• Guest

    The X200 looks good.

  • sam

    My thoughts on a little Chinese hatchback – At 15k it needs to be better than a Micra.  Which it wont be. At 12k it needs to be better than a Alto. I Doubt it…. so it needs to be where the other small Chinese hatchback is  – 9k.  Value? Maybe…depends what you call value…and the conversation continues…. 

    • Reckless1

      Wouldn’t be hard to beat the Indian Alto.  It’s serious rubbish.

    • Bimmerc

      It is larger car than Alto, better powertrain, much better looking (in my view), maybe better equiped. At 12-13K to beat Alto, there is no doubt about it!!!

  • Guest

    If you dent your Yaris doors, you’ll be certain to know that you’ll be able to pick up replacement doors at your local Great Wall dealer!

  • turboxxx

    i think the c10 must be the same body as a yaris

    • BIGJV

      They probably ripped it off

  • Sonic

    The C10 looks like Hannibal Lecter.

  • uSaidwot

    hmm surprising to hear so little news about defects/breaking down/quality problems with so many Great Walls sold.

    • nickdl

      Because people who buy them are too dumb to use a computer or write a complaint letter to one of the motoring sections of the papers. Or they know that they’ll just get the response: “You get what you pay for,” from others when they complain.

      • wickcc

        well if you haven’t tried it, then you know nothing about it. and all you talking is pathetic assumptions. my friend who works for the church got one of these ute, and he actually pretty like it

      • Waldo_6968

         I own One nick and I can use a computer! And I love my V200 had it since Dec 2011. Had the free CPU upgrade and its a totally different car still not a sports car at the lights but hey its a diesel. Yes Usaidwot I agree with you! I drive 200km a day to Sydney and back and it does it easy and never misses a beat unbelievably Great Value! Sorry guys but stuff the Chinese Knocking $26,000 with all the nudge bar, tinting, sports bar,and all the standards that will do me and I keep 17k in MY pocket.

      • Harvey

        I read a few knockers of the Great Wall . They all start off with “a mate of mines brother-n law has a next door neighbor who test drove  one and he reckons…”. Most of them sprout ill informed rubbish, probably because they  have just realised they spent $10-15,000 more on 4X4 than they had to. I have an X200 and I reckon its great and perfect for what I want.

      • Jeff

        Nickdi.. you sound like a poor looser who has paid too much for a car they now wish they had not purchased, its vehcles like this that keeps the rest of the market on there toes! (example incase you don’t understand) 
        if Richard Branson had not launched his fleet in Australia we would all be still paying $500 for a return flight Gold Coast to Sydney 

    • ibc

      I don’t think they are as bad as they were when first in South America.
      I stumbled across a local owners’ forum and everyone by and large is happy – just minor problems. Time will tell though….

    • horse

      People just assume quality problems will exist with no basis for that assumption. Just like they did when jap cars first hit the market in the 60’s .  A guy i know works at a golf course. he got a 4×4 great wall ute and loves it. It mostly gets used on site and for running around picking up suplies and taking rubbish . why pay more ?

  • Hung Low

    I know one GW X240 owner who claims no issues in the past year since delivery! Time will tell..

  • Reckless1

    I actually quite like the X200/X240.  The seats are a bit hard but value for money is good, especially now that they will have ESP.  (Nobody knows yet whether Chinese ESP actually works, though.)

  • Brianrobbbo2000

    l am thinking of buying the x200 has any one brought one and how are they.

  • Harleyprojects

    we have bought one but not yet delivered

  • JoeCrisse

    I’m from Mauritius and the people there would only drive Toyota, Isuzu and Nissan utes. Other than the highway that tourists use…the roads are shocking. The unsealed roads in country Victoria are in better shape.

    Car parts other than tyres, brake pads, spark plugs, oil and filters are not kept in stock. So if anything fails, it takes 3 months for it to be shipped from Japan or South Africa.

    Petrol prices costs an eye and a limb because it’s all imported and they buy in such small batches that they don’t get much discount.

    Toyota, Honda, Nissan have always been the locals’s favourites e.g. in 2000 prices, an Accord costs 2.2million rupees and a Passat 1.2million, Jetta 900K, Astra 450K. Japanese reliability, durability and fuel efficiency are that highly prized.

    Went there in 2004, Hilux and Navarras everywhere. In 2010 there were still older Hiluxes and Navarras around but the newer utes were mostly… Great Wall diesels.

    I know a few friends and relatives who own them and they say that they are very reliable. The police force has even adopted it as their vehicle.

  • LemmarA

    Once all our local car manufacturers close their doors and move off shore, ( 100% guaranteed ) the price of all imported vehicles will come down because there will be no local manufacturer influences over prices. Imagine our politicians being driven to Canberra in a Great Wall vehicle.I was told by a management trainer at a local manufacturer back in the early 90s that building a locally built medium/large car the cost from material,labour,energy worked out to a little under $5,000 per unit. I’m not surprised if that was the case but it was only what he told me if I believe him but like I said it wouldn’t surprise me. 

  • Tina

    Brought a 2012 X240 4×4 and love it…slow through 1st and 2nd then picks up quite nicely.Not uncomfortable and so far good on fuel,plenty of leg room and space for accessories…have seen more and more of them on the road in the last few days..priced for the average family.

  • Jaytee

    Value for money – it’s excellent! Almost a throwaway at $17990, and if it lasts three years without a problem I’ll be very happy.

  • Bassearant

    has anybody used these for towing i am interested in a X200 diesel

  • Jess

    I have a x200 auto diesel. A great car wih best value

  • wmaraache

    I’m a sales manager at a great wall dealer we have sold a lot of these cars and I keep getting phone calls from customers thanking me and telling me how much they love there car and send down there friends and families to buy a Great Wall of me

    Its amazing what you get for your money people who bag them out come and test drive one and I guarantee you would be very surprised and pretty sure most people who drive one would buy one ill be honest like most people I never really thought much when they first arrived but when I took one for a drive it actually felt better than most other cars I have driven very comfy lots of extras that you don’t have to pay extra for,

    you get 3 year factory warranty and, 3 year roadside isn’t that enough confidence for people to say hey wait a minute most other manufactures are offerring the same thing but for another 10k more  plus the rest if you want leather seat reverse camera and Bluetooth all standard on the Great wall (X200 or X240) and the list goes on.

    so the people who write blogs on how crap these cars are what do you drive and how safe is that car go and pay a minimum 40k for a Toyota or 35k for a nissan you get my point.

    So dont pre judge on what you hear come and judge for your self come and take one for a test drive it wont cost you anything and see how good these cars really are i have seen brand new Toyotas come in on a truck broken  down just a week old i have seen brand new nissans come in on a truck broken down,

    In the future you probably wont have a choice but to drive one. Great Wall has great aspects and is rappidly growing they are very good value for great Aussie homes in Australia and like most people i havent got spare 40-50 k in the bank to buy a new car  some people say oh but the re sale value wont be good any car you buy your going to loose money but you wont loose as much on Great wall because your not paying a massive price tag when you buy it new so your saving yourself minimum 10k when you buy one so the people that have one hope you guys are happy with your Great Wall may it bring you many years of happiness.

    • barb

       can you please tell me what the towing power is like for the dual cab 4×4 and the landcuriser one also pls.

      • Wmaraache

        dual cab 4×4 towing capacity petrol- 2000 kg braked and 750kg unbraked
        diesel is 2000 kg braked and 750 kg unbraked

        the suv petrol manual is 1700 kg braked and 600 kg unbraked
        the diesel manual is 1700 kg braked and 600 kg unbraked
        the diesel auto is 1700 kg braked and 600 kg unbraked

    • bigrick

       finally some one with some brains!!! i own a 240 single cab and its the best thing since sliced bread  i race a super sedan and tow the car and trailer with spares with it  with great fuel ac !! to all the knockers get a life and take a test drive its the way forward

  • Venompressure

    Great wall ute is the biggest peace of shit ute ever. Nothing but problems with it

  • Balmoralrise

    any one own a V200 diesel ute as  i am seriously thinking about buying one

  • X240Rob

    Owner of a 80000km 2yr X240. only had a few minor probs like 2 door release cables.
    Its a bit under powered but keep it moving and its all good.
    Get around the 10-11L/100km.
    Works well as a 4wd, been through places where Prado’s and Pajero’s have been bogged.
    If you need more info google great wall owners forum, Australian forum that has got members from around the world.