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  • dimka100

    Another bucket of bolts from China … but it amazes me how many people I seen driving the ute version of this on our roads already …

    • http://CarAdvice The Salesman

      The people who buy them know they are rubbish but. With a budget of $25k you will be lucky to get a 5 to 10 year old jap car with high k’s and less safety than GW offer. Obviously it is working. The numbers tell all.

      • http://Caradvice Andrew D

        I would buy the gw over a trashed second hand car. Modern features, better warranty, lower insurance and finance offers on the new car as we’ll.

        • gibbut@hotmail.com

          and the second hand alternative will still be better in the long run, safer, and have a resale value.

          ill take the second hand car thanks.

          • Azzaaa

            You obviously don’t know much about safety.. In a nut shell the people at ANCA know more than you…

          • Azzaaa

            You obviously don’t know much about safety.. In a nut shell the people at ANCAP know more than you…

          • Karl

            New does NOT equal safe.
            You could buy a 2009 Sportwagon with a 5 star safety rating for less than this.
            It’d have similar economy and room, but it’d also be much better to drive.

          • Robert

            But, can your 2009 Sportswagon with a 5 star safety rating go the same places this 4wd offroad vehicle go ??

    • http://caradvice GW HATER

      Worst Modern car I have ever driven!! Actually even worse than most 1980s cars ive driven and certainly worse than any 1990s cars from decent brands!!

      • http://zuboora.com mohamad is right when he


      • Donny

        Well, I own one and have been extremely happy with it. Certainly value for money and far better than a second hand heap of problems. I will definately buy another one in a couple of years. All you nockers are jerks.

      • Coljen

        GW Hater you really do not know what you are talking about. We have a GW 4X4 with 50,000ks and it has not faulted once. It is one of the easiest 4x4s we have ever driven, and I have driven a lot of them. Parking at Shopping Centres is a piece of cake, and very comfortable to travel long distance. We want the SUV for a twin pair.

        • Phil

          have X240 and its great to drive, heaps of gadgets, good aircon. paid for 6 year warranty for reselling. Only common problem is lousy door lock remote.

  • Bangle

    3yr 100,000Km warranty?
    Sounds risky. But according to Phil all of the best manufacturers only do 3yrs……….

    • David

      Lexus offer 4 year warranty. They aren’t one of the best manufacturers?

    • Lazybones

      So does Warranty mean they replace your car with a new one and throw the old one in landfill?

  • http://caradvice OSU811

    What you dont Include Hyundai, Kia or Mitsubishi as some of the best manufacturers?? why not! any of those brands is much much better than great wall in any way!

    • Bangle

      No argument here. Take it up with Phil.

      • Don Quay

        Who’s Phil and why does he like Great Wail cars so much?

        • GTR-XUI

          Phil is the resident Falcon Troll,allways saying negatives about Falcon

          • Don Quay

            Thank you. I see Phil and his mates have been busy marking everyone down.

    • MrDucati

      dude u just named the worst brands out

    • Donny

      The guy that put Hyundai on the map is responsible for Great Wall. I own one and love it. Don’t knock them unless you have had one. And YES, I will definately buy another one ion a couple of years.

    • Stephanie_batch

      it’s people like you who bag a veihcle even though you have no knoledge in the industry.
      The Great wall is relatively new to the market, But the results from the mechanical side of things are outstanding. It may not be as good as Toyota or Hyundai, but on such a short time on the market it stands above in order of the rest, Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Holden, Kia, and Ford.

  • Toyota Guru

    Steering wheel is a ripoff of one found in the 120 series Prado or pre-facelift Hilux.

    CA writes: “Australians have warmed to Great Wall in 2011.”

    That should read “Bogans have warmed to the Great Wall…”

    • Charger

      Tight arses have warmed to the Great wall!

      • http://CarAdvice The Salesman

        Not everyone can afford to spend $40 – 50k on a new diesel 4×4. GW offer an opportunity for low income earners to get into this market.

        • Scotty C

          You can buy a 2nd hand deisel BMW X5 for mid to high $20’s. I would rather one of those with 100,000km on it than a new one of these. The X5 even with 200,000km will be a far better, more desirable car with better resale than a Great Wall with 50,000km on it.

          • Douglas9305

            …and how much on servicing, parts, insurance and general running costs….?

          • Karl

            Much less than the depreciation. Well, maybe not in an X5 lol

          • http://Nissan Kazuo

            obvious u had never own any euro car

          • http://Skat ScottyC

            I’ve owned 6 euro cars Kazuo so not sure what the relevance to your question is?

            If you think you will be saving money buying won of these brand new you’ve got rocks in your head. The depreciation will be astonishing, far greater than the running costs of a 2nd hand euro that has already depreciated the most it ever will.

            Your $25k GW in 3 years will be worth no more than $10k 2nd hand. A $25k 2nd hand X5 will still be around $15-$20k. That’s a big difference.

          • Robwing1500

            In your dreams Scotty Potty, buy a second hand bmw and see what the parts cost when it dies in the arse.

    • gibbut@hotmail.com

      centre part of the dash is vz commodore too

      • Azzaaa

        I think you need glasses.

    • Donny

      What crap you go on with. Have you owned one??????????? I do, and cannot fault it. And I have owned Holdens, Toyotas, Jaguar, BMW, Mercedes. The Great Wall has definately been the best value for money.

    • Coljen

      Bogan – Canadian small slow moving stream — maybe Toyota Guru should use his dictionary before he trys to insult people. Daaaaa. Great Walls don’t have the V8 “gone yesterday” power so if you need that ‘fix for speed’ kind of car don’t buy a GW. No Big Deal.

    • regy

      who would buy a 50000 dollar hilux with only 300nm of torque when the great wall is half the price and has more power with only a 2 litre 320nm of torque engine  the only bogan seems to be someone who has more money than cents

  • wow

    dont get why8 people are buying these death traps

    • Coljen

      Because the GW is as safe as any other car on the road. Just depends on the driver.

    • Melbournecbd

      think twice before you do

  • David

    Wow, the X240 has managed to outsell the 10-year-old Ford Escape. Great accomplishment.

    • Hung Low

      Especially when only available as a manual!!!

      • David

        Your point being? Escape is only available as auto.

        • Hung Low

          Point being, most preferences these days are automatics at almost 90% across brands. Great Wall sales aren’t that shabby considering they are only available in manual!
          Gedd it?

  • Charger

    Another 2 star saftey rated? death trap from China! These cars ahouldnt be allowed to be sold in this country purchased by idots with no idea, so i guess its kinda Natural Selection working cause you will pretty much Die and an accident!

    • http://zuboora.com mohamad is right when he

      Like that salad mixer that couldn’t sing at the afl grand final (meatball) says
      ” u took the words right out of my mouth”

    • Aleks

      The X240 is 4 stars, why so many people rubbish this car on safety when they don’t know anything about its safety. It just makes you all look like idiots.

      • http://caradvice OSU811

        I see that but dont know how, with no side curtain airbags or Stability control on the 2.4..

    • Chery

      Even a 2 star Greatwall UTE is safer than a japanese car( If you don’t believe, you can have a crash with a Greatwall UTE).
      X240 is 4 star( But I reckon it is safer than most 5 star japanese cars, the 5 star jazz even weaker than a bicycle….), it was sage even had a crash with a train( People who can read chinese can search this news by google or baidu)

      • South polar bear

        Yeah right….

        How about you get X240 yourself and drive into the train…

        Talking nonsense doesn’t make chinese cars look better…

      • Charger

        I reckon that you should do that as well Chery because then you will never write on this blog again as you will be Road kill and a statistic and we will no longer be blessed with you stupidity.

        You clearly have no idea if you think a Great wall is better than any Japanese built car!!

        @ Aleks the only idots are those who buy these cars you get what you pay for!

        • Ima Hogg

          Dont feed the trolls

        • http://zuboora.com mohamad is right when he

          I agree with charger

        • Chery

          I don’t think the quality of great wall is better than any japanese built cars. I just say it is safer than most japanese cars. Crash Test is just a test which tests the front and side of the car. But it doesn’t test the rear of the car. In the real accident, your car may be hit by a car behind you. Some japanese cars don’t have a bumper beam at rear( I know Tiida doesn’t have rear bumper beam, and many other japanese cars don’t have either such as jazz,crv and maxima), even they have rear bumper beam, it is very thin. When there is a car hit it from back, the whole boot or even the rear seats will disappear.( In that case, 5 star is nothing) So don’t believe a 5 star Alto or Jazz is safer than a 2 star Greatwall Ute or 3 star Chery J1, it is impossible.( Even a 5 star Toyota Camry’s boot disappeared when hitted by a 2 star Chery J11 in China, but there is no obvious feature for the Chery J11 had a crash)

          • DLR1

            Rear ended accidents dont involve closing speeds any where near that of frontal collisions and impact forces are generally far lower than those in eith head on or side on impacts. The effect on the passengers is much reduced because the load and accelerations on the occupants body is spread across the whole seat area, not just across a 3 point seat belt and /or airbag, hence rear of vehicle strength is far less critical than that of frontal or side crumple zones.

          • http://wmcaprice.com Troutman

            [citation needed]

      • gibbut@hotmail.com

        Someone call the assylum. There appears to have been an escape!

        • http://zuboora.com mohamad is right when he

          Gaybut u crack me up.. your so funny that il let my camel ride u.. For free

    • Donny

      I own one and cannot fault it. I also own a motorcycle, 2 EH Holdens, Leyland mini, Austin Healey – safety rating far worse than dual airbags dick. They are a bloody Holden Rodeo chassis idiot. Value for money – fantastic. Wouldn’t waste my money on the other crap out there. You knockers are the complete idiots and fools. If you haven’t owned one then don’t comment big mouths who know nothing – WANKERS.

      • J.Hendy

        Lol to true. I only found one thing I don’t like with the new x200 just took one for a test drive be for I buy one and that is on take off it is so slow I have never driven a diesel that is that slow on take off. Is there anything you can do to make it faster on take off

      • Rick

        DONNY..A lot of people on here are salesman…they  sell holden and toyotas and nissan ..
        They don’t want more competition SO they knock the opposition

    • Coljen

      Learn to type – who’s the idot. Not nice to call people insulting names. It is the driver of the car who causes the accident not the car.

    • Jackhudsonthurlow

      X200 is 4 star rated and as Coljen said if your a good driver it could be a 5 star car!

  • http://zuboora.com mohamad is right when he

    Diesel? I thought they all ran off soy sauce? .. U learn something new everyday ay

    • D Is For Drive

      *mohammad is wrong when he

    • http://Nissan Kazuo

      mohamad alalala lu la ba la ka

      • http://zuboora.com mohamad is right when he

        u just told me u love penis in Arabic..
        Nice to know

  • Robbo

    OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!! So excited!!!! Diesel!!!!! Now I can die crashing one whilst having better fuel economy.

    • http://zuboora.com mohamad is right when he


      • Charger

        lamo *2

    • Henry


      Owened by a 14 year old!!

      • http://zuboora.com mohamad is right when he

        @hairy.. The “caps lock warrior”.. U don’t even get to sit in the front seat at your age (your feet probably don’t hit the ground).. That’s why u feel safer in this bucket of dim sims.

        .. Let the men argue about real cars.. I’m sure u have grand theft auto to discuss with your bed wetting mates from school.
        Enjoy your day… And your milkshake with a curly pink straw

  • o

    Hate to say it but the chinese are improving and fast, 10 years and they will be on par with the koreans.

    • wow

      with soy sauce fuel

      • BogunPete

        More ‘soy sauce’ comments? talk about milking a joke. Think of something new. Black bean. Sweet and sour maybe. Theres more Chinese culinary condiments than just soy sauce. Mix it up a bit. Come on – put some thought into it.

    • gibbut@hotmail.com

      koreans now?

      by the time the ten years is up, the koreans will own the motoring world

      • SimpleYetComplex

        Own the “motoring world”?

        Just like Samsung is “owning” Apple right?

        • Dan

          Samsung makes heaps better products than Apple, but has crappier lawyers…

  • Ima Hogg

    I rekcon the front looked better before the face lift. Now it is just a rip off of the Cx7 and Cx9.

  • Leigh

    There is a reason why they are so cheap. Don’t people understand that?

    • http://Caradvice Andrew D

      Exactly. People complain about high prices. Then get offered a deal and then complain it is to cheap?

    • Donny

      Sure is – because they bought the chassis plans from Holden Rodeo and motor plans from Mitsubishi and have cheap labour. Unreal car. I own one and WILL buy another one in a few years. They are a bloody Holden for christ sake. All you knockers are complete dead heads who know nothing – do your friggin research. I suppose you love the Colorado – the Rodeo (Great Wall chassis) and made in Thailand – idiots.

  • gibbut@hotmail.com

    when i see one, i think, someone who couldnt afford a REAL new car.

    • http://CarAdvice The Salesman

      Obviously the “people” are not as well off as you.

      • ..

        so by buying a great wall youre well off?
        wow. lol

        i think anyone that buys a jap or korean car is more well off than one that buys a chinese car. common sense.

  • Rick

    The comments I’ve seen here is exactly why Australians get ripped off when purchasing cars here . I’ve seen numerous posts from some people here about cars being to dear, and these mindsets are why ,I don’t know if these cars are any good or not ,but they are at least priced properly and I have heard good things from people that own them. so I’ll have to assume they are ok , i can’t find any recalls for them , the 2star safety on the utes is the same as the PK Ranger a car that cost twice as much, with less features . as for these wagon versions 4 stars is the same as a 2009 Toyota land cruiser prado and the current prado hasn’t even got an ANCAP rating. While I don’t doubt that the cars I have listed are better than a great wall they are twice the price

    • Hung Low

      I bet they have a better reliability record than VW!

    • Donny

      Brilliant comment. I own one and love it.

  • http://caradvice.com Ceagle

    does this thing have low range? or is it a suv?

    • Jumbo

      If it is the same as the ute then it will have low range.

    • Azzaaa

      Its has 2H, 4H, 4L

  • Doctor

    Gee, a lot of negative opinions – does anyone actually know anyone with one? I don’t, so I’ve heard nothing about GW in Australia but I know they had a bad reputation in South America a few years back. But as someone said, they’re rapidly improving. Time will tell…

    • http://zuboora.com mohamad is right when he

      I know a guy with a great wall ute.. It broke down on him in the third week he had it.. Ignition fault.. Left him stuck on the side of the road.. It got fixed but still.. For a new car to have factory faults already.. It dsnt look good for the realiablity road ahead

      • Bo

        You are mohamad someone, so yea, you know…

      • Torque

        A Great Wally recall was for the brake pipe rubbing against the steering shaft.

    • Donny

      Yes I own one – read my other comments to the idiot knockers. I also have a cab chassis they tows a slide on camper around Australia and tows my fishing boat too. Now got 52000 km on it – no problems at all. Am just about to buy a diesel cab chassis as soon as it comes it. VALUE FOR MONEY considering it is a Holden Rodeo/Colorado chassis.

  • john

    I work with a bloke that has one with the petrol motor in it. He says that the only complaint he has is the petrol motor is gutless everything else works just fine. It is the updated version does bush work in it and has no rattles and nothing has fallen off it yet. He got the extended warranty and when that runs out he will trade it in and get another.

    • Torque

      In four years time a carton of James Squire will be worth more than the trade in.

  • A-train

    My cousins girlfriends uncles dentist has his surgery next to a fish and chip shop and the owners mechanic who hotted up his Calais said that he had overheard a conversation at a wedding and someone said this car is a bag of shite.

    There yo go folks… You heard it first hand.

    I’ll let you know what I think once I’ve gone out to test drive one, who knows it may even be ok!

  • Klas

    Do not make a comet if you have not driven the car in question I will buy one regardless what. I was buying a top of the range Range Rover, but now I am getting 3 of GWM200 and having money left over.

    • http://Skat ScottyC

      Klas think about it mate….3 Great Walls approx $75,000 worth $338 and some cents after 5 years. One Evoque $75,000 worth $35,000….but hey it’s your money

      • Henry

        Where did you get this infomation from? If it’s real I don’t mind buy one second hand 5 years later just for fun.

      • John

        ScottyC, an unfair comparison, and even your numbers dont even match.

        Its more like buying 3 Great Walls over 15 years compared to 1 Evoque, and quoting numbers that say one will fall 54%, while the other will fall 98% in value is deceitful. do you work for Land Rover?

        And with history repeating itself, anyone smart would take the GW over any other car, just like the smart people that bought cheap japanese cars when they first arrived, over the more expensive local and American brands.

        10 years from now when I am buying a new GW with all the new technology that has occurred in that 10 years, you will still have a 10 year old car worth $15K and need to fork out another 50K to buy a new one.

        And seriously the real resale value of the GW after 5 years is not going to be $338, because by then their real realiability will be known, which is already being proven to be better than all the naysayers on this forum say it is.

        Its cheap because its put together in a country that has a cheap labour force, and the question should be asked why other brands or parts like motors and bodies made in the same country are so expensive.

    • Dan

      A fool and his money are easily parted…

    • Donny

      Great comment. I own 2 of them and a lot of my business friends have bought them for company cars – and none of us have ever had a problem. VALUE FOR MONEY.

  • MarkF

    I love reading the boguns here…know three people with GW’s and they are all very happy with them…as far as them being gutless I drive a Ford Courier dual cab 2.6 2000 model(waiting for the comments) and the Great Wall’s actually have more power and acceleration plus far better fuel economy…considering the only safety feature the Ford/Mazda dual cab has is seat belts the GW’s are even safer…in a few years time I’ll definitely be looking at the turbo diesel GW…if you want to waste a mint on a second hand jap then go for it…there’s one born like you every minute.

    • UniversityOfGoogle

      All these hypocritically biased comments bemoaning the downfall of GW are synonymous with the sentiment of the first wave of MNC’s hesitant to enter the Chinese market when China first opened up economic reforms in the 70’s.

      All the MNC’s who entered China early on are prospering while those who seek to enter now are no longer on an even competitive standing.

      Historically speaking, for every company hesitant or unwilling to do business with China, there will be x10 more who like the taste of $$$. Likewise, if you’re happy to give away your money, that’s entirely your prerogative, but don’t complain and blame anyone else (especially the Government) for your economic woes.

      Really, why purchase ANYTHING Made In China?

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/PJ4JVM37ETYBIUR4DVB4XXJ7RM Carl MaC

        Is there anything you can’t purchase in Aust. thats not Made in China, every where you look, K-Mart, Target, Big W, Bunnings, Sams, Go-Lo, Reject Shop, all sell Made in China, look at Sanyo Micro-waves, a Japanese Company, Made in China, Panasonic-Made in China, Pepco Tools — Made in China, on an on it goes

        Obviously you don’t do the shopping, your home must be full of Australian products, cooking utensils, cook-ware, towels, clothes, TV’s, radios, clocks, PC’s, X-Box, Nintendo, PS3, beds, linen, kitchen white-goods, laundry white-goods,

        just looked at my Uniden phone on back cover, yep, you guessed it, Made in China, printer, yep, speakers, yep, Logitech camera, yep yep, Made in China

        I blame both Political Parties for selling off my Country to other Countries, note Japan does not sell its land but leases it, our dopey Govts. likes to make a fast buck, sell everything for cheap peanutz, half of our food production is now in foreign hands 

    • http://Skat ScottyC

      Your ute is 11 years old mate, there has been a lot developement in the car world since then and you would expect any new car to perform better. Stack the GW against a same year built competitor and it would fail

      • MarkF

        True comparing my old bomb to a new GW is apples to oranges…but by your own logic comparing a GW to a Nissan or Toyota etc worth 15 or 20 thousand more is the same thing…you would expect to get something a lot better for the price difference so you can’t compare them…find something at the same price point and see how they stack up…for value for money they beat the others hands down, and if you check the trade in value of a Navara or HiLux after 3 or 4 years you’ve lost a massive amount of money just for brand snobbery…for that sort of difference I can find a lot of other things to spend the coin on.

      • Johno 97

        his ford is better than a chinese shitbox gw

    • DLR1

      You would hope that any new car comparable to your courier has better power and economy, the 2.6 12v engine is now 20 years old and had a terrible reputation for economy from day one. The 1997 Toyota 3RZ-FE hilux engine is still a better engine than the current great wall unit.

    • Donny

      Brilliant comment. They have plenty of power and very very reliable. I own a cab chassis as well. Tow my camper and boat with it over Australia. VALUE FOR MONEY – I am not that stupid to waste my hard earned dollars on the other crap that is the same chassis as the Great Wall anyway. They will be a huge threat to the other manufacturers.

  • Azzaaa

    The core of this car is the Isuzu Axiom… A very good car in its day. The only ready why the x240 was a 4 star and not 5 was due to the fact it has no esp. Now it has esp (x200) it may very well get 5 stars. Whilst I don’t own one my mechanic has 2 and he is very happy with the x240. Sure all you haters are going to hate, but good for you because no one cares… The car is great value for money! I hope they keep up the good work.

    • Doctor

      Isuzu Axiom. Is this as result of GW buying the tooling or just another Xerox job?

    • Donny

      I own one of these + a cab chassis. Am waiting for the turbo diesel cab chassis to arrive shortly and am getting it. Have not heard any complaints from anyone who has ever owned one.

  • mohamad is right when he

    I love bashing GW and other asian cars.

    • A-train

      Looks like you got yourself a case of “small man syndrome” there little buddy.

      • Damian

        Mohamads not only love ‘bashing’ GW and other Asian cars. He bashes and rapes women as well. His type tend to do that when they’re in groups.

        • Boatanchor

          People should be able to post whatever they want. It’s like the fairies whining about ‘filth’ on tv. If you don’t like it change the channel. I don’t want my opinions on a certain brand being moderated because they pay money to the site either.

          I do think the forums should have a proper registration system with passwords so that other people can’t hijack your name.

        • Henry F

          Boatanchor, you should be able to post whatever comments you like so long as it relates to cars.

          Comments which mock ones religion or culture, or joke about violence against women, aren’t really needed here – I’m sure you can understand why?

          • Golf Pig

            There are exceptions, you cannot have an alternate opinion about VW products here on Golfadvice, you comment will either get deleted or edited!

  • Boatanchor

    The petrol motor is a Mitsubishi copy. Anyone know who they copied the diesel off?

    • UniversityOfGoogle

      I heard it was from BMW

      • Chery

        It is designed by GW itself. It is called “Green Silence” in China which means low emission and low noisy.

    • Donny

      In conjunction with Bosch.

  • BogunPete

    So. If I’m driving a GW some tosser in a hilux has an impression I’m a Bogun? Gee, THAT’s really going to stop me buying one. Safety? I’m sure ill be just as safe in that as anything else when the tosser in the hilux runs up my backside because he’s operating his GPS. So GW operators are the new bogans? Whats the social standing of the bloke driving the lowered VK commodore now? This thread is full of uninformed shite.

    • Donny

      Great comment. I love them and will continue buying them. I MUST be a Bogan but I don’t give a shit, lol.

  • Martin

    We have a few at work on the mine site and they seem to be doing ok. Bit better than the Mahindra they bought but it could just be a lemon. Site mechanic prefers working on them too because the engines are low-tech and he can do it easily. The only gripe is the interior is not as robust as some of the other utes we have on site.

  • superdude

    I’m sure it will be more reliable than the vw amarok for a fraction of the cost. Given that it’s only being sold as a petrol manual at the moment, the sales figures speak for themselves!

    • Johno 97

      mate the vw amarok was voted best work ute for 2011 it shits on these gw’s. the vw amarok is better than the holden colorado and that is a fact im not against you but you are wrong vw amarok is better than a gw

  • BogunPete

    Crumple zones, air bags, safety ratings and such are no substitute for DUE CARE AND ATTENTION. Does paying more for a vehicle make you invincible?

    • maximark

      Just partly right as there are more chances that you are hit by some idiot hoon or drunk drivers. You are better to be seated in a car with passive and active safety feature in such situation.

      • BogunPete

        So paying more for a vehicle DOES make you invincible ‘just partly’ Is ‘just partly’ invincible like being ‘just partly’ pregnant?

  • BogunPete

    Actually. I’m convinced. I need a safer car to protect myself from the brand snobs who think because they have paid 20k more for their vehicle that they can afford to drive around with their thumbs up their butt holes and they will survive a collision.

  • BogunPete

    The manual only option might help to keep them out of the crazed hands of soccer mums in 50k shopping carts.

  • jay

    just incase you didn’t know rear end collision standards in aus 40k without rupturing fuel tank all Toyotas are 80k you pay for what you get I for one are sick of people who buy cheap Korean or Chinese cars and whinge when they trade them I owe 20k on it why is it worth 8k cause it is crap.reputable car company cars cost more because they are dearer to make,recalls do not make a car unsafe some manufactures are not scared to recall cause they want to keep customers others will have major defects and not recall

    • A-train

      Hi Jay,

      I found a few full stops at the bottom of my drawer that I won’t be needing, you can borrow them if you like.



      • ..

        i wish i was you a-train

        • Ryan

          Now they need a auto to make it real competitive in the SUV market.


    farm ute only……

  • Louise

    Just read the Blog again on the X200, the model will have Auto transmission, looks like I’ll have to get one of those for my next car.

  • http://www.ozmazda.com/ ozmazda

    Its amazing how many GW utes and SUV’s are here in Orange…Cadia Mines have a few and I spoke to a few of the chaps and they said about the utes….they are cheap do the job and even the SUV’s are comfortable…..these days costs account for alot and when its $20k these GW look good on paper….good on GW for offering a manual in their SUV as most of them are lazy fat auto’s….

  • lil**

    Have seen a lot of reviews about the Great Wall X240 many good & many bad – so went and test drove one today. I must say the inclusions in the vehicle are fantastic!! so I had really high hopes. The vehicle drove quite well, the only thing I was really uncertain about was that it was a bit noisy. Now I don’t know whether that had anything to do with the tyres or the engine. So….. if anyone out there has bought the X240 recently and had it for a few months – can you tell me your opinion on the noise – whether it is just the tyres or is it more the engine.

    • Chery

      I havn’t driven a x240 but I have driven toyota RAV4 and Mitsubishi outlander before.The noisy of these two cars were very obvious especially the RAV4. Don’t make a comment on one car unless you drive the other competition cars.( I have driven rav4,outlander, crv and x-trail, crv and x-trail are quiter than other two. When you drive these four cars, if you care about noisy, rav4 may be the first to pass)

    • Louise

      Hi Lil,

      I had the same thoughts as you, during the test drive I thought something is not quite right. But when I filled my X240 with premium fuel not the cheap one the noises went. Does that make any sense to anyone? So i’d say there is a reason to fill the car with the ‘best’ fuel.

      • Louise

        Forgot to mention that the manufacturers recommend that you use the premium fuel.

    • ronnyreinholds

      its the tyres

  • maximark

    We should all be glad that the Chinese car get into the Australian market because the Japanese,Korean and European and others have to think twice before they put the prices on their vehicles now.

  • Australian Christian Priest

    I am an unproud Australian dog, we are so disgracefully pathetic and impolite to each other that i find it absurd, even insane, to consider myself as the same label as these fellow australian guys posting these racist comments. Bunch of pigs who are stressed cause theyre not boning their mrs so they have to take it out on an innocent muslim who basically just wants to have his say in a subtle and polite way. F*** australia if it made you like this.

    • Que Jumper

      Easy solution, you and your whining infidel brethren are more than welcome to leave! We are all Kafir to your kind anyway!

  • chefsubzero

    We Own one of the new X200 turbo Diesel’s,
    Its only been 3 weeks but all good so far,
    Great features, no problem driving, plenty of room,
    safty is good and we saved $15k-$20k on something that may have a more maketable name and a couple of extra features.
    My wife did a lot, and i mean a lot of research on these great walls before we decided to purchase.
    you know what we found………
    everyone who owns one has no issues,
    all the negative comments were from people bashing GW’s who had never actualy driven or owned one…..
    “Rednecks” i believe is what you call them.

    PS.. if me driving a GW makes me a bogan, then at least im going to be a happy bogan out fishing in my new boat with the money i saved!

  • http://rob.com Rob Stallone

    I heard they were using these cars in the expandables pt2. I can not wait too see stallone topless driving one of these suv’s

    • http://rob.com Rob Stallone

      Expendables oppsy hehe

  • toxic_horse

    Can someone tell me if these have a low range transfer case ?

    • Ronald Byrne5

      i have one x200 it has a low range

  • Mock As

    I don’t think the star rating is the be all end all to rate a car on. According to the ANCAP website, some of the much fancier and well regarded cars rate quite low. Landcruiser 70 series and Ssangyong Actyon(Mercedes branded motor) rated 3 stars and the Camry, Range Rover/Discovery, Pajero(old Paris – Dakar race winner), BMW X3 and Grand Cherokee rated 4 stars.
    Everyone has likes and dislikes. If it doesn’t have the required 14 cup holders, ipad/ipod docking and crystal clear bluetooth or latest sat nav with 3d who cares, don’t buy it. KIA was bashed relentlessly in the early days(10 years or so) but now they are one of the best sellers in Australia and are constantly improving. The Sportage and Sorento rate 5 stars.
    3 year or 5 year warranty, who cares. quite rare for cars these days to require warranty repairs within these times anyhow. Just like anything with warranty, it may or will go wrong just outside the freeby time.

  • james

    haha you are all so funny there is nothing wrong with great wall and the inclusions you get are awesome for a car of that value. And the utes are a isuzu body and like your beloved holden and the engine is a 2.4 litre mitsubishi engine its even got it written on there !! just haters who buy expensive cars for a name lmao mugs and also the diesel has plenty of nm and power for a ute ! and the x240 leather interior full touch screen reverse camera electric drivers seat rain sen wipers and light sens headlights follow me home feature to and also a 4 star ncap safety same as a early 2011 bmw x3 and it scored a 15 out of 15 on side impact. any one wants honest opinion on a great wall ask me not a turd who thinks a holden is cool

    • Michael

      well i bought one without taking it for a test drive.and all i can say is the best of the best
      they are bloody awesome.rev range is brilliant and it can tow alot more than it says.towed a car float with a 1989 rodeo on the back,i took it easy cause its a lot of weight but did it hands down.with just the car float on it didnt even know it was there.so all i can say is awesome stuff. 

  • ron

    greatwall x 240 thousands times better then all 4 wheel
    i have tested its power bloody owesome
    why not buy a 4wd for 23990 and with 10k buy a boat then
    buy other with you cant afford

  • Pete

    If there weren’t tradies writing vehicles off on tax, the Toyota/Nissan etc 4wd and commercials market would be dead and they would have to lower prices to compete.

  • DG

    I’m confused. X200 or X240. Article referred to it as both? One and the same? The article mentions stability control, is traction control also included or is it also different?

    • chefsubzero

      X240 model has been around for a while with an upgrade earlier this year.
      X200 (the one i have)Brand new model arrived 21st Oct, it has all the new features.

  • ronnyreinholds

    hey all you knockers out there about the great wall.bet most of you havent even been in one let alone drive one.ive had mine for 2 years been everywhere not a spot of trouble.and yes the kms are mounting up. I suggest you drive or be a passenger in one for a while and check them over (drive train and motor)then maybe you will be able to form an expierianced opinion first hand instead of just shooting your mouth off with no expieriance.

    • Smortaus

      well said

  • gmh-bogan


  • VW

    Its the great dud of China

  • M

    So other than the established opinion that they’re unsafe and likely to fall apart in 5 years, does anyone else find them ridiculously ugly? I just can’t handle seeing this shit driving around on our roads! Australia is falling into the habit of accepting sub-par and cheap quality!

    • Kimmy58

      You are a wanker

  • Fartface

    I bought a X240 7 months ago. A bit sluggish in hill country but if I could go back 7 months, I would buy the same car again.

  • VW

    Had a Great Wall diesel drive past me when walking home. The body looked brand new but the engine sounded like my old VW at 420,000kms.

  • Johno 97

    hang on its from china
    say if you buy a $80,000 you get a top quality car that has great reliability or even a $30,000 car second hand u by a car this cheap you arent going to get good quality parts and its a big 4wd with a 2L ENGINE it will tow 1700kgs yeah with your foot flat to the floor going up a hill at 20km i sat in one today with my parents who were and still are looking to buy one i sat in the back and it was soooooo unconfortable and they are like a old hilux with the seat close too the floor not soo good for tall people yeah it has a dvd player but it doesnt work when the car is moving and when they started it up the thing vibrated that much i couldnt feel my ass anymore this was the petrol one but it really doesnt make a difference i would consider buying one in 20 years when they get better untill then to me they are a piece of crap made in a wheelbarow factory in china. eg if you buy a japanese dirt bike it will cost you about $8000 or you buy a chinese dirtbike that cost you $1000 . the jap bike will last ages before it needs serious work or major rebuilds just a new piston and rings new tyres etc just stuff that you usually replace . well with a chinese dirt bike this is from own expirience, every time you get back from riding it at the end of the day parts are missing things are about to fall off your chain snaped the things fall apart. after myself owning  a chinese bike by the end of the four years that i had it when i bought it brand new i never rode that much maybe 3 times every 3 months after four years i spent more hours fixing the dam thing than riding it because it was was build with poor quality parts and finally when i sold it the whole thing was stuffed and i never rode it hard and was always kept in a1 condition soo people do you get my point, cheap brand new cars equals cheap parts equals an empty wallet , ill tell you a story about a mate he had a great wall ute this years model after 3 weeks of driving the diff blew up the locking system went haywire his wife left the keys in the ignition while she was getting stuff out of the back seat she closed the rear passenger door and the car locked itself with the keys in the car the front suspension was faulty he would go to work in the early hours of the morning frezzing cold and the bastard wouldnt turn over these.people do know what im trying to tell you right now thrse cars are not quiet up there with holden and the others wait some more years and they will improve honestly i would buy one if they came out in a 6 cylinder but they dont and they would have to change alot more too them aswell thankyou for reading and next time when you want to buy something ask yourself why is it soo cheap????? thankyou.

    • Danfay_05

      Uneducated Much???

  • Nuge63

    How come none of these reviews let us know how these vehicles perform as 4×4’s?
    This is 4×4 reviews isn’t it?

  • Lisa

    If aboriginal corporations are buying them up in the top end of the NT. You know they are good. You should see were the vehicles can go. I am buying a diesel x200 wagon.

  • Smortaus

    Well after reading all the above comments – the dome Sayers have not been in one or seen them in the bush. I have been in one and have taken one for a test drive. The ride was similar to my 91 Vitara but the power was slightly better. I found the build quality not bad at all and the finish very good. I personally am waiting on the X200 Auto then I will get one. Value for money is superb and as for resale value – I don’t care, by the time I sell a car its normally to the wreckers or I give it away. I say to the knockers – go take one for a drive, have a good look at it – then voice your opinion.  

  • Pebblydean

    I bought a new X240 21 months ago – I have done 96,000 kms, yes 96,000!! travelled up mountains, etc for my work – without ONE worry whatsoever. It has high clearance for my travels and is the best.
    I am just about to trade it on an X200 diesel turbo and got a fantastic changeover deal.

    I had a Toyota Hilux 3.0L TD company vehicle in my previous job – no comparison to luxury – my X240 beats it hands down.
    Wouldn’t buy anything else – well done Great Wall for providing an affordable vehicle with no large company rip-offs that have been going on for years.

    Although for an extra $35,000, you can have a Toyota badge and be “one of the Turbo boys” that you’ll be paying off – good on ya rednecks

  • mike

    Great value for money, rugged and reliable and made in China with lower wages = win win win.

    They are safety rated by ANCAP 4 and GreatWall will be like Hyundai here in Australia in another 5 to 10 years.

    Anything new and made in China will be bagged and critisized.

    Most things we buy today are made in China. I own a late model Ford XR6 and the quality of my new X200 is as good which I drive on weekends.

  • Woods2

    Well Said Mike

  • Mexican

    Sometimes its easier to knock a product than to go out and try it. Great Wall has a product that fits a requirement out there in car world and it sells. Sceptics and baggers take not that Ford & Holden have long been sucking on your taxes and thats the truth.They have produced more trash and lemons than you can try to remember. Thats why they are in a hole today.  Uninformed opinions will never hold back a “Great” product.

  • terducken

    I have  read through a fair bit of these posted  notes before becoming bored with it.
    I  purchased a 2012 X200 Manual Diesel 30/12/13 it replaces a 240 Merc that I had for 250KMS.

    Over the years in business I have had quite a number of vehicles both for personal use and for employees. This GW is in a word, good, I think this unit will be around our place for a number of years it seems built to work.