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These are the first official images of the 2013 Chevrolet TrailBlazer pre-production design concept, which is making its world debut at the 2011 Dubai International Motor Show.

The Colorado-based medium SUV – which could be called the Holden TrailBlazer if it is introduced to Australia – will initially go on sale in Thailand early in 2012 before spreading to other markets around the world.

Like the early Colorado concepts, the images reveal a number of design elements that are unlikely to advance beyond concept form, including the LED running lights, chrome exterior highlights and blue interior. If the production version of the Colorado is anything to go by, however, expect the basic shape and styling to remain intact when the TrailBlazer hits the showroom floor.

Late last month, Holden spokeswoman Kate Lonsdale told CarAdvice the local brand was investigating the TrailBlazer for the Australian market and said the medium SUV looked “pretty exciting”.

We understand the TrailBlazer is slightly larger than the Holden Captiva 7, and will have more of an off-road focus compared with the urban-friendly Captiva.

The TrailBlazer is expected to feature the same powertrains as the Colorado pick-up, including the 110kW/350Nm 2.5-litre and 132kW/470Nm 2.8-litre diesel engines and five-speed manual and six-speed automatic transmissions.

More details from Dubai are expected to filter through in the coming hours. Stay tuned.

  • Henry

    That name is quite strange…..

    • Guest

      The TrailBlazer was launched as an upscale variant of the Chevrolet Blazer. The name made more sense when the Blazer was still in production.

  • http://zuboora.com mohamad is right when he

    Another vehicle for Holden to take credit for?

    • http://zuboora.com mohamad is right when he

      I also love cake

      • http://www.caradvice.com.au mohamed is right when he

        And Holden………what else?

  • Golfschwein

    I can see it becoming very popular, so I’m sure Holden has more than just a keen eye on it.

  • Fred

    It’s gotta be the next Captiva.

    • KD

      Not it isn’t.

      The Captiva has a monocoque like a regular car, this has a separate chassis as its based on the Colorado

    • aball

      Quite a different beast to Captiva. Being based on next year’s Colorado, this thing has a full chassis and high-low range transmission, so it should have quite a bit higher level competence off-road, and probably less on-road. Think of the relationship between this and Captiva as similar to that between Mitsubishi’s Challenger and Outlander

  • KD

    If anything this should be the new Jackaroo

  • Ox

    Let’s hope Ford does the same thing to the Ranger

    • http://zuboora.com mohamad is right when he

      …they are dw

      • DE

        It has already been announced that Ford “Australia” have been wotkimg on the wagon version of the ranger.

        • http://www.caradvice.com.au mohamed is right when he

          where did you read that?

          • DE

            Google “FORD Ranger wagon” – Lots of facts out there.

  • Bbb

    Isn’t this the Chevy traverse?

    • KD


  • Lazybones

    What is it with Chevy and massive grilles!! And whats with the KIA inspired lower front bumper?

  • HandBrake

    This would be an awesome thing to have in our Australian market, then maybe other dual cab utes will become SUVs as-well.

    • DE

      Comfortable under that rock there?

  • Rick

    Looks and sounds a hell of a lot better than the current captive . Bring it on, it has some advantages over the territory

  • Sumpguard

    Definately should not be badged a Craptiva but if this is the styling direction for the next Captiva then Holden will be on another winner when the Captiva is upgraded (can’t happen soon enough).

    Jackeroo? Maybe! However with Holden embracing offshore names I suspect it will wear the same name as the chev version. Just as will happen with the Malibu.

    Either way it is a well styled vehicle. Not sure about the two tone dash but we don’t get those anyway.

  • cocnut

    Noooooooooo… leave the chrome highlights on the production model… my home boyz would love that :))

  • Martin

    Very nice! Looks a treat compared to plasticky Captiva. Hopefully the new generation Captiva is leaps and bounds ahead of the current shape!

    • Rick

      Could it really get any worse

  • Kris

    This will go head to head with the Challenger and Pathfinder if it’s released in Aus. Irrespective of how good or bad it is, it will become a best seller in its class because of Holden badge/marketing. Have to say the exterior looks good though!

  • DON

    GM still don’t know how to design interiors..,

  • Snoop

    I’m not a fan of Chev’s new “signature grill”
    This looks like a match up of American front and Korean rear.
    If it can match it with the genuine off roaders then good on them.
    It would have to be tested hard though.
    Agreed with the interior.
    Take away the blue dash and console back lights and it resembles something from the 90’s.

  • robj

    I can finally replace my Frontera.

  • http://www.nsmg.com.au Wil-son

    Wow!! They really put some work into this concept didn’t they??
    Really, looks like any other Trailblazer from the last 20 years, and then photoshoped!! Great work boys. I guess it will be Holden jnr designers taking the “credit”?

  • Guest

    Seeing how much the other global Chevrolet concepts end up getting pretty toned down for the production version (compare the Chevy Orlando concept to the production) the final probably won’t look like this and will be more in line with their current SUVs.

  • MacOneKC


  • Chucky

    Just hope they put out a seven seater, which i think jeep has lost some of their grand cherokee sales to prado.

  • Shak

    Im pretty sure this is a definite starter for our market. Holden did say a while back that in their 18 month plan, they had a BOF Chassis 4WD in the planning, and this looks likely set to take that place.

  • neson

    WTF?…. 6 speed manual and 6speed auto should be available across the rang (not just the entry level model) There are quit a few people that would like some luxury in a vehicle and still like to change there own gears. i think this is what Ford is hinting with the Ranger base SUV.