It may have four wheels but the Bajaj RE60 isn’t a car, according to its Indian manufacturer.

At its unveiling at the 2012 New Delhi Auto Expo, Bajaj Auto Ltd managing director Rajiv Bajaj said the boxy RE60 would create a new market in the subcontinent when it goes on sale around the middle of the year.

“This is not a car but a four-wheeler vehicle, which is a new segment in its own right,” Bajaj told The Times of India. “We have put in a lot of technology and features which are not in three-wheelers or even cars.”

The RE60 is expected to undercut the price of the Tata Nano – currently the cheapest car in the world, starting at approximately $2700 in India – although Bajaj denies the cut-price hatchback (estimated to cost around $2200-$3500) has been designed to take on the Nano.

“We are looking at the customers who currently operate three-wheelers to shift to this four-wheeler low-emission segment.”

The Indian manufacturer – which until now has only produced two- and three-wheeled vehicles – started work on the small-car project four years ago in partnership with the Renault-Nissan Alliance.

Measuring just 2752mm long, 1312mm wide and 1650mm tall, the Bajaj RE60 will become one of the smallest four-seaters in the world. It also promises to be one of the most efficient. Powered by a 15kW rear-mounted 200cc engine (capable of running on petrol, compressed natural gas and liquefied natural gas), the RE60 will use around 2.8 litres of petrol per 100km and emit 60g/km CO2. The 400kg hatch has a top speed of 70km/h.

Bajaj’s marketing of the RE60 could be the key to its success in India and in other developing markets. The Nano has struggled to take hold in India, partly because Tata has trumpeted that it is ‘the world’s cheapest car’ – a trait that domestic customers have found a less than desirable.

Bajaj – currently the biggest seller of three-wheeled passenger vehicles in India – is hopeful the four-wheeled RE60 will gradually overtake this market.

  • Shak

    Nope. Pretty sure its a car. ts got Four wheels, a steering wheel and people sit inside it. Definitely a car.


    nup not a  C.A.R. at all.let’s call it s B.O.S. instead…

  • Guest

    extremely poor looks.

  • Scheister

    yamaha r6 engine transplant?

  • Frostie

    Ahhhh, so THIS is the replacement for those three wheel auto rickshaws. That’s Good because those auto rickshaws’s emissions are as bad as a 70’s N/A carby V8. (I’m in India ATM) There’s so many of those on the streets which cause all the smog that you see if you look down the road. I really hope this bajaj re60 ends up successfully replacing the current gassy three wheel auto rickshaws.

    • I’m Always Right

      you are totally misinformed about the current 3 wheeler state in India as most of the 3 wheelers are running on cng (compressed natural gas) with zero emissions.

  • Honeyinfosys

    If its from Bajaj, its going to be extension of its auto rickshaw.. They must have added one more wheel to their existing Bajaj RE Auto Rickshaw.. They fooled people for decades and ready to fool another time.. Do you really want to drive 4 wheel auto rickshaw.. Trust me, auto drivers will switch to it immediately.. And that’s why they are hesitant to call it car.

  • Ysdandawate

    autorickshaw with additional wheel. Asthetically bad design!

  • Pankaj Ghawte

    Car styling is really good…but bad news for Rickshaw drivers..This car has got doors…Passenger overloading would not be possible :( :(

  • Samikhan_msk

    stop making awkward car, re-design it like maruti 800 or like old fiat…

  • Dragon_123

    One of the Ugliest car ever  

  • Jatin

    Very good for Indian class people,Look meter but we have to convert our bikes in to the four wheels , and this is the step ahead.
    Bajaj,Tata, and other must think about oltarnet fuel because easy to buy car but crucial to run it.

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  • save it for the track

    four wheels built with a motor that forms part of the vehicle?? looks and sounds like a car. Indian spin…. Not for Australia.

  • Turnn

    Hey Rick Shaw its a four wheeler.

  • Islamtuhin

    Interior as well as exterior design need to be changed. Interior is so ordinary like tempo. One of the biggest market of Bajaj is in Bangladesh. So, nobody will like in my country to buy such a ugly car. CC, capacity of passenger, fuel consumption etc. all are ok. Good luck Bajaj.

  • farooq al-quaiti

    lovely afordable asin car & best 4 third world’s middle class’s dream car. best wishes for bajaaj… .. .