• http://evo Frugal One


    WOW so different, new and original…NOT! :-)

    Vale ye o’ld BrownsLance CarCo!



  • http://deleted Alex

    Turns out it was just a badly fitted car-bra :)

  • Iamthestig


    This is just a MULE – the real thing will look NOTHING like this at all…

  • http://integra Car 1

    It is still powered by a Ford engine isnt it?

  • Anataxis

    The AJ-V8 is not now nor was it ever a Ford engine. It was an all-new engine designed exclusively by Jaguar engineers. Look up the SAE technical paper on it.

  • James

    I’m realy looking forward to the next jaguar xj. It has always been a beautiful design but it is now showing its age. With Ian Callum designing the the exterior it should be even better looking than the XF and XK he designed earlier.
    It’s a good way of desguising the prototype I have no idea how it will look like.