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  • F1

    Lexus is awesome.. If I was in the market for a luxury car then I would give Lexus a good chance..

    There’s no more diesel Lexus.. Btw

    • Dan

      Other than the IS220d in Europe, there has never been a diesel Lexus.

  • Battlef

    As an owner of a 2011 C-class coupe.. I was going to purchase an IS350, but the Mercedes dealer gave me better discounts then the Lexus dealer..

    But I really liked Lexus, their cars looked very nice and very nice all round

  • Ebus

    I read somewhere that Lexus is gonna have completely new and updated models in 2012

  • Dan

    The IS is due for a major replacement right about now isn’t it? It’s been out since 2005. I would have thought 2012 is the year they release a new one. No news on that yet?

    • MisterZed

      Way overdue for replacement.  The car looked old after only a few years.  Sharp lines and creases never age well.  Rounded shapes age much better (think Merc E-Class from 2002, 10 years old and still looks good today).

      • Anonymous Zee

        Agreed. the 2001 c class that we have ages really well in terms of look, nobody believed i drove a 10 year old car and it looked as good as new (applies to the e class as well). The IS (’07 model) on the other hand (sister’s daily driver) looks meh after a while. However, that Lexus NEVER missed a beat, no matter what we throw at it. rock solid reliability. German cars on the other hand….

        • MisterZed

          The 2001 C was not bad, except the headlights were originally non-clear lens (they weren’t updated until the facelift), and the Classic models all had ugly black door handles.  Inside, the interior was flawed to begin with (again, fixed on the updated model), and the C180 with the 2.0L engine was underpowered.  The best Cs were the facelifted models with the V6 engines and 7-speed autos.

      • Dan

        Disagree. I reckon the IS still looks modern and fresh. Just that it’s been out for a while, so I was hoping for something new. It has actually aged very well, and it still looks damn hot. I think the front looks nice and aggresive, side stance in the back, it’s a beautiful car.
        Also disagree about yoru c class comment, that model from 2002 is definately aged a lot, almost looks like it’s from the 90s…

        • MisterZed

          My comment was on the *E* Class from 2002.

          • Dan

            I disagree on that too lol. Cosnidering that Merc is also now using sharp lines and creases on the current models, that is the new fashionable look. hence why the IS still looks fresh in the current market.

  • http://twitter.com/TDP_AU Toan Pham

    AGREED.. my new 2011 C-Class Coupe has spent 50/50 time at dealer and in my garage with problems with locks, rattles, wheel alignment issues…