The 2012 Ford Performance Vehicles (FPV) range has been unveiled, sporting more standard features, subtle exterior design revisions and some small price changes. FPV has made no changes to the powertrains of any model.

The best news is for fans of the turbocharged six-cylinder variants, with the F6 Ute, F6 sedan and F6 E sedan now $2800-$3000 cheaper than before. The GT-P is now $1000 more expensive than before, while $450 has also been added to the price of the range-topping GT E. Prices of the GS Ute, GS sedan and GT sedan are unchanged.

The entry-level GS benefits from the most substantial exterior enhancements. It scores new upper and lower mesh grilles, projector headlamps and chrome fog light surrounds. The front of the GS also features a redesigned bumper (similar to that seen on the FG MkII Falcon XR6) with winglets, pronounced sculpting around the fog lamps and a new lower grille to improve aerodynamics.

Projector headlamps are now standard across the range. The GS and F6 ute variants get a sports bar, while the F6 scores a new five-spoke Graphite alloy wheel design. A new colour – Kinetic, a “deep, vibrant metallic blue” – will replace Nitro, and will be available on all models except F6 E and GT E.

Inside, every model gets the 8.0-inch colour touchscreen (also set to feature in the FG MkII Falcon range). The Interior Command Centre allows the driver to control major in-car functions including phone and audio systems.

F6 E, GT-P and GT E models also get an integrated touchscreen satellite navigation system, which replaces the previous model’s remote control-based system. The new sat-nav gives drivers the choice of the fastest, shortest and most economical routes, as well as 2D and 3D mapping, over-speed and speed camera warnings, and Suna’s Traffic Message Channel.

The GS sedan and ute models now come with an alarm and the prestige audio system, and USB connectivity for audio playback is standard in all models.

The GS, F6, GT and GT-P sedans come into line with the F6 E and GT E and now come standard with a reversing camera, while the GS sedan also benefits from reverse parking sensors.

FPV floor mats for all models complete the FG MkII series upgrades.

2012 FPV manufacturer’s list prices (excluding government and dealer charges):

  • GS Ute – $52,990 (no change)
  • GS – $57,990 (no change)
  • F6 Ute – $55,990 (-$3000)
  • F6 – $64,890 (-$3000)
  • F6 E – $76,940 (-$2800)
  • GT – $71,290 (no change)
  • GT-P – $82,540 (+$1000)
  • GT E – $82,990 (+$450)

Six-speed automatic transmission is a no-cost option for all models. Six-speed auto standard in GT E.

  • whatthe..

    Woo Hoo

    Floor mats!

  • Midi

    @what the.. Hahhaa good one..

    Fpv designers are so lazy.. Fire them now

    • Seymour Butts

      I reckon FG MKI owners will be perfectly happy with the new model

  • Matty B

    So I can get a runout F6 for $59,990, and pay $150 for a set of mats. And only difference is a set of wheels which I don’t think look as good as the old ones anyway.


  • DWS1

    …hang on a minute, the F6 has been advertised recently at $59,990 drive away, that is the price it should always be.

    And who is going to pay $83,000 plus on the roads for a Falcon?

    It is 26 days until 2012 – there needs to be a better upgrade than this lot.
    (The grey wheels look Ok).

    • Mike

      Who is going to play that much for a dolled up commodore, HSV fanboys.

  • Symo

    Exactly, you can buy these 12 months old for less than a new XR6 Turbo, why why why….

  • Chilliman

    I didn’t expect any major cosmetic changes and the powertrains are more than adequate – I am however disappointed that the suspensions weren’t improved.

  • Justin

    Wider wheels across the range would be better. Actually be able to move the car instead of spinning the tyres with all that torque from both engines

  • Mark

    Is it even worth writing a story about this? Slightly different lights and grill are hardly even an update. Ford and Holden should just release these updates ad hoc. This ‘Series II’ nonsense should only apply if there is a mechanical or ‘metalwork’ update, otherwise it’s just a marketing ploy that is fooling nobody.

  • qikturbo

    This update would qualify as a “new” model for the majority of German cars…..yes?

    • Damian

      How do you substantiate that?

  • davie

    Is the GS the new XR8?

    • sequential

      GS sounds like a poverty spec Falcon from the 70’s.
      Stripes from the 70’s on a 2011 car look pathetic.

  • Jimbob

    Geez FPV either have such a small profit margin on each car they sell or they wish to maximise profits via reducing investment.

    Cant even get new rims for the F6, just GT rims with a graphite finish…c’mon.

    What about a suspension re-tune? Currently a weak link in FPV’s not to mention wider rear tyres.

    If you attempt to fix these issues yourself you void your warranty. FPV focus on making cars for enthusiasts, that way profit will take care of itself.

  • Observer

    That is terrible FPV, was hoping for more of an update.

  • theillestlife

    at least these look better than the HSV cars.

    better quality too. id buy a FPV over HSV anyday (going by design). but thats only if i was forced to, with something like, my life on the line.

    if not, i see no point in wasting ~60-85k on something that will depreciate significantly as soon as you sign the paperwork.

    german cars, all day, everyday. (IMHO at least)

    • Matty B

      Actually FPV’s hold their value far better than any other falcon. The used car market isn’t flooded with them but their is still a market for them. They’re really no worse than most other 65-80K cars on the market.

  • Neil

    Looks like a Taurus.

  • Dangel

    Yawn , almost fell asleep it least it looks better than the HSV crowd , last hurrah .

  • Rick

    You can’t buy a faster 4 door sedan for the money !

    • Matty B

      EVO X

      • Rick

        Nope according to wheels magazine FPV F6 auto 5.0 and 13.1 EVO MR 5.8 and 14.0

    • Dangel

      WHO WANTS A SEDAN , yesterdays transport .

      • Rick

        Why is a sedan yesterday’s transport

        • Dave S

          You can put all your shopping and valuables in the boot. No one outside and see what you are carrying and it doesn’t move around the cabin like a wagon.

          How are our need today and different to yesterday?

          In many ways it’s hard to beat a sedan. Plus Luxury models are always sedans.

  • Blitzkrieg

    Projector headlights,bit late aren’t they, my 2004 liberty has them.

    • Hung Low

      Supercharged quad cam v8, what else has that at this price?

      • Dangel

        Just watch it depreciate like a cold donut fung , yesterdays transport , no interest in todays world , bury it .

        • Robert

          Why does everybody talk about depreciation of the cars, why don’t you but a 1960/70 falcon and restore it and make your money back. That’s the only way you can do it. there’s no such thing as making money on a new car (unless it’s crazy rare)

        • Robert

          Why does everybody talk about depreciation of the cars, why don’t you buy a 1960/70 falcon and restore it and make your money back. That’s the only way you can do it. there’s no such thing as making money on a new car (unless it’s crazy rare)

    • Mike

      But no one want’s to drive a subaru liberty!

      • Dangel

        Obviously you have never driven LIBERTY 3.0R b spec or the GT , magic cars , brilliant handling , AWD , would put this dino in the shade .

        • Rick

          I like Subaru’s and have driven the GT , and bangel for you to make that comment, you clearly haven’t

        • 351

          Your havent driven a F6, destroys these Subys no contest

        • sequential

          Dangel would go crying back to his VW dealer after driving an F6. Real turbo power driven through the rear wheels, made for men.

          • paulb

            Dangel is only a boy racer.Not up to a FPV.

    • Andrew M

      “Projector headlights,bit late aren’t they, my 2004 liberty has them”

      But I bet they still dont work as well as anything AU Falcon and on.

      You can have all the fancy names and design under the sun for headlights, but the Falcons design has always out shon them

  • Frostie

    The rear end of that F6 in that last picture looks awesome.

  • Mike

    Actually the F6 has the best colour scheme out of them all.

  • PPlater92

    I do find it very interesting as to how many people are commenting the FPV FGII range in various ways.

    I agree, it’s not very much on an update at all, really.
    With the new EcoBoost engines featuring in the ‘commoners’ Falcon, I guess the amount of spare cash for FPV to play with would be less.

    However, there are price reductions on a few models, which is always a good thing!

    As for comparing the floormats… really guys?

  • xwadamr

    Fairdinkum ive been waiting twelve months for these , and this is it. GS cant get brake upgrade,& more ordinary wheels . No imagination . Any risk of finding anyone that has anything to do with new falcon design that is under 60 years of age . We dont all want to tow caravans & slow down eveyone else on the road .

  • Ray_luka

    IM LOOKING TO BUY F6 mid next year ..hanging out for this model so 2008-11 prices drop again…very minimal changes from its predecessor ..awesome cars..hope my neighbours get jealous..australias fastest production car!!!

  • David_Ashton

    The GS V8 is around $20K dearer than the standard XR6 turbo. It cost $40 million to get this V8 into production, so the way I see it getting a engine worth $40 million for $20K is a bargain. Plus I have driven both and there is nothing like this car on the planet (for the money). I’ve been waiting for something and this FG MK ii is going in my garage in 2012.

  • Andrew #1 Ford Fan

    In my view all the new cars are the meanest, tuffest and most awesome cars on the road even if the inhancements are small. I would have liked to have seen some more enhancment in and around the enginbay like a increase, reworked superchargher and possibly some extra cubic compasity( from 5.0ltr (305) to maybe a 5.4ltr or 5.8ltr (327 or 351). But most of this iwould expect to find on the next model falcon after the FG series. All new models come with updated colour range and extra options made standard, but no dought the biggest gainers from this new line are the F6 (With new charchole rims) and the GS (Reworked body, front bar and interior). All in all the new line is the best FPV and Ford Australia for that matter have ever produced and is a huge winner for me and all die hard Ford fans alike.

  • Mark

    Bring back the XR8——- PLEASE

  • Twodogs

    bite me everyone