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BMW Australia has revealed the pricing of the first three models in its all-new sixth-generation 3 Series range ahead of their arrival in local showrooms in February.

The news is good for fans of high-end models, with prices falling by up 15 per cent, but will be a little harder to swallow for shoppers on a budget, with the entry price now above $60,000.

The new base model, the BMW 320d, is now $60,900, making it $4800 more than the fifth-generation 320i Lifestyle and $1200 more than the previous 320d Lifestyle. To justify to price rise, the new 320d gains fully electric front seats, push-button start and front parking sensors, while its official fuel consumption has fallen to a class-leading 4.5 litres per 100km. Other standard features include 17-inch alloy wheels and the BMW Professional entertainment system with 6.5-inch colour display and iDrive controller.


At $66,900, the mid-spec 328i is $5000 cheaper than the model it replaces (the 325i). The 328i gets a new 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine with 180kW of power and 350Nm of torque (20kW/100Nm more than the 325i). Despite the extra power, fuel consumption falls 30 per cent to 6.3L/100km. The 328i adds Navigation System Business and a nine-speaker sound system, among other features.

The range-topping BMW 335i is priced from just $91,900, down a whopping $16,300 from the old model. The 225kW/400Nm 3.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine carries over, while standard interior features now include Navigation System Professional with 16-speaker Harmon/Kardon surround system, 12GB audio storage, Bluetooth audio streaming, voice control and internet connectivity. Outside, the new 335i sports bi-xenon headlights and 18-inch alloy wheels.

Also available for the first time in the 3 Series range is BMW Lines: the German brand’s new styling concept designed to simplify the personalisation process. The Sport Line adds high-gloss black exterior elements for a shadowy attitude, the Luxury Line adds subtle chrome highlights, and the Modern Line combines light and shade with black and aluminium and a number of interior options.

2012 BMW 3 Series manufacturer’s list prices (excluding government and dealer charges):

  • 320d – $60,900
  • 328i – $66,900
  • 335i – $91,900


  • 320d – Modern: $3100, Sport/Luxury: $4100
  • 328i/335i – Modern: $1000, Sport/Luxury: $2000
Read more about the 2012 BMW 3 Series.

  • Lucii Pooky

    Still too expensive next to an S/V60 and IS.

    • Shaun F Thom

      Yes why is it that the Australian Dollar is much the same as the USA yet the 328i is just over $31,000 cheaper in the US. It doesn’t make sense to me.

  • Jinnzhang

    Are you sure this is right? “2.5-litre six-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine with 180kW of power and 350Nm of torque”.

    There will be anther entry model with 1.6T

    • Jinnzhang

      I am almost certain it is the 2.0L 4 cylinder turbo. what a mistake, CA

      • TimBeissmann

        Hi Jinnzhang

        You’re right, it is a 2.0-litre four-cylinder in the 328i. Apologies for the typo, and thanks for the tip.

        Tim Beissmann

  • O123

    Why can’t we just get the 316 and 318? Start the pricing in the high 40s

    • F1

      They’re gutless and what’s the point? An Aurion for example would destroy them..

      • 3D4

        LOL comparing Aurion against 6th gen BMW 3…

        • F1

          Well Aurion is faster, smoother, quieter then both of them..

          • Able


          • Uri_buru

            Can’t believe how stupid & ignorant these comments are getting.
            CA is being invaded by kids.

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_44W3DKP5FMDC2U6XVWWH4CRYI4 argy

            Yeah, I know! How anyone
            could  argue a base model 3-series is superior to a Toyota Aurion is beyond me. Ridiculous!

          • Phil

            Torque steer, cheap interior plastics, traction control with no off button, GIGANTIC UGLY speedo, no manual gearbox at all, no wagon, no diesel, poor resale, auto gearbox won’t kick down over about 4000rpm even in manual mode, short 4.5 – 9 month service intervals (vs 12-24 months), annoying sound system that glows bright blue when on ALL the time at night and you can’t get rid of it, tachy fake interior chrome on base models and AWFUL fake plastic wood on top models, soggy handling, numb steering with no feel, axle tramp when loaded up against brakes for best launch, mediocre fuel economy, bland styling, fiddly foot operated parkbrake, overly intrusive ESP.

            Those are some of the issues with the Toyota Ewwwurion.

          • Phil

            So how come these BMW engines have won a string of recent awards and the Aurion engine hasn’t?

  • Rubes

    wow the jump from 66 thousand to 91 is huge!! doesn’t seem right

  • Jimmymeup

    WOW … $16 price drop on the 335.That is going to kill the prices in the used car market for 335s. Might be some bargains in the new year.

  • Guest

    Ha ha ha ha! I wonder what triggered the $16.3k drop in price??

    • Kampfer


      • DayDay

        I think you might be right! IS350 is very competitive,and so is Volvo S60! The price drop for 335i might indicates that the new M3 sedan will actually be cheaper than current model too, hopefully!

  • F1

    These are cheap in USA..

    But we shouldn’t take the fuel figures from any company, as they’re all BS.. 4.5L/100Km I don’t think so..

    You can’t even manage 10L/100Km with a 1.8L engine, never mind this..

    • Abc

      Well you are wrong F1, I drive a turbo 1.8L and I manage to get 8.0L/100km in the whole 20,000 km I have driven and that’s mostly city drive.

    • AndyGF

      ^^ F1 has never owned a modern turbo diesel…

      • F1

        Yeah well If I was to choose between these, I would for the the petrol turbo.. Diesel is just slower, less responsive then petrol..

        It’s logical, diesel fuel is thicker and doesn’t explode like petrol does.. Diesels are more efficient
        , but they’re also slower and urban driving they can sometimes become less efficient then petrol and keel is more expensive then petrol, despite unleaded petrol being more expensive to produce..

        • Gumps

          I think you’re making the right choice, but for the wrong reasons. Diesels are not noticeably less responsive in everyday driving and they’re certainly not less efficient than their petrol equivalents.  The high price of diesel is a factor, but is offset by the efficiency.  It’s the much larger cost of servicing a diesel that’d sway me towards the petrols.

          • Guest

            f30 323 definitely looks better than the e90 model on paper but I drive a current model e90 320d and it definitely feels like it has a good compromise between performance and fuel efficiency, especially since the e90 320i is lethargic (and uses a lot of 98 RON petrol)  and the e90 323i was not much faster but used more petrol and costed more. 

            In terms of petrol running cost for the f30 it will really depend if the N20 engines definitely require 98RON. The diesel could be cheaper  as the 98 RON near my place always is more pricier than than diesel (correct me if I am wrong perhaps I’m checking on the wrong days). Will 95 RON damage the N20 engine?
            My current 320D can manage 4.6L/100km empty car on highway and had a bit of down hills. On the reverse route with the boot and back seats laden with luggage I managed 5.1L/100 km with the air conditioner. Day to day driving I’m getting around 6.1L-6.5L/100km. 

          • Guest

            The other issue is whether they will introduce the 323D (
             twin sequential turbo 150kw/400nm) which seems to be only present in the Australia X1 range and the previous 1series and not offered in the x3 or 5 series. if it is introduced where it will sit in the price range? Above teh 323 since diesel is priced above petrol in Australia

          • Frostie

            Diesel more expensive? Not here in NZ it’s not. $2.029 NZD per litre for 91RON petrol. $2.21 NZD per litre for 98RON petrol and $1.549 NZD per litre for diesel.

      • Uri_buru

        F1 has never owned a car coz he’s only 13 yrs old.

    • Gumps

      Our old Passat 125TDI averages less than 6l/100km in and around town, and these Beemers are smaller, lighter, more aerodynamic and are packed with way more wizardry than our car.  4.5l/100k may require a lighter foot and a bit more concentration than the average driver is prepared to put into driving for efficiency, but I would think it’s certainly doable.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_44W3DKP5FMDC2U6XVWWH4CRYI4 argy

        They’re packed with wizardry IF you option them, which shoots the price through the ceiling.

        • Phil

          You don’t have to option the engine, the car comes standard with one with all the engine related wizardy included. 

          In actual fact, if you option it up, the fuel economy would actually get fractionally worse due to additional weight.

    • Ianmckay5

      have got a 320d been down to 4.6l/100km on open road

  • marc

    nice and boring… and expensive… but what is not

  • Laurie

    Diesel fans with the popular 320d model are paying for the price drop on the other models 

  • Someonewithaclue

    BMW loves to give off this notion of little discounts available on any models unless it’s a sale. I only recently bought a 118i with quite a few options, 4 weeks on sale for 4k less. Don’t get forced into thinking that there’s never much of a discount available. If you’re keen to sign then they are definitely keen to discount!

  • Cjnesh

    That is amazing. Prices of second hand 335I is going to drop like flies. The new for series twin turbo models will be cheaper too.

    • Cjn

      For series sorry.

  • Reithca01

    Wonder if the new model is still to be built in South Africa?  Don’t think the BMW 3 series is quite as well built as it’s rivials – namely the A4 (which often looks flawless), and the high quality and finished mercedes C class.

  • Vins

    Cheaper top end and dearer entry. Felt like robbing the poor to feed the rich…

    • Damian

      You shouldn’t be driving a BMW if you’re poor.  BMW is charging as much as the market will pay for their cars.  If you can’t afford one, head to your nearest Australian Fleet Sales and jump into a second hand Commodore.

      • Guest

        Precisely what I’ll do given that a modern Commodore/Falcon/Aurion gets me to my destination in very marginally less safety and comfort for 1/3 the outlay. As the old saying goes, a tool and his money are soon parted, thought society had grown beyond seeing ‘prestige’ cars as status symbols…

        oops sorry that was meant to be ‘fool’ either way both apply to BMW drivers

        • Rick

          Inadvertantly, you’ve just shown why some people are prepared to pay the extra $’s. For you all a car does is ‘get you to your destination’. For me, and many other motoring enthusiasts like me, a car gives me the opportunity to ‘drive to my destination’. Doesn’t have to be a BMW, Merc etc, just a car that gets the juices flowing. 

          And no, an Aurion definitely doesn’t get the juices flowing……..

  • Michael

    Awesome pricing on this car. Decent performance is now (relatively) affordable in a German car!

  • John of Perth

    any of the offerings with a proper 6 spd manual?

    • Phil

      Every BMW ever made has been avaliable with a manual except recent 7 series models and the awful Grandturismo.

      Don’t expect Australian dealers to stock manuals though. You’ll have to insist on a special order and have to wait a while for delivery (and probably pay full automatic price).

      • John of Perth

        the question was almost rhetorical :)

  • David

    I personally believe the 328i is a bargain.  It is a new BMW that will do 0-100 in less than 6 seconds for under $70K!  Nothing from its german competitors comes close in terms of performance for the same money. Best ride and handling combo too!

    • Red Dog

      You’ve hit the nail on the head – that price and performance jumped out of the page at me!

      6K extra gets you from a good performing diesel to a brutal turbo petrol weapon with extra fruit. There aren’t many reasons why you’d buy the diesel as you save nothing in running costs due to extra diesel servicing largely cancelling out fuel economy benefits and little environmental gain due to the diesel exhaust having more pollutants per litre burnt. The petrol is probably a tad lighter over the front wheels so should be a little bit more agile point to point too.

      I don’t mind a good diesel but I’m not sure why you’d bother with this one considering the awesome alternative for only slightly more money.

  • Johnson

    if it drives better than the preceding version, and is more efficient it should sell well despite the higher entry price. hopefully lexus will reduce the entry price of the IS350, 0-100 <6secs to improve its competativeness

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    the 3 series is looking as big as a 5 series nowdays,the 5 is big as a 7.the 7,well their like the commodore / falcon sales(dying)…

    • Dave S

      The local cars are always being told to shrink and shred weight. Look at how much the 3 series has grown. I remember when it used to be a small car.

  • K20A

    Not a bad progress. I remember the E46 330i retails for around 100K back then. The E90 335i did go slightly above it, and now we have the new F30 top ranger for just above $90.

    Look it in anyway you want, it’s a lot of car for $90K if you’re in the market for a compact sports sedan. However as other readers have noted, the 328i seems to have hit the sweet spot. Makes the 320d (almost) irrelevant. I’d have one in white, Sport design trim and a 6 cylinder soundtrack on loop on the stereo :)

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  • Andrew

    One thing I must say is the refreshed E92 series and this new series are really bringing me back into the BMW fold. Might have to trade the Mercedes in. When are the pictures of the coupes coming out? If they are anything like this, bye Mercedes.


    With the pricing of the 328i, I am sure Audi will have no choice but to lower the price of the A4 2.0T Quattro with less power which is going for $75k!

    • craig

      And then they charge another $6k or so to add S-Line trim to make it look decent. $80k + on road costs for a 155kw 2.0L engine that is in the 188kw AWD Golf R for $50k.


    And the A4 3.0 TDI going for $90k when you can get the brand new 335i for $92k

  • Katsimbusm

    How is there a saving of $16,300 on the new 335i SEDAN over the current
    model, when the MRP of the current model SEDAN 335i is $96,492 as listed
    on the BMW website? That’s only a saving of $4892. The 2012 model 335i price does NOT even include the M sport package either and that retails for $5100. So, really the 2012 335i SEDAN ends up being $200 more expensive than the 2011 model if you take into consideration the cost of adding the M sport package. Also, those so called “extras” that are now included as standard on the 2012 335i model, are already included in the outgoing 2011 335i model at no extra cost. This is all a marketing spin by BMW to make it sound like there is a huge price drop when there really isn’t. You can’t compare a SEDAN price with a COUPE/CONVERTIBLE price and call that a saving of $16,300. Some people need to do their research…

    • Chucky

      Some people need to do their research alright, but unfortunately that is you. The new 335i price quoted includes luxury tax, whereas the BMW website shows luxury car tax seperately.

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  • Aaa

    Price gouging. How much is it in Europe?

  • James Cortez

    What a rip-off to Aust buyers. BMW, Merc, Audi jacked up prices in percentage term gretaer than the less popular Euro brand such as Volvo, Peugeot.

    Can’t figure out why they still sell enough volumes

  • http://twitter.com/parky1020 Jihoon Park

    is it just me? but i seriously don’t like the new look of the 3 series

  • Ignorant

    My wife loves her 320d bought over a year ago for $56,500 which was quite a drop off the price they wanted for it (can’t remember what it was now – somethin over $60K I think).  They sold it as a demonstrator but it only had 400kms on it so I’d call it new?  Performance and fuel economy are way better than my V6 eco Honda Accord.  A few people have mentioned the diesel servicing cost but they sold it as only requiring a service after every 25,000kms – how does this work???  We asked about the servicing cost but it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary.  We’re no experts – just looking for feedback?

  • Yepo

    Pay 1/2 the price in the UK, Australian govt is taxing Aussies to death.