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  • Yonny

    The badge says Honda, but the looks say Ssangyong.

    • SWE

      Honda’s new sales pitch:

      The new generation Honda CR-V “Blend & boring”!

  • Arnie

    What an ugly ducklings. reminds me of the Pontiac Aztec

    • Doctor

      Only the Ssangyong Stavic rivals the Aztec for the ugliest car of all time…. this is pretty compared to those two.

    • Lazybones

      Nothing can be uglier than the Aztec, not even the new US Civic!!! But this car does look very lame..

  • Daniel

    Oh yuck. Just everything about it. Blugh. I know a lot of people say that Volkswagens look boring, but at least their handsome too. This is just ugly.

    • Daniel


  • Jake Williams

    The new Ford Escape is what the new CR-V should be. It looks great, the interior is classy and filled with tech, it’s practical (the CR-V boot doesn’t look very big at all) and it has more than just a basic petrol engine (with the EcoBoost engines available and what not).

    ‘Just good enough’ is no longer good enough Honda.

  • Rodders

    such a shame for Honda, the new Mazda CX-5 & Ford Escape are going to run rings around this..

    • Veniv6711

      I agree too bad this new crv has more hp than the cx5 but the cx5 classier, sportier better looking in and out. Well, Im getting a cx5 Ill just add more performance parts to go faster.

  • PhantomHamster

    All I can say is ummm I dont hate the dashboard as much as the rest of the car…LOL

  • http://fiat bill

    10L per 100km…. Those so called aussie Dinosaurs that everyone thinks are thirsty pigs manage better than that!

    But I guess it’s not fasionable to knock imports.

  • camaro

    they didnt even dare to take photos from front of it. except frontend I think it looks good enough for me. Mazda cx5 is great but I don’t think ford escape looks very attractive personally. youths go for cx5, mature go for this crv.

  • 123321

    The new RAV4 is just around the corner.

  • Pauly

    Oh Honda… 10L / 100KM!!!! From a 4 Cylinder!!!! In 2012!!!!! 5 Speed Auto!!!!! In 2012!!!!!

    Jesus you guys are seriously screwed. Ford, VW and Mazda are going all out with new transmissions and new engines. Hell Mazda are changing the whole bloody way they build their cars!

    Yet all you can offer us is the same 2.4L engine that has been on offer for the past 2 generations of CR-V? And offer the same crappy 5 speed auto!

    What I want to know is:

    – Wheres the Diesel? It’s a whole new car, cut the excuses and make it already.

    – Where’s the 6 speed+ auto? Again no excuse its 2012 when this car is launched and has to survive 5 years until the next CRV.

  • Westie

    Does my bum look big in this?
    Surely the ink ran on the blueprints. Or the CAD widescreen failed and they went back to a narrow?
    Lumpy or what?
    I’m sure the engine will be a gem (in a Euro), and it’ll be reliable and all those other Honda things, but does it need to look like that???

  • Crummydore

    Let it soak in everyone….

    The more I look at these images the more I see a mature design.

    Honda may do better with this than is the current thinking!

    • smokin’R32

      Unless its a Skoda you wont see a positive remark about a cars styling from commenters on this site

  • Clem

    I’m not going to mention the rest but the engine is really sucks. Honda is still living in the old days. Back to the Future …

  • Martin

    Wow I think I actually prefer the previous gen over this. And over that I prefer the previous boxier CRV! What the hell Honda? Where has your mojo gone?

    • Vrx26

      I agree, just made the superseded model more appealling than this one. I think all their design ideas have gone to ASIMO.

  • Ox

    Oh Honda, your future ain’t lookin good

  • teeeee

    wheres the 2.5cyl k25?

  • Matt H

    Korea’s the new Japan, while the Japanese are just going backwards. I guess thats what happens when your main market is USA.
    Toyota hasnt done anything new for years and reliability is questionable. 4sp autos are still seen across most of their range and fuel economy is generally high.
    Honda’s last good car was the original Accord Euro. Nothing good since then – and that was almost 10 years ago.
    I can’t remember Mitsubishi’s last new model. (ASX?)
    Subaru designs are too Americanised, but the impreza ‘may’ be a step forward (depends on how it looks in the flesh).
    Mazda at least are growing in massive strides, their new design language looks fantastic with impressive engine figures to complete the package. They’re taking it to the Europeans.

  • james cortez

    Honda, your arrogance an dreliance on your badge has cost you slaes drop and your future looks bleak!


    yesterday,all my troubles seem so far away,now i know there here to stay,cause i still live,in yesterday…

  • Altezza

    Upon looking at this new CR-V, I tune in and listen to classic song “Yesterday Once More” by Carpenters. I wish Honda to go back to their heyday in the 90s where their cars were hits.

    I think I should suggest Honda CEO and the styling department to listen to this song to realise what they have done to their car nowadays.

  • http://Caradvice Onepoppa

    Who can remember the good old days when we all thought that Honda was becoming the Japanese BMW? Apart from the Accord Euro – which has no diesel or wagon in Australia, and the Civic Type R – a sort of Civic Euro – what do they make which is anything like 2012? Even the Jazz is will fall behiind if they don’t watch their specs.

    They can’t match VW let alone BMW or Audi and in the mass market area the Koreans are creaming them. Even in the US their cars – including the new Civic which hasn’t got here yet – are regarded as having slipped off the pace. It is a shame.

  • Faz

    Looks ugly like all new Honda models.. But interior is fine

  • Steven

    Even Subaru have a turbo diesel now!

  • Pauly

    The only exciting Honda coming to Australia anytime soon is the CR-Z launching on December 1st.

    Next year they have:

    – Civic Sedan (Already been canned in the USA for being rubbish)

    – Civic Hatch (should be good!, however Honda Australia will no doubt not import the diesel)

    – New CRV (Im sorry but 9.8L /100KM from a 2012 4 cylinder is disgusting. And still offering a 5 speed auto is beyond a joke).


    – Get rid of the Honda City)

    – Honda Civic Coupe (American Only)
    – Honda Civic Coupe Si (American Only)
    – Honda Accound Coupe (American Only)
    – Honda Jazz Hybrid (where is it Honda Australia?)
    – Honda Accord Euro Diesel
    – Honda Accord Euro Tourer (Diesel and Petrol)
    – Honda Accound Euro V6 (Acura TSX in America)
    – Honda Ridgeline (Take on Amarok and Hilux)
    – Honda Civic Hatch Diesel

    As I said, they actually HAVE nice cars, but half of them are land locked in only some countries! Its stupid! Release them worldwide! some of the cars are awesome.

  • K20A

    I can’t agree more with all the above sentiments from fellow readers.. this car’s future is as good as Kim Kardashian’s marriage..

  • Kris

    Honda really needed a brand new engine and transmission to go with this car to make it more efficient and better to drive. Can’t see it competing against the Mazda CX-5 and while it may steal a few sales away from the aging Forester, Subaru will surely take back the lead with a new Forester not too far away. I suspect Honda will fall even further behind once the new Ford Escape joins the fray too in 18 months time.

  • Martin

    If Honda actually got their act together I think they could take on Volkswagen and the incoming Opel. They need to look at where they are positioned in the market right now and where is obtainable in the next 5 years. In reality they used to be somewhere in between the main stream offerings and Volkswagen as a sub sub-luxury brand if that’s believable.

    Honda’s were obtainable objects of desire that they could charge a slight premium for. People actually strived to own a Honda. Now the only car in their whole line up that actually retains any of these past traits is the Accord Euro.

    Continual loss of market share will surely provide that spark of enlightenment that they so need. I for one would like a Honda but there is just nothing in their current range that suits me or is even desirable to me (euro excluded).

    • http://www.serenaus.com.au Huw

      doubtful, or they wouldn’t have created this and the rest of their current line up

  • nickdl

    So the technological highlight appears to be an ECON button. Oh, I guess they’ve caught up to the EF Falcon then…

    Expect the local price at launch to be $34,990 + on roads. It won’t sell. A year later Honda will drop the price to $30,990 + on roads annoying all those who bought the original. It still won’t sell. Honda will then offer the car for $29,990 driveaway, with $500 of free extras such as roof racks and headlight protectors.

    Unfortunately none of this will change the fact that the 2012 CR-V is an ugly, slow, outdated and boring small SUV with no off-road ability. What’s next?

  • col

    I’m happy how everyone here is unhappy. Honda needs to wake up and ask what people what they really want.

    • o

      thats the problem, I remember reading an article that the last impreza was originally stunning before getting watered down through community groups

      • col

        Hmmm….that’s not good. Maybe they should still try it anyway because their getting bad comments anyway.

  • Vins

    This may and only works in US. Honda seems to forget that besides US customers, there are other customers in the rest of the world they need to cater as well.

  • http://www.serenaus.com.au Huw

    where did they get this batch of honda designers, Koria?

  • http://www.serenaus.com.au Huw

    where did they get this batch of honda designers, Koria? Hondas thesedays are just plain fugly

    • Mark

      You had 2 attempts and still couldn’t spell Korea! LOL

  • Shak

    What has happened at Honda. We all know that they can, and still make some very good cars. Its just that they seem adamant on not giving them to a vast majority of consumers!! Honda, get it into your heads, you could and should be the BMW of the East. We ARE willing to pay higher prices if you give us something to smile about.

  • mojtaba

    salam aghaye fallah man tooye tamas ba ma pm dadam khahesh mikonam rahnamayim konid
    ba tashakkor eydetoon mobarak

  • Tim

    My impression of this design was not bad. Generally, the designs of Korean cars and some European car looks greatly similar.

  • anthony

    I like the look of this,with Accord Euro looking front,and very Volvo looking rear…

    • maximark

      Agreed.I like the styling but disappointed with the powertrain. The CRV will be left behind by other small SUVs with the 5 speed gearbox in 2012.

  • Steve

    My gawd its looks fugly, big and heavy. Will the engine struggle and blow out the mileage even further. Like a 2.4L in a camry blowing out into the 12’s.

  • Neil

    Front-end design team clearly forgot to send those emails onto the rear-end team…

  • hehe

    Oh dear, the honda’s got a face that only its mother will love

  • http://www.nsmg.com.au Wil-son

    Looks like the old one……only uglier. And to think they made the mistake with the grille on the last one, only to do it again on this one!!!

  • http://Caradvice Onepoppa

    Any one of us who hs ever owned a Honda knows about their long term reliability. They used to give Toyota reliability, but with BMW type sparkle, and people happily paid a premium for this.

    Now it is just Toyota like whitegoods, but without the sparkle , so not only do people balk at a premium they are off elsewhere – in droves. Look at the sales figures – and this is in a sector where people pay with their own money, and they are increasingly spending it on Mazdas and VWs.


    I agree that some Honda models have lost their position, but in their defence, quite often their engine specs defy the performance. We all know that this 2.4 litre can punch out higher power in different tunes (Accord Euro), but 2 direct competitors in this segment are way off the mark:
    Forestor: 126kW 4sp Auto
    RAV4: 125kW 4sp Auto
    And Honda introduced their 5sp Auto in the mid-life update of the second series.

    It also comes down to “it’s not what you got, it’s what you do with it” … I had the misfortune of being given an i45 has a rental car in far north Qld to run between Townsville, Cairns & Port Douglas (Avis claims this is a full sized car – perhaps, but not a full sized motor). With 6 gears the car spent too much time jumping back through cogs wasting precious time on the wrong side of the road when passing trucks. I know having driven an Accord Euro that it made better decisions with it’s 5 gears and seat-of-pants feeling was stronger in crucial passing manoeuvres.

  • Aaronburden37

    If you add exterior accessories it look a lot better!