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  • Barry

    No V6 in the A4 Allroad, that sucks…

    I am guessing they are worried about it cannibalising Q5 sales or A6 allroad?

  • Mark

    For more than $65000, how many people would buy this? If I have that kind of money, I would choose BMW X3 for sure.

    All I can afford is Carmy and Mazda, sad I guess. But consider the home loan, high oil price, high living cost and great uncertanty of economy and jobless risk, I would realy think twice to buy a high pricetag luxury euro car even if I could do it.

    My annual salary is  around 75000, these Audi BMW or Lesux are just miles away from my dream. Every single time I login to Caradvise, to see all these great cars, feel so disappointed about my achievement.
    However, good thing is caradvise still post news and review of Toyota, mitsubishi and subaru, which I realy like to read.

    • Rob

      Mark, you are not missing out on much if you already like Toyos, Subies etc. I have just got out of a VW ownership and let me say that the feeling is like being wacked with a rough sewn 4×2 every 3 months with reliability problems, can’t diagnose or fix problem for months on end, one problem stretched into a year, and VW don’t care, out of warranty, they say not their problem. The way they’ve set it up (not their problem after warranty), the worse their dealer perform, the more money they and their dealer make. 

  • JSM2090

    If the past is anything to go by, the wagons are never able to compete on price with the SUVs. Most people would surely take a cheaper, slightly larger SUV than an allroad.  Having driven a 3.0TDI A4 allroad in Germany last year, I know what I’d choose…..

  • tonyW

    Was excited when I saw the heading – until I read the only engine that was going to be available was the 4 cylinder diesel. May as well not have bothered.

  • Birty_B

    I wouldn’t be worried about it cannibalising Q5 sales, they’d need to sell them for it to do so. They didn’t release it here initially for a reason. I guess it must just be a very low volume investment to test the waters in the market and see if there is one for it. I for one highly doubt there is. 

  • Jean-Louis De Gay

    Wow that’s one really expensive Skoda Scout!

  • Cam

    As an owner of the A6 Allroad (C5),  this sucks.  I don’t want an A4 Wagon (too small), a Q5 (also too small) or Q7 (too big), I want an A6 Wagon, and the Allroad is a brilliant interpretation of that.  All wheel drive, a decent amount of power, and enough space for a family and associated crap without giving up a decent drive.

    If I recall correctly, the current price difference from the C6 Allroad to the Q is that the ride height isn’t enough to get the “4WD farm vehicle” discount the Q7 gets so it doesn’t sell because it’s too exxy.  OK, so use the air suspension to raise it back to C5 (2001-2008) height and cut the taxes back and it will sell itself.


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