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The 2013 Chevrolet Spark has been revealed ahead of its official unveiling at this week’s 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show.

The 2013 model year upgrade brings a revised interior and exterior design, more technology and standard features, and greater personalisation options to the US-spec vehicle. The new Chevy Spark will go on sale in North America in mid-2012.

The design upgrades will flow through to Australia’s Holden Barina Spark sometime later, although our model will retain its budget focus and simple standard features list rather than adopt the high-grade appointments of its North American counterpart. Holden Australia’s Emily Perry said the local arm had no information on when the new model would arrive in our showrooms at this stage.

The 2013 Chevrolet Spark promises to be one of the best-equipped sub-light cars on the North American market.

At the heart of the upgrades is Chevrolet’s MyLink infotainment system, which incorporates a seven-inch colour touchscreen, smartphone-based navigation, Bluetooth connectivity and Pandora and Stitcher internet radio services.

The 1.2-litre four-cylinder petrol engine will also get a mild power boost, with 63kW and 110Nm on offer. The standard five-speed manual transmission is joined in the range by an optional four-speed automatic (the latter is not currently available in Australia).

Ms Perry said Holden was still committed to adding the automatic option to the local range, and said the brand was hopeful it would be available within 12 months.

Nine paint colours – including bright yellow, blue, pink and green – should ensure the 2013 Spark stands out from the crowd, while small decorative inserts have been added inside to create a more premium look and feel.

  • crouchy

    Still looks…….. TERRIBLE!

    • Chris

      This looks hot in my opinion, amazing how a decent set of rubber gives this car a huge lift, much better looking than that fugly Festa

  • wingbat

    “although our model will retain its budget focus and simple standard features list rather than adopt the high-grade appointments of its North American counterpart”

    Same could be said when comparing many Australian models to US models, really. Just compare the ADM Nissan Maxima to the USDM Nissan Maxima.

  • Owen

    85HP, and fuel economy no better than the Barina/Aveo/Sonic?


  • Westie

    Thwacked with the ugly stick!

  • Shak

    C’mon Holden, it isnt that hard to just give it an auto and some technology!!!

    • Hyundai Lover

      You could argue that wheels and an engine are ‘some technology’. Just my 7 cents.

    • moonie

      A 4 speed slushbox wouldn’t be Euro 5 compliant.

      It has much better fuel economy than a Barina of course.

  • Hung Low

    If cars like this are still coming out, it wont be long until the Chinese will be on par or better with their brands.

  • Grady

    Maybe they will finally release an automatic so P-plater girls can flood the streets with these!

    • Paul

      And they will all be in girly pink.

  • Mr Gaspo



    argueably the worst clutch feel in any new car sold today…

  • Snoop

    It won’t just be P-plate girls buying this thing.
    Trust me, there will be alot of guys out there buying it because…….. OMG it’s so cute!

  • Alexander

    While it’s still not pretty, it’s certainly better looking than the current one…

  • Wuu

    Australian have the least features out of most major markets..

    Look at our Camry and compare it to USDM Camry and they have full leather upholstry, 6-speed auto, new 2.5L AR engine, dual exhuast setup and much more features compared to us.. Also more expensive and softer suspension setup, better pwr/elc steering etc etc

    And yet we pay more!!!!!!!!!! WTF??

    • Alexander

      The Camry you’ve described is the new gen. Toyota hasn’t even announced the specs for the new Camry in Aus yet – so you cant really comment on it.

      I know for a fact that our Prius is VERY well equipped compared to their base. Our base Prius is their mid range, and out top spec Prius is their top spec, plus all the option packages.

      Other manufacturers are also on record for saying that Australian cars are amongst the highest spec cars in all markets of the world. If you look at overseas websites, our cars are VERY well specced.

      • Wuu

        I was over there buddy, i am talking about the outgoing model which is now their previous gen model.. Their Camry has had the 2.5L AR engine and 6-speed since 2009/2010.. Where as our model has continued to use the antiqued ‘AZ’ engine & 4/5-speed tranny.. And we are just about to get the new AR engine in Australia for the new Camry due out later..

        • http://www.wmcapriceforum.com/ Troutman

          I’d suggest providing more examples than one car to back up such a broad generalisation.

          I once owned a ’94 Eunos 800M, and the US equivalent (Mazda Millenia) was lacking in some features including 4 wheel steering.

          Now have a Caprice and obviously the US version is extremely stripped out – though only intended for law enforcement agencies so doesn’t really count.

      • Rick

        Our cars should be of the highest spec we pay close to double what some other markets pay

  • Rick

    It’s still a recycled daewoo

  • filippo

    I was in the Dominican Republic earlier this year and I saw one of these Praying Mantis’ with an automatic gearbox, so it’s strange that they aren’t available locally.

    I also drove one (a manual one from Hertz). It was seriously one of the worst cars I have driven in recent times: rearward visibility was awful, changing gears felt like stirring a stick in mud, body roll was dreadful, and at least two plastic bits from under the dashboard fell off.

  • topdog

    I think they could have put bigger head lights on it, They could have easily just contiuned up the side of the wincreen, lol

    • Amelia

      I have a ‘Lucious Kiss Pink’ spark, and I love him! But yes, this comment is hilarious about the headlights, they are funny and huge, like an alien. And yes, they’re not everyone’s taste, but for a little girly budget car with 6 airbags, abs and esp to runabout in, I don’t feel too bad driving him.

  • topdog

    The wheels are waaaaaaaay too small looking for the car and the head lights are bigger than the car ,Whats going on shocking

  • BP

    I like it & I don’t really give a crap who ever gives this comment a negative.

  • PhantomHamster

    Glad holden are looking forward to getting one of those new fangled 4 speed autos soon… wonder when it will get a cassette deck too? the mind boggles

    • Thrillhouse

      If we’re lucky they’ll dust off a few of the Radial Tuned Suspension badges for this bad boy.

  • Shane

    Some of you girls seriously need to buy a pink one of theses, there is nothing wrong with this car, it suits it’s demographic, thats why Holden sell about 400/500 a month

  • slideways

    i keep seeing hot chicks drivin these things so not bad for a perve

    • chook

      But it proves that beauty and brains dont always go hand in hand . Having one of these things might be a fashion statement for some bimbos !!…same as some new cosmetic grease or powder . What a pity that new age looks and bright paint rate higher than quality !!

      • Amelia

        What about cost? I couldn’t afford a toyota yaris or suzuki swift. So I ended up with a cute, practical and fuel effecient ‘ugly daewoo’. But I’m happy, not so much a bimbo either!

  • al

    the ugliest headlights in history. Good on you Holden. You win the price….Seriously. Are the designers gay…???