by Jez Spinks

The flagship model of the new 2012 Mazda CX-5 range will cost more than $50,000 driveaway, according to a new competition being run by the Japanese brand.

Mazda Australia is offering a Mazda CX-5 GT Diesel automatic as an online prize, and in the terms and conditions the company lists the vehicle’s value as $55,000 including all dealer and on-road costs.

The CX-5 is eventually expected to replace the relatively short-lived CX-7 as Mazda’s representative in the competitive compact SUV segment – as CarAdvice reported recently – though the two models will be sold side by side from March.

Mazda has yet to release pricing details for the CX-5, but admits the competition details provide a strong indicator of the cost for the range-topping model.

“No pricing has been officially signed off yet,” said Mazda Australia spokesman Steve Maciver. “But if running a competition you have to provide an indicative price of what the vehicle is worth.

“There will be a wider line-up with CX-5 compared with CX-7.”

The CX-5 Diesel is priced higher than expeced but the model is still set to start from below $30,000, however, with a 121kW 2.0-litre petrol manual, front-wheel drive model forming the base model. That undercuts the CX-7 that comprises four models, starting at $33,990 and ending with a $45,990 luxury variant.

A higher-specified CX-5 front-drive model could start in the low-$30,000 bracket, while a petrol AWD model is certain to be priced potentially in the mid-$30,000 area with a range-topping petrol-powered GT AWD model moving above $40,000.

Mazda Australia will take the higher-powered version of the brand’s new SkyActiv-D 2.2-litre turbo diesel, which offers 129kW of power and 420Nm of torque compared to the detuned 110kW/150Nm version that will also be available in other markets.

It would be surprising if Mazda didn’t offer the diesel CX-5 with a lower specification so it could start in the low-$40,000 price point as with the current CX-7 diesel.

The flagship CX-5, which based on its $55,000 indicative pricing that includes all on-road costs, should have a recommend retail price not far under $50,000.

Expect the GT Diesel (and potential GT petrol) to be heavy with standard features including leather seats, electrically adjustable driver’s seat, Bose surround system audio system, and a rear view camera.

Active safety systems that will be available on the CX-5 and can be presumed to be inclusive for the flagship are a lane departure warning system, though it’s not yet clear whether a new Smart City Brake Support – Mazda’s new collision avoidance technology – will be offered.

Pictures of a higher-spec CX-5 interior also reveal the GT will include a BMW iDrive-style rotary menu controller dial on the centre console.


  • Mitch

    Torque figures look low

    • Mani

      420nm for a 2.2 diesel – how much more do you want?

    • Mani

      420nm for a 2.2 diesel – how much more do you want?

    • Mani

      420nm for a 2.2 diesel – how much more do you want?

      • Perth Boy

        Heard you the first time.

    • nickdl

      420nm for a 2.2 diesel – how much more do you want?

      • Henry

        436nm from the 2.2 Santa Fe/Sorrento………..Just kidding acculy the engine in this CX-5 accully might be quick because it is large for a compact SUV

        • p-car

          Benz 2.1 4cyl diesel has 500nm

        • Bob123

          wrong henry!! santra fe has 394Nm

  • Milsie

    I smell a rip-off…

    • james cortez

      It’s always a rip-off downunder

      • AK

        Long live Korean cars…
        You can get top of the range Hyundai and KIA much below $50K driveaway.

        • stewi

          you seen the new range rover wow its hot and starts out cheap

        • Bob123

          Kia and hyundai in australia are shit and not worth buying they half their re-sale value in 1 year.

  • Troll


  • Toyota Guru

    CA writes: “‘GT’ is a new badge for Mazda’s SUVs, and the only other Mazda model to feature it currently is the range-topping RX-8 spors car.”

    Don’t forget the CX-9 CA, there’s a GT variant in its line-up too.

    Can’t say I’ve heard of a “spors car” though. 😛

    • amlohac

      theres a cx9 gt, the new bt50 also has a gt model not to mention the mazda 6 gt… so theres a couple

    • chippies!

      And the new BT-50 GT

  • delux

    Got a link to the comp?

    • Richard

      Can’t you look up the Mazda site yourself?

  • Able

    $55,000 is a lot of money for a compact SUV and it’s pretty much CX-9 money too. Mazda don’t be silly with pricing just because of all the CX-5 hype!

  • gazza

    $55,000 for a RAV size SUV “tell them there dreaming” you can buy a 7 seat KLUGER for that!

    • zandit

      But I know which one I’d prefer!! And it doesn’t start with a K!!

      • Charles Dean

        I would easily choose a Kluger over this, larger, much more comfortable, faster, smoother etc etc.

        • Eric

          How much faster is the kluger?

    • JEKYL & HYDE

      zr6 rav4 $54500 driveaway( yourself your kluger is $72k.(apples vrs apples)…

      • gazza

        You can buy a KLUGER GRANDE for 63k i know my brother in law just bought one and it would kill any SUV that MAZDA has to offer! MAZDA can only build one good car and thats the MAZDA 3. There SUV range are crap!

    • toylexus

      Kluger is only $52990 driveaway for the kxr 7 seat all wheel drive .. ask nicely and they sell you one below $50K.
      Keep in mind that the Kluger has the same underpinnings as the lexus rx350 which is a premium SUV that sells closer to $100k so the Kluger is not too bad value at all next to the Mazda, besides dead cow upholstery , sunroof and some other incidentals Kluger would come with similar spec to the MAZ which makes do a 4 Cylinder and not a high out-put efficient V6 in a larger package that seats 7. Don’t bring up service costs either cause the maz will break your heart (and wallet) on that score too…No you don’t have apples to compare here because the Kluger is much much better value than this. It does look nice though and I bet it handles wee for what it is…

      • JEKYL & HYDE

        no-one looking at this quality mazda diesel would bother even looking at an ugly gas-guzzling(ops i meant high-output efficient) freddy kruger.i guess it is apple vrs oranges after all.funny how fords and holdens are gas-guzzling dog motors and toyota isn’t.(it all comes down to weight and aerodynamics)

        ain’t lexus’s built of toyota platforms(egg b4 chicken) lol…

        • Overpricedmaz

          Kluger goes UP to 74k and this thing only goes down to poverty pack levels… Go and pay 55k for this rip off then loser and burn ya money..

          • JEKYL & HYDE

            all new cars go down to pov pack levels.diesels do it slower than what happens to large petrol cars when the petrol price goes up (commodore/falcon much)…

    • Sumpguard

      Agreed Gazza. Let’s measure the hype with prelaunch teasers and then rip ’em off. $55 grand is ridiculous.

  • Robbie

    I’m hoping that’s its only a guesstimate by the lazy marketing people.

    If it isn’t their high end model has to compete against Euro brands.

    Early days ….

    • Eric

      It may be Euro comp worthy.

  • Jay

    55K, serious? if your willing to pay that much
    u might as well add 6k then u can drive range rover evoque

  • Jez Spinks

    I’ve added a link to the Mazda comp, Delux. And yes the recently launched BT-50 does join the RX-8 in having the sporty GT badge, though CX-9 has Grand Touring in full rather than ‘GT’. The pricing is higher than we expected for the diesel, so let’s hope there will be a more affordable version with less equipment. We had an all-too-brief drive of the CX-5 diesel in Japan and can at least say it promises to be impressive thing based on quick first impressions. Cheers, Jez

  • Johnson

    That’s LR Freelander money, I know which one I would buy! Not the Mazda…

    • mmmmm

      the mazda won’t need $6000+ of work on the motor at 90 000km like the first freelanders did

  • KC

    Priced not to sell!!!

  • steve

    yawn # 2

  • gti

    Why on earth would you buy a kluger over the cx-5? The kluger is just a jacked-up fridge with extra seats.

    • gazza

      Your joking right??? CX-5 is only RAV size not in the same class as KLUGER, MAZDA have never made a good SUV!

    • Charles Dean

      Let’s see; it’s larger, faster, smoother, quieter, much more comfortable and looks better..

      So the question should be, why buy a CX5?

      • bert

        How do you work out its bigger than a kluger? its only captiva, rav & honda crv size.
        Looks better! you better get back on that medication!

        • Charles Dean

          I’m referring to the Toyota Kluger..

          Kluger is; larger, faster, smoother, quieter, much more comfortable and looks better..

          So the question should be, why buy a CX5?


          • Matty B

            I like the Kluger, but I mightn’t need a larger car, yes it will probably be faster, but with 420nm of Torque the CX-5 won’t be a slouch, it will also be much more efficient and you have no idea if it is smoother, quieter or more comfortable.

            It’s also no fair comparison, if you’re comparing on price, then you’re comparing a base model kluger to the top of the range CX-5. No doubt the CX-5 will be better spec’d. But the Kluger should be a more refined car due to its size and place in the toyota line up.

            I don’t think the CX-5 will ever be a huge volume seller, but Mazda haven’t really made too many mistakes over the past few years. And I really am not a Mazda fan, but this thing will serve it’s purpose and will sell the numbers it needs to and make Mazda good money.

  • marc

    Mazda is getting cocky coz of sales of 3s and 6s… but these are priced competitively… $55k for diesel Mazda – there are better options… Hyundai Santa Fe will undercut Mazda by good $10k with better performance… Also paying $10k odd over the price you can get Petrol SUV that even with $1,500 difference in fuel price a year will takes you 6.6 years to get square with Mazda… anyway it looks Santa Fe’sh

  • Greg Alexander

    i would have taken a top of the range diesel.
    At $55,000, I won’t even consider it.
    I’ll bet I won’t be the only one looking elsewhere.

    Mazda, you’re $7,000 too expensive.

  • Martin

    Is the badge really worth 55k? I mean 55k is heading into BMW X1 money and it may not be loaded with kit but it does have a blue and white badge on the front which is actually worth something.

    • SH

      People that buy BMW for the badge are scum.

      • marc

        why scum – your car retains much better value

        • mmmmm

          on redbook cx-7s retain 64-65% X1s 65-67% X5s 61%
          most mazdas offer very good resale not far off bmws

      • marc

        and not only value – you have technology and engineering hardly found anywhere else

      • Martin

        I have a BMW. I am not scum – I have worked hard at my career so that I could buy one.

        • Hung Low

          Good for you Martin, but no need to justify your position with a comment like “blue and white badge on the front which is actually worth something”.

          In the end of the day the 55k Mazda buyer has worked and earned his coin just as hard as the 55k X1 buyer. Any differentiation between the two would be small minded badge snobbery!

          • Sandland

            I wouldn’t say badge snobbery necessarily means small-mindedness. Not many people purchase cars just by comparing what’s on paper; and it’s not always because of reasons of vanity either. I wouldn’t really pay any sort of substantive premium for Mazda’s engineering reputation or claims to superior driving dynamics. I don’t own a European car, but reading all the praises that BMW gets in the media for their driving dynamics; commanding a premium for it is pretty legitimate.

  • HJP

    If I add another $7000 to that CX5 GT price, I can get Evoque instead which is more upmarket and better styled than the CX5. Evoque is the way to go if this CX5 GT price is correct.

    • marc

      Evoque with some of the options and tax etc. is around $100k not worth anyway Disco 4 or Jeep GC are much better propositions

      • Altezza

        I don’t put all options, so should be not more than $62000 drive away

  • Henry

    $55k for this and Santa Fe/Sorrento have same CC in engine and produce mor torque are cheaper at $47-48K…..But the mazda has other better things mabey like Dynamics???

  • Birdseye

    pricing is so expensive :(

  • Neil

    Boycott new car sales until down under buyers are given reasonable prices in line with other countries.

  • marcelito

    Funny how people say this car and that is smoother, quieter, more comfortable …etc than the CX5 without ever driving one.
    At least wait until it’s released before judging so harshly…. and the reason lots of people will bit this over let’s say a Kluger is the same reason people will buy say Mazda 6 sports hatch over a Camry ( or a Falcodore ), design, cool factor,performance and fuel efficiency etc…
    I reckon Mazda will sell as many of these as they can import despite the skeptics…

  • Dan

    A Mazda badge is not worth $13,000 more than a Kia badge regardless of what country they made in or whatever drugs you might be taking. The Sportage Platinum is far, far better value & doesn’t have a stupid looking grin on the front of it either.

    • gti

      You can have your Kia. I’d never take a Kia over any equivalent Mazda. For a start, Mazda’s are actually fun to drive!

      But if a “stupid” grin stops you from potentially buying a superior car, then keep simpering away in your Kia.

      • smallcarsmeh!

        dunno about that the last few mazda 3 neos or what ever they are i thought where pretty gutless.

  • marcelito

    Dan you could use the same value argument when comparing any number of European made cars with their Japanese or Korean competitors..value is in the perception and eye of the buyer at the end of the day..

    • Sumpguard

      Except the Mazda isn’t European but is charging European money. So no, it’s not the same arguement. It’s far too dear.

      • gti

        How can you say it’s too dear when it’s not yet know exactly what it’s final specs will be for any given price, let alone how it drives in comparison to it’s competitors at any given price point?

  • Dan

    I was going to get one for the missus but at that price she doesn’t want a bar of it so it’s never going to happen now. Mazda need to pull their finger out & release all the pricing for CX-5 before they do irreparable damage to the brand. The fact that they don’t have a diesel auto yet, along with the Subaru Forester is pretty dissappointing as well.

  • bert

    This will not sell in any big numbers! mazda are yet to make a good suv that will give Toyota or Ford territory a run.
    And it has a typical ugly mazda face.

  • VW

    Mazda charging VW prices. Sorry. No thanks.

    • gti

      What? Mazda aren’t better than a mere european ford? If you know what the final specs will be for the different variants, please spill the beans.

  • marcelito

    Think we all need to wait before the full lineup pricing is announced… We are judging the whole range based on pricing for a top model only here… Also saying it’s only a few grand less than Evoque maybe true but I bet a
    top of the range model will cost a whole lot more than top of the range CX5 ( I really love the new Evoque design I have to say though.. )

    • gti


  • STP

    $55k? I’d expect decent performance if I had to pay that kind of money… Not eco driving…

  • Mick

    $55k – this is just the legal team covering their a$$.
    I used to like the idea of getting an CX-5, then I got an arrow to the knee.

    Seriously thou I just bought a Kluger – very nice car

  • Mark

    $55000!!! WTF!!! Mazda , if your top range is this price like VW Tiguan with all the options, u will kill the nice brand image of Mazda 3 brings to Aussie. Top range Mitsubishi ASX is only 36900 with all the modern technology (sat, leather seats, reverse cam, keyless entry, touch start etc) $20000 cheaper. And it’s diesel engin is not too bad on fuel consumption either !!! But $55000 is way too much for mazda, I rather wait for new RAV or CRV with $10000 cheaper price and better warranty and service plus good finace deal

  • Charles Dean

    I’m sure even at this price Mazda will have no problems selling in droves to soccer mums

  • Charles Dean

    Haters gonna hate. I know I’d prefer to drive a Mazda over a Mitsubishi, Toyota @ Hyundai/Kia.

  • http://N/A Doug

    The Diesel Mazda meets Euro 6 emissions standards without ANY additional treatment or particle capture devices. Do any of the other vehicles discussed above meet the Euro 6 emission standards?

    • Smoothcall

      How much is this feature worth to you?

      • JEKYL & HYDE

        ask ANYBODY who has had particle filter dramas with their diesel motor car,that answer is yes,yes,yes.its worth something as peace of mind…

  • Denx

    Are you guys serious? RAV4 V6 price range is around 45000 to 55000. This article is talking about top range CX-5, and it clearly indicates a base model CX-5 is low 30k.

  • Greg Alexander

    Where did you hear the engine doesn’t have a DPF?

    They have been able to do away with the AdBlu treatment, (urea to treat diesel exhaust for reducing nitrogen oxide concentration), but it still has a DPF
    (diesel particulate filter).

    The2-stage turbocharger is bolted directly to the cylinder head exhaust manifold and the catalytic converter and diesel particulate filter directly after.

  • Falcodore

    I can think of another diesel powered car for around the same price. The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a proper 4wd thats bigger, more powerful and is loaded with kit. If it’s going to cost that much, i think i will just buy the Grandy.

    Much as i like the CX-5 and am a fan of Mazda generally (i own one), i think Mazda are kidding themselves with that asking price. Lets hope it’s about 8 grand cheaper when it’s released, that would be more realistic.

  • Eric

    I followed the and I did not see any pricing.

    Where is the 55k coming from?

    I assume there will lower spec at lower pricing.

  • martin

    i think that the question on the torque figure was relating to the 150Nm mistake in the text.

  • Rx4coupe

    end of next year a 2011 x3 the new shape with be that money  thats where my 50k will be
    they need to be cx7 money cant see how there are worth more

  • John

    Here’s a scope for everyone:

    $55k is right for the AWD GT Diesel, lane departure/blind spot etc etc are in an option pack.  Base model will start just on $30k.  Mazda dealers have ordered this car heavily, they believe it will be a huge seller during 2012.

  • hate rip offs

    I’m considering a new car this year and I have to say Mazda have missed the mark by a mile. $55k?! I had my eye on the new Liberty GT Wagon in auto so looks like that’s where my money’s going!

  • Josh

    You guys know nothing about how innovative the Skyactive engine is. The diesel engine that CX-5 carries has a compression rate of 14.0: 1 which no other car bland has. It also reduces engine sounds that a diesel engine normally has, so it is very quiet. It is worth for that price.

    • Josh

      Following up the earlier comments, in terms of the compression rate, this figure is even better than any F1 engine. In the history of fuel engines, no one have ever achieved this.  

      The high compression also contributes to fuel efficiency. The diesel CX-5 can go about 1200km with a full tank. It is not a Hybrid, it is a genuine fuel engine! Do you still say they are ripping off?

  • Joe

    Got a price from a dealer this week of $40,500 for mid range, auto AWD petrol. The diesel in same range was up around $44,000. Seems fairly well priced.

    • GMan

      Any chance of a diesel sub 40k ?

  • Junkcar

    According to their specs it is narrower than most other SUV’s. $ 40000  drive away is the  right price for this box with four wheels. See some videos in youtube and you’ll not eat for three days out of nausea.

  • Mveas

    To all of you. Wait few days and try it. At the moment is all speculations. I am interested too.

  • Xiphius11

    Mazda should take a leaf out of Jeep’s book. Jeep brought in the Grand Cherokee at a very competitive price and they’ve sold like hotcakes. The Mazda appears to have what it takes to be a big player in the small SUV category but they will need to be more realistic on price

  • Maxx

    CX-5 Maxx 2.0 litre petrol FWD 6MT = $31,209 on road

    CX-5 Maxx 2.0
    litre petrol FWD 6AT = $33,269 on road

    CX-5 Maxx 2.2
    litre petrol AWD 6AT = $35,844 on

    CX-5 Maxx
    Sport 2.0 litre petrol FWD 6AT = $37,123 on road

    CX-5 Maxx
    Sport 2.0 litre petrol AWD 6AT = $39,698 on road

    CX-5 Maxx
    Sport 2.2 litre diesel AWD 6AT = $42,788 on road

    CX-5 Grand
    Touring 2.0 litre petrol AWD 6AT = $47,071 on road

    CX-5 Grand
    Touring 2.2 litre diesel AWD 6AT = $50,161 on road

  • smallcarsmeh!

    i’d rather buy a honda!!!

  • Calstep54

    The pricing is reasonable considering the high amount of equipment that you get in the GT. Look at a BMW X1 or an Audi Q5 tick the options like sat nav, xenons, sunroof etc and you will start hitting the late $60k to early $70k on those vehicles alone! To have that already included in a Japanese vehicle with faultless build quality and excellent resale is an absolute bonus. If you are going to go for this vehicle, go for the diesel, its an absolute ripper. Bugger all turbo lag, 6 sp auto, refined and quiet. The petrol is actually fairly lethargic, with only 200nm on tap as opposed to the 420nm from the oiler. I’m going to drop my hard earned on the GT diesel, its top value for the dough!

  • Protejah

    Do not use the term leather re the interior. It is an outright lie as Mazda interiors are vinyl.

  • Moe

    I have owned a Kluger for 7 years. Best car I’ve ever owned. Still drives like new. But new Kluger grew and the fuel thing is killing me,18l/100ks around town. It’s gotta be diesel either the Mazda or the Santa fe. They win for interior space, equipment, fuel and performance.  Hyundai may win for it’s off road ability.(Calm down you Landie drivers I’m only talking about beach and coastal tracks). Think i’ll wait for the new model 4th qtr 2012, looks flash.
    By the way, If you have teenage kids, then Evoque’s back seat is a Joke. It’s a suv sports car.
    Best price on q5 was $65000 no options. x3 same same, Volvo was cheaper but the good diesel blew the price to same price and beyond. Even if I could afford these excellent vehicles I can’t, in good concious, pay the ridiculous price for spare parts the euros charge. Thought about VW’s new Passat allroad due in June, but I want the ride height and I can’t stand that DSG gearbox, it’s rubbish. give me a good old fashion 6 speed for the smoothest drive.