by George Skentzos

Hyundai has released full details of its new 2009 Tucson range which now offers a host of details improvements and enhanced value across the range.


ESP stability program, traction control and an integrated Bluetooth audio system now feature as standard throughout the Tucson range.

The new model is distinguished by its revised front grille, front indicator lens colour change, redesigned rear tailgate garnish, all-new alloy wheel designs and a charcoal black interior.

The new Bluetooth integration allows wireless music streaming directly from a Bluetooth compatible mobile phone or portable audio device as well as storing up to 78 numbers and names in its phone book.

The audio unit also includes integrated USB and Aux sockets allowing users to connect and play music from their iPod, MP3 player or USB stick.

The 2009 Tucson City SX model gains new five-spoke 16″ alloy wheels including a full size spare, ABS with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution, dual front airbags, 4 speakers, front fog lamps, keyless remote entry, alarm, power windows and roof bars.

The Elite trim adds a full leather interior, the aforementioned Bluetooth audio system with 6 speakers including tweeters, an electric glass sunroof and curtain and thorax airbags.

Finally, the SX model can also be upgraded with a 2.7 V6 petrol engine and AWD, featuring body colour protective cladding on the lower part of the doors and wheel arches and twin chrome exhaust outlets.

A ‘Protectz’ pack option also upgrades the safety of the SX and SX V6 models to the same specifications as the Elite.

Four new exterior colours are available for the enhanced Tucson range – Sleek Silver, Iron Blue, Silver Grey and Dark Bronze (all metallic), whilst the interior colour theme across the range is now a ‘Charcoal Black’ finish.

2009 Tucson – model range:

2.0 petrol 2WD powertrain (available in Tucson City ‘SX’ and ‘Elite’ trims):

  • 104 kW of peak power @ 6,000 rpm
  • 184 Nm peak torque @ 4,500 rpm
  • 5 speed manual or 4 speed automatic with Selectronic manual shift
  • Fuel consumption 8.0 litres / 100 km (man), 9.2 litres / 100 km (auto)

2.7 V6 AWD powertrain (available in Tucson ‘SX V6’ trim):

  • 129 kW of peak power @ 6,000 rpm
  • 241 Nm peak torque @ 4,000 rpm
  • 4 speed automatic with Selectronic manual shift
  • Fuel consumption 10.9 litres / 100 km (auto)

2009 Tucson range – retail prices:

  • Tucson City SX 2.0 petrol 2WD 5 speed manual $25,490 RRP
  • Tucson City SX 2.0 petrol 2WD 4 speed auto $27,490 RRP
  • Tucson City Elite 2.0 petrol 2WD 4 speed auto $30,490 RRP
  • Tucson SX V6 2.7 petrol AWD 4 speed auto $31,490 RRP
  • Optional Protectz pack (SX and SX V6 variants) $700 RRP
  • Optional metallic paint $320 RRP

  • milobob

    Good on hyundai for making ESP available std in nearly every car.

    Still not sure why there is a large difference btw manual and auto – Hyundai should do something about it~!

  • Paul Doubya

    Where’s the Diesel, you can get it in Europe and in the Kia Sportivo?

  • realcars

    Good ob Hyundai for including more for less.

    I really hope they topple the likes of Toyota in the years to come as they have been ripping the consumer off for long enough.

  • Dlr1

    Surely the 2wd versions of this car rank as some of the most pointless cars on the market. All the handling of a SUV with none of the benefits of an AWD system. Even the CRV with its very ordinary on demand AWD is atleast capable of tackling a little bit of sand, snow or mud. And unlike a Territory or Kluger these can’t even pass for a people mover or tow vehicle. Why bother?

  • realcars

    Kluger tow vehicle.LOL.

    Just ask all the Geros out there that bought these for the trip around Australia and found that the tow ball weight is pathetic.

    Likely to see some used examples with dimpled rear quarter panels in the future.LOL.

  • Mike Hunt


  • Duck

    ^Agree! Still looks the same on the outside though!

  • Dlr1

    Realcars, don’t take everything so literally.

  • Mark

    The Tucson V6 used to be available for $29,990 as an automatic. A 2.0L engine in a 1500kg-something SUV is WAY too underpowered. I can’t believe people are actually buying that variant. The V6 is the only way to go.

  • Garry

    I have only one complaint about my V6 Tucson it is in desperate need of a 5 speed auto.The 4 speed is just not good enough.I dont care what other car makers use but Hyundai you need to start putting a 5/6 speed auto in some of your cars (from the i30 up).ESP standard across the Tucson range and full leather on the elite model is fantastic,but a face lift would have been good the same design that came here in 04.

  • wayne

    this is a city car….more for Mom and Pop. if you want a 4X4 get a Prado or pathfinder or discovery 3 series….

    i checked out the boot space, not very big but the seats space and the ride height was fine….

  • Mark

    What are Hyundai doing still making that pissy little 2.7L V6? V6 engines that small were common 20 years ago. The base model really needs a 2.3 or 2.4 litre four, and the V6 should be enlarged to 3.0 litres. Actually, the V6 variant is probably not even necessary, as people who want a V6 are going to go for the Santa Fe instead. Just have one 2.4L model just like every other small 4WD – SIMPLE.

  • Reality

    Dlr1… Let me guess ‘DEALER # 1′ perhaps??? And from your two posts, I’d even make the OBVIOUS observation that your a ‘TOYOTA DEALER’??? I don’t own a Hyundai, or a Toyota, but due to business travel I’ve car hired both the Hyundai Tucson and the Toyota RAV4, and I can more than comfortably say the Hyundai value for money blew your Toyota out of the water! So much that in recent business trips, I specifically looked for the Hyundai or X-trail over the RAV4. Let’s face it, these ‘SUV’ vehicles arent intended for offroad use, and they dont claim them to be, they are simply a city variant to have the ride height, interior room and comfort over the small squashy entry level smallcar’s that are on the market. And a hell of a lot cheaper to run than my Holden VE SSV! I can tell you that much! Luckily its my company car as I’d never waste money running such an expensive fuel guzzler if it was my $$$. Well done Hyundai!

  • Dlr1

    Sorry Reality, but you are wrong I am definately not a Toyota Dealer or any other brand’s dealer for that matter. I am just making the point that why have a Front Wheel Drive only version or a small SUV. If it had fulltime or on demand AWD i could see a point to it, but only the V6 model has this attribute. Every other SUV on the market, be it from Nissan, Suzuki, Toyota, Honda, Subaru even VW have AWD either permanent or on demand. And if you care to have noticed a Tuscon isn’t even in the same size as an Xtrail, CRV or RAV so your value for money argument is baseless. Compare them with a Santa Fe if you will but a Tuscon?

  • http://hotmail athol kane



    i think hyundai has done a pretty good job designing this tucson for those buyers with limited budget but wanting to have an SUV for multi-purpose reasons.. its not that hip and nice in terms of design.. performance wise – its not that bad also.. its a value-for-money SUV.. I own a 2007 toyota land cruiser 5.7L V8 and a 2000 range rover.. Im really into performance SUVs but out of curiosity, i bought a tucson and i liked it.. Its not too expensive to maintain.

  • salemboicot

    I chose the tucson over the toyota cos it drives so much better, the steering doesnt twitch with the slightest movement and the interior is set out better.
    The hyundai was much better value, and I look at it as a station wagon with big wheels. There arenot alot of small station wagons for under 30,000 and what is out there is crap.
    My only issue so far is the fuel economy cockamimi. It is more around 11ltrs per 100 in the 4 auto not the claimed 9.2.
    But in saying that the 2 rav 4’s i tested werent that good either.

  • http://AOL Watto

    Hi all.
    I have a 2007 2.0 CRDI 16V Limited here in the UK. Great car and virtually the same spec as the 2009 Premium except the ESP, electric folding mirrors and bluetooth stereo (I added the Ipod VDO adaptor for £35 and this is controlled by the existing head unit).
    I think it may be case of ‘if it aint broke dont try to fix it’ by Hyundai

    Also the diesel gives 40mpg

  • Paul

    ‘I chose the tucson over the toyota cos it drives so much better’
    I chose a tucson over a Rav 4 because i couldn’t fit in the toyota, it also drives much better than an x trail and as i don’t need 4wd mine is a 2litre 2wd. It’s now 15 mths old with 16K on it and been a fantastic little car both around town and on the highway for my family of two big adults and a tall 10yo. I would certainly buy another one, but when the real upgraded model comes out…oh and all for $26000 drive away with auto. Beat that!

  • Likeable

    @ DLR1: I kind of understand what you said earlier, but tell me – what else compares to the Tucson on the market IF I don’t want an AWD (cost more to buy and more to run) but my wife won’t drive a wagon because as a 5ft person she doesn’t want the hassle of something with a long wheel base. We were so ecstatic to discover the Tucson as it offered the combination of high-ride height, short wheel base with a small engine and front wheel drive only.

    It may not be the most zippy thing on the road but if it wasn’t on the market, we’d be sad sad pandas…

  • Likeable

    PS Sorry to be ‘Johnny come lately’…

  • salemboicot

    A few months on and it is averaging about 12.7-13.6 ltrs per 100ks fuel usage. It managed to get even worse.
    Some question as to why the trans changes are at such high rpm, and why it is only a 4 speed auto. I think a 5 speed with a re working of the ratios would improve economy and power transfer cos it does make the engine work harder.
    Otherwise all else…. happier than a pig in mud. Found a great use for the sunglass holder, my mobile phone when hooked to bluetooth fits in there, it is safe, and out of the way. Really happy with the audio and mine is the poverty pack. Would love to hear the 6 speaker version.

  • acem8

    I took delivery yesterday of a brand new 2L manual 2009 model and couldn’t be happier. After listening to the opinions of people who have actually owned and driven this car I decided it was incredible value for money at $22990 OTR. I hear the comments about engine size and 2WD but I would never consider going off road in this, if you are going to do that you need to be spending 2-3 times as much to get a proper 4×4. RAV4’s etc aren’t up to the job so why pay $8k extra for AWD? On the odd occasion I go on off road trips I will just hire a 4×4, it will work out far cheaper in the long run. For me the Tucson ticked all the boxes; small enough for the wife to drive, big enough for me to drive, decent economy, full of standard features, bluetooth phone and MP3 compatibility, excellent warranty, cheap servicing and insurance….

    Before criticising Hyundai, people should have a think about what this car is designed to do and who it is aimed at…it is not a 4×4, it is a medium sized car with extra ride height. You pays your money and takes your choice.

  • Lightbulb

    Hi Acem8:
    I couldn’t agree more with your views as Hyundai’s reputation for building very reliable cars continues to grow. Congratulations on your new Tucson & you will have many pleasurable years of driving ahead of you.

    Cheers !

  • Rick

    I had a Tucson 4X4 2L bought brand new in 2005. It was a great car. I took it on the beach, up sand dunes and in the mud and despite the crappy road tyres, the car did pretty well. The only thing was the engine was way too small for the size and weight of the car. I traded it in in August 08 for a Santa Fe V6. I love it. Despite being a much larger vehicle the difference in engine size is noticeable and very enjoyable. I still think the Santa Fe could do with a bit more “oumf” but it’s a great car. The Tucson is due for a facelift and that’s the only reason I didn’t go back to it. I didn’t want to spend $40,000 (New Zealand dollars for the Elite 4WD) for a car that was going to be dated quickly. So I spent a bit more and got the Santa Fe. I’d still keep an eye out for the revamped Tucson when it comes out and look forward to seeing what Hyundai is cooking with that one.

  • Rick

    Oh yeah… And I do find the Tucson City 2WD a complete waste of time. I reckon it’s for posers more than anything. All the disadvantages of a 4X4 without the benefits. It’s heavy, slow and you can’t even have fun in the mud. Around here, it’s a car for old people who want to feel safe. I reckon Hyundai should take it off its catalogue.


    Rick – I think you’re barking at the wrong side of the tree.. You talk like an ignorant fool not knowing the purpose and the target customers of this brand/model.. I own a 2007 toyota land cruiser 5.7L V8 and a 2000 range rover but i also have a tucson.. U know why i have one?? Because its targeted and used for a different purpose and market.. Dont talk trash.. Maybe you’re one of the “old people who wants to feel safe”.. Cheers! Dont be hating..

  • Stuey

    I’ve had a Tucson City manual for 18 months and for my purposes, I have been very happy with it. I am however confused about the towing capacity. The Hyundai site states : [500Kg unbraked / 500 Kg Braked]. But RedBook states [600Kg unbraked / 1200 Kg Braked] which is the same as the Kia Sportage 2L, 2WD, which is basically the same car. Can anybody shed any light on this anomaly?? Thanks in anticipation.

  • confused

    I want to purchase a new car and am now very confused by the comments ?I have read. The car certainly appears excellent value for money. Toyota” seemed to be overpriced.

  • Conservative person

    I used Toyota for more than two decades. Now I need to buy new compact SUV for my dogs. So I decided to hire a car every one weekend RAV4, X-trail and Tucson. According my old experience only test drive with dealer is not good enough to spend more than $20k from my pocket. They all are very good SUV but Tucson is very most comfortable for long drive. Good maneuver and Euro NCAP 4stars. I can save my money minimum $10k compare with same facilities with other brand (except AWD function). This is really depending on what & where to use. For me I do not have planned to go off-road or tour. I have two large dogs going around NSW. I decided to go with Tucson. I pay only $23990 brand new City SX semi-auto drive away with reverse parking sensor, fabric and vinyl protection (because of my doggies), ABS, ESP, traction control, dual front air bags, MP3 player with Blue tooth, audio and USB I/P, key less entry, auto head light on/off, speed adjustable wiper, roof rack and alloy wheels with full size spare alloy wheel and 5 years unlimited kilo meter factory warranty. Fuel consumption is less than 11liters/100kms for city with air-con. Some people said engine is not big enough and respond. I always use 98%ULP for my new Tucson. I never have problems even with Air-con with up hills. My conclusion is I am conservative Toyota person. Now I totally admit Tucson is very good practical SUV for on-road (not off-road). (P.S – I am not a sales man.)

    • fred smith

      How can you hire a 4×4 more cheaper than hyundai not providing a comparable towing capacity? It has the worst towing capacity of any car of it’s size in the world?
      These cars will not last if they can’t stand up to minor towing.
      You sound like a hyundai salesman.

    • fred smith

      Do you know the towing capacity of the tucson has been reduced to 600kg bracked. How do you go around nsw? You must sleep in hotels. Great car if you only drive around town.
      An other salesman from hyundai.

  • Conservative person

    P.S – Typing error. (For me I do not have planned to go off-road or tow).

    Check the price with ( You can negotiate one or two $k cheaper than showed on web site at the moment.

  • Peter

    I am an old person that the Tucson is aimed at. I am on a pension so ecomomy is most important. 11L/100 is not good enough. Ride hight like a SUV very good for me, (crook back). Power and speed I dont need, so 2L motor is OK. Price, a bit high so I’ll keep looking. Current vehicle Renault Kangoo, very good but needs back seat. Service for Renault very expensive, no help from dealer to get a manual or book. Its gotto go.

  • Jackson

    Recently I purchased the Hyundai Tucson City Elite with all the extras. 2lt Auto as well. I liked the car and the warranty of 5 years is great. The car has all the gizmos I need and I dont need power. Especially with all the cameras floating around today. However being a new car buyer and awaiting delivery my family and I are hell bent on trying to see them on the road.

    So where are they? I was told that this was the family car of the year and for a family car of the year I would expect to see alot more on the road. Actually even one would be great. My daughter comes home yesterday from school and is excited that she finally saw one. I asked if she was sure, she replied yes and even checked the photo on her phone to make sure. Talk about kids getting excited, I would have been thrilled.

    PS: I am not old or young just a simple family dad looking for a reliable family car.

  • FrugalOne


    The Tucson is a bit of a orphan, i cannot understand why not more are around either?

    Yeah torture when you wait for your new toy to arrive!

    You must be getting one of the very last ones made, a new model is just months away, perhaps people are waiting for the superior new one to arrive before buying a Tucson?

    The 2WD one is outstanding value for money, its only mid spec. hatch money.

    Alas the new model is going to be vastly superior so its better to wait, never seen a car company release a model that worse than the one it replaced.

    Hope you enjoy it, keep us informed, good-bad-or-whatever!



  • Jackson

    Ok The new car has arrived after 4 weeks waiting, 2 weeks overdue.

    What we bought

    2009 Tucson City Elite – White – with tow-bar,tinted windows (ambo tint pretty cool), Side Steps and Rear camera.

    My verdict after 24hrs of having the car.

    Having not even test driven the car I was keen to get behind the wheel and finally take it for a drive.

    When we arrived the car was parked and waiting for its new owners to take it home and I must say it looked pretty cool sitting there. The salesman Trevor (nice guy) ran us through all the features and made sure we knew what “D” stood for on the gear stick. :) Delivery was good and the car was ready one small pick if I may, they could of filled it up instead of a half filled tank. For $27000 you would think you would get a tank of petrol, apparently not!

    Stepping into the and making myself comfortable kids in the back and front we acquainted ourselves with the new toy. The kids loved and my daughter referred to the smell as a banana smell. I call it the new car smell. Starting the was easy and it purred along nicely, placed into first drive a short wave to Trevor and of we went. Kids freaking out a bit for me not to smash the car and I thought the wife was bad. Anyway we left the dealership and headed off to home i must say it drove well probably on the verge of very good to excellent. Now remember I am not comparing this car to a $70000 vehicle but to others in its range.

    On the road the car was very quiet and smooth and handled itself very well. I definitely knew I was driving a four cylinder but thats what I wanted a nice reliable economical car. I believe the Tucson fits this bill.

    Arriving home the kids and I fiddled with blue tooth setup and with the help of the 8 year old we worked out the code and wolla it worked. We now have blue tooth hands free in the radio, great stuff. Testing the rear vision camera was fun as when it goes in reverse the rear vision mirror becomes a screen. I still prefer to turn my head though but maybe it will be great for that tow-bar backing up.

    OK its off to see mum at the shop and show her the new toy. To make it more interesting we thought we would bring along Michael Jackson who mum cant stop playing at the moment to test out the sound system. She loves a good sound system, something tells me that she will be the littler old lady in the add with the sub woofer one day. Well I must say the sound system does rock and I was impressed with what it delivered for what it was, well done Hyundai nice job.

    Arriving at the shop we show mum and she is impressed, it is the first time she has seen it by the way. I hand her the keys and she takes it for a drive on her return the kids are quick to inform me that she gave it a bit of a push more than I did, you got to love kids don’t you they will tell on all the time. Anyway the wife likes it and is happy with the new purchase. So today I hand over the keys I get her car and she gets the new one, whats wrong with this world.

    In summary the car is very good and I am pleased with the purchase as too are the family. Yes it drives well and looks smart on the road. If you compare apples to apples I would say that the Hyundai Tucson City Elite with all the mods is a very nice car and yes I am now seeing lots on the road.

    For anyone who is considering, we support your choice.

    PS: I don’t know about you but I almost got conned into paint protection. After speaking to over 30 people NOT ONE supported the idea even the ones that had it done. You make the call!!!!

    • fred smith

      What are you towing & how has it performing after two years?

  • Jackson

    PSS: Sorry for the bad grammar, I just typed with out checking my work. Hope you understand it just read between the lines. Have a nice day :)

  • Lilly

    Hi All – I’ve just read everybody’s input from top to bottom as I’m considering whether or not to buy a 2008 Tuscon (2wd – basic because I’m not rich) – so far I’ve worked out: Don’t buy one if you want to go off road, people are not so sure about the fuel economy, perfectly adequate if you if you like to ‘sit high and comfy’ while you drive (Toyota Echo the best car for this that I’ve driven so far), good interior shape for carrying around all that ‘extra stuff'(like my dog or a shopping trip to Bunnings) and is good value for money – ultimately seems to suit my purpose exactly.
    What I haven’t been able to find so far though, and hopefully some of you can enlighten me now that you appear to have been owners for a while, is: How is it for servicing? – eg how quickly do you go through the brakes / rotors (conservative driving), are servicing and parts any more or less expensive than other vehicles you’ve owned? How are the electrics holding up ie any one having trouble with any of the instruments ‘dopping out’, faulty door locks or any of the ‘extra gadetry’ messing up etc and what’s the road noise like, especially on the highway? If any one has any feedback, that would be great, as these are the type of things that annoy the hell out me, but by their nature do not usually surface until I’ve had the vehicle a good few months or year or so.
    Much appreciated.

  • Jamaica1

    Hi all,

    Just about ready to take delivery of my new Tucson (31/08/09). I have owned some very expensive vehicles in my time and I can say that this Tuscon is excellent value for money. Sure, they are coming out with a new model (I35) within the next few months but you can bet it will start at least $5,000 more. My father is a mechanic and reliability wise, these cars are brilliant. With a 5 year unlimited warranty you can’t complain. Sure, this car is not a 4WD but it is not designed for that. It is a car which provides hight in traffic, is reasonably cheap to run, has enough power for what it is designed for, and will get you out for some great weekends away. Lilly, reliability is good but like all things electronic, occationally they break down. I owned a BMW X5. This only had a 2 year warranty and as soon as it was out of warranty, problems occurred. It doesn’t matter what vehicle you have they will give some trouble. This Tuscon is not a BMW X5 but for the money (you can buy 4 Tuscons for 1 BMW X5!!) is a great run about that will give years of reliability. I still own my X5 but consider the tuscon a real winner and capable of every thing I need in a vehicle.

  • Anthony

    I’ve owned my Hyundai Tucson 2.7V6 for about 2 and half years and it’s been running well. I wouldn’t trade this SUV for anything and what completely bothers me is today people are still continuing to insult Hyundai and insisting that there products are horrible. I wish everyone before you make a comment about Hyundai, take there vehicles out for a test drive, you will be surprised. As for reliablity and Quality, my buddy works for Toyota Canada and he took my Tucson out for a drive and remember, he is Quality Inspector/Tester at Toyota and he was completely shocked at how smooth the drive was and how quiet the V6 engine is when running. He even stated, the RAV4 doesn’t even come close to how smooth and quiet the Tucson is. I purchased my Tucson Fully loaded at a cost of $30,000.00 canadian and I’m lovin it! So for anyone who has doubt about the Tucson, simply take it out for a ride and you be the Judge, don’t let others Influence you just because there close minded! I had the same group of people telling me, don’t buy a Hyundai, you will be disappointed, well 2 years later and I’m loving it. By the way, my group of friends drive a “Jeep Cherokee” and it spends more time in the shop then on the road. My other buddy drives a Honda CRV and he complains all the time the engine is weak and it’s not comfy at all. Like I said, you decide!

  • tom

    About the only thing positive I could say about this car is the price.

    Styling is woeful – it looks like its straight from 1995.

    Auto trans is hopeless – look at the difference in fuel consumption between manual and auto.

    And what the hell is the purpose of a SUV with FWD??? You may as well not bother – it needs at least part time AWD – you can’t even take this to the snow. I don’t understand why there is so much hate for RAV4 (probably because Hyundai buyers can’t afford them) – A RAV will go surprisingly many places off road despite the BS spewed here and has about 3 times the interior space of the Tuscon.

    Good thing Hyundai has an all new Tuscon coming early next year and if spy pics are anything to go by it looks like a ripper.

  • pktis


    Looking to buy new Suv. I have a Honda Cr-v and very satisfied, but it’s time to let it go. Have driven most crossover SUV’S and the Tucson is by far the best buy for the money. You are trying to compare it to a 4×4 and that is not what this Suv is all about. Your statements are totally incorrect as far as your comparison of the Tucson or any other crossover. They are not and I repeat not 4×4’s. If you want a true 4×4 you are going to spend big bucks. The 4×4’s that you are talking about in reality are only 3 wheel drive, not 4 wheel drive. So maybe you should re-think what you are saying and stop the BS. I have driven the difference and a true 4×4 IS a different breed of SUV.Cheers.

  • pktis


    Looking to buy new Suv. I have a Honda Cr-v and very satisfied, but it\’s time to let it go. Have driven most crossover SUV\’S and the Tucson is by far the best buy for the money. You are trying to compare it to a 4×4 and that is not what this Suv is all about. Your statements are totally incorrect as far as your comparison of the Tucson or any other crossover. They are not and I repeat not 4×4\’s. If you want a true 4×4 you are going to spend big bucks. The 4×4\’s that you are talking about in reality are only 3 wheel drive, not 4 wheel drive. So maybe you should re-think what you are saying and stop the BS. I have driven the difference and a true 4×4 IS a different breed of SUV.Cheers.

  • stacy

    hi first of all thankyou jackson..
    we just bought a 2009 hyundai tuscon awd v6 and we are waiting too.. i was lucky enough to finally talk my husband into investing in a new car and with all the different brands, types and prices out there this car seemed the best.. we were lucky enough the dealership was having a 7000 dollar discount on these car we snapped it up.
    we are getting the car with only tinted windows and a tow bar extra, that is with all the stuff it comes with..
    the only thing we found funny so far it only comes in limited colours (we chose aqua silver) but so far we are happy .. will keep updated when we get it in three weeks.

  • stacy

    just a quick note to lilly.. i asked the same questions about servicing this new car i have got coming and they said every 12 months or 15000kms you have to do a service which start at $169 first year , 189 secound year , 220 third year than the price goes down after that.. if your car is still under warranty get in to their workshop and they should fix anything mecahical quick smart..and you can do optional service every 6mths for oil changes and the like.. but they said my husband can do these ones without voiding the warranty..stacy

  • Julija Graham


    Thank you so much! I was looking for a sign, and when you said you “support [my] decision” I have to say it made the choice a no-brainer. I’m between a 2010 Nissan Rogue and the 2009 Tucson AWD. The deal is great, I just love the way the Rogue looks. Cool name too…

    Anyway, choice has been made. Cheers!

    (p.s. so nice to know people still care about grammar etc.!)

  • Graeme D.

    My neighbour has a 2lt manual Tucson, wished he had gone for the bigger motor but ok otherwise, but we both hate the omission of a temperature guage, warning light went out with button up boots, this is carrying cost cutting too far and if the globe blows, could wreck your engine, bad move Hyundai.

  • http://lagonda Graeme D.

    In this day and age why don’t Hyundai fit a temperature guage to the Tucson? it’s nice to know when your engine is about to blow up through lack of coolant or some other problem, warning lights can blow and they do not give any indication as to how close you are to the limit, bad move Hyundai [some dash photo’s show one but maybe it is only the upmarket model.

  • Jeffers

    Hi. I am thinking of buying a 2008 Tucson, I have read all the comments but now I am more confused than when I started. It does say in the specs for the Tucson that the fuel consumption is 9.6L/100 but that is not supported here. I do not want a 4×4, I want a vehicle that is reliable, safe and one you look forward to driving. Someone please help me reach that decision. I did have a bad experience with a Hyundai twenty years ago.

    • Nankano

      “I do not want a 4×4, I want a vehicle that is reliable, safe and one you look forward to driving”


      Mitsubishi Lancer, best backed and engineered vehicle at the coin, end-of-story!

  • Teresa W

    Help my husband has left our next car up to me to pick
    It needs to do 600km per week straight freeway driving
    Thus i am looking for longevity and fuel consumption
    will this hyundai city 2009 or the elite do it for me

    • Nankano

      Get a X-trail with a factory approved LPG injected system.

      600km is a LOT of kays, lots of fuel costs at that mileage….

  • cowlicks

    I purchased a 5-speed 2009 Tuscan last July 2009 … my 1st new vehicle. I really enjoy a car but chose a SUV to accomodate my handicap father. From the get-go shifting into 2nd was a challenge… but thought its so new …it’ll smooth out, which it did. I never felt the smoothness that I did with my previous car which was also a 4cyl… but automatic. When traveling at 80 – 100km the Tuscan revs at 31/2 – 4 I always thought there should be another gear. Just this month I had the 2nd oil change and two days later – 10 degrees colder … shifting into 3rd – 4th and downshifting also the gears would grind… so much that my friend who also ownes a 2009 Tuscan automatic was “shocked”.
    I took it into the dealer the next day and went out with a service guy for a drive.
    He was taken by the grind also, and suggested we try skipping the grinding gears… didnt help. So the next day I took it in to the dealer and left it to be examined .. my mom drove me nome as the shuttle did not service my town. Two days later I called to check on it and was told the transmition / clutch would be replaced. I was not impressed but remained calm. I had to ask them for alternate transportation in the meantime. They offered me a rental and had me picked up and brought to the agency for the car which Ive been in for 8days as they are waiting for parts to arrive (transmition)… OMG!!! I am driving a Hyundia Elentra which is extremely different than the Tucson… Not what I want for size… but, smooth! Also it revs at 2 – 21/2 max!!!! Did I burn alot of fuel in the Tuscan????! Did I get a Lemon!!!?

  • robyn

    I purchased a new 2009 Tucson City SX 2.0 ltr auto , on going problem with gearbox, slipping not changing into top gear,will not kick back most times up a hill..Try taking off it will free rev in gear,EPS grinds into trac control. bad vision on rear pillers also front pillers. Although car does handle well. Plenty of room for a small car.My husbands 6 ltr ss gets near the same fuel ecomomy. Would not buy again.

  • Dave

    I purchased a Hyundai Tucson V6 in June 2009, handling, comfort and rear seat room is good, what I am not happy with is the shocking fuel consumpsion, brakes do not appear to pull you up properly and when I accelarate up a hill I get a strong egg gas smell. Have taken to the dealer but they were no help, I rang Hyundai who’s professional answer was to get a second opinion. Has anyone else had similiar problems with their Tucson?

  • Lee

    Purchased a 2007 Tuscan V6 Elite awd just now, even after reading all these forums about the cars.
    Car looks great, extremely low Kms, was cheap, maybe they didnt like it?? Anyway, so far am extremely happy with it and so is the other half.
    Keep poking around and waiting for things to crop up or appear that I dont like or have read about.
    All good so far, Yes it does use more fuel then our little 5 door 5 speed man 1.3 Charade we had, but then almost every other car does. (Was never impressed with the fuel economy from those hybrid cars..they had nothing on the charade. Charade got 20km to the litre hwy n didnt use much more fuel when in the city)
    Tuscan Used roughly double the amount of fuel for the same trip, only we didnt have oil leaks or slipping clutch, clunking suspension or lack of power for hills.
    We do like all the gadgets, very handy fuel range display.
    Cumfy seats, great interior, heaps of room, just compact enough to get down the side of our house n under the carport..just. Couldnt get a bigger car…need the turning circle, need the wheelbase, need the car length to be no longer then it is. No wider either or taller.
    We were offered a brand new Greatwall X240 for the same price ($19,000) but shied away from it, was way too big n wow it really drank the go juice
    So Cheers,

    • Lee

      Too add,

      The Tuscan also is an auto, a V6, 1600kg awd and ran with aircon on in completely luxury so, double the fuel consumption, sounds reasonable and acceptable.
      On the highway at 100km/h was revving at roughly 2250.
      At 60 its around 1250, depends on putting ur foot down and downshifting if u get to a hill or wish to accelerate,
      am yet to play with the selectronic side of it to lock it into a gear n see if it accelerates reasonable anyway without downshifting.


  • Gary

    Love our 2007 Tuscon City
    Front drivers side lower driving light bulb blew,bought new bulb.How do i change it? Service dept.wants to charge me $70.00.
    Cheers Gary.

    • Pete_qld

      gary i suggest u use google, if u can save 70-00 its better in y our pocket, best advice i can give

  • Pete_qld

    Hi there i own a hyundai tuscon 2009 model sx series, hyundai used to be gd cars, i bought tis car brand new, and i have only done 25oookm in it and teh clutch has packed it in, i rang hyundai and they dont want to help me out, as im 3 hrs from a dealer, i have to pay for teh tilt tray to tak emy vehicle there and see what is wrong with it, pretty say, all my cars i have had , have been hyundai, wont BUY HYUNDAI AGAIN- service is appauling, all i suggest is, research before you buy, look for feedbacks and so forth- hyundai has lost me as a valued customers, there warranty obviously means nothing, and when they wont help out when your in teh country , n 3 hrs away, that says it all, has anyone else had any probs with there tuscon?

  • http://talktalk nicky

    The best 4×4 I have owned,dont take any notice of Clarkson and his stupid comments

  • louis

    looking to buy 2007 crdi auto  how is it

  • Lee

    Would my 2009 4cylinder auto Tuscon be a strong enough to tow a boat at about 700kg