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  • Vibe

    The little aircon remote is a great idea, would be brilliant in Australia to pre-cool the car, but OH DEAR GOD ITS HIDEOUS. CANNOT BE UNSEEN.

    • Alan

      The remote air con start has been available in Australia for a couple of years on the Toyota Prius.

  • Pauly

    In the mean time Honda Australia… Where is the Hybrid Jazz in Australia?

  • jbot

    Quite a few cars in the US have remote start so you can warm up the engine and get the heaters running before you jump in when its freezing. Looks like this might take it a step further and allow you to set the temp remotely rather than the previous setting just starting up with the car – not a big step IMO.

  • AW

    I have to say the car itself isn’t a bad idea. if I spent all my time in city traffic, it’d make a lot of sense. However, I personally prefer diesel all round for both highway and city efficiency and torque. A good idea, but not for the best car for my needs.

    I’d like to see honda bring this in as well as an Accord Euro diesel.

  • Mr Gaspo

    EV, EV… EV let your hair hang down!