The all-new 2012 Toyota Camry is now on sale in Australia, bringing sharp new styling, a more spacious interior, and more powerful and fuel efficient engines to the locally made medium sedan range.

The seventh-generation Camry has a new two-tier naming and styling structure. The Altise continues as the entry-level model, which is set to be a fleet favourite, while three Atara models – S, SX and SL – bring a sportier design, replacing the Ateva, Sportivo and Grande models respectively.

The base model Altise and range-topping Atara SL retain their old prices, while the Atara S is $1000 more than the Ateva and the Atara SX is $2000 more than the Sportivo.

The new Camry is backed by a four-year/75,000km warranty (previously three years/100,000km), while the first five services are capped at $130 per service.

Two slightly different tunes of a 2.5-litre petrol engine are offered in the new range, stepping up from the previous model’s 117kW/218Nm 2.4-litre unit. The Altise produces 133kW of power and 231Nm of torque, while the Atara models get an extra 2kW/4Nm for a total output of 135kW and 235Nm.

Despite the slight power difference, official fuel consumption is rated at 7.8 litres/100km throughout the range, while CO2 emissions average 183g/km.

Standard across the range is a new electric power steering system and a more refined suspension set-up. Teamed with better brakes, a stronger body structure and a new seat frame, Toyota says the new Camry takes a step forward in handling and ride comfort.

Seven airbags and electronic stability control should ensure the new Camry is alongside the safest vehicles in the medium class.

The 2012 Toyota Camry Altise is equipped with 16-inch alloy wheels (full-size steel spare wheel), a trip computer with Eco indicator, and an upgraded six-speaker sound system with steering wheel controls, Bluetooth phone and audio streaming, and AUX port, and USB input with iPod connectivity.


Along with the high-grade exterior styling and enhanced engine, the Atara S adds 17-inch alloys, fog lamps, smart key entry with push-button start, 6.1-inch touchscreen display with reversing camera, dual-zone climate control, and a premium steering wheel with paddle shifters.

The Atara SX gets a sports suspension tune, leather door trims and interior accents, sports pedals, rear spoiler, unique rear bumper and dark-tinted headlights.

Building on the Atara S, the top-spec Atara SL gets a leather interior, woodgrain trim, electric front seats with driver memory setting, 10-speaker JBL premium audio system with seven-inch touchscreen display, digital radio, satellite navigation with live traffic feeds, blind spot monitor, rear parking sonar, automatic high beam, rain-sensing wipers, and an electric rear sunshade.


Produced at Toyota’s assembly plant in Altona, Australian engineers played a significant role in the final production version of the seven-generation Camry. Body, chassis and electrical engineers from the Toyota Technical Centre in Melbourne contributed to the global design as early as 2006, and fine-tuned the electric power steering, blind-spot monitor and automatic high beam specifically for Australian conditions. The interior fabrics, colours and trim materials are also unique to local cars thanks to input from Toyota Style Australia.

The second-generation Toyota Hybrid Camry is set to follow the standard range, going on sale later in the first quarter of 2012, while the new V6-powered Toyota Aurion will join the local range before the middle of the year.

2012 Toyota Camry manufacturer’s list prices (excluding government and dealer charges):

  • Altise – $30,940 (no change)
  • Atara S – $33,490 (+$1000 over Ateva)
  • Atara SX – $35,990 (+$2000 over Sportivo)
  • Atara SL – $39,990 (no change over Grande)
CarAdvice is at today’s launch of the 2012 Toyota Camry. Stay tuned for our full first drive review following today’s drive program.

  • Pauly

    What happens to the Camry Hybrid?

    • 123321

      They are going to release the Camry first. Then the Camry Hybrid. Then the Camry V6 :)

      • Aim

        The camry V6 is an aurion

        • SkinnyMan

          What happened to releaseing a nice looking camry?

          • car guy

            the camy is one of the best cars made

    • Rav4Driver

      Forget about Hybrid, what about a wagon? I want to go back to a car but still with a useful cargo area like my current SUV.

      • Rick

        Mazda , Hyundai and Holden all make extremely good ones why not buy one of them

        • Nath746

          But maybe Rav4Driver really really really wants a Camry…

        • Able

          And all the other excellent wagons on the market too!

          VW, Skoda, Subaru, etc…

        • Jon

          Ford Mondeo… both petrol and diesel :)

  • 440 R/T Charger

    I though they will price as sharp as they did in US…disapointed.

    • Rick

      Why would they charge less , no matter how much they charge, the Toyota faithful will still buy them

    • nickdl

      Well considering the level of equipment I think it’s really good value. All three Atara models are stacked with kit and the top model is a great buy at $40K if you’re after a lot of equipment but don’t care how the car drives.

      • Dragan

        nickdl – the car drives fantastic…major improvement over the previous shape.

  • 123321

    I have seen those on the truck yesterday just out of Altona.

  • 123321

    Still no Entune? That’s already available in the Camrys in other countries.

    Entune = Toyota speak for the touch screen head units which talks to your mobile phone thru wireless to access the internet.

    • Rick

      And we’ll probably pay more than anyone else

  • David

    Sorry Toyoda but 133 kW doesn’t come close to Hyundai i45’s 2.4L GDI with 148 kW – better luck next time.

    • 123321

      Toyota (not Lexus) and Mitsi (with their GDI 15years ago) have already been through direct injection. But they didn’t adopt it. Probably because of reliability as the injectors are in the combustion chamber, high temp, high pressure and get bathed in dirty burnt gases.

    • Rick

      Power is irrelevant when it comes to toyotas

      • David

        Seems to be relevant, otherwise why were they making such a big fuss about the “200 kW Aurion” back in 2006 when it was launched?

        • Arnold

          Power figure alone doesn’t reflect the actual performance. the 125kw mazda 6 has the same performance to 148kw accord euro

          • mmmmm

            The Mazda has more torque down low where you need it.
            I was very disappointed how gutless the euro felt when driven back to back with the 6.
            Still it made the buying decision very easy

          • Salt and Vinegar Chips

            NO it doesn’t …

          • PROJET – L

            my Skoda Octavia 118kw/250Nm beats both the Euro and the Mazda.

        • Rick

          That’s the thing David , with the exception of the aurion every Toyota on the market is underpowered compared to their competitors , and still toyota sell more than everyone else in their respective categories

          • jr

            Had the chance to drive the new Camry back to back with the i45 , 6 and Euro last week and i can tell you that the Camry is in no way under powered . The 6 and Camry are in a different class to the i45 and Euro,

          • DWS1

            ….plus you can only go 110 at the most, so what does it matter about power.

    • Jason

      This is a headline figure that really means nothing in the real world.

      You need to look at the torque and the weight.
      In the real world you probably can’t even tell. Particularly if the power is all up at 6,000RPM. Most people drive to 2,500-3,500RPM Max!

      • F1MotoGP

        I agree. kW is for speed Nm is for driving.

    • Charles Dean

      David, ever heard of power delivery? The i45 and most Hyundai except for V6 Santa ‘Fe have poor power delivery compared to 2.5/2.4 Toyota engine with VVTI

    • camaro

      anyone concerns about huyndai/kia 148kw engine and 6speed autogearbox should go and buy a new topgear magazine. They stated that 148kw engine claims 7.9 l/km but in test it used 15.1 l/km while honda accord euro used 10.1 l/km onle claims 8.7 l/km. 148kw engine is a joke due to testor also tested accord euro has same power and ford mondeo ecoboost has slightly more. He strongly didnt believe they got that much pewer and torque. and 6speed auto gearbox works like a jerky drunken man takes a long time to downshift. I never diven and not going to buy i45/optima so anyone who cares about these cars go and check them out. Also, i’m not a fan of camry.

      • idlebrain

        hmmm I read the review about i45/opima in various auto sites and forum in Us or australia.

        The only concern about them was handling or suspension setting. some liked some didn’t. However,never heard anything about their poor fuel consumption or transmission.

        Even CA reviewed the car and described as
        ” And if driven sedately, you can easily achieve the combined fuel cycle figure of 7.9-litres/100km. On some long runs we saw it dip below the sevens.”

        I would not say it’s the most economical engine as I haven’t driven one. But you’re talking about 15.1km/l here. That’s huge gap.

        I don’t know where this top gear magazine came from. But I’m sure this magazine or many others.. one of them is very wrong…

        • Sumpguard

          Top Gear aren’t very credible. They rubbish anything not built in Britain and particulalry loathe Korean so make sure when you order your magazine that it comes with a grain of salt!

        • Hmmm…

          i45 and Optima are very, very different cars when it comes to suspension and handling. 15L per 100km is a joke too, you might manage to get that on a racetrack.
          Everyone knows what’s printed on the windscreens of new cars is a joke, but I’d suggest taking all the different cars for a drive to see which one responds best to your driving style. Everyone is different, cars are different.

          • Phil

            The Koreans are known for falsifying official figures.

            Just look at the 103KW Kia Rio, it’s been tested by various sources and despite also having a 6 speed gearbox, it’s no faster than the similarly sized/weight Fiesta, Mazda 2, Swift sport, Polo 77tsi etc, even though these cars are only around 80KW and 5 speed.
            Mysteriously when they later put this same engine in the Accent it had “lost” several KWs.

            If you thinking about buying a LG appliance (Korean), google something like “LG false efficiency claims”. They’ve been caught countless times for fraudulent figures.

    • UnderBrakes

      but toyota have class, pedigree, history, resale

      hyundai have jack, even you crv was better than a 45

  • Jess

    If this came in wagon I would buy this tommorrow.

    • 123321

      They already have a Camry based wagon. But on stilts. It’s called the Kluger :)

      • Harold

        Camry is 4 cylinder. Kluger is a lot heavier and a V6. A camry 4 cylinder wagon would be a hit nowadays, private buyers dont want sedans and fleets are always on the lookout for the next low-running cost wagon.

        • 440 R/T Charger

          I agree…i dont understand their marketing strategy…why they bring the V6 Rav4 but dont bring in the 2.7 ltr 4cyl Kluger? So as the Lexus RX240…

    • Rick

      There are plenty of excellent wagons already available , why wait for Toyota to build one

  • 123321

    No matter what’s the RRP. I reckon you could get an Altis for $26,888 from the dealer :)

    • Phil

      You can, open any major weekend newspaper to the car section. All the Australian made cars are permanently on special every week – discounts range from about (including the cost of free on roads) $15,000 off Falcoone, $13000 off Bombodore, $8000 off Crapry/Ewwurion, $5000 off Territory (despite a fresh new model) and $3000 off Crude..

  • Peter1111

    Will there be a wagon at all? I would trade in my Pajero in a minute if I could get a 4 cylinder wagon that size. Sick of my truck.

    • Rick

      Why not a commodore wagon

    • Crummydore

      How about a Territory diesel?

      They say they handle like a car.

      • Rick

        They’re not bad but the new jeep grand Cherokee is a lot better

    • Johnson

      Mondeo wagon is the way to go!

      • Crummydore

        Yep, there you go Peter1111… and the Mondeos don’t look half bad either!

      • nickdl

        Exactly. The Mondeo is great in that it’s the size of a Camry and much more practical yet it drives like a 6 or Accord Euro and it has better engines than those three.

  • Scotty C

    Hate to say it…but this looks pretty good.

    • anthony

      Headlights look very Accord Euroish…

      • Sumpguard

        …and that’s why it looks a generation behind in the exterior styling department already. Not for me thanks.

        At least the interior looks more youthful than the current model.

    • Timleaper

      love the new camry too

  • gazza

    Saw this at the SEMA show in vegas last month, good looking car a lot sharper than the old one, better interior and roomier it will sell well here!

  • save it for the track

    No manual, no switchable ESP, and the cardigan image??
    Sales to continue in retirement villages and fleets.

    • Image

      Did you buy a manual in the last generation?

    • gazza

      IN CASE YOU DONT KNOW nobody buys manuals in this size car anymore so why make one just for you?

      • Rick

        I do , and why shouldn’t they make a manual available , in australia we pay a premium and should get what we want

        • gazza

          You would be only about 1% of the CAMRY,AURION,ACCORD,FALCON,COMMODORE market who want a manual these days!

          • Rick

            Maybe so , but why shouldn’t I be able to get what I want in a car . And aurion isn’t available in a manual

        • Dangel

          Manual no reason, because no toyota drivers are capable of changing gears , give them the auto only , these are non performance , non handling vehicles .

          • Y

            The Lamborghini Aventador is only available with an automatic transmission.

    • mrxandthexfactor

      Unless you’re poverty ridden, you’d get the Atara models with paddle shifters.

  • BP

    Woah!!!!! It’s fuglier than the old-gen model. Funny thing is, the front end looks like a face that wants something to eat FAST!!

  • save it for the track

    The only time I’ve had the misfortune to drive a Camry was when a hire car company ‘upgraded’ me into one a few years ago. The interior fabrics I found to be unacceptable for a family and would stain easily over time. The dynamics were as dull as dishwater and the ESP was too intrusive. I believe the last Camry’s to have any semblance of life in them were from the late 90’s, early 00’s when they still had manual transmissions and v6 engines (prior to the Aurion ). Camry’s are for people who have lost any interest in driving, or Government Departments trying to meet a CO2 goal. (and even then they are not best in segment)

    • gazza

      And you drive what? A 1985 BEIGE CAMIRA?

      • Golfschwein

        Heaven forbid that someone criticises a car that you like, Gazza. Not nice, is it? In any case, it was just someone’s opinion and experience, not a bunch of fictional nonsense. I’m not about to start either, as I think that Toyota have actually gone to a reasonable amount of effort with this one, and I’ll be interested to see one at close quarters.

        If all’s fair in love and war, it’s nicest if you show your enthusiasm for Toyotas on a Toyota article, rather than trotting out your worn-through fiction on a vee dub article. It’s not your best look.

    • Guil

      I agree, I drove a Camry last year when I hired a car, one of the worst car I’ve even driven. I never though anyone would buy a Camry, I though only car hire companies could buy them.
      The new interior looks better, but the exterior looks already dated.

    • HUH

      Liking or disiking a particular vehicle is a matter of personal choice. What do people drive that haven’t “lost any interest in driving” overpriced Europeans or HSV,FPV.
      People who have lost interest in driving, drive diesels.

  • steve

    Tim any idea when the new Aurion specs will be released

  • Jackaroo3.1D

    That new warranty is an insult.

    • Rick

      4yrs /75000km surely that’s a miss print , if not Toyota mustn’t have much faith in their product

      • Toyota Guru

        Yeah I think Tim B. has flapped up. Toyota will most likely just stick with their 3yr/100K warranty.

  • Doctor

    “sharp new styling”. Geez Tim, where do you live?
    In a flat at Blandville Court in Gladesville?????

    • Able

      My favourite apartment block, IN THE WORLD!

      • Don Quay

        And it has such an appropriate name, “Blandville”!

  • Alexander

    I drive current gen Hybrid and non-hybrid Camrys occasionally for work. They’re really NOT that bad, they’re bland and a bit low tech, but they get from A to B very comfortably and smoothly. IMO they’re a nice car, just ruined by their image.

  • Stevo Terry

    Does it come with a free cardigan and white hat?

    • Mark

      Very original.

    • bert

      WOW did you think of that all yourself???

  • Rick

    Just curious , why can’t you have the TRD with a family?

  • F1MotoGP

    Well done Toyota. I was reading few weeks ago that in Europe is 4 years warranty. Now we got it too. It is good for people drive less than 18,000 km per year.
    Fuel economy is much better. What we need now is a nice diesel engine from BMW.

  • Charles Dean

    Why does the ‘special Atara’ get these rims? The US version has much nicer wheels

  • Altezza

    I can see that Toyota has done the job well done in trying to make their cars fun to drive again. Looks like the interior finally gets higher quality materials and it does look good. Can’t wait to see the Hybrid version.

  • Clem

    I don’t really care what the CA has written. Instead I spend more time reading all the comments above. Thanks guys…

    Camry is not for me. I prefer to drive with the Stick!

    • Image

      What’s a stick? Stick only grows on trees. This is Australia. We speak English.

      • MrDucati

        stick = manual transmission, slang.

  • Gkobe

    Why TRD Aurion? The standard Aurion is faster then both SV6 & XR6 which is quite of an embarrassment.. Despite Aurion being more comfortable, smooth, quiet and refined..

    • Rick

      Used to be sportive ZR6 7.4 and 15.3
      Commodore SV6 6.9 and 15.0
      Falcon XR 6 7.2 and 15.2
      Falcon XR6 turbo 5.2 and 13.4
      All vehicles are autos and from wheels magazines showroom

      • Phil

        Use the Get Smart style method of turning off the “unswitchable” traction control, load up the engine to about 3000rpm in Drive whilst holding the footbrake, then floor the accelerator and release the footbrake simulateously.

        The result is severe torque steer, severe axle tramp and a 0-100km\h time of about 6.5 secs.

      • Phil

        Use the Get Smart style method of turning off the “unswitchable” traction control, load up the engine to about 3000rpm in Drive whilst holding the footbrake, then floor the accelerator and release the footbrake simulateously.

        The result is severe torque steer, severe axle tramp and a 0-100km\h time of about 6.5 secs.

        • Phil

          Sigh. CA, the reply option is broken on this page!

    • GTI

      In a straight line, maybe. But I’d take either the Holden or Ford when it comes to handling and the all-round package.

      • Monk

        I’d take the Ford or Holden when my self respect comes into the equation…

        • Lukaas

          You mean when you want cops attention.

          Aurion Sportivo is nice looking with after market wheels and lowered, and you dont look like a HOON too….
          Every time you see a SS or an XR6 on the road, or next to you… you just feel that they will do a burn out or take off hammering the gas pedal… Its sounds very judgemental but it happens a lot.

  • Martin V.

    The red one looks alright, the other style bumper looks terrible.

  • Mr Gaspo

    Where is the wagon Toyota? I don’t want a SUV. In this day why is there no turbo 1.8 and fuel saving auto… Makes sense for even lower fuel use. Also makes for an alternative to VW TSi engines. Overall I’m not impressed… This drive train and sedan only body style is at least 5 years out of date.

  • sequential

    Aurion is quite quick in a straight line, must agree, a lovely engine the 3.5 but the torque steer and handling are way off the mark compared to Commodore and Falcon. Now back to the Camry why can’t Toyota make a car that has its proportions right it just looks wrong. It looks like a Honda Civic on steriods.

    • jr

      really ? the only Aurion i ever drove that had torque steer was a TRD.

      • Don Quay

        Aurions all torque steer. I was driving an Avis rental one a couple of weeks ago between Geelong and Ballarat and everytime I planted it to overtake, it really got up and moved, but unfortunately some of it was sideways.

  • paulb

    Like the styling changes,looks good.

  • Yani Hendriawan

    i like the interior. some might say it’s to grown up but i like it

  • TK

    Looks like a Honda Accord Euro design gone wrong.

  • sw2092

    I hope that the warranty (4 years, 75000km) is a misprint. An extra year but 25000km less? It may be argued that the average Australian only drives 18000km a year, but a lot of us do a lot more. To actually REDUCE the kms covered doesn’t show much faith in your product, expecially when the Koreans give 5 years, unlimited km. I’ve just never heard of this happening before – unless it was meant to read ‘4 years, 175000km’, I find it a backwards and very puzzling move.

    • gt6

      Same quoted on another site, for a company that has built a reputation for “quality” this is poor form. Even if the average user only drives 15000km per year, I still wouldn’t want to see my km’s creeping right up to their warranty limit. Will this then transfer to their commercial vehicles who predominately travel greater km’s?, they will lose sales to Fleet buyers and Sales reps when their competition is going the extra mile to entice them with greater warranties and perceived value.

      • jr

        capped price servicing is extended to 75,000km , the warranty is still 100,000km

    • Amlohac

      I think its a miss-print… No I rephrase, HOPE its a miss-print.

  • sw2092

    I’m also hoping that the dashtop garnish looks better in the car than it does in the photo. The photos make it look like somebody has already fitted a dashboard mat to it – badly…

  • Jimmy James

    If you want self respect take holden ford and toyota out of the equation.


    that front spoiler looks like something bought for $150 on bay to go onto a 10-15yo car…

    • V8

      agree with you 110%. Looks like it’s getting more and more ugly.

  • Marsh

    No reversing camera as standard? Current Camry has a big high backside. And this one looks to continue the trend.

  • gazza

    YES another toyota page thats hit 100+ it’s our nature as australians to hate the BEST! While all the Toyota haters keep hating, TOYOTA just keeps selling and dominating the australian market!

    • Amlohac

      Marketing is a wonderful thing. Also selling 1000’s of cheap fleet vehicles. Prostiuting your brand much?

  • Amlohac

    That is one seriously very, very ugly vehicle. Does nothing for me. But im sure some weirdo will see it and love it and buy it.


    power figures are quite disappointing for this class range…company like toyota and in this modern era of latest technologies it should be atleast around 160kw/265nm for this 2012 camry 2.5L….no good toyota

    • Dmn666

      you obviously have no idea of the latest technologies that have gone into this camry

      • Alpha101

        It’s OK, you can relax Mr Yasuda. He’s only saying what we all think.
        Although I’d like to know why the warranty is now reduced to 75,000Km.
        Reliability concerns Mr Yasuda?

        • Dmn666

          ??? Mr Yasuda ????

          • jr

            The warranty is still 100,000 the capped price service is extended to 75,000.

          • jr

            The warranty is still 100,000 the capped price service is extended to 75,000.

  • $29896495

    the outside is same old same old – admittedly its a car I would avoid. But some people love their blandness. BY THE WAY – IN WHAT UNIVERSE IS THIS A MEDIUM CAR? THAT MAKES COMODES AND FALCONS MEDIUM TOO THEN?

  • jiga5


  • 10000010101100011111010

    the camry one of the best cars made keep it up toyota

  • Vozzzo

    hi, i went to a toyota dealer and they told me me that the S costs $37,000 and the SL $46,000. Thats abit over pricdd isnt it…?

  • jr

    Yep thats way over

  • Steve Julie143

    I, know the latest 2012 Camry 4 cyl motor has a timing chain , but cant find out if the Australian spec V6 has a chain or timing belt !… Dealer doesnt know ! & cant seem to find out from Toyota !… Is it a secret ?

    • jr

      It has a chain , the only Toyota with a belt is the 3.0 TD in Prado and Hilux

  • $29896495

    One rule to live by, don’t buy a motor with a belt drive, always go chain.