• Lucii Pooky

    It’ll be a sad day if the Falcon/Tezza get dropped off. Why couldn’t it be the tacky commodore? :(

    • JooberJCW

      Well it would be a different story if they could export the falcon like the conmodore….

      • Phil

        Joober, its not like Bombadores exports have been particulary successful.

        Anyway Falcon does get exported. Ford sells a handful of them over in NZ.

        • Shak

          You are being very narrow minded if you think Commodores exports went down the pipe because of the car itself. By ALL reports from wherever the Commodore went around the world, it was very well liked and even sold in good numbers in the US and The Middle East. Exchange rates, the death of Pontiac and other factors combined to essentially kill off a large scale export program for the Commodore.

    • Shakeel-ali

      Because as much as people like you dislike the Commodore, many more people seem to like it, business and private buyers alike.

  • Focuss93

    I don’t understand, the new territory has been fantastic sales wise why would they now consider ending it’s production

    • Crummydore

      I would all be fine if Ford Aust were allowed to export (Dearborn wont let them).

      Put simply, it costs too much to develop a car for just the Aust market these days…. shame, but that’s life in a world where Australian producers are trying to make a buck against a backdrop of tiny import tariffs…

    • nickdl

      Because, even though 2000 sales a month is fantastic in Australia, on a global scale 25,000 sales per year (add 1000 for NZ) is very small. Compare it to what Mullally said, about 2 million vehicles being sold on the one platform. 

      Something like the Explorer or Kuga too would sell far better on a global scale and therefore leave more money for development. Then we get things like the MyFord touchscreen, blind spot assist and all of those other technologies that we seem to miss out on.

      Believe me, as a Territory owner, I would be really sad to see it go. But basic business understanding shows that it just doesn’t make sense to spend up to $1 billion on a car that has sold less than 150,000 since its introduction in 2004. 

      In an ideal world, Ford Aus would be put in charge of development of the next global SUV, and indeed large car. The Territory is still the best driving SUV in the world, bar a few premium brands that cost twice as much. Same goes for the Falcon, which is far superior to the Volvo S80-based Taurus. With the talent of Aussie engineering, combined with the necessary funds to add the full suite of technology, these two cars could be a force to be reckoned with all over the world. We’ve seen how Holden made the Camaro awesome, now it’s the turn of Ford Aus to do the same.

    • http://www.facebook.com/priusfreezone Matthew Werner

      They aren’t going to stop production of the current vehicles that have already had money spent to develop the new models

      As Crummydore & nickdl said, when doing the development for the next generation it won’t be done as Australia-only as it has in the past, it will be done as part of a Ford worldwide project, like the Focus.

  • Aaa

    It’s good to have a few car factories in Aust. in times of war.


    Ford Australia marketing dept. should take a lot of the blame

    • JooberJCW

      Did you read the article fully?

      Reason are: large car segment shrinking plus cost/benefit of a global platform over building cars for each local segments

      The marketing team contribution to this disinterest is negligible

      • Shakeel-ali

        Not really. In all the new Ford ads, we see that Ford give a plug to every model in their range except for the Falcon. I honestly havent seen an ad with a Falcon or solely for the Falcon in months, while at the same time the Mondeo, Territory, Focus and Fiesta are the heroes in Ford’s new technology lead ad campaign.

        • Phil

          Do you think anyone in Australia shopping for a cheap, large sedan won’t know Falcon exists?

          Also, why would Falcon be in any “new technology” ad campaign? Falcon doesn’t have any fancy tech in it to advertise.

          • Barry

            Falcon doesnt have any”new technology” to advertise.
            Eco Lpi is the most advansed LPG system in the world.cmon Phil be fair.

          • Shak

            My point exactly. Falcon has EcoLPi, and EcoBoost coming along, and it is still competitive by large Car standards, but Ford seem hell bent on not acknowledging that they sell the damned thing! Phil, people definitely know that a car called the Falcon exists, but to many its still an old school, out of date 6 cyl car that sucks down fuel like mad, when in reality it is now a very good alternative to many SUV’s.

          • Phil

            If Eco LPi is the most advanced in the world, that might explain why so few people are moving to LPG.

            EcoLPi Guzzles %30 more fuel than the already thirsty petrol version and has a heavily compromised bootspace/sparewheel configuration on a car that was already impractical.
            The Eco tag is a bit of a joke too considering it puts out 199 grams Co2 which is %25 higher than the similar sized (but faster) BMW 528i which doesn’t have a “eco” tag on it.

          • Barry

            Does the 528i start at $35,990.Dont think so.Of coarse a prestige German brand will tick more boxes,at there purchase price.

          • Phil

            The term “Eco” has nothing to do with price. It’s either Eco freindly or it’s not.

          • Karl

            Phil, the fact that you have missed the point by a huge margin proves Barries point perfectly.
            There are many different kinds of exhaust emissions which are damaging to human health and the environment (CO2 being just one of them). The LPi has significantly CLEANER exhaust emissions than a 5 series or a comparable car. You need to understand that LPG is usually a blend of 50/50 propane and butane, the latter is effectively a waste product.
            Hence the LPi Falcon is still using LESS fossil fuels than the 5 series, despite consuming a larger VOLUME of fuel.  It’s also much cheaper to both buy and run.
            I also used to be a big fan of diesel (but not LPG) because I was only looking at the higher volume of fuel consumed. However energy consumption and volume are two very different things when comparing fuels with different energy densities and emissions. You are massively overstating the amount of room the tank consumes.
            However I do agree that they could have done better with the spare wheel.

          • Phil

            Ummm if Barries point was proved perfectly, then that means the BMW 528i is cleaner!
            Did you even read what he said?
            He agreed it’s more expensive and ticks more boxs!

            None of your claims make sense either.
            The Ecolpi does have fewer tailpipe emissions than a 528i hence why the Ecolpi has a 6.5/10 greenhouse rating over the 528i 8/10 (source greenvehiclesguide) and the Co2 emissions are 158grams for the 528i against the Ecolpi’s 203 grams. The engine in the 528i also complies with Euro7 standards (not due in Australia untill 2018) whilst the Falcon cannot be sold in europe due to only meeting the outdated Euro 4 standard.

            How am I overstating the amount of room the LPG tank consumes?
            It consumes the entire volume of the original petrol tank plus 10% of the normal bootspace plus the entire spare wheel well. That is a heavily compromised use of resources.

          • Phil

            typo: *Ecopli does NOT have fewer tailpipe emissions” 

  • Troll No. 47

    So it appears the perpetual Falcon-hater Jez Spinks has turned up at CA with the recycled doom and gloom rubbish peddled at Drive.

    • Phil

      All Jez has done here, is quote what Ford’s President has said and provided some sales figures.

      This article doesn’t have any unfounded generalisations – or doom and gloom rubbish as you put it.

  • greenfinger

    The problem with Ford is low quality senior management. Remember rule 1 in retail sales” the customer is always right”! The management pigmies of Ford have forgotten this rule and keep making silly discisson after silly discusson. As a Falcon owner that will soon replace a existing car for a new one I have said to my local Ford dealer No proper Falcon than you have lost me. I tried a couple of front drive cars but they do not last long on Queensland roads. I might end up owning a Holden. 

  • Ramjet

    I have read in a U.S magazine that the next 2014 Mustang and Falcon replacement will be built on the same platform. Would be great if the RHD versions for the global market were built in Australia but our high production costs may make that difficult.

  • Rocket

    Ford in Europe and North America are going gangbusters. Looks like Ford Australia has some management and marketing issues as there is nothing wrong with the product any more in my opinion other than the slow introduction of the Ecoboost range into our market.

    • Phil

      Everyone elses’s opinion says that the Falcon is too impracticalfor a large family car and too thirsty.

      Ecolpi makes the sedan body even more impractical and the Ecoboost will still be thirsty.

      I suspect the slow introduction of the Ecoboost is due to Ford desperatly trying to tweak the engine to get the fuel economy down. The engine already uses 8.6L100km of PREMIUM when fitted to the Volvo S60 which also happens to be 160kgs lighter and uses a more efficient duel clutch gearbox. Add the Falcons extra weight, the torque converter auto (we all know Falcon owners can’t drive manuals) and retune the motor to run on standard fuel and what are you going to get?

      • Jamezolu

        erm … to which other “large family cars” is the Falcon comparitively “too thirsty”??

        2. compared to which versions of the now #1 selling auto version of the Mazda 3 is the Falcon (or Commodore or Aurion for that matter) “too thirsty”? 

      • Lynchy

        Absolute Rubbish Phil. The biggest problem with Falcon sales is perception.

        In the large car segment the Falcon is extremely efficient and practical in either Petrol or LPI configuation. As a Falcon owner for many years now I don’t think I’ve ever needed my spare tyre, and I’ve done trips from the East to the West Coast of Australia a few times so the no spare or using a space saver/can of gue issues isn’t as big a problem as many make it out to be when opting for the LPI, and as of a couple of weeks ago it is also Australias cleanest locally produced vehicle.

        Everytime a motoring publication does a comprehensive vehicle comparison the Falcon consistantly comes out on top and usually betters the official fuel consumption figures.

        I’m happy to consider alternatives from other manufacturers or another product from Ford but there is still no vehicle that can offer the size, comfort, practicality, towing ability, driver dynamics associated with a rear wheel drive vehicle as the Falcon (with the exception of the Commodore which is also a good product), the fact it’s Australia designed and built is an added bonus.

        The Falcons days may be numbered but it won’t be because it’s to inpractical or thirsty as you put it.


        • Phil

          @ Jamezolu, Falcon is thirstier than all of those cars you mentioned. 

          @Lynchy, Falcon ecolpi is listed on greenvehicle guide as being DIRTIER than the following locally produced vehicles:
          Toyota Camry
          Toyota Camry Hybrid
          Holden Cruze CRDI
          Holden Cruze 1.8
          Holden Cruze 2.0
          and it is given the same score as the normal 3.0 Bombadore.
          It also consumes more fuel than all of those cars.

          If you think there is no other car that can offer the practicaility of a Falcon you must be simply dilerious.
          Can Falcon do any of these:
          The ability to carry small pieces of Furniture or electric appliances like a dishwasher? No, you will need a Wagon/Van/4WD for that.
          The ability to carry 6/7/8 people? No you will need a Wagon/Van/4WD for that.
          The ability to carry 600+ litres worth of cargo AND 5 people? No you will need a Wagon/Van/4WD for that.

          If you’ve done a lot of driving and never need a spare, you’ve simply been lucky. Surely you’ve seen people on the side of the road changing a tyre, or know people who’ve had a flat tyre? Nevertheless, most Australians expect a spare tyre to come with their car as standard.

          • Lynchy

            Phil, by locally produced I was referring to cars that have been desinged and built in Australia using a majority of Australian parts and labour.

            Cruz and Camry may well be built (assembled) here but there certainly not designed here and none offer the same carrying/towing ability or driveability of a Falcon.

            In terms of practicality that’s in the eye of the beholder, your point was Falcons are inpractical, something must of changed in the last  five years because prior to that plenty of people were still buying them and managing to get around just fine and if I recall SUVs/Wagons and various other 4WD vehicles were available.
            The point I was making is that it’s not inpractability or inefficency that has caused Falcons sales to decline, it’s the perception that you can tick all the same boxes with a smaller, cheaper alternative whether that’s in the shape of an SUV or not.

            And the ecolpi would be very close to being as cheap to run as the vehicles you’ve indicated. I’m pretty sure I saw a comparison between the lpi XR6, Corolla and the 3.0lt Commodore and the Falcon was the cheapest to run week to week, not bad considering you get a proper five seater which drives extremely well.

            As far as the spare tyre issues goes, yeah I’ve been lucky and yes I’ve seen people changing tyres, I just don’t think that it’s a deal breaker using a space saver or a can of gue.

  • Barry the tow truck driver

    Interesting to read today about the great fightback from the American auto manufactures.
    Unfortunatley Australians are not very loyal when it comes to purchasing locally built vechles.With the massive growth in new car sales in Asis+Pacific region.There is a role for Ford AU,but not as we know it to be today or previous.
    When the resources boom ends and we have a big recession.We will all say what happend to manufacturing in Australia,why cant our children get a good job?

    • Phil

      Well apart from the fact that most modern car factorys (no, Australia’s labour intensive car factorys don’t count as modern) are pretty much fully robotic and will be even more so by the time “our children” are looking for jobs, the answer to what happened to the local car manufacturing will be that it insisted on producing types of cars people didn’t want to buy.

      • Barry

        90% of the jobs in the AU motor industry are in spare parts and components Phil,not motor manufacturing.

  • Robbo

    It may be said in other comments in more-or-less words, but at the end it all Ford is a company that needs to survive like any other small or large business.  It’s up to them to decide what to build where.  They are not a charity; we’re not here to keep people in jobs funding huge cash injections to keep a dying model alive.  They’ll either change what’s built here (bummer about the Focus opportunity), or can it altogether like others have already done in other countries that are not profitable to build there.  It’s depressing to revisit this over and over, but the Falcon will not be built here forever….

  • John of Perth

    Perhaps even as late as ten years ago, the Ford/Holden staple was still the best choice for the open roads of Australia.  That market has been largely eroded by SUVs, smaller more fuel efficient vehicles just as capable of eating up the kms.

    So is there a future for locally built rear wheel drive vehicles, running on petrol, gas, or even hybrid – at the sales numbers being experienced – no.  Even the large taxi fleet will change to what the market eventually moves to. 

    I wonder if VW would like to purchase/start a manufacturing facility here in Australia – it’s only on very large production volumes there is a viable industry.  They might even get tax payer assistance :)

    • Golfschwein

      Even then, some were better than others, John. I recall with not too much fondness a company-supplied VS Commodore that I tried to control with white knuckles as it bucked and squirmed its way through open road overtaking manoeuvres as it kicked down from 4th to 2nd at 80-90km/h. Not at all relaxing. I think I prefer the greater stability of FWD much of the time.

      • John of Perth

        Which is why I have had my Bora V6 for over ten years – eats up the kms and very safe for overtaking.  It’s a pity VAG have already committed their factories for this part of the world.

  • Meestanob

    If you’re going to discontinue vehicles with disappointing sales, you can axe the Mondeo and Focus as well.

    Ford AU couldn’t sell oxygen to astronauts.

    The fact of the matter is, if you get rid of the Falcon, the ‘meagre’ 18K sales it generates will be 18K less sales that year, and the loss of foot traffic considering the other cars in the range.

    • Shak

      Remember, Ford is not getting rid of its large car program entirely. it cant, it makes too much money off the Territory/Falcon. hence why they are looking at cheapest ways of producing those cars, and if it means replacing them with imported cars which are nowhere near as good as our locally built models then it looks likely they will do it.

  • Benn

    Perhaps if Ford ACTUALLY backed there cars! And looked after loyal customers they may do ok. I bought an ex Factory G6E Turbo and have been treated like the jokes on you. I will NEVER buy another Ford. Its sad as I always defended the brand.

    • gary

      and that everyone is a big Issue for Aussie car companies.They treat you like fools!Nothing is their fault !If they even tried to market themselves JUST on product backing and better service that alone could change the perception of what a Ford Falcon is.
      if Ford tried to give themselves a LExus like service name,.,after all its ujst perception and then did show they cared for the people that buy their product, it could alone save them .
      So easy and cheaper than massive updates.It is after all a pretty good car with perception of cheapness and poor after sales,service and poor company backing and marketing,
      WIth the new upgrade falson they needt o fix the marketing cause without doubt Holden have them covered there and it is not a better car!And that from many experts !Come on Ford.Hire me!

  • Laurie

    If they stuff up the new Mondeo and base it on the US Fusion instead of the European model that will kill that model off also

  • chook

    If falcon production ceases here then i will fairly and squarely blame the car buyers of this era . Many people will happily buy the import to save a few grand while at the same time blatantly turning their backs on aussie jobs . Whenever i now see other people in other industries  losing their jobs to some import then i now think how many of these people drive an import already , therefore any sympathy for them is wearing thin from me .                                                                   In summing up ……If falcon production ceases here due to the local buyers (bludgers) buying imports , then i shall in future make sure that anything else i buy from groceries to furniture will all be made overseas , and i urge all other supporters of falcon to do the same .                                     If australians will no longer look after our country then why should i . ?……If falcon goes then for all i care everything else can go with it !!

    • Phil

      Wow, how long as it taken you to realise that this is a free country?

      • chook

        Phil….Is that your best crack this time ?.. Of course its a free country , so when the time comes that i begin looking for imports before local products then i sincerely hope your job becomes redundant……then in this free country you can freely look for another job , if there are any left for you !!

        • Barry

          Great points from Chook+ Karl.

        • Phil

          Chook, I don’t work in a dead industry, sorry to disapoint you. Buy all the imports you want, it won’t effect my job.

          Also, I don’t give two hoots whether I keep an Australian in a job or a foreiner in a job. We’re all humans after all.
          Maybe you could be more concerned about robots/machines taking people’s jobs which is happenning a lot more that overseas outsourcing. Who would you whinge to about that?

  • Lefa

    If falcon production stops in Australia, the blame is fairly and squarely on Ford Management. Look after your customer and they will look after you. Ford Customer No Care is  joke and I for one cannot afford another costly Ford Joke.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YQLKLFNYP3UFBFAGOV2LNDSREA Robert Ryan

    Ford Management has a lot to do with it or a lack of management would be a better term. Also changing preferences in vehicles has had an impact. Still the indecisive ,poor strategic model put up by Mullally will be disastrous for the company. You cannot have a “One Ford” policy for different markets. VW, Toyota and Hyundai/Kia (that has passed Ford globally} do not. Ford’s  “cash cow “is the F series Pickups in the US without them the Company globally would be finished.

  • Rick

    I’ve said it before I’ll say it again , falcon and commodore are the best value for money cars available in Australia . The reason they aren’t selling is partly because of marketing and partly because of management , they still aren’t listening a turbo diesel would have been a better decision than the ecoboost .
    However the ecoboost is more of a dry run for the taurus , The Taurus is 4cyl and fwd if they can get people to by a 4cyl they are halfway there , all they have to do from there is convince the buying public to buy a fwd then it’s done .
    Not to mention the bulk of the Australian public live in the city and if you have a look at the shopping car park in the city you’ll see a majority of small to medium cars or SUVs go to the country and you will see the majority of cars are the commodore , falcon and SUVs

    • Lynchy

      I agree Rick, the Falcon and Commodore are the best value for money cars in Ausatralia.

      Don’t think the ecoboost is a dry run for the Taurus, Taurus is only offered in 6 cyclinder configuration presently as a 3.5 lt or 3.5T, and it’s frontwheel drive, if anything the current mondeo ecoboost would be a better indicator as it’s front wheel drive and is using the same ecoboost engine that the Falcon will run, albeit with different spec.

      I think the ecoboost is being introduced to compete with the eco Commodore and the Camry/Aurion, if it achieves low 8s per hundred then it will be well positioned in that segment, the biggest issue I have with ecoboost and Ford Australia is there going to charge a premium for it, unfortunately we now live in the day and age where people look at the initial purchase price as the big thing that determines what car their going to buy, Ford may very well price this out of reach of the very people their trying to attract.

  • Turbodewd

    Well Im a happy Falcon customer, Im on my 2nd XR6 turbo (FG atm) and will happily buy a new one under my new lease in 2013 :^)  It, and my previous BA, have been great.

  • HandBrake

    So ford your going to stop making your two best selling cars of 2011, if you replace them the sales figures could only get worse. lets hope our home made ford cars succeed in 2012 !

  • Handsome_Al

    Just let the mustang be assembled in Australia for Australian market with US pricing…

  • bobo

    They should not have killed the falcon wagon, they basically gave the game away to the commodore with that one… Seems like the most incompetent people are making decisions over at Ford…