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Holden has recalled more than 25,000 diesel-powered passenger vehicles because of a potential manufacturing defect with the cars’ fuel feed hose.

The recall affects 25,417 Captiva Series 1, Cruze Series 1 and Epica vehicles fitted with the 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbodiesel engine.

The official recall notice published on the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission website explains that, “In affected vehicles, the fuel feed hose could potentially leak diesel fuel, resulting in a fire hazard.”

The 16,181 affected Captiva models were produced between February 11, 2008 and January 2, 2011. The recall only applies to Series 1 models and only the larger Captiva 7 medium SUV, not the compact Captiva 5.

The 6512 affected Cruze vehicles were built between November 4, 2008 and July 20, 2010. The recall also applies only to Series 1 vehicles. No Cruze cars made in Australia are subject to the recall.

The 2724 affected Epica models were produced between February 1, 2008 and January 2, 2011.

Holden’s Kate Lonsdale said the local manufacturer was notified of the defect by GM Korea. Ms Lonsdale said there had been a few cases of fuel smells and fuel leaks in Australia, but no reported cases of fires or accidents related to it.

She said all affected owners would be contacted by mail and were advised to contact their authorised dealership for inspection and rectification. Ms Lonsdale said Holden engineers would replace the fuel feed hose in every recalled vehicle in a service that could take up to 90 minutes to complete.

  • Mick


    • Davo

      Go Better (while on fire)

  • LN

    You got to hand it to Daewoo for making these ‘quality’ cars for Holden.

    • Peter Stone

      Agreed, they did well to target an issue and let all the other XCountries know who import the car…

  • RD

    Go better! (Buy Japanese)

  • Dragan

    Bet all the holden salesman are now thinking along the lines of: “SMILE AND WAVE BOYS, JUST SMILE AND WAVE!” – Penguins quote from MADAGASCAR

  • JoKiDe

    No matter how much you polish a turd, at the end of the day its still a turd!!!

    • Doctor

      Yeah, “but if you roll it in sparklers then you can always sell it to women.” Quote from Jane Caro.

  • Peter Stone

    The comments above are just laughable, its just a fuel hose ffs! I believe Toyota had quite a substantial recall in the recent days.

    • JoKiDe

      And how many recalls do you think holden have had, the big T is publicised more because they are the number one motor vehicle manufacturer in the world.

      But lets talk about GM and there fire issues, wasn’t the Chevy volt (to be releqased here by holden) recalled for catching fire. You know Peter you maybe right, we should all buy holdens and risk the safety of ourselves and our families with the potential of our cars bursting into flames, rather then have a Toyota that the power steering could go, could you imagine the horror and the carnage of a world with no power steering.

      • Rick

        Obviously you haven’t driven a car with a broken power steering pump, or you wouldn’t have said something so stupid . How about the throttle being stuck on the toyotas . Holden defects haven’t killed anyone the Toyota ones have , and the best thing to happen to a volt is it catch fire

        • JoKiDe

          Rick are you serious, the 10 worst vehicle recalls of all time have a break down as follows, GM has 5 out of these 10, Ford has 3, while Honda and VW have 1 each, the american automotive industry’s record speaks for itself.

          3.1 million GM cars had to be recalled due to a HIGH risk of the wheels falling off

          5.8 million GM cars had the suspension bolts replaced because the steering could completely stop working

          6.7 million GM cars had a problem where an engine mount would wear away causing the rubber between it to push down on the throttle, causing the car to travel at dangerously high speeds

          Do I need to say any more?

          • Guil

            So JoKiDe, do you still prefer to have the power steering wheel broken than a have defect on the fuel feed hose?

          • Rick

            @JOkide I’d love to know where you got this info . as it doesn’t correspond with any info I’ve been able to find , there is a top 10 list that’s worth a look on MSN auto it also shows that out of the cars that are 10yrs or less Toyota and ford have the biggest recalls . It’s also funny how you used car recalls that are 30 plus yrs old for GM
            MSN autos list is very different to yours

          • Model T

            I’ve said this before: GM is a low-end manufacturer that targets the lower end of the market. The design and quality of their product reflects their market position. It’s only due to clever, emotion-driven advertising that there is a perception – particularly in Australia – that GM make “good” cars. It certainly works on the morons who stick Chevrolet badges on their Commodores. You can wrap a turd in fancy packaging, but it’s still a turd. I just admire the people who pulled off all that nonsense about “Holden vs Ford”. By placing your product in the same sentence as a higher tier manufacturer you hope some of its reputation will rub off on yours.

      • Chinamonty

        The Chevy Volt had a problem with the stupidity of the NHTSA (the testing authority). They crash tested a car and then did not disconnect the battery prior to storage. Some weeks after the test the vehicle caught on fire. As the US does not have Workcover a proper investigation was never held as it would have been here in Australia.

    • Andrew

      I could be wrong but didn’t Toyota recall more cars last year then Holden has sold in the last decade ?

      • theillestlife

        they produced more cars than holden in the past decade also…

        • Peter Stone

          So they should be better at it then….

  • Peanut

    What has the reiliability of the diesel motors been like?

    • zej

      Flawless, from my 3-year 85’000km experience with a Cruze.
      I found fuel consumption hasn’t bee fantastic. Could be the right foot…

  • BP

    At least Holden have made the right step & have announced the problem, so customers can get the fuel feed hose fixed. Geez, give Holden a break already.

    • Daniel D

      Exactly. At least they do a recall, which is far more then Ford can bring themselves to do.

      They should, because they have just as many problems, they just try and keep it quiet and do fixes on a case by case basis or on the quiet if you have your car serviced by them.

      At least Holden is up front and tells all customers. Something that Ford don’t do from my personal experience with them over the past twenty years.

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au/147978/holden-recalls-25417-captiva-cruze-epica-diesels-in-australia/ balanced…sort of

    As far as i know toyotas were never found to have sticking accelerators, those accidents were found to be driver error. However due to the US government owning the competition that information wasnt publicised as much as the initial grabs for cash. Of course toyota carried out recalls and re-designed the mats because thats the sort of company it is. Im pretty sure someone made the same claims about a territory after they crashed pushing the wrong pedal….

    • Daniel D

      Correct. No evidence was found to support the argument about unintended acceleration.

      Toyota haters just love to hate and aren’t about to let any facts get the in the way of what they do.

      • Dan

        No evidence was found that the unintended acceleration issues were related to external electrical interference of the electronic throttles.


        • Chinamonty

          The answer to this has never been conclusively proven but the gen within the industry is that it was solder whiskers on circuit boards. These short out and when that happens the whisker disappears and you cannot prove it happened, this has happened on other  vehicles too. It is not uncommon in the electronics industry.

  • Reckless1

    I’d rather have my vehicle recalled for a possible diesel fuel leak in the feed hose, than have been the owner of a Ford Explorer when they were rolling and killing people regularly. All the while Ford denied it……

    • Johnson

      I think it was the Firestone tyres and high speed @160kph?

  • Hyundai Lover

    I can’t afford a Boxster, is the Epica a good alternative with its Porsche designed six-cylinder? Please help.

    • Force-15

      Considering how many times you’ve been thumbed-down, no. A Cars Guide editor (I forget his name) said the Holden Epica’s engine sounds like a sewing machine and pulls with as much power…

      Personally I reckon it’s duller than a Toyota Camry. Enough said.

      • Hyundai Lover

        Geez, I guess people can’t understand sarcasm? No one in their right mind would cross-shop an Epica with a Boxster. Cool your jets!

  • mike

    Ha government motors fails again! come down to your local holden and we will put out the fire, go toasty.

    • Daniel D

      GM is not government owned. Holden is recalling a car before something goes wrong. What would you suggest is the alternative?

      Hide the problem like that other American car company does?

      Do you recall a certain ball joint issue with Territory? What about warped brakes? Rust in tailgates? A failed design for window clips that would fail? A certain colour that would peel of Falcons and require complete resprays?

      Recall Ford issuing a public recall for any of these in the press? I’m a Ford owner, but I can only dream that Ford would be as transparent and proactive as Holden is in fixing things.

      Any manufacturer who recalls their cars is protecting the investment and relationship with their their customers and should be acknowledged for it.

      • Doctor

        “A certain colour that would peel of (sic) Falcons and require complete resprays?”
        Gee I thought they were just so fast that the wind blew the paint off! :-)

      • mike

        GM is actually still owned by the united states government 26.5 percent of the company to be exact.

        Quote from real clear politics this month’s article:

        The Detroit company is still 26.5 percent owned by the government, which gave GM $49.5 billion in aid to save it from the auction house. The government is waiting to sell its remaining 500 million shares until the stock market recovers.

        In terms of protecting relationship with the customers don’t make me laugh they have covered up problems in the past just as ford or any other company. I remember in 2002 a certain VY-VZ commodore range had piston slapping problems with the ls2 engine and car seats that could catch on fire, fuel hose problems etc.

        The current VE has eletricial problems that stopped factory navigation systems being installed on commodore’s because they would run down the battery and the car wouldn’t start. It is the number one recalled car in a australia for a reason.

  • They are

    GM is over 50% owned by the US government. This happened as they went bankrupt in 2008/9 and the US government bailed them out. FACT

  • They are so

    GM is over 50% owned by the US government. This happened as they went bankrupt in 2008/9 and the US government bailed them out. FACT!!

    • Golfschwein

      Not any more. Google it.

  • filippo

    I can sort of understand people buying the inoffensive Cruze or Captiva, but to think that 2724 people bought diesel Epicas (along with god-knows how many petrol models) is just beyond belief. I mean, look at it!

  • Dave

    Just found out the hard way. My high pressure fuel line burst this arvo. Suttons Rosebery fixed it on the spot (much better cust service than crawfords where I got the car from). Apologies if you were behind me on Gen Holmes Drive today when it happened!

  • http://caradvice.com Ceagle

    A PIG with lipstick is still a PIG. GM Daewoo!

  • Matt

    I love my Captiva but the inside tyre wear is a big concern & should be a recall thing. I also don’t like the fact that the tyres are an unusual size & meaning more $$$ also the battery is irregular size. as well.

  • Simoncoleman79

    Why does  the commentary need to be so offensive? With the amount of discrimination displayed about car manufacturers, I’m wondering if there is an underlying objective. Please be tolerant of Corporations they are only looking after the interests of their shareholders and the individuals who manage the company. Spare a thought for their families in Toorak, Soverign Island,Vauclause and Hedges Avenue.