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by Brett Davis

Hyundai Europe is reportedly working on a sporty hot hatch version of the popular Hyundai i30. The model is set to be based on a new three-door variant being planned for the 2013 model.

The new model is tipped to feature a 1.6-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine producing around 150kW. It will be similar, if not identical, to the unit powering the upcoming Hyundai Veloster Turbo.

There is no official announcement from Hyundai yet, but Hyundai Europe boss Allan Rushforth has confirmed to Autocar that the company is discussing plans. It is understood the model would be developed primarily for the European market.

Potential upgrades over the normal Hyundai i30 include a sporty new exterior with an aggressive bodykit, and other distinctive styling cues throughout the interior, as well as uprated brakes and suspension.

A sporty i30 could potentially help Hyundai provide even stronger competition for one of its main rivals, the Volkswagen Golf, and the popular Golf GTI.

Reports say the i30 hot hatch could join the European line-up sometime in 2013. The 2012 Hyundai i30 facelift will go on sale in Australia around the middle of next year.

  • Shak

    This will be very interesting. Also considering how well Hyundai are doing with all their cars worldwide at the moment, this should be a nice little cherry on top.

  • Johnito

    I think competing against a Golf GTI is a bit of a tall order for the I30… I like Hyundai , s new designs and engines and no doubt they have come a
    long way but I think this is a little unrealistic.

    • CRS200

      Not that hard to destroy the Golf GTI!

      • Lucii Pooky

        Care to mention one similarly priced car that “destroys” it? And then care to explain why the GTI is the best selling hot hatch around the world?

        • Sumpguard

             By all accounts the GTi destroys itself!

                  A client destroyed his gearbox at 11,000 k’s without actually driving the car the way it is intended!  He vowed to buy Korean or Japanese next time.

                I think Hyundai now have enough customer satisfaction to justify this direction and bring some street cred to some of their vehicles. They may not match the VW’s renowned chassis but they have already surpassed its reliabilty.

                  As for why the GTi is the world’s biggest selling hot hatch I think it’s fair to say that ignorance is bliss 😉  and vanity is alive and well. European badge snobbery means little to the educated.

                    There always seems to be a few of these only a year or two old (yes GTi’s) in secondhand yards up here in Cairns. Why? 

            I have always loved the Golf from a distance but won’t even consider it as an ownership experience until I have read a few years of feedback on its reliabilty in a favourable light. They have a way to go.


          • AndyGF

            Just keep telling yourself that sumpy… ^_^

          • Sumpguard

               Apparently plenty agree.

               Trust me I do actually love the golf but wouldn’t own one. Even Lucii has admitted the reliabilty is woeful. Reliabilty issues will eventually bite a manufacturer in the toosh!

            It does appear he has “better built” and “better furnishing” confused. Hyundais are impeccably built cars.

                   If they do manage to sort the chasis out they will be a massive concern to ALL manufacturers. The fatc that Toyota only acknowledged them and no other as a concern says it all.


          • Hung Low

            Be careful SUmpguard, you will be accused of having dynamic IP’s and rigging your vote because team VW do not agree with you!

          • Hung Low

            Agree, add to that I know of someone who recently picked up a 09 Gti for 25k, resale is bad as well or the car was a Lemon!.

            If Hyundai go ahead with this, it will offer 90% of what a Golf Gti has at thousands less, it will be better built, more reliable, cheaper to maintain have a better dealer network, longer warranty and as better resale as well.
            Looking at the positives and negatives of both and blatant badge snobbery aside, the Hyundai can be a viable alternative for many!

          • Lucii Pooky

            Better resale? VW have one the best resale values of any manufacture because of their desirability. Only MINI and Audi are better apparently. All cars after 5 years aren’t worth much anyway. And better built? The Golf may not be the most reliable but the quality is by far best in class! And my mums Golf GTI is working perfectly fine and she LOVES it! 

          • Hung Low

            VW resale is a protectionism ploy by VW from new stock deprivation! Once warranty is over, their resale is rubbish!
            Also look up the difference between perceived build quality and real build quality.

            A quality car does not have rattles appearing after a few months, windows falling into the door cavity, water leaks in the interior and that is excluding the well renowned driveline issues!

          • Lucii Pooky

            Our car doesn’t have that. And its more than 6 months old.

          • XR6

            Hung Low a family friend has owned a Golf Gti   for about 18 months from new.New DSG box,brakes overhauled.VW are professional on warranty claims with there car.Not good enough VW

        • Patto1101

          Megane RS250 is similarly priced and I won’t say destroys it, but it is certainly measureably faster than GTi. It’s also faster than Golf R.

          • Lucii Pooky

            GTI: 6.9 to 100
            R: 5.9 to 100
            RS250: 6.5 to 100
            Its not faster than an R.

          • CRS200

            Just to correct your ignorance there: Megane RS 250 does 0-100 in 6.1s.

            Slightly slower than the Golf R DSG but quicker than the Manual.

            Not to mention it destroys the Golf R in Track and in the Corners.

          • Lucii Pooky

            The RS250 isn’t 0-100 in 6.1. A front wheel drive car that Doesn’t torque steer can’t be that fast. The Focus RS is 5.9 and torque steers quite a bit. 6.4 is still fast enough for Aussie roads, heck even your clio is! Also the Golf is more practical and reliable than both.

          • CRS200

            Official information from Renault: 0 to 100km/h    6.1 secs.

            Golf more practical yeah but who cares, really a Hothatch is a Hothatch it’s never going to be as practical as a Commadore / Falcon / SUV. I find the Clio as practical as a Corolla, but that’s just me.

            Golf more reliable than a Renault Sport not sure about that, the whole French unreliability is more of a myth. Also Renault Sport not built in the same factory as normal Renaults. Not to mention their Engines do I need to mention any details about those?

          • Patto1101

            It is 0-100 in 6.1 actually. Also, I know you VW people don’t like to read article about Renault Sport vehicles, but just about every article about RS250 (there has been many), mentions that the new front diff has all but eliminated torque steer. You should try reading a little more.

          • Patto1101

            0-100 km/h is a very narrow measure of speed. The R gets of the line better because it has AWD. I am yet to see a comparo where the Golf R beats RS250 around a track. Care to name one?

          • Lucii Pooky

            How many times a week do you go to a track? As an everyday day car a Golf is better. 5 doors, Roomy cabin, plenty of Modern tech, comfy ride on horrid roads and supportive seats which don’t give you backaches like Recaros. And if you need a coupe go for the Scirocco, according to UK reports its one of the best coupes around. Im not saying the Megane is a bad car but as an everyday car, where the roads are crap and their are plenty of bad drivers, a Golf makes more sense and is cheaper to maintain, especially considering my nearest Renault dealer is 50 minutes away!

          • Kkk

            Golf Gti has always been about a all-around package. Typically it’s always been the slowest in class for straight line acceleration.

        • CRS200

          Clio RS 200 !

          • Lucii Pooky

            The Clio is too small to be compared to a Golf or i30. Plus its the same price, so its expensive! And it isn’t turbocharged meaning you have to thrash it to build up torque. And in a recent Carsguide comparison it came 4th out of 5 cars, only beating the Mini. And then theirs Renaults dealer network and not so good reliability. Recent J.D’s show Germany and England have improved a lot but not so much France. 

          • CRS200

            Yes I do find it amusing that only Australian reviews have put the Clio blow others, strange thing that in Europe it’s the other way around.
            Drive it till the Redline please… 😉

          • Lucii Pooky

            The Clio is not an everyday car. Its a track Monster! Cant wait for next one.

  • Robin_Graves

    Drumroll waiting for the usual VW badge snobs to scoff……  At least i30’s are reliable and cheap to fix

    • Golfschwein

      When CAR Magazine, Car and Driver, Autocar, WHEELS, Top Gear, Car Advice and all the other top critics in the world tell us that this new i30 is the must drive of the decade, you can be sure Vee Dub fans will sit up and take notice. We admire good cars.

    • Kkk

      Got some comparisons of repairs prices to back that up?

      • Robin_Graves

        I’ll leave the legwork up to you to prove me wrong, I already know the answer. Overcomplicated engines and transmissions, electronics along with euro price tags.

        • Phil

          $2106 to replace the Ecu in a 1998 Excel, same job in a old Polo is $878.

          By the way, when you make a claim, the onus is on you to prove it, NOT for someone else to prove it wrong. But then you do not sound like a scientifically minded person – more like someone who works for Newscorp or prays to a invisible freind called Jeebus.

          • Hung Low

            The science of probability would say the Polo would fry its ECU and the Excel would not, so you will be still $878 ahead with the Hyundai!

          • Phil

            The science of probabillity starts with facts and figures – so where are your facts and figures to say this?

          • Hung Low

            You can always refer to the facts and figures in your beloved JD Power surveys for a start.

          • Phil

            Why don’t you look them up yourself?

            No matter, I’ve done it for you:
            J D Power and Associates/What Car? 2010 UK Vehicle Ownership Satisfaction Study (VOSS)SM:

            6th: Skoda
            9th: Audi
            11th: Volkswagen

            18th: Hyundai

            20th: Kia

            Can’t forgot your favourite:

            24th: Suzuki

          • Robin_Graves

            Hey Phil, owner satisfaction and reliability are two different things. Look at the dependability survey – Oh dear, VW 191 problems per 100 while Hyundai had 132.

          • Golfschwein

            So, you’re taking a Hyundai back to the dealer 1.32 times compared to a VW’s 1.91 times? Does it truly matter when it’s more than once and less than twice for both? I’d happily do that for driver enjoyment.

          • Robin_Graves

            When industry average is 151 and VW are swimming at the bottom with Dodge, Landrover and Mini, I think you can read into it that they are failing miserably at reliability. 

          • bd

            Why don’t we go to the SOURCE in Germany, AutoBild, for auto reliability?

            Hyundai finished 1st, VW finished 16th.


          • Hung Low

            Try the 2011 one Phil, no point referencing an older survey in the euro market to suit your point. Like mentioned, the larger US dependability survey still has VW scraping the dregs!!

          • Phil

            Usual response from Hung Low, just trying to hide behind a smokescreen to avoid facing the facts.

            No prob Hung Low, do you really think one year would make any difference?

            Here’s the 2011 result anyway:

            4th Skoda
            8th Audi
            12th VW

            16th Hyundai
            20th Kia

            27th Suzuki

          • Robin_Graves

            Who would pay $2k for an ECU in a 1998 Excel when you can buy a whole new 1998 Excel for $2k?  I call BS

          • Golfschwein

            That’s a nicely illustrated point you made below, Phil. The difference between a top ranker like Lexus and a bottom dweller like Suzuki is something like 0.9 faults in the study period versus 1.8 faults, with the discussion subjects falling somewhere in the middle. That means you’ve got a one in ten chance of your Lexus making it through without a probably very minor fault compared to having 1.8 probably very minor faults being looked at in your Suzuki. It hardly matters. I’ve had a perfect Camry that was an utterly miserable thing to drive, a highly imperfect one that actually had some spunk and fifteen other cars giving varying degrees of enjoyment that all needed stuff doing to them. They’re cars! Buy one you like, is what I tell people, and service it.

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  • qikturbo

    C’mon guys,I think most of us are in agreement that it doesn’t take much effort to out perform the overrated underpowered GTI.

    • Golfschwein

      If it’s more kilowatts or a faster nought to hundred time you’re chasing, it’s easily found elsewhere. We can all do more of everything, but where do we stop? Not even from the beginning was the GTI meant to represent the most, it was always just a little more. The package is the thing here, not the bluest eyes.

  • Temaro

    A car isn’t just about speed… don’t forget to factor in livability of the car day in and out and the feel of the car. GTI satisfies them both :)

  • Dave

    That grille is better

  • Don Quay

    Lots of arguments about reliability and service costs, but no one is able to prove their point of view. I know from family member’s experience in an Lantra, the ECU died and the car wasn’t economical to repair, because of the cost of new parts, so a five year old car was scrapped. I had an i45 hire car for a week and the windscreen leaked into the passengers footwell and glovebox. So Hyundai’s aren’t perfect, despite what the fanboys maintain.

    But then again, the VWs apparently have their problems too, as others keep on harping. I’ve had no personal experience with VW issues, so I really can’t comment.

    One thing I would be certain about though is that the VW would kill an i30 dynamically and aesthetically. The VW would most definitely have much better steering, ride, handling and braking. Hyundai are still way of the class standards for chassis development, despite the claims they make of them and Kia tuning for Australian conditions. Yes, I have driven several models from both brands, often for several days and many hundreds of kilometres.

    As for styling, there is no contest. VWs are conservative, but very stylish, Golf, Polo, Passat, Toe-rag are all good looking and will stand the test of time. Whereas Hyundai are generally pretty horrid. i45, iX35, i30 and Elentra for example, are already looking dated and silly, some after a few months only.

    • feaewf62637

       off yourself cretin.