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  • Karl

    I think ford will make the l6 as LPi only, with this being the only petrol option(to simplify the production line and reduce costs).
    That is, unless they can charge a premium for either engine.

    • Harold

      Who the heck buys large sedans anymore? This car needs a wagon pronto!! The large sedan is no more versatile or practical as Corolla but takes up as much space on the road as a Nissan Patrol. Please Ford, wake up, people arnt buying Falcon because of the fuel consumption. They are ignoring it as its not practical.

      • Trouble

        No more practical or versatile? Well… that depends on what you need it for, doesn’t it??? How about towing? Carrying 5 adults comfortably? Driving for longer than five hours in one day? Each things that I do at least once a week, and that the Falcon does better than a Corolla…

        • Karl

          I agree with Trouble, large sedans still have a place.
          However it’s also true that the Falcon absolutely should have a wagon option, look at how many Commodores are Sportwagons.
          It wouldn’t have been unreasonably expensive to give the Falcon wagon a major update, and if Ford did so, they’d be selling an extra 900+ units a month now.
          The reality was that the wagon appealed to a different, market than the territory, so it wouldn’t have cannibalised sales (as was originally expected).

        • Igomi Watabi

          And that is why sales of these cars is in freefall, because so few people have those requirements these days and even many of those are realising that their requirements actually don’t need such a big car. There are still a few who genuinely need a Falcon to meet those requirements (except for the “driving for more than 5 hours a day one, that’s just not an argument), and they would be uncatered-for if the Falcon died, but most people now shop more in keeping with their actual rather than perceived needs.

          • Ron

            They’re not really that big. Look at it next to a Carolla and it is very apparent that the little carolla has grown to the point it similar size to falcon. It looks more like a minivan though.

      • Westy

        So Commodore isn’t a large car any more ? Doesn’t it still sell ? Weird comment you made Harold….really.

      • Shaneo

        Do you really think that a Corolla is as versatile or practical as a Falcon????

        My wifes mazda 3 is still not as practical or versatile as my Falcon, I can carry 4 adults plus a boot full of shopping and tow my boat anywhere all day long in comfort, try doing that in a Corolla or Mazda…thats about as versatile as it gets.

      • Sumpguard

        I agree with Harold. These vehicles are NOT bought as tow vehicles anymore. Poeple that buy tow vehicles are switching to the Hilux/Navara/Ranger type vehicles for the best of all worlds. Off road, good towing, good economy in the diesel, good weekender for camping, fishing and shopping.

        That’s why ute sales have soared and the Commalcon have suffered as a result. Once upon a time every tow vehicle had a holden or ford badge on it. Not anymore. But all the 4×4 utes were gutless and had a harsh ride. Not anymore. The proof is in the pudding. Sales are well down. Australians typically have a hilux and a corolla (or eqivalent) in the driveway nowadays. Or perhaps an SUV.

        A rear drive commodore or falcon would probably sell well if it was back to the size of the VL commodore with the choice of 4,6 and 8 cylinder engines as well as diesels. They are not building what buyers want. The comfort arguement no longer holds water. I can jump in any of the modern 4 cylinder cars such as the corolla ,i30 , cruze or mazda 3 drive for 8 hours and feel no worse for wear than in a falcon and for considerable less money with better economy.Not to mention ease of parking. Times have changed.

        This is just a personal view but cetainly the reasons I wouldn’t buy one.

  • qikturbo

    Sounds promising.Quite a hi-tech motor.

    • Frostie

      Yeah. It is high tech. What if they were to extend the engine a bit, add a couple of cylinders, modify the valve timing, direct injection and turbocharging to suit a 6cl engine in order to create an ECOBoost Inline-6?

      Whilst they are at it. They might introduce Stop start technology and features like cylinder cut-off when there isn’t much load on the engine.

      • http://www.facebook.com/priusfreezone Matthew Werner

        There’s already a 3.5 litre Ecoboost V6, used in various US models

      • Paul

        They probably will. They have hinted that direct injection is in the pipe line for I6, also its needs to meet euro5 soon. They will be working on it. problem with Ford is they are so slow at getting any such products to the market. I mean they are 10 years behind really. What they have now is not really a big leap from the days of the AU/BF

        I think the Falcon could also sell better if they did something about interior presentation as well as some of the exterior parts and plastics. Big cars are not really hard to sell, but the falcon is hard to sell. I mean I wanted to buy one but could not stand the shiny black plastic dash on the G6ET (or the bright silver on other models) and all the low quality leather or fake leather trim. Its awful and they really got to do something soon to lift the design and quality of the interior (and exterior plastics) before the kill the car completely. 

    • Reckless1

      It’s so incredibly high tech? – maybe. VW has offered 147kw/280NM in the Golf and other models for only 8 years or so.

      Sorry, I’d prefer my tuned GTI with approx 190KW/380NM hauling a 1360kg car to a chooktin with 300kg extra and less grunt.

      True – a simple tune will also beef up the Ecoboost to the same power level, but it can’t shed 300kg.

      As for towing – no-one uses a Falcon any more. Why, when you can get a Territory or a real 4WD which will haul a van in total comfort.

      • M5 lover

        Total comfort????? have you been in a ute lately (other than holden or ford!!) 4WD utes are like flying in cattle class without the seat padding and including the fatties and screaming kids!!!

        Your welcome

        • Reckless1

          Where did I say 4WD ute? I didn’t. I said real 4WD.

          As for fatties, they can’t get in the rear door of a Falcon and they have their own seat padding. Screaming kids – where do you dream up this stuff? – if you are such a poor parent you can’t control them, does it happen because you love Falcon?

          I know I never had screaming kids problems with mine.

        • Igomi Watabi

          obviously you haven’t

  • Richard

    Unless it’s more than 20% more efficient in real world conditions (i.e. urban driving) and slightly cheaper it will be a dud.
    Perhaps Ford are just after some money from the Government for ‘developing’ an eco Falcon?????????????

    • Ferkn Truth

      Yep, another nail. ECOFAIL!

      • gibbut@hotmail.com


        rego and insurance will be cheaper too. It will also get a large percentage of camry drivers who have evena a slight heartbeat ( a few , not many ) to have a look.

        not to mentions its emissions will be better too.

  • Don Quay

    I reckon it should go quite well on the road. I have driven a couple of Mercedes E and C class sedans as rental cars and they have a Mercedes 1.8L engine of a similar configuration and the performance and economy (around 8L/100km in town)is very good. The E250 Merc is probably just as heavy as the Falcon and it had no trouble keeping up in town or the highway and it had less power and torque and a 5 speed auto. Whether the market accepts the ecoboost Falcon is another matter. Ford’s marketing and promotion is pretty ordinary (as are their dealers), they just don’t really seem to be able to cut through despite having some of the best and most competitive cars in all the classes they compete in. (Escape excepted of course)

    • Peter Stone

      The mercedes is supercharged, not turbocharged. These to types of charging have very different driving characteristics and are also rather different with fuel economy. Whilst turbo’s can have lag, these days its barely noticable and with direct injection the engine is generally more than powerful and versatile enough to make up for it. I believe turbo is the better of the two these days and this engine will do amazingly well. Just look at the terrible economy and performance for a charged V8 the coyote has.

      • Homer

        Pete you’re a little out of date. The Kompressor (supercharged) was replaced by the new turbo motors about 2 years ago.

      • Don Quay

        Homer is correct. I do know the difference between a S/C and a turbo, particularly when I have a look under the bonnet and I can read a spec sheet too! Regarding the Coyote, what is their “terrible” performance and economy you refer to? Everything I read say they amazingly well and you certainly don’t buy a car like that for the fuel economy.

  • Don Quay

    I can’t see any mention of the transmission specs. Is it the DCT that is used in the Mondeo or by Volvo or does it have the 6 speed ZF torque converter box like the other Falcons?

    • http://www.caradvice.com.au Tim Beissmann

      Hi Don

      It still uses the ZF six-speed automatic, although it’s a slightly lighter version because it’s designed to handle less torque than the one fitted to the inline six cars.

      Tim Beissmann

      • Don Quay

        Thanks Tim, I thought that might be the case and it’s nice to have it confirmed.

        BTW the Ford website lists the Mondeo EcoBoost as having 149kW and 300Nm. I think the figures you quoted are the higher output version that Volvo use. I think the Mondeo tune would be a bit underpowered in the Falcon, though as I said in another post, that is comparable to the Mercedes outputs and it goes along OK. People expect good performance from the Falcon though.

        • Acfsambo

          Don Quay, the top spec Mondeo in Europe gets a more powerful version than we do, cause of the Falcon I guess.

          • Don Quay

            Thanks, I wasn’t aware of that. Who says Australian buyers always miss out on the good stuff?

  • Scott Towner

    The problem here is and I believe in what ford are trying to do, but they are expecting to sell this at a premium over the L6 and IMHO I dont think that australians will pay more for a smaller engine unlessits diesel. For this to come off I really believe that it needs to undercut the L6. Oh and did I mention marketing?

  • Blue Soup

    Why haven’t Ford thought to drop the TDV6 (2.7t/diesel) in the Falcon. Better economy than eco-boost?

    • Dead Falcon

      Same reason there’s no move to use the very nice Volvo straight sixes (making it more Worldly.. horrah) rather than some rubbish V6 or a good- for a four- turbo four. Ford’s determination to kill the Falcon. Just like how they’re going to switch to front-wheel drive that can briefly shift some power to the rear wheels just after it slides you off the road. Great stuff.

    • Peter Stone

      Because people don’t want diesel engines and the 2.7 is fuel sucking underpowered smokey dog. Even decent diesels are wheezy at high revs and sound crap. Petrol turbos generally sound great go well, and in the right application don’t use a great deal more fuel that a similar performing diesel.

      • Blue Soup

        you said it “in the right application don’t use a great deal more fuel than a similar performing diesel”
        Let me disect this. The petrol turbo uses more fuel and performs similar…. I think you got it there, Choice 2.0ltr turbo petrol using slightly more fuel with similar power V’s 2.7ltr Turbo diesel V6 using less fuel with power but at a rev range that 100% of drivers use on a daily basis????? HMMMMMMM which one would i buy… do i need to answer????

    • Warren

      Why don;t they just drop the 3.2 out of the new Ranger in the Falcon? that would be a real gem

  • laurie

    Gee Ford put the Territory diesel engine into the Falcon and stop pussy footing around and you say you are listening to your customers BS!!

    • diseasel

      Because LPi blows diesel out of the water for running costs, performance and simplicity.

      • laurie

        True but give the customer choice,its their decision in the end.I for one cannot live with a gas cylinder in the boot!

        • shiner

          There is no gas cylinder in the boot.

          • Blue Soup

            Ecolpi has a smaller boot than a normal falcon. It seems to have a higher floor for what i can only assume its to make room for the tank underneath?

          • Exchange Student

            That may be the case, but when you have to choose between taking a spare wheel and having place for the family’s suitcases, it could be a deal-breaker.

            Seeing as the 2.7L TDV6 engines are already being imported for the Territory, why not simply order a few more to placate the would-be diesel Falcon customers? Even if that particular diesel engine is a bit long in the tooth, it’s a start.

    • Clueless

      The Diesel WILL NOT fit beneath the current Falcon bonnet…. End of discussion

      • Blue Soup

        Change the bonnet design, if thats the case, I would assume your wrong anyway because they can fit a Supercharged V8 under there, a V- configeration with a Twin screw supercharger on top then a throttlebody has gotta be taller than the V6 T/diesel. Just a little commonsense used here. You are what your nam is CLUELESS!!!!

        • Igomi Watabi

          yeah, spot on, if they can whack an enormous unattractive hump in the bonnet to accommodate a big V8, they can do it for a diesel which is likely to sell in larger quantities.

  • Homer

    At 20,000km per year and 2 litre/100km saving the EcoBoost will save you about $5 a week. What’s the point?

    • cd

      It’s not a matter of how much it saves, it’s the marketing value. 4 cylinders must be greener and more politically correct, regardless of the actual reality.

      If it has anything else, it must be a dinosaur engine according to the usual comments online and media sentiment in most major tabloids.

      The diesel is the engine that needs to be in the Falcon, but it seems a remote chance that this will happen.

      • Alexander

        It’s been said above, the disel wont fit in a Falcon and the LPI is a better option in the Falcon if you’re after a petrol alternative.

        • Blue Soup

          The F#$%*in Diesel will Fit! if the V8 can fit so can the diesel. The territory is basically the same chassis.

    • gibbut@hotmail.com

      not to mention rego and insurance costs.

      its not all just about fuel.

      • Damian

        “not to mention rego and insurance costs. its not all just about fuel.”

        Insurance costs may even be higher due to the Ecoboost Falcon being a turbo. Furthermore, P-plate restrictions will mean that kids cannot drive the family Ecoboost.

    • JoeR_AUS

      I think you will find the point is if you live in Sydney and troll through traffic every day it is more like 4l difference per 100km. Which makes it $24 a week at $1.50 a litre.
      I have been driving low pressure turbo car as opposed to a six cylinder for 12 years for a total saving of $14,976

      Unfortunately, once you have had a turbo four with 5 or 6 speed auto you will never miss a six. Yes I do tow a trailer and my 2 kids are over 184cm so I can not use a Mazda 3 or Corolla.

    • Peter Stone

      Thats $20 a year at that rate, what about companies doing 40 of 50,000 a year? it all adds up to them! And boost means greater savings on freeways too using noticably less fuel. Only using more when needing to overtake or climb a big hill.

      • Peter Stone

        $240 a year*

    • JEKYL & HYDE

      it more like $12-13.per week at 20,000kms per year,but who’s really counting…

  • Whitbomb07

    If you want to offer choices also include the 2.7 TD V6 and the 5.0 V8 without the Supercharger!



  • http://www.facebook.com/peter.zaharis Peter Zaharis

    Yeah have to agree with others in that all I could think when reading this was “stick in the diesel engine!”
    Still I think this engine might help sales a bit. It would be much better though if you had this, the I6 and a diesel option. That would make the Falcon a lot more competitive.

  • Richo

    Seems pointless to me, surely the money they spent on developing this would have been better spent putting a diesel motor in it?

  • Jezza

    So let me get this right, Ford have spent millions of dollars to get a 4 cylinder into the falcon that;

    Is a little bit slower
    Sucks a little less juice
    Has less torque
    Has more things that can go wrong with it
    Will cost the same.


    • Pablo

      And probably cost more to insure being a turbo.

      • Homer

        And, P platers will be banned from driving them. You can borrow Mum or Dad’s more powerful 6 cylinder Falcon but not the 4 cylinder turbo. Brain dead bureaucracy at it’s best once again.

        • Joker

          I doubt this…The Falcon Turbo 4 probably be exempt from Government policy

          • Dan

            It is exempt.

    • JoeR_AUS

      Like I said before, I think you will find the point is if you live in Sydney and troll through traffic every day it is more like 4l difference per 100km. Which makes it $24 a week at $1.50 a litre.
      I have been driving low pressure turbo car as opposed to a six cylinder for 12 years for a total saving of $14,976

      What will happen when fuel gets back to $1.90 a litre like before the GFC?

    • Peter Stone

      Yet they are doing what the rest of the automotive world is doing, please tell me how your opinion stands against that?

  • O

    How did this take 3 years to develop?

    • Homer

      Just the same as how did it take them so long to put a 6 year old diesel in the Territory? I’m thinking if they released a best in the world 3 litre diesel, say the one they can get off the shelf from Jaguar, the 4 litre petrol engine and the engine plant and their employees would be redundant overnight.

      • Homer

        I stand corrected by Davie’s comment below, the 2.7L diesel is more than 7 years old.

        • Glen

          The falcon I6 is 51 years old and its still fine, point nullafied

          • Igomi Watabi

            Wan’t the 4 litre in the AU a completely new engine over the old 250ci straight six. I don’t think it is 51 years old.

          • Igomi Watabi

            also, it’s “nullified”. Sorry, ciouldn’t resist being a grammar nazi

          • Igomi Watabi

            Awesome, I’ve never had so many minus votes on here before (even though I’m right about the Ford I6). Badge of Honour. Typo n all.

      • gibbut@hotmail.com

        territories are selling in droves.

        but i suppose they have actually advertised them? they wont advertise a falcon.

        they WANT it to fail.

        Taurus is ready, no matter how much they try to throw us off the scent.

        • Phil

          The usual and unfounded claim that a lack of advertising if to blame for poor falcon sales.

          Do you really think anyone looking for a cheap, large sedan won’t know Falcon exists?

          As it happens there are adds for Falcon running on this page as I type – “FALCON XR6 LIMITED EDITION $34,990 DRIVEAWAY”.

          • Karl

            Phil when people talk about Ford’s advertising, we’re talking about Ford not educating people or trying to change misconceptions about their products.
            For example, when people hear ‘falcon on lpg’ they think it’s going to have a big tank in the boot, no power, lpg reliability problems etc. All things that have been overcome, but those misconceptions are still held by the public.
            Perception is reality in the mind of the buyer.

  • whatthe..

    A finger in the dyke which is already collapsing.

    Its bye bye Falcon, not Buy buy Falcon

    There will be a whole lot of people upset by this. Reality hurts.

  • davie

    Good luck to Ford for this – It is certainly a step in the right direct – I think the Skoda Superb already has a 2 litre petrol turbo and it gets good reviews.

    I really like how the weight reduction of the new engine makes the car feel more balanced straight away.

    That said, it just puzzles me how Ford Australia takes so long to do things that Asian and Euro competitors do in half the time.

    It took them THREE YEARS to take an existing 4cyl ecoboost turbo from the Ford parts bin and put it into a falcon chassis?.

    It took them SEVEN YEARS to take a existing land rover diesel engine from the Ford parts bin and put it into an existing Territory chassis. By the time they finished doing that, the diesel was obsolete anyway.

    I guess other companies may have more R&D money, but these timeframes are verging on embarrassing.

    • j

      No one has ever explained why it takes so long to raid the parts bin and shoe horn existing technology into an existing chassis.

      Really, why does it take so long? Isn’t it just a cut and paste job in autocad?

    • Phil

      Yea this Ecoboost is pretty much already out of date.

      BMW recently released a updated 528i, runs to 100km\h in 6.3 secs and uses 6.7L\100km.
      This Falcon Ecoboost which is still several months away, is worse than the OLD BMW 528i which did 6.9 secs 0-100km\h and used 8.0L\100km.

  • Simon

    The EcoBoost will have similar power and torque to the 3.0 V6 SIDI Commodore. Therefore there is no reason why people would assume it would be underpowered. And handling will be much better with less weight on the front axle.

  • Mick

    Give the I6 direct injection and twin independent variable camshaft timing :)

    • DE

      The 4.0L DOHC DI-VCT I6 IS already twin cam dual independant variable camshaft timing.

      Not Direct injection though.

  • twenty47

    Not much difference in fuel economy between this and the 3.0 Commodore. Not enough given that most buyers are pretty tech savvy, or should I say mechanically savvy that the additional pressure or workload on a turbo 4 may not be enough to convince buyers.

    Too early to tell how resale values will go because maybe alot of 2nd hand buyers will stay away due to the old turbo issues. I went with a Liberty 3.0 instead of the turbo 4 for that reason. If resale values get hit then no-one will buy a new one!

    Ford should bite the bullet and make the Falcon smaller because the large car segment is declining and the medium/small segments are doing better. I stated years ago when Holden produced a one-off medium sized car that the first to do so will be better off – and as it is the Cruze is selling very well – soon to knock off the Commodore?

    • gibbut@hotmail.com

      lets see a 3.0L Ve pull o-100 in 7.2 seconds.

      lets see one do it in under 9… not likely, wheezy boat anchor of an engine.

      ecolpi will also be cheaper to register.

    • JoeR_AUS

      Go drive a 3.0l Commodore around town and the six is noisy and hunts through the gears. The trouble is a NA engine still needs to rev to produce the torque where a turbo 4 can have 90% of its max torque at 1800rpm.

      Also when idling in trffic a 2litre engine will use a lot less fuel than a 3litre not to mention a 4litre…

  • PoisonEagle

    How do you know there are no official fuel figures released yet? It will be lower than the Commodore, and that will be enough for some . Probably more low down torque aswell (290 Nm is nothing to write home about).

  • Lcar

    Have Ford added aerodynamic panels under the car like Holden did when they released the SIDI Commodore.

  • CatsPremiers2011

    I haven’t seen ANY pictures of the back yet! CA please post some.

    • nickdl

      It’s exactly the same as the original FG.

      • CatsPremiers2011

        OH! I thought they would have changed it too. :( Thanks.

  • Martin

    Hopefully they advertise the hell out of it so the public become aware of it. Ford are pumping out desirable carsmath they should market them properly now!!

    • gibbut@hotmail.com

      sadly this wont happen

      no ecolpi adds on tv yet….

  • save it for the track

    May be slightly slower in 0-100km tests, but given the lighter weight over the front axles and better weight distribution, will be interesting to see a comparison on a track. For those that don’t tow horse floats and boats but still want a large RWD sedan, seems like a viable option. Now if they can just get the suspension to last long enough (in all variants). Power/torque similar to the Megane RS250… Now if they could lop out another 150-200kg’s they’d have something interesting.
    Also the Skoda Superb comes with a 1.8L petrol 118kW/250Nm, 8.4l/100km, 7 speed DSG, and about 1620kg or so, in what is actually a fairly practical liftback.
    Might get some low end Euro shoppers considering a Falcon with 4cyl, but inlikely to convince the knuckle draggers stuck in the 60’s. (and that would be the Ford Salesfolk…)

  • Hung Low

    The point everyone is missing is that this will be targeted for fleets that have a 4 cylinder policy! It will tick that box whilst providing a larger car.

    • Philip

      Spot on. This is directly aimed at Fleets and you are correct about many Fleet operators dictating a requirement for 4 cylinder cars – including many Federal Govt departments, and a number of the states and territories. The 4 cylinder policy is the main reason that Camry sells in significant numbers in this country – there are few private buyers of that vehicle either.

      I wish Ford luck.

      • JoeR_AUS

        I think you will find ‘private buyers’ want better fuel economy without down sizing there cars as well.

        Make no mistake a turbo 4 can drive as good as a six or even better with the torque low down. It is just they have not experienced it yet.

        My wife V70 2.4 LP Turbo, will sit at 110 km on the freeway up any hill in top gear with 4 adults and the wagon full to the ceiling and the auto will never change down.

  • gibbut@hotmail.com

    AND anyone who test drives the 3,0 v6 Ve commonbore will notice how much better the ecoboost is.

    jeez its not hard to beat a wheezy 3.0 ve they are pathetic.

  • Rick

    I would like to see a diesel in the falcon ,I believe it would have been better than the Ecoboost . I also think the Ecoboost is the first step towards autralia having a rebadged baurus in the future

  • VW

    Its time for Ford to end the Falcon. This engine isnt going to cut it. For the money, I would be going a Golf TDI. Same torque. 400kg less weight. The days of these barges is over.

    • barry the towtruck driver

      VW twin charged handgrenades,dsg gearboxes blowing up at 10,000 kms.I wouldnt put my worst enemy in a rolf,however hope you drive one.

    • Blue Soup

      Once again Narrowminded views from VW, The answer to everything is buy a golf. Instead of 200series landcruiser we should buy 2 x Golf tdis, More power , more torque less weight???????????????????????????????
      Your are a FOOL! VW.

      • Symo

        VW are not reliable, I was amazed at how poor mechanical quality the Polo is, already been back to VW three times, one for a vibration that they had to send data back to Germany to access, twice for brake rotors disintegrating, and VW had the nerve to blame my 70yo father from driving too hard. LOL!

      • Peter

        I like Falcons, but lets face it, there days are numbered. Too big and too impractical. Regardless of the fuel savings you may be able to get now.

    • JoeR_AUS

      Fair enough, but where do I put my 6’4″ male teenager, 6′ sister and friends every weekend? Not to mention the 200kg luggage on the 6-8 trips away on w/e each year? Get four VW Golfs off course!

      • Golfschwein

        On leg and head room alone, a Falcon is no place for a 6’4″ teenager. Certainly not the BA/BF, at any rate. Are FGs better?

      • Phil

        JoeR, you put your kids and yourself back in the 1940s when we used to measure in feet and inches.

      • scatman

        Joe does your family suffer from some form of gigantism

        • JoeR_AUS

          Maybe, My son is not even 16 and was over 184cm at 13…


          • Hung Low

            Joe, a convertible and wide brim hats with the chin cord is what you are looking for!

          • Sumpguard

            Mack trucks are worthy of consideration Joe!

  • Harold 2

    Harold, its guys like you that give me a bad name…. please stop it.

    Its guys like me that buy falcons – 2 kids, maybe a third on the way, driven 4wd’s for a few years and found them to be poor handling, heavy, clunky vehicles that are not worth the hype. My G6E Turbo has one of the best performance engines around, has all the options you could need, carries my family and stacks of luggage on family driving vacations and handles like a true car, stops on a dime and is a pleasure to drive not like a semi truck which is the only other option at this price and capacity.

    Would a Corolla work as well on a 3 week driving holiday driving 3000kms? My car does 8.8l/100km on the freeway fully loaded at 115km/h and is NEVER under stress. The corolla would be buzzing and bouncing through the gears the whole way, would not fit all our gear and would not be as safe. Wake up, there is a sweet spot that these cars fill ie large family car for the guy that wants proper handling/performance not trucks.

    • Symo

      Great, but 4WD don’t lose 70% of their value 5mins after you buy. They may not drive as nice but at 60kmh there isn’t much handling and performance to worry about, especially on the school run or long distance drive.

      It’s the resale, and reliability that Falcon has NEVER offered and NEVER will that keeps people and their money elsewhere.

      • Shak

        Are you trying to say Falcons aren’t reliable? Tell that to the Countries’ Taxi Fleet. Yes they drop value like crazy, but they are reliable. obviously if some people choose to treat their cars like idiots, then they will fall apart, but our local Falcadores are very reliable from all my past experiences.

        • Sumpguard

          What taxi fleets? They left the falcon for toyotas long ago! OfF the 360 taxis in Cairns most are prius, camry hybrid and hiace. Perhaps a dozen are Falcons. When I was in Melbourne I saw a shed load of Camry taxis also. The falcons where all 3 years old or more. No new ones to be seen anywhere.

          • Karl

            I was at the crown taxi rank in Melbourne last weekend; 90% Falcons (some FG’s) and a few Hiaces.
            LPG is cheaper in Melbourne because you have the Geelong, Altona and Hastings refineries.
            LPG fuelled Falcons make a lot of sense here.

  • Philip

    Falcon has a role and purpose in the market – and for the XT and G6 (both I6 and Ecoboost variants) that is Fleet sales. This market has been most impacted by the withdrawal of the wagon and the period without the LPG variant, and is where Ford will be looking to increase sales. The G6E (T), XR and FPV variants are for private sales – and they aren’t selling too badly (enough to keep the company profitable).

    Remember that Falcon is the donor vehicle for the segment leading Territory. If Falcon fails, the company would not have a sustainable business case to continue the SUV as well.

    Personally would never pay the price of a new Falcon – but I have bought a few at the 12-18 month mark, and they have been great buys. Cheap (due to depreciation) but excellent, long lived vehicles (well over 200, 000 kms)

  • Jimbo

    The trouble is that Ford wants the performance and the economy all in the one engine. It’s simply too much to hope for. If they re-tune this engine for low end torque and sacrifice top end power this thing may turn out some worth while economy figures. Shed some useless weight while they are at it too! Leave the 4L for those who want the power.

  • Alister_88

    With the 4 cylinder ecoboost engine, this would also create an opportunity for Ford to export the Falcon to south east Asia, where small engined fully-optioned mid sizers are popular (Mainly RHD markets such as Thailand, Singapore & Malaysia. 1.8/2.0 executive cars(BMWs, Mercedes, etc…) are common, as the annual road tax for them isn’t expensive (The tax is charged based on engine capacity.).).

    Would love to see the return of a 4 cylinder Opel Calais/ Chevrolet Lumina here in Malaysia too.

  • Russell

    Good luck to Ford. I think this should have happened two years ago instead of wasting money on things like a Territory turbo. Blind Freddie could have told them that thing would have used fuel like there is no tomorrow. Ford is building one of the best ranges going around. Now comes the hard part of trying to convince the Australian public.Hope they succeed.

  • boorad

    Gee Wizz!, some people are very hard to please. Everyone said it would be slow,guess what it isnt. If its fuel consumption is 8-8.5l/100km as expected it will be relatively frugal too. People buy the pile of crap 3.0l SIDI Commodore by the thousand which cant get anywhere near those figures. Initial impressions at least from a fleet perspective are positive, most would swap their camry for one tomorrow i bet!

  • http://Munrodu@yahoo.ca Dustin Munro

    The I4 version of the Falcon will have a weight distribution front/rear improvement from 54.5/45.5% to an estimated 52.6/47.4% with a frontal mass reduction of 60 kg 132 lbs compared to the XR6.That is also one of the advantages that the LPG version of the Falcon has over the gasoline powered XR6 version is that the weight distribution improves to 52.5/47.5 in the LPG version with the 70 kg 144 lbs added over the back wheels.That makes the LPG and I4 versions better in slippery conditions and great to bring to North America as a 2012 Crown Victoria (discontinued model had 56/44% weight distribution) and to Europe as resurrected Scorpio along with Coyote v8 and (and/or Miami version) and Mustang GT500 650 hp 600 lbft engine options.Ford should state the weight distribution of the 449-450 hp 420 lbft V8 version is.I estimated the weight distribution of the I4 and XR6 and LPG version from these articles:

    LPG to save the endangered Falcon
    Ford EcoBoost Test Pics – FORD FALCON Car Reviews, News …

    • Poison_Eagle

      also potential in Asia, they have taxes on engine capacity. Come to think of it, an NA GDi version like the Focus has could work there too.

  • Chilliman

    I can see where this is slowly heading. The 2.0Litre EcoBoost will eventually become the base engine. The 4.0L six may soldier on after new emmissions regulations (EURO5?) come in but only in LPG form and the 4.0L Turbo will be replaced by the 3.5L V6 EcoBoost!

    Not saying its a bad thing – just how I see things panning out.

  • jerry

    Looks like a taxi. No style at all.

  • paulb

    Looks like a good package.Much more size and comfort on long trips.

  • http://www.nsmg.com.au Wil-son

    Give it a go. The new BMW 3 series has replaced the 6cyl n/a engines with 4cyl turbo and they seem to have convinced all those that have test driven it that it is the way to go. Fuel economy will suit gov departments and companies, so I think it might do well.
    Good luck anyway Ford Oz, you deserve a go!!

  • Luke

    “Graziano said there would be no ‘XR4’ EcoBoost variant, insisting that the XR badge was iconic and had a different character and identity to the new downsized 2.0-litre alternative.”

    Umm…you mean the 2.0 litre XR4 of 2007/2008?

    • Igomi Watabi

      Yes, on an sharp-handling warm hatch. It would be devalued in this application. XR4 is a small car badge.

    • nickdl

      Well considering the EcoBoost engine employs a turbo, you could technically call it the XR4 Turbo, likewise with the G6E Turbo (perhaps G4E Turbo).

  • BrisVegas

    I think it’s a good idea and deserves to sell well. Plenty of people need decent room for back seat passengers but don’t want to pay the fuel cost of a 6 cyl engine. I owned a 4cyl turbo Passat for a while and it was fine for touring and commuting and taking adult passengers around town etc. The Falcon is slightly bigger again, more dynamic and has a torquier motor. The rest of the Falcon is a proven reliable package. As long as there are no gremlins in the ecoBoost motor, this car should be a winner.

    • Alpha101

      They talk of consumers having choice. So where is the diesel option?

  • delux

    Early prediction – Falcon Ecoboost will be the next P Plater hoon car. MORE BOOST BRO

    • Hornet

      Except it is illegal for P platers to drive turbocharged cars in most states.

  • Mike

    Better handling, fuel economy and just as powerful as the 6 cylinder falcon model sounds like a great package can’t wait to test drive it.

  • Gmh-bogan

    Still think LPI is better than ecoboost.But the market perception is for smaller engines.Hope the fleeters like this one

  • James

    Speaking as a bit of a ford fan,

    It seems like a big waste of development dollars to me….

    Why not ditch the I6 all together ( will have to be done at some stage it cant do euro5) and put in the new 3.7 V6 from the mustang, should have been easier all ready designed for RWD + it allready has a turbo varient for XR6T. Would have a probably had very similar fuel consumption (though american fuel tests vary hugely from ours so hard to compare).  

    Would have also fitted in with one ford. It really amazes me that Ford au are always trying to reinvent the wheel. Take the V8 in the FPV instead of taking the already blown 5.4 from the Shelby they had to spend 40 million on their own version….

    If it was me I would just transplant the mustang drive lines over as is engines and gear box and fit them to ford bodies would have to be cheaper I mean they make about  a million mustangs vs what 40000 falcons a year?

    Hows this for a line up 3.7 V6 base, 3.7TT XR6T, 5.0 XR8 and a 540HP 5.4S FPV

    That would have been way cheaper and better than the current line up.


  • al

    Bring back the chassis shapes of the days between 1970-1980. And I buy one. Ford XB, oh yes. They would sell like hotcakes.

  • Joh

    This is simply Ford trying to pander to the local Aussie fleets who want 4-cylinder engined vehicles. To do this car, they diverted the funds from creating a LHD version of Falcon, then abandoning Focus assembly. Note too that Ford convieniently dropped the booted sedan versions of the Mondeo from the Australian market. In contrast Holden makes the VE in LHD form and is thankfully not even considering a 4-cylinder version, offers the smaller Cruze in Aussie assembly as its 4-cylinder car, is planning to sell the Mondeo rival Malibu sedan, and has a Commodore wagon.

  • HandBrake

    The new range are all stunner’s but this comment is on a different note, Hear me out
    If falcon wants to stay in Australia and be australian made they really need that wagon back. Or if anything to boost sales rename the territory as a falcon territory wagon, as stupid as it sounds it maybe could save our great aussie car.

    • BrisVegas

      I agree, they lost a lot of sales by dumping the wagon.  Look on the roads and see how many Passat/Superb/6/Mondeo/Sportwagons there are.  Large sedans are a shrinking niche.  People want to be able to load up on “lifestyle accessories” and wagons are where it’s at.  The FG Falcon is a stylish vehicle and would look great as a wagon.  IMHO, the Territory is an ugly thing, despite how practical it is. 

    • Golfschwein

      But not THAT wagon. Everything aft of the B pillar had been hanging around since 1998’s AU, and it was well due for the knackery. The problem is that they would sell 1000 a month. Economies of scale are finally catching up with Australia’s builders of unique cars. Ford’s Thai plant will pump out that number of Focuses between morning tea and lunch time. Exaggerating, of course, but I hope you get me.

  • Dp357

    I currently run a 10 year old Ford Lincoln LS 4 litre V8, It delivers 220KWs and 6.2 second 0-100kph figures yet averages 10 litres per 100klm.On country trips this drops to about 8 litres per 100. It has a perfect 50/50 weight distrubution, is the size of a Falcon but due to alloy panels etc it weighs in at just 1685kg. Parts are generally readily available-it shares the floor platform with Stype jaguars. Ford, do us all a favour, go to the USA and start bringing in some of their cars, with some suspension mods they out drive, look better and give better equipment levels than Falcons or Commodores ever will and their pricing kills us hands down.

  • Nikb

    As stated this car is just not practical any more. They should dump it and just go with the Territory and Mondeo options which cover 95% of the current driving public’s requirements.

  • Nagirroc

    if you wanted a cheaper running falcon wouldnt you just covert to or buy a injected gas model ?

  • R.T

    Well done to the staff at blue oval, I think the 2.0 engine is a great option choice and me being a dinky die ford man I would be more than happy to purchase the Falcon four cyl for the absolute fact that it will be economical and yet cleary state that still enjoy the pleasure of driving the Falcon.
    Well done guys A+.

Ford Falcon Specs

Car Details
Body Type
New Price
Private Sale
$12,100 - $13,750
Dealer Retail
$13,510 - $16,060
Dealer Trade
$9,600 - $11,000
Engine Specifications
Engine Type
Engine Size
Max. Torque
371Nm @  2750rpm
Max. Power
156kW @  4750rpm
Pwr:Wgt Ratio
Bore & Stroke
Compression Ratio
Valve Gear
Drivetrain Specifications
Drive Type
Final Drive Ratio
Fuel Specifications
Fuel Type
Fuel Tank Capacity
Fuel Consumption (Combined)
16.2L / 100km
Weight & Measurement
Kerb Weight
Gross Vehicle Weight
Not Provided
Ground Clearance
Towing Capacity
Brake:2300  Unbrake:750
Steering & Suspension
Steering Type
Turning Circle
Front Rim Size
Rear Rim Size
Front Tyres
215/60 R16
Rear Tyres
215/60 R16
Wheel Base
Front Track
Rear Track
Front Brakes
Rear Brakes
Front Suspension
Control Link, Coil Spring, Gas damper, Anti roll bar
Rear Suspension
Leaf spring, Hydraulic double acting shock absorber
Standard Features
Power front seat Driver
Control & Handling
Electronic Brake Force Distribution
Cruise Control, Power Steering, Trip Computer
Radio CD with 4 Speakers
Power Mirrors
Cloth Trim, Power Windows
Dual Airbag Package, Anti-lock Braking, Seatbelts - Pre-tensioners Front Seats
Central Locking Remote Control, Engine Immobiliser
Optional Features
Control & Handling
16 Inch Alloy Wheels, Traction Control System
Premium Sound System
Aluminium Tray, Metallic Paint, Tow Pack
Safety Pack
Service Interval
12 months /  15,000 kms
36 months /  100,000 kms
VIN Plate Location
Pass Side Eng Scuttle
Country of Origin