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This promo video could be the last in an almost immeasurably long line of teasers of the all-new Toyota FT-86.

The production version of Toyota’s rear-wheel drive sports coupe will finally be unveiled at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show in just over one week, before going on sale in Australia around the middle of 2012.

The number of times we have seen concept cars, preview images, sneak peaks and teasers gives you some indication of the amount of hype and anticipation surrounding the new model.

Although we already have a pretty good idea of what to expect from the production car – which may simply be called the Toyota 86 – the video gives us a few never-before-seen angles, including the view under the bonnet and a close-up of the manual gearstick and some of the switchgear. (We’ve taken screen grabs of the most revealing moments for you to click through in the gallery below.)

Full details and specifications and a host of images will be released on November 30. Click here to read everything we know so far about Toyota’s new sports car.

  • Snoop

    I like the look of the BRZ front end better. I saw a picture of it on Instagram, someone took it from a motor show.
    It was dark metallic blue with white 15 spoke rims.
    I don’t know what it is but, you seem to get a better idea of what the car would look like in reality when it’s taken from a regular digi camera instead of a “proper” photographers camera.
    If I was to choose, at this point I’d go the BRZ puerly on looks alone.

    • MWCD

      The BRZ looks like a dead cod. Correction, a dead cod which killed itself by smashing its head hard against the wall of a tank.

      • incentive75

        BRZ looks great, this toyota box looks just like a hmmm box.

  • Harry

    middle of 2012 -> ~7 months more of this

    • bert

      Saw the SCION verson at SEMA in vegas 3 weeks ago it is one bloody awesome car and SCION get there car in march/april 2012 so there will be no more 7 months at all! The scion rep said they have bulk deposits already

      • NOICS

        Agreed, Scion version FTW

  • AndyGF

    “Devoted To Innovation”

    By innovation they mean letting Subaru Engineers do all the hard work (developing something they dont normally develop, ie: FR sports cars), and then sticking a different badge on the front?

    (I know I should give them a break, everyone has to start somewhere, but I dont know if buying a car they ‘learnt on’ is such a good idea?)

    • AndyGF

      Rather wait till the BRZ STI 2-200-4Q2 World Rally… -oops i mean ‘World Racing Edition Really’ to come out in Japan only.

      And try begging and pleading down at your local dealership, only to resign to buying a cheap sticker kit made in china to make your BRZ look like a STI 2x20o bla bla bla…

      (PS: you might think I just made up that nomenclature, and I did, with the figure in horsepower. But it has history; I once spoke to a subaru driver/fan who told me his STI was ‘more powerful’ than my old M5 because his car put down 200kw on *EACH* of his 4 wheels, where mine only put 300kw down on 2 wheels! ^_^ I couldn’t argue I was laughing so hard.)

  • Hyundai Lover

    So their target audience is children now?

    • RoFlmaTiC

      Lol Hyundai…

      I find it amusing how there is so much love for the Hyundai genesis coupe on this site, and at the same time so much criticism directed at the FT-86 from taking so “long” to go from concept to production – yet the FT-86 looks like it will be available in Australia first?

      • Hyundai Lover

        To be straight with you, my name was created to make fun of the apparent love of Hyundai on this site. I am actually anticipating the release of the FT86 very much.

    • j

      I didn’t see it as children being the target audience but rather tapping into everyone’s inner child and the spirit of fun and enjoyment.

  • t.

    i still dont get why toyota cant use their own engines and subaru use their own boxer engines. otherwise whats the point of the two manufacturers releasing similar stuff? eat each other sales?

    • camaro

      so u need more study on car be4 put comment on mate.

      • Awesome.

        U need more Engrish lesssson.

  • Nick

    This car has had more sneak peeks, and scoops, than John Farnham has had farewell concerts!

    It will go down as one of the biggest anti climaxes in automotive history.

  • Pauly

    If the specs are to believed. To get any sort of performance out of this engine you need to completely thrash the living day lights out of it.

    Give me a forced induction engine with low down torque and high KW any day.

    What is sad is that the Golf GTI (which is not a leader in hot hatch power figures) has more power then this car and from alot sooner in the Rev range.

    Common Toyota…

    • Lukaas

      Yeah but you’re comparing turbo to NA.
      Any Turbo car have more power at lower rev lines, its just like saying the sky is blue.

      The point is, the car has been developed for its handling, you can throw it around corners, zig zag in 100+kmph easy and respond to your driving style as easy as possible.

      And the power output? If you account Power to weight and RWD LSD setup…. the FT86 looks to be the better driver’s car. Its got 4 seats too, so it SHOULD take away sales from the GTI 2 door hatch and other 2 door hot hatches.

      Power is not everything… and 150kW is easily transformed to 170kW by exhaust and tuned ECU… maybe $2000 worth of upgrades… the ECU is supposedly TUNER friendly.

      Looks wise, it craps on the GTI… and the RWD setup.

      As I said previously, would love to drive to the great ocean road from the dealership lol.

  • iNoob

    This car when originally released in 86 didn’t have forced induction.. it doesn’t have it this time either.

    As the Project Engineer simply stated (not exact words but along the lines of) ->> we’re giving the customer a base they can modify to suit their individual taste..

    It was always about handling with this car and if you’ve read the specs from the Ft-86 forum, with its low centre of gravity (close to the LFA, better than the Evo, close to Ferrari spec), then the endless number of options it’ll have in the after market parts scene – then you begin to realize that they’ve done the job well.

    Hell the ecu can be flashed (standard one) – it’ll out manoeuvre the GTI and will not break down as much either..(yeah flame on whatever)

    To anyone bashing Toyota for taking their sweet ass time – well I’d rather that than to have a billion$ put into a car only to be recalled time and time again..

    This will sell like hot pancakes.. (even quicker)

    • JooberFPVGT

      “As the Project Engineer simply stated (not exact words but along the lines of) ->> we’re giving the customer a base they can modify to suit their individual taste..

      Hope so. Probably all those go fast bits will be offered as options by TRD during sales?

    • Pauly

      Your kidding right? So Toyota want you to ‘modify to suit your individual taste’.

      In other words, that just means the brand new $40,000+ car has no more warranty.


      I will keep my eyes and ears open to a sportier model a year or so from now.

      • Lukaas

        And MOST enthusiasts (apart from the rich Ferrari owners) TUNE their vehicles 1 year after buying it.

        Yeah, I agree that you’d be DUMB to modify it OFF the dealership, maybe wheels… but everything else is 1 year wait modification.

        And where did Toyota say to “modify” it straight away?

        Have you bought a brand new car before?… the paper work, the salesmen… they all explain warranty details… and if 100% of brand new car buyers will no doubt be aware of the warranty period.

        After 1 year ownership…. why not go to your heart’s content?

        And why is it bad for Toyota to basically carry on the tradition of car modification?….

        Real car enthusiasts would tinkle with the engine, wheels, suspension etc in the garage to see what they can do to improve performance, looks and handling etc.

        No one has a gun on their heads to modify it…

        • AndyGF

          How about just buy the right car 1st time round…
          Then you get to keep your warrantee and dont have to mess up your ‘baby’ trying to make it something it’s NOT!

          Just imagine if you car modification enthusiasts applied the same dedication to keeping your beautiful (and already very fast) car in tip top shape, think of the endless joy and pleasure it will give you knowing you are maintaining it better than even the best dealerships ever could!
          And it’s reliability will AMAZE you!

          • RoFlmaTiC

            Because it’s not common for GTI drivers to flash their ECUs…

            Oh wait…

          • Kaass

            You dont get it dude.

            You just dont… so please don’t make comments about “tuning” and “after market” and make it sound negative, because people who know what they are doing KNOW what they are doing.

            Do you go to tracks on the weekend?

            Its not just a hobby… its a culture.

            And I know how to keep my cars in tip top shape, modding it with engineering qualified tuners is FINE, its the dodgy backyard job that just wants power over reliability thats the issue.

            I should of known you euro car owners don’t know much about aftermarket for cars, its rare for you guys to get your hands dirty in the garage finger nails might get chipped.

            And please don’t look at those guys driving Hyundai Excels, Corollas with body kits and rear wings as “tuners”. Far from it.

            The AE86 is a cult icon as much as the GTI, so why do you question the owner’s intentions when its always been accepted this way?

          • AndyGF

            Kaass, let me ask you this?

            As a true petrolhead/tuner, do you believe you could look after a standard high performance machine better than anyone else could?

            If your answer is No; Then you shouldn’t be working on any kind of ‘tuning’ on any other car either, because the rules are all very similar, even the technology and its application the same! For your own good and the safety of others too, stop NOW…

            If your answer is Yes; Then why not benefit from letting the manufacturer do all the rigorous testing for you, and just keep their original performance concept going for much longer? Resulting in long term satisfactory ownership.

            In the end the dedication the same, except this time is actually costs LESS in the long run because you start with a much better platform, is twice as rewarding when just normally ‘using’ my car. Ive moved on from the petrol powered cars, and am now using a diesel (not a VW, tho GTD would be a good start) to give unsuspecting ‘tuner’ drivers like yourself a carrot! Its a true SLEEPER, something your rubbish modified track/culture/tuner cars couldn’t ever emulate. ^_^

          • Kaass

            Funny you mentioned that AndyGF.

            I have experience in vehicle engine design and currently working on drive train engineering. 10+ years in the industry.

            If you understand how an engine is put together you’ll understand that an engine consists of thousands of components from little gaskets, bolts to the block and pistons. When you “tune”, its a general term meaning you replace OEM regular parts for higher quality material parts, you also replace components for bigger capacity parts… thats the very very basics of it. The ECU and engine management systems is where you adjust the parameters to the new components boosting their performance.

            OEM manufacturers design their engine for daily usage and for durability… but most of all. They design it with COST in mind. When you mass produce vehicles, the most common basic components that costs 1/10th that of the “aftermarket” parts… you choose those parts to make a profit.
            Ferrari, Lamborghini, other exotics have NO compromise for parts cost, the mass produce vehicles do.

            Apart from cost, they also design the engine in a way that it should last hundreds of thousands of kilometers with as little components need to be replaced. As customers see failing components as “bad quality” when in fact its simple wear and tear.

            When you put aftermarket parts it means you compromise durability longetivity of the engine for higher output… this sounds bad, but if you are an engine head, you wont have a problem replacing engine components every few years anyways, hence it doesnt affect you as much.

            Other areas of tuning, such as suspension, gear boxes, wheels, body aero etc… same principle.

            And in some cases certain Cars are designed for Higher performance tuning post dealership anyways. Toyota Supra Engine can handle 400-450kW with no engine component replacement except for bigger turbo and boost. Durability isnt affected as much either unless you RED line furiously. Skyline GTRs can handle 600kW+ with small engine component replacements. Gear boxes for both cars are also capable of handling the output. 2 examples of designing parts for higher output, as engineers over engineer the parts to begin with for many purposes… such as racing, performance improvement etc… OH… or you can just say TUNING.

            Basically, TUNERS, real tuners have that mentality. YOU, and other customers who simply want to buy and use… well then STICK to your cars of choice. Why even comment on something YOU HAVE NO interests in and HAVE little to NO knowledge of?


        • Kaass

          And in regards to your comment about letting the manufacturers do the testing for you.


          Again, naivity at its best.

          Maybe its just me and other who work and have worked in the industry that sees the lack of depth in that thinking.

          First of, Im just going to be basic for you.
          Cars for the road have limits, limits such as road rules and regulations.
          These Road rules and regulations consists of safety, emissions, pedestrian protection and vehicle functionality.

          HIGH OUTPUT performance is near bottom of the rung, when it comes to mass produce vehicles. Again except for your Ferraris, Paganis, Veyrons etc. Mass produce cars have priorities.

          When testing, they test cars roughly to travel certain km intervals. 10,000km, 40,000km, 100,000km and in some cases 300,000 kms. The intervals can differ depending on OEM. They test everything under “realistic” usage parameters. Meaning 60kmph, 100kmph… and for wind related tests… 150kmph… Again this is for MASS produce cars… race cars and exotics are different altogether.

          Testing cars under tuned condition does not happen in-house. Maybe if by an outsourced company as a special vehicle release (HSV etc).

          Basically, aftermarket suppliers do not MAKE parts that add ridiculous power that breaks the chassis and engine.

          When people say TUNE, they TUNE to what their car is capable of. And tuners know enough. Again your confusing crazy people with tuners.

          I can see crazy people putting a V10 7.2 liter engine on a corolla with stock engine bay reinforcements….. Tuners they arent…..

          Please stop talking about tuners and tuning, you have little knowledge about it.

          If tuners doesnt exists then we dont ever see racing, outside of F1 and LeMans etc.

          • AndyGF

            (sorry, had to skim read that lot of garbage)

            If you were as smart as you claim/think you are, you would know even a little bit about ultimate tensile strength, exceed it and any metal components will eventually fail.

            So where in your ‘repertoire’ of a tuners magazine (packed with crazy hot chicks) and a moldy parts catalog and installation guide, written by a guy who is SO SMART, he couldnt even get a job making “real cars”, do you think yourself qualified to measure all the additional forces & stresses you are exerting, including some safety related components?

            It has been said that a little knowledge is a very dangerous thing… Yours is a perfect case in point!

  • Tom

    I’m just hoping Toyota and Subaru take there time JDM always out do there ADM counter parts, that way we can score these cars considerably cheaper and better via import! :)

  • Demonaz

    Some people will never understand high revving, balanced and light sports cars like Honda Type-Rs, Mazda MX-5s and the upcoming FT-86. Please just stick to your glorified European shoe boxes aka Golf GTI… There is more to driving enjoyment than ‘low-down torque’. Obviously sports cars are not for you.

    • Lukaas

      Well said.

      Its a shame all these GTI drivers think they KNOW cars because they drive GTIs. GTIs only became popular the last 5-6 years. COINCIDENTLY its the period where Nissam, Honda, Toyota etc didnt have a sub 40K-45K Coupe on the market.

      Many people I know have 2 door GTIs because their isnt much 2 door coupe 4 seater options at that price range.

      When Honda, Toyota, Nissan bring back the “Fast 4s” once again…. with the amount of aftermarket support and ease of tuning… I believe GTI’s reign of “default” affordable popular sporty car will end.

      • Lukaas

        With that said, the WRX (195kw 45K AUD, 4WD), Megane (180kW 45K FWD) are better performers than the GTI.

        GTI is more of a trend, its “cool” to drive a VW GTI. The euro swagger also plays a big factor…

        • AndyGF

          Refinement of a 5 series + practicality of a hatchback + loads of low down grunt + plenty of top end power (on the odd occasion you can use it on our roads)
          / price = *G*T*I*

          (there is nothing to touch it, no need to count ‘coolness’ or the ‘euro swagger’ factor, whatever that is?)

          • Kaass

            Refinement of a 5 series??

            OMG, you have a GTI fever, I dont blame you, many people are, because its “cool” to have one.

            GTI is a fine car, good value, because its sporty, it has nice comfortable interior and soft enough for a daily drive.

            But refinement of a 5 series?

            Yeah… okay, if you think so, atleast you are happy with it.

            Plenty of top end power?
            The Megane will rip it to shreds.
            The WRX has better performance, SUbaru dropped the ball with the interior, yes its CRAP indeed, but doesnt take away from the fact its the more practical car since you can take it to the mountains during skii season without problems, you can fit even more things in the back than the GTI… and its more reliable in the long run… and aftermarket parts are far easier to obtain and get performance upgrades.

            My girlfriend loves her Golf, she thinks they’re cute cars.

          • AndyGF

            Compare a Golf 6 NVH against all of its competition, and indeed a E39 and E60 5 series (cant comment on F10 as have yet to drive/own one), and the Golf raises the bar! A feature that similar money cannot buy in any other showroom.

            As far as top end power goes;
            When last did you depress your accelerator pedal fully (WOT – wide open throttle) for longer than say 2-3 seconds on public roads?

            Oh Wait, I forgot DONT drive a GTI…

  • George

    This is gonna be the most interesting car ever.

    I wonder if Nissan are going to release their newer S16.

    And if they did, the competition would be intense.