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by George Skentzos

Mitsubishi Australia has announced the arrival of a new upgrade to its Triton four-wheel drive utility range across the diesel VR, GLX-R and GLS models.


They now boast Mitsubishi’s advanced Super Select four-wheel drive system as found in the highly specified passenger four-wheel drive Pajero wagon.

Mitsubishi Triton Diesel gets super select AWD

The Super Select four-wheel drive system allows the driver to choose between four driving modes:

  • 2H two-wheel drive high range is used for general commuting or highway touring in fine weather and promotes fuel economy.
  • 4H full-time four-wheel drive provides added traction in inclement weather, or when the road surface becomes rough.
  • 4HLC four-wheel drive high range with locked centre differential delivers power equally to all four wheels.
  • 4LLC four-wheel drive low range with locked centre differential is suitable for rough terrain. A rear-diff lock is available as an option.

The new system provides a distinct advantage over its part-time all-wheel drive competitors, offering genuine all-terrain capabilities.

 Mitsubishi Triton Diesel gets super select AWD

It will be included as standard on all diesel VR, GLX-R and GLS four-wheel drive Mitsubishi Tritons arriving between now and December 2008.

However Mitsubishi’s Easy Select part time 4WD system is retained on GLX 4×4 models.

  • Richo

    Good 4WD’s those new triton’s, previous model was more then a bit outdated but the new one is very good

  • Steven A

    Bloody good drive and surprizingly capable.

  • http://www.thomasr.org/ Tom Reynolds

    You blokes heard anything about the Triton (more to the point the 3.0 Mitsubishi diesel) surging on a closed throttle?

    I had a listener call in and swear that they all do it…?


    • Wayne Evans

      Yea read this: I undertsand nearly all Pajero’s do it. It is an inherent fault in this deisel that they won’t admit to oficially for fear of having to fix them all. But if you talk to the mechanics and they’re brave enough to do so, they will tell you it is a fault that is only fixed temporarilly by a manifold change. A workshop supervisor told me the truth and when I said “do you want to take it for a run and hear it, he said he did not need to. He said he knew exaclty what it was and explained the whole thing to me. The only honest person I’ve met in a dealership. The fault will show up again and again, limping from service to service while they take the official line of doing a ‘relearn’ and then saying they can’t find the fault after a road test. I’ve given up with the scam and going to Fair Trading after four requests to fix it. I’ve had four Pajero’s and was about to get the fifth. No chance now.

      • Andrew

        Hi, I have a 2007 triton, fantastic car but from time to time it does surge. A dose of injector cleaner fixes for about 10,000 kms. My father has an 08 Pajero and it has also done it all its life, now it has done 150,000 kms, and the car will not run under presure. Mechanic says the carbon builds up in the manifold. They can replace it for $6000.00 but it will do it again and again. Its a design flaw, its in every 3.2 litre diesel Mitsubishi made from 06-08. My advise is to get rid of it. My Triton has done 50,000 kms and is showing early signs… Not impressed… The dealer says they have never seen the fault before and will look into it. My mate works in the mitsubishi service department, says its there most common problem at the moment…. Anyway, hope that helps,,,

  • Richo

    never heard of it before, know a few triton diesel owners who won’t hear a bad word against them, let alone making comments about the engine surging. Although the triton is a 3.2 diesel, not a 3.0, so maybe you are thinking of a different motor?

    • Leesa-oneill

      My gls 3.2 surges all the time. But I believe it may have just been bad batch of dirty diesel as I put a duel fuel filter on and it has not done it once

  • Fenno

    I heard whispers of the Pajero having this issue (something to do with the particulate filter).
    Mitsu have apparently fixed this.
    Could just be someone not used to fly-by-wire throttle that is used now on all modern diesels.

  • frank burns

    I own & drive a Mitsubishi Lancer CS model 2004 and it is the best of four cylinder engines ever designed.I have no break-down or product/parts replacement necessary in four years.Because…it is a smaller car it still maintains value and performance.With the crippling fuel shortage crisis, car manufactures would do well to invest in economical vehicle manufacturing to boost their sales and provide a unilateral confidence surge towards new car buyers,saving jobs at the same time.In a better climate, switch back to the larger models and by the same token, new technology would have advanced so far into the future, you’ll have a whole swather of new toy’s to add. I won’t criticize any of the other car manufactures but if they follow your road map,they will do just as well as you will.

  • Dave Palmer

    I own a 2007 Mitsubishi Triton Turbo Diesel and it has problems with the accelerator, especially when it is cold. The vehicle does not slow down when you take your foot off the throttle, this can vary from half a second to up to 3 seconds! There is also a “surge” when at low speed, though Mitsubishi have said that it is due to a known problem and a module will have to be re calibrated. The “running on” is quite prominent if you try to back a trailer or also if you tow a load that catches wind (like a water tank). It feels as though you have cruise control on.
    The danger is when someone not used to it drives the car. During the first few weeks I had mine I shot out into an intersection as a result, I also had an embarrasing eppisode at an RBT where I over run the waiting officer. There is no doubt that it is there, and after talking to a few other owners of the same model, they notice it too. Also in 4wd it wont hold going down hill, even in low. You need to use the brakes all the way down. My 2004 Model would easily hold in low on the same hills. Seems to climb better though.
    Further to that it is very noisy, sounds like it is running low on oil.

  • Geoff

    I bought 2007 GXL-R Dual cab diesel auto. having problems with the car dropping to 1200rpm in drive with no response from the accelerator pedal. Rang the dealer they informed me these cars go into SQL? Some sort of re-programming that resets and learns the factory parameters if you turn the engine off then on and let it idle for 15 minutes. Unfortunately the problem has reoccurred three times since, once between two trucks in a torrential downpour, once going up a steep grade and again pulling out onto oncoming traffic. Needs to learn at a better time, like when you are not driving. Not that impressed so far, gave up a perfectly good v6 Navara for this. Engine is noisey, they did not really get the shift pattern in the auto right with the power delivery, I will be taking it back to the Mandurah dealer tomorrow and test the warranty.I will be prepared for a shit fight and the usual bullshit.

  • http://mitsubishitritonutility2006 jack

    i am from mandurah also i am the owner of a did triton also mine is a manual but sounds like it has same problems on the other mitsubishi triton utility site a few owners reckon they have had the fix installed already have just phoned adelaide and they say japan is still working on fix same load of crap ay i had mine a year now had new motor at 3000ks still the same done 29000ks now log on to other site there is more interesting reading

  • Brent

    I just checked out the Mitsubishi website and apparently there is an update coming out for the GLS called the “GLS Sportback”, featuring new design 17″ alloy wheels and a massive inspired-by-Maloo hard tonneau cover as seen on the “Panther” concept at AIMS 2007

  • Brent

    …or maybe it’s fastback. Either way…

  • Dave Palmer

    Now there is an issue with the wipers on the intermittent function. The two fastest speeds will revert to constant wiper motion, this happens sporadically, it will be fine for a while, then just start going constantly!
    A squeek has developed under the vehicle too, though the dealer has ordered some parts to aparently resolve this problem. Mitsu are of absolutly no help in reguards to the other problem (accelorator) and I can assure you Geoff, shit will hit the fan as I have now made an official complaint through Australian Standards. It is dangerous to say the least! Try driving it in snow, if you dare!

    • Earl W

      The wipers go to constant speed after you reach a certain speed then go back to intermittent after you have come back under than the set speed.

    • Johnc

      The squeak check the body where it bolts onto the chassis, mine had fractured on the rear left and its never been on dirt

  • Mike

    l own a Triton 3.2L, after 1000km drive, l noticed the knocking sound from the undercarriage when l step on the fuel pedal to accelerate or release it to decelerate. The measurement of the free play between the “Transfer Gear Box and the “Propeller Shaft” is 5mm but is consider within the specification. The impact causing the knocking sound is pretty strong and obvious especially on heavy load. Can any body tell me how to solve this problem ?

    To test whether yours car got the same problem, try to maintain your speed within 20 to 35km/h, then gently step on the accelerator and release it, wait for a second or 2, repeat the same for 5 time. If got problem, you will feel it.

  • chris

    the wipers are speed sensitive on the 2 fastest intermittent settings moron, above 60 they go constantly
    mitsu have a fix for the surge. love my triton

  • Ben Patterson

    My 2008 Mitsubishi 3.2did is a piece of crap.. had nothing but problems from day one.. now wish i spent the extra $$$$ and bought a hilux… The car was resonable for 30000km now it is a gutless peice of SH!T.. does not pull up hills and forget putting a load on the back.

    • luca

      mine is same and spoke to mitsu in osb park and they said that i need to change the timing belt. i took it to a friend that is a mechanic and he said that it does not have one! he recommended wangara mitsu and they were honest and said that there is something wrong with my motor just from hearing the knocking/rattling sound coming from the motor. it has just had the front of the car pulled off and apparently fixed. going now for test drive will keep updated. also they have problems with engine oil leaking into power steering. to check for it look at your power steering fuid filler and if it is jet black you have it. this coming from mitsubishi after i complained about my steering getting overly heavy when accelerating

    • Earl W

      The intake manifold suffers from carbon up due to the recycling of exhaust gases required to pass the emission criteria. Depending how hard you are working it will set the time before it needs a de-carbon. It’s a simple job and should be done during one of the set services. If your service provider is not carrying out this procedure when required it will start to smoke and miss when revved.

  • mark

    ***********PROBLEMS TRITON*****************

    father in-law has a 08 triton glx-r model and s many problems and the car has clocked 40,000 km on it

    1. accelerator sensor stuffed up = new sensor + wiring
    2. knock in motor = replaced motor
    3. oil leak X3 gearbox = new gaskets
    4. oil leak gearbox 4th time = new gearbox after making sounds over 80km/h
    5. very little ground clearance 205mm therefor drive shaft some how bent = replaced
    6.turbo shut off motor wont start =still in mitsubishi service

    i will not get a triton iam getting a Isuzu D-MAX LS-M for $38,000 have a look for your self its worth it just type dmax in google

    • john

      I bought a 2009 new ML triton 3.2 l TD and at 30,000 had blocked up manifold. Mitsubishi rectified it under warranty, and then at 40,000, made some software upgrade to overcome the carbon buildup, however, now at 77,000, the engine light came up. I went to a mate who is a mechanic and he plugged his diagnostic box in and found ECG fault. Pulled off the rubber inlet hose and found manifold blocked again! Spoke with mitsubishi Albion Park NSW, and they refuse to rectify the issue under warranty despite having the extended 10 year warranty on engine and drive train. They claim carbon buildup is not included under warranty. Recommend that you dont deal with these people.

  • Adam

    I was so glad that I found this site. My 2008 GLX-R is doing the surging thing too. Thought I was going crazy till I read posts above. Have booked it in for a check at Mitsubishi Penrith to see what they have too say.

  • Peter

    Mitsubishi Triton Diesel DEC 2008- Well surging back Mitsubishi have admitted they have a problem with the model and are trying all sorts of things to delay fix it…. Block this and Block that… Guy’s you know the coking of the inlet manifold is caused by the turbo leaking very small amounts of oil… just supply the $1k for a new turbo. This problem has been seen by other manufactures…

  • Danny

    Mitsubishi Trition Diesel 2008 – We bought 6 of them, four have surging problems, the GLX-R is the worst. Major surging, with a break down, then engine warning light comes on. Turn motor off, leave for a minute, re-start runs fine for approx 2 minutes, starts surging again. Took it to Mitsubishi dealer, and they replace the inlet manifold. They have done this to all four now. My GLX-R after a new inlet manifold and clean running has started surging again after 300kms!!. The mechanics at Mitusbishi claim its the quality of Australia Diesel – suggested we should use BP Premium Diesel as its “cleaner” than other diesels fuels. Also said that the carbon sensor on the inlet manifold is the problem due to the exhaust gas being re-injected in to the inlet manifold. Perhaps if you could by-pass this sensor the problem may go away? Not legal to do, but neither is selling a car that is not fit for its intended purpose!

  • luca

    i have a 07 3.2did and i had the problem with it shutting down and it was the upper and lower manifold had to be changed something to do with the exhaust being recycled. it died on me three times pulling into traffic. that was fixed and now it has done just over 100k and has a sort of knocking sound coming from motor it also has no power and 4 wheel driving is just pointless a hill i could not manage forward my bother in law done in a 08 colorado in reverse. i called mitsubishi and they said it was thequality of fuel in australia and that i need a full system clean that will cost me $400. i will never get anothr one and recommend to everyone thinkng of one to not get one. i was also told that the have a problem with chewing oil from a dealer and its the ame for the pajero. mitsubishi sucks

  • luca

    it has also been back for some u shackle that was fault in mould, airbag light on, four wheel drive light flashing that they tried to blame on me and charge $700 to rpair that ended up being faulty switch and solenoid, stereo would not accept cd’s repaired twice, engine oil gets very low between services, upper and lower manifold as above, very thirsty on fuel and more samll problems. terrible car wish i got the colorado

  • paul

    hi guys i have just bought a 08 glx-r and have just noticed the surging, just wondering if any one has had this problem rectified yet

    • George

      I took my GLX-R back to mitsubishi and they “fixed” it on a recall about a month or two back.

      The fix didn’t work.3.2L TD engine. It tends to suge more at the start of a drive if I have not driven it for a few days. Or it is noticeable if travellign down hill and you accelerate, you get the inital surge. But as others have said, happens mostly at the start of a drive.

  • Peter

    Ihave a 07 GLX R DUALCAB 3.2 DIESEL.what a piece of shit yes it surges,and yes the throttle delay is dangerous,the engine warning light has come on twice,[machanic]reset.Front suspension up graded twice,first Dobinsons,and now Pedders,both to soft dropped 30-40 mm,wipers don”t always work,and yes its starting to use oil between changes,i can”t wait to get rid off it and go back to the best’the good old 80 series cruiser with a 1hz’hope iam of some help,be warned,toyota are dearer for a very good reason.

  • riceman448

    have an ’08 Triton GLX-R. Surgeing from near new been back for Mitshubishi more times than ni can remember. At one stage it would not even get up the near flat driveway at work. Pulling out into an intersection is a life and death experience, will it surge, will I have the power? Mitsu. have not been honest at all. They need to sort it. The car is clearly not fit for purpose and not of merchantable quality!

  • Yab Tam

    Hi. I have a 2010 GLX-R dual cab Trition. Has done 70000 km and is surging so badly the passengers in back are getting sea sick. The dealership reckons its the exhaust recycle fumes carboning the engine up. I’m over going back again and again. All they do is spray engine carbon cleaner into manifold. Short term fix. I took matters into my own hands and blocked of the exhaust return pipe. Worked great till the carbon sensor on the inlet manifold registerd no flow resulting in a check engine light and thus de-rating of engine. Does anyone know how to by pass this carbon sensor so the computer doesn’t register a fault. Thanks all help appreciated yab.tam@hotmail.com

  • UOC

    Just took a look at a friend of mines 07 GLXR its surging between 2600 and 2900 rpm. Looks like the electronic throttle has a “flat spot” in it at that rev range.There is erratic throttle response in that range. Going to try changing it out and see how it goes then.

    • Huggy

      Hi UOC … sounds like my 2007 GLXR diesel has exactly the same problem. I joined the discussion on the 15 December 2013. I was told by the dealership the lower manifold was blocked in September 2011 and it was replaced under warranty. I was also told it wouldn’t clog up again as I expected it was an upgrade. Alas, two years later, its as bad as ever. Did you have any joy with Mitsubishi? Has there ever been a recall to your knowledge?

  • Bruce Lindsay

    Great vehicle. Recently a new concern. When the brake is applied a audible warning sounds. Brake pads and fluid all good. Anyone with any idea of the problem

  • Swiftfamily1

     HI Earl we have a mitsuishi 2007 and the dealer a melville said we have an old style manifold and need to upgrade to a new one that there is a defect in them it will cost us $2000 not happy

  • George

    They are based on system voltage, so when on the highway they wont “go slow”. No other car I have had does this.

  • Peter D

    I own a 2007 diesel triton and experienced all those problems that were mentioned. Yes I went to the dealers who were very obliging to fix the problems, replaced upper, lower manifolds, did filters, tappets and re-teached. At the end of the day no different.
    I then heard of a workshop on Marion Rd in Adelaide that knew about these problems, so I took it there. Without repairing or replacing any thing he re- mapped the computer and MATE, the best turbo diesel I have driven. Responsive, smooth and better fuel economy, totally different car. Even though I didn’t necessarily want more power I got that as well as nearly 100nm more torque. Well worth the exercise.

    • Johnc

      What mechanic was it, i travel marion rd daily

    • Katrina Mckerlie

      would be interested to know too just in case this starts with the one im looking at buying

    • Barry L.

      Where was the workshop on Marion Rd. and the name of workshop

  • gary perth

    I also have 2007 triton GLXR from new the car felt like it had a lot of grunt but was not too sure I got lift from a mates navara and the power that it had was great all the way though the gears and thought my car would never do that . I have always have noticed a flat spot in the engine but sort of go used to that . but one day I left my mates place on a stretch of 80 klm hwy and as I put my foot down in 1st I had no power then the came on and off I went . I got a call from my mate and he said I had just blown my turbo and said I belched out a hole pile of smoke and had a look at rear with eng running no smoke .I sort know what it looks like when you blow a turbo I used to own a scania 305 hp truck that blow a turbo.anyway I noticed that the car played up at about 2400 to 2800 revs sort surging .so took it back to the dealer and was told they knew there was fault in intake and would fix it .they had the car two days and I was told the intake was replaced and exhaust was cleaned.got the back and could not belive the power it had and still has at 131000 ks but have notice surging back again at the same rev range.i went back to the dealer and said he no it could not the same problem .but I have noticed it getting worse.i have bought a can of carby cleaner to put down the intake but not too sure if I will use it.i told the service bloke I have read a lot reports on internet and was told one or two reports do not mean that all tritons have the same problem.

    • Ken

      The Dealer fix for this is a ripoff. Do not attempt to use carby cleaner either, the use of it will raise the cetane/octane of the air fuel mix to a point where you could cause a lot of damage. Overrev, bent conrod, blown headgasket. etc.
      I have fixed a few of these lately by simply removing the intake plenum and manifold and cleaning the crud out of it. After it is cleaned buy or make a EGR block off kit from ebay and fit it. problem solved.
      If you are careful you don’t even need to buy gaskets, a little loctite 515 as you put it back together is sufficient on the steel gaskets and tension them correctly.
      Mitsubishi charge 3k+ for this “fix” I can do it in day sucking down cans of Jack Daniels.

      • den

        ken have this problem – second time now at 235000ks; ist one under warranty new manifold fitted – the plenum and manifold are they located on rhs looking at engine any pics. den

  • Huggy

    I own a 2007 Mitsubishi Triton GLXR with the 3.2 l diesel engine. I bought the vehicle, second hand, with 80k in 2011 and within a month noticed the surging at 2 – 2, 500 revs. I took it to Mitsubishi Newcastle for diagnosis and repair, under manufacturer warranty in 2011. They replaced the lower intake manifold due to carbon build up and I was told the problem would not return. The fault was rectified at no cost, under warranty. The warranty expired in May 2012 and the problem is back! Today, the same dealership diagnosed a blocked lower inlet manifold which has to be renewed and replaced at a cost of $800. I advised the dealership of this blog site and that this is an apparent fault with this model engine. Too many owners experience the same problem for it to be a coincidence or bad luck but I was told not to believe all that I read on the internet and the problem occurs because of the poor quality of Australian brand diesel fuel.

  • Jenks

    Which one on Marion Road? Would love to know. Has the problem re-occurred at all since you had it done or is it still holding up?

  • Dougie

    I have a 2008 Triton GLX R 3.2 turbo diesel, can anyone tell me if it has a timing belt or a timing chain? If it has a timing chain does it need to be changed at 10000km?

    • Name

      It has a timing chain had my 100k service done not that long ago

      • Name

        and no the chain should last the life of the motor

        • name

          The chain will NOT last the life of the motor. If you look in the oil filler hole, toward the front of the motor you will see the timing chain. On top of the chain is a metal bracket with a nylon wear plate that presses on the chain. At about 100,000- 200,000 km, this plate wears through and breaks off, snapping the timing chain and destroying your motor.
          I know what I am talking about, mine just did it, as has many others.
          Most mechanics don’t even know the guide plate is there, so find a mechanic that knows the motor- if they haven’t heard of this problem, use a different mechanic.

  • cody

    Hey guys, I have a 2007 mitsubishi triton
    glx-r 3.2td dual cab, I am having some problems with, fixed the egr valve and cleaned out the inlet manifold, I get a recurring engine light come on quite regularly and the computers fuel ratios are sitting on 0.0 and occasionally changing on the screen, does anyone know what the problem could be ?

  • Red

    I have a triton 2010/11 dua l cab I can go on the freeway at 110km no problems but when I slow down to go around the roundabout it misses and has trouble getting back to normal any ideas.