they will be soon or have just started making the Atkinson cycle engine for it in Australia). However, as Shak said in the scheme of things it is still screwed together here giving the lovely folk in Elizabeth and Salisbury a job!

          • Joker

            Touche :)… Agreed. Jobs is the most important! 

        • Sumpguard

            Spot on Shak. So many haters with illogical rants. The car isn’t class leading but it does most things well, is well packaged and has some good engine options.  Take Joker’s post below for a classic example of the haters…..
                …and I quote “the only thing going for it is noise deadening ,the 1.4t and the diesel”

             ….and then there’s this “it’s priced right ,yes”

              How can four individual points that you have made be “the only thing”?

               I can add that the interior is decently spacious, is well optioned and (my opinion) looks quite good. That is why it sells.

                  I’m not a holden fan but credit where it is due. I’m certain if they could sell the Opel brand at the same profit margin they’d  jump at it but they have done a pretty good job with the cruze regardless of what the haters think.

             Sure the Focus is a good car overall but I’m still not fussed on its styling. The Golf is a potential timebomb with VW’s reliabilty hanging over it. The mazda is to my eyes not well done at the front and the ride is compromised by their zoom zoom sports car bias rather than the softer ride most people actually prefer and the corolla I won’t even bother with exept to say that it is pretty damned obvious that many people buy a car because the neighbour has one and didn’t know any better either!

          • Joker

             Take Joker’s post below for a classic example of the haters…..        …and I quote “the only thing going for it is noise deadening ,the 1.4t and the diesel”  

            Sorry, Should have said “Things” ..
            ….and then there’s this “it’s priced right ,yes”  Most cars in the segment are priced right- i stated the obvious. Yet most people will buy the Cruze with the below par last generation 1.8L engine. If GM Holden had got the global car platform/design right, they would have had the same car in every country (i.e Focus, Golf) not this nasty divide between the Astra and Cruze.  I’m not a hater, I just feel like Holden are short changing Australians on a car that ticks all the boxes and then some (like the Astra). Am I saying the Cruze is horrible? No, far from it but put it next to the Astra and it’s…ordinary. 

            Look at Ford’s One model, with the technology available in it (Engines, Transmission, Auto parking etc.). It’s truly a global car
            Mazda and VW are similar in that respect.

            Makes me think GM have done enough with the Cruze but not the best they could have.  

          • Sumpguard

                You’re almost right on one point. If they bring the Astra in (which apparently they are) the customer will be “short changed” as it will land here significantly dearer than the Cruze which is the whole point of the Korean exercise to begin with.

               As for the ride the cruze is comparable to most (in the real world) and better than the corolla which sells on one platform world wide so your arguement as to why they do two is flawed. The fact is that the cruze would not sell well in Europe where Astra has been entrenched for decades at a competitive price.

               I think that now the Euro is RS it is a good time to bring the Astra back but for Holden to simply stop selling the cruze would be suicide!

               Yep most will sell with the 1.8 engine but they give buyers a choice and many brands have a less than adequate engine as a base to keep the entry point down. It’s not unique to Holden.

               Back in the 80’s Ford sold Laser and Telstar in big numbers here in Australia just as Mazda sold big numbers of 626 /323 (platform shared with ford) and then the YEN went through the roof and it all came crashing down.  They had no back up market and so the Commalcons reigned supreme again.

                   Despite the fact that the Astra is a superior car  GM/Holden were wise to invest in Korea! In doing so they have gone from near extinction to at least a chance of recovery and having an egg in two baskets in the current global market isn’t a bad thing.

          • Joker

            The main reason the cost of the Astra is so High is a combination of of factors that can be negated if the reproduce it else where. 

            So, the white elephant in the room… why not just reproduce the Astra in Korea from the start? Why bother designing a whole new car on the same platform? Global cars can be customised for local markets after all. Ford do this with the Fiesta. Cruze/Astra = same platform. Re-tune the suspension for the Aussie Market a’la Cruze and you’re set. 

            Engine wise, You’re right, it’s not unique to Holden. Toyota have gotten away with virtually the same 1.8 over the last decade and I would have expected them to pull their socks up too. Hyundai, Kia Mazda, Ford and Volkswagen all offer Direct Injection Engines now. I guess this will come in time with Holden’s Cruze. 

            Holden can’t rely on Europe being screwed to bring back the Astra. What they really need to do is for GM to settle on one global model and replicate it world wide…similar to the Cruze now but replaced with the superior Astra. Do they need to throw all the fruit into it? No. Take a leaf out of Alan Mullaly’s book.. 

  • Jack Lewis

    Wouldn’t the Mazda’s sales edge over the Commodore be closer to 1,600 when Mazda 3 MPS sales are considered?

    Just two more years of green P’s and I’ll be running down to the Mazda dealership to buy an MPS!

    • Sonic

      If you move to Western Australia, you could buy one now! 😉

    • ozmazda

      Jack the overall figure for the 3 was for all models…

      • Jack Lewis

        I stand corrected, I thought VFACTS separated them.

    • Patsy

      I hope there are not a lot of trees close to the side of the road where you live Jack. Because if there is, you will surely tourque steer into one of them at some point.

      • Get Real

        Obviously Patsy you have never driven one or if so don’t know how to drive properly. Yes they torque steer, everything with that much torque going through the front wheels does, but not as bad as you are making them out to be. Even a Corolla can torque steer under certain conditions. However it is nothing like the old MX6 Turbo or Astra VXR for example and only really makes itself known on rutted/uneven roads when under “full power” in the first couple of gears. You can quite easily drive around it and do exactly what you do when driving a powerful RWD car to prevent the rear end stepping out too far, back off a “smidge”. At the end of the day it can’t really be that bad if a 3MPS has won the showroom class of the Targa Tasmania for a few years on the trot now including beating many modified AWD/RWD making it well inside the top ten most times including setting a fastest stage time in the wet. If it was a torque steering pig it wouldn’t be that successful.

        I am NOT saying it is the best “hot hatch” etc out there, far from it. It is compromised in many ways, however it is anything but a slow, torque steering pig and in the right hands can embarrass quite a few “more exotic/sport focussed” cars out there. It is like driving any car, they all have a certain “personality” in the way that they drive and you as a driver has to take that into account and drive to suit them. If people can’t do that then they should hand their license back as they don’t know how to drive!

  • Jon

    What about Holden Captiva?  Was it undersold or oversold Ford Territory?

    • Patsy

      Territory was the best selling SUV last year. Captiva didn’t come close. And nor should it.

  • ToyotaGuru

    33,784 bogans couldn’t be happier, until the problems surface. 😀

  • Captain Nemo

    Congratulations to Mazda for the 3’s top result.

    But driving to work a few weeks ago past my local Mazda dealership i couldn’t help but notice the large number of brand new 3s with rego plates.       
    Seems like they are doing the old Toyota trick of putting rego on demos.  

    • Amlohac

      Not true, just because one dealership is “no where” when it comes to selling the product doesnt reflect the whole industry.

      Take a look for yourself out on the road, the little bastards are EVERYWHERE now.

      • Patsy

        So which Mazda dealer do you work for exactly?

        • Sydlocal

           Are you upset that you didn’t think of it for all the Commodores sitting around in the showroom at your Holden dealership Patsy? Many other Holden dealerships are always having “demonstrator” deals. If I remember correctly Holden had a huge “demonstrator” sale in December, I know all about it as I got sick of all the commercials and even thought to myself that Holden was that desperate to retain number 1 that they were registering cars left right and centre to try and make up the numbers!

          Cheer up, 15 years at the top has been an amazingly good run. At least you will have the Cruze to keep your numbers up this year…  😉

          • Patsy

            Not a Holden dealer sorry champ. Quite detest them actually. The Commodore is a relic, the Cruz a plastic joke and the rebadged Daewoo range is an embarrassment. Have another go champ. And no I am not a Ford dealer either.

          • Sydlocal

             I am sorry, but seeing as you were making assumptions about Amlohac, I thought I would make the same assumptions about you, CHAMP. It is no different to what you did. Pot, kettle, black.
            I really know that you aren’t in the car industry and are in fact a singer who used to sing nursery rymes for children playing a guitar. How is that going as I haven’t seen an album from you for quite a few years now, champ?

    • Bert

      What do you mean TOYOTA trick? Mazda & Hyundai  have been playing the demo game all year!  Toyota had only enough stock to supply dealers needs let alone register 100”s of demos like MAZDA did!! 

      • Captain Nemo

        I’m not talking about last year (2011) i’m talking about other years in the past where Toyota would register 100s of carsas demos to make their numbers look good.

        • Sydlocal

           …and Mazda, Toyota and Hyundai are the only brands who do that? If you think that you are more naive than I thought…

      • Patsy

        All the big players do this, but Toyota have traditionally been the worst offenders. They have been know to register vehicles, throw the plates in the boot and send them to auction. And I am talking about cars that never end up on a dealers lot.

  • Amlohac

    “The Jeep Grand Cherokee (3374) – although arguably out of its league in the luxury SUV segment – won the class ahead of the Audi Q5 (2801) and the BMW X5 (2770).”

    Out of its leauge how? This doesnt make any sense. Why, because its $20,000 cheaper and you get 10x more in the car that makes it out of the race? Seems like Jeep marketed the car perfectly.

    Having driven one, and the other two in the the top 3, Jeep have done a frigging amazing job at sticking it to the germans. Especially Merc, considering they are using their chassis.

    • Bimmerc

      Yes, they even built in Europe, and not far from Germany.

  • Rup

    How is the elentra doing?

    • Patsy

      Didn’t get a full year with the new model. 2012 will be the test fro Elantra.

  • falcodore

    Good to see aussies have finally realised that Mazda make superior products to Holden. Something i have known for over 20 years, and yes, i have driven both brands of cars in that time to warrant this comment.

  • ozmazda

    Well done Mazda and there is more interesting models to come this year and upgrades on current ones….who is grinning now…

  • autobou

    Good on ya Mazda. Had the current model 6 and now have a little 3MPS.  They might not be the best at everything or even anything, but they seem to have the mix just right.  Keep up the good work, and the sales will continue.

  • AndrewF

    Slightly off-topic, I am really surprised to see ‘Great Wall’ at number 16 on the list, ahead of Jeep, Rover and Lexus… I see plenty of Jeeps, Rovers and Lexuses on the street, but I don’t think I have *ever* seen a ‘Great Wall’, whatever that is. Or maybe they are so plain I just never noticed them?

    • Joker

      Great Wall, proudly made in China…Ironically… you wouldn’t have a chance of surviving if you ran into a great wall, in a Great Wall. Cheap cars and Utes. People will buy them on price point alone. 

      • Joker

        I should add.. you won’t see GW in Victoria or many other states for various import and safety reasons but over in WA, they’re selling quite a few, sadly. 

    • James

      Across QLD they are getting eaten up from the Gold Coast to Cairns, even my neighbour has one..

  • Grant

    Add the 9489 COMMODORE utes sold and the COMMODORE is stil the KING!

    • Sydlocal

       You keep telling yourself that Grant if it makes you feel better, just like you could also say if you count only private/non-fleet sales the Commodore, including the ute, (ie people spending their own hard earned money) it would struggle to even make it to the top ten.

      While they are at it, why don’t they add both Territory and Falcon ute sales to the Falcon; Aurion to the Camry; Mitsubish ASX sales to the Lancer; Mazda CX7 sales to the Mazda6; Ford Fiesta to the Mazda2 or vice versa; Ranger to BT50 or vice versa; Skoda Yeti, Octavia, VW Tiguan, Jetta etc to the VW Golf… Do you see where I am heading with this? The line has to be drawn somewhere and the ute is different enough (they don’t even share the wheelbase) from the Commodore that it warrants being called another model, in fact Holden don’t even call it the “Commodore Ute”, just the “Ute”…
      The Commodore has had a fantastic 15 year run that can’t be denied or taken away from it, however the world is a different place now and times are changing. You can either move with the times or get left behind. The world has moved on and obviously you have not. Hopefully the Cruze this year can step up to the plate and help keep Australian assembled cars up the top as the trends don’t look good for the Commodore in the long term in it’s current iteration.

    • Barry

      Excellent Grant,never though about the allmost 10,000 Commodore utes.Does this include HSV sales.

  • HandBrake

    with the falcons result does that include ute sales?


    If they had a DIESEL version they could perhaps sell a extra 2000/pcs a year, they would still be #1

    • Sydlocal

       But they don’t and they didn’t and they have no one to blame but themselves…

  • Sumpguard

    8665 people bought great wall?  Why?

  • Andrew

    Surely the 886 sales would be closed by Clubsports and GTS’ ? I mean everyone is so quick to point out that they are just a tarted up commodore ?

  • Dave S

    At the end of the day, The Commodore (excluding ute, Caprice and HSV sales) was outsold by a car that was maybe 10k cheaper.

    • Dave S

      In a market dominated by price and dominated by small cars. The Commodore did really well.

  • BP

    Any reason why C’dore sales have plummented for 3 months straight?

  • Dave S

    HSV and FPV sales?