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Ford Australia is making its vehicle production process more environmentally friendly by recycling its waste paint sludge.


The paint sludge from Ford’s Broadmeadows plant is being used by Dandenong-based waste specialist Geocycle, which uses the sludge as an alternative source of fuel in its cement making process.

Geocycle has recycled around 10 tonnes of paint sludge each month since the program commenced in August.

Paint sludge is a by-product of the vehicle paining process at the Broadmeadows assembly plant. Before the Geocycle partnership was formed, Ford sent all the sludge offsite for processing and disposal in landfill.

Ford Australia says it will halve the amount of sludge it sends to landfill when the recycling program is fully implemented. Australia’s second-largest vehicle manufacturer currently recycles 56 per cent of the solid waste produced at its Broadmeadows facility.

Ford Australia president and CEO Bob Graziano explained the Geocycle program was another environmental initiative by Ford, following last year’s $20 million upgrade of the Geelong Iron Casting Plant to make it more efficient.

“Ford around the world is committed to initiatives aimed at providing a better environment for consumers,” Mr Graziano said.

“Ford Australia is part of that process and we continue to seek out solutions with companies like Geocycle to minimise our impact on the environment.”

  • http://zuboora.com mohamad is right when he

    Send all the sludge to Holden.. They can use it to make more cars with

    • Force-15

      But wouldn’t that mean shipping it off to Korea?

    • theillestlife

      mohamad is right when he says, i think i finally agree with something you say! Hahhaa 😀

    • Joker

      Mate, the stuff you come out with… LOL! Almost spat my coffee out.

  • Vdubs

    They can recycle their FGs while they’re at it. A classy way for Ford to make their exit from the industry.

  • Pops

    I thought both Ford & Holden had already started paint sludge re-use in the development of their tradesman’s colour range of metallic bile green & the timeless powerade cobalt blue…

  • Bangel

    POPS i like your style , you so right what is with that crummer yuk green , man that takeS $10 of the value the day you collect it , yep every second xr is powder bloom .

    Cheap colours cheap look .

    • DE

      Nothing wrong with Ford’s Nitro.
      I buy coloured cars because I like to be a bit different from from the shades of handbag grey Golfs.

      • Alex

        I still shut my eyes when the BA XR6 drives past in Tennis Ball yellow

        • tim

          hope you crash

  • Kane Alto

    Stuff the environment, focus on making faster cars.

  • Pops

    But there is something wrong with changing IP adresses to vote down other ppls comments down multiple times. When all of a sudden there’s 20+ vote downs on a particular opinion & 30+ positives on another (In this instance Ford toiletduck blue) it’s a little obvious some fanboi has too much time on their hands.

    …although it’s hard to expect some discretion from someone who would pick metallic gastrosquirt (sorry “copper”) from ford’s “ltd edition” CUB paint range…

    • Shades of white

      Pops, get with it mate, splash out a bit. You don’t have to keep buying different shades of white cars, you could try a GREY one.

      The outrage! People actually buying blue, green or heaven forbid red cars!

      • Pops

        Predictable re vote count particularly given it’s now yesterday’s news.

        The irony is driving a tarted up hotwheels edition falcodore & thinking driving in a garish colour sets your car apart from all the other crummers.

        I suppose “chameleon” paintjobs give u a chubby.

        A bit of colour is good. Dijon mustard XRs however aren’t.