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by George Skentzos

Following the success of the 159 Ti limited edition launched in Australia almost a year ago, Alfa Romeo has brought back the special hatch for another run in 2008.

It has also brought the entire family along, with limited editions of the 159 Sportwagon and sedan also arriving in Ti format.

With the diesel variant accounting for more than half of 159 sales in Australia, Alfa Romeo has also added the choice of the acclaimed 2.4-litre Turbo Diesel engine complimenting the 2.2-litre JTS and 3.2-litre JTS V6 engines to the limited edition Ti line-up.

“When the 159 Ti joined the range last year, we thought that it would prove popular with its combination of performance enhancing features and visual enrichment, but we sold out in a matter of weeks and it has taken us nearly 12 months to organize a second Ti programme for the 159.” Edward Butler, General Manager for Alfa Romeo in Australia.

The Ti (Tourism International) badge denotes the performance orientated styling and packaging of the 159, adding sports suspension which lowers the 159 by 20mm and a Brembo brake package painted in Alfa Romeo red.

2008 Alfa Romeo 159 Ti limited edition

A subtle sports body kit, burnished aluminium accents and 19-inch alloy wheels wrapped with 235/40×19 low-profile rubber complete the look on the outside.

Inside, the cockpit is a mesh of classic Alfa Romeo pedigree performance highlights, including black leather electrically operated and heated sports seats highlighted by red stitching, with the same theme carried over to the steering wheel, gear lever and instrument cluster.

The first of three engines of offer in the 159 Ti range is a 2.2-litre 136kW JTS engine, capable of running down the 0-100km/h sprint in 8.8 seconds and onto a top speed of 222km/h while fuel consumption stands at an impressive 7.3L/100kms.

The 159 Ti 2.2 JTS is priced from $54,990 with a standard six-speed manual gearbox, while the six-speed Selespeed has a recommended retail price of $56,990.

A 2.4-litre 147 kW JTD – the most powerful turbo-diesel in Alfa Romeo’s line-up – drops the 0-100km/h time by 0.4 seconds yet obtains a combined fuel figure of 6.8L/100kms.

In Ti form, the 2.4 JTD variant demands a price tag of $58,990 for the manual and $61,990 for the Q-Tronic automatic version.

The flagship of the Ti range is a 3.2 litre JTS V6 that produces 191kW and 322Nm, covering naught to 100km/h in a respectable 7.0 seconds and on to a top speed of 240km/h whilst maintaining remarkable fuel consumption of 8.4-litres per 100km on the open road.

The range-topping 159 Ti 3.2 V6 model will set you back $76,990 for the manual version, and $79,990 with a Q-Tronic Tiptronic-style automatic transmission.

“If the package of equipment that combines to produce the Ti was available separately, it would add approximately $10,000 to the cost of the 159,” says Edward Butler. “But the price difference is just $2000 for the V6 version and $5,000 for 2.2 JTS and 2.4 JTD equipped 159 Ti, making providing the latest limited edition Alfa Romeo to carry the Ti badge also the best-ever value for money.”

The more practical Sportwagon variant starts at $57,990 for the manual and $59,990 for the Selespeed with the 2.2-litre JTS engine, topping out at $82,990 with the 3.2 Litre V6 engine with the Q-Tronic transmission.

  • http://deleted Alex

    I think the 159 Estate is one of the collest cars in the world because its drop dead gorgeous an the boot is smaller than that of the sedans!

  • Wheelnut

    The real Italian Job! this is no more than a european version of the VE Sportwagon – particlularly with the flasshouse; the flares; and the D pillar..

    I wonder if it has a Holden driveline to… given that Holden make Engines for Alfa Romeo including the V6 found in the new Brera coupe

  • Wheelnut

    From The back it looks alot like the Mitsubishi Lancer Compact SUV which was a concept except they have just announced that it will infact go into production

  • realcars

    Geez I think the styling qs can be seen on other Alfas.

    The Lancer copied the 156!!!

    Engine is direct injection with Alfa heads.

  • http://deleted Alex

    Wheelnut – The 159 came out in 2005 and is considerably smaller than the Commodore that came out in 2006. Holden dont actually make the engine. GM does. And I dont know but I would highly doubt that It uses a GM driveline. They already modify the engines themselves so I dont think they would use The GM drivelines. And then theres the thing about the Alfa Romeo being one f the most beautiful cars in the world. Like an affordable Aston Martin almost. The Holdens just another family car.

  • realcars

    If Toyota made a car that looked this good we would really be in trouble.LOL.

  • Tony M

    Hey Wheelnut, this wagon has been around in Europe for over a year, so I can’t see how it has copied the VE Wagon der.
    It’s the perfect car for this time in size and engine configurations, diesel and petrol. That’s why car sales are steady in Europe and big car sales are crashing in America and Australia.

  • Tony M

    I love it when people say Alfa imports engines from Holden. Get it right, they import V6 blocks.

  • Big G

    I bought the Alfa Romeo 159 Ti manual sedan version last year and so far its only been a good looking set of wheels which has received many comments and looks from other motorists. As well as being a thirsty 2.2ltr, I have been back to the dealer to repair the paintwork, rattle in windscreen, side mirror dropped off on the new eastlink freeway, pedals have worn twice already, smooth gear change is almost impossible, extremely heavy doors have nearly taken my son’s leg off, gearknob rattles in third gear, shall I continue? Very disappointed, not to mention that no-one from the original dealership in Brighton still works there! Mmmm, money well spent? I think not.

  • Dan

    Hi Big G,

    I bought a 2.2Lt Alfa Ti a few weeks ago.

    So far I am very happy though I’ve only covered 350Kms. It really is different and has put a huge smile on my face everytime.

    Other than a single panel fit, the build quality inside and out is very good. (i’m very picky – I have bought german cars in the past)

    The leather seats, dashboard and handling are leagues ahead of similar priced german cars – surely you must acknoweledge that?

    I nearly bought an A4 without even seeing an Alfa such is the negative or lack of publicity for Alfa.

    I say to others – have a look before buying anything – you may just love it.

    I hope realiability doesn;t become an issue, though the MY2008 version of the car has been built after a major overhaul of the production plant in Italy during Jan-Mar this year.


  • victory

    let’s just imagine for a second, if Ferrari built small sports sedans, this would be it!

  • tek

    I am in the market for a new car. Had a look at Lexus is250, Audi A41.8t and Alfa 159 2.4 ti.
    The Lexus is a glorified toyota, even the switches look like they came from the Camry. i felt that car, although rock solid in reliability and build quality, just had didn’t inspire me.
    The Audi is a great car but I would have to sell my first born to option it up.
    That leaves the Alfa. My wife loves the looks and crudely comment something about riding a se*y Italian….
    Looks however are not enough. The thing needs to be on the road, not in the workshop (Thanks BigG for your post). The other thing that worries me is the resale value.
    All in all. I will probably still go the Alfa because it is a more engaging drive that has character.

  • http://alfapassion.ifrance.com Baracudo

    Hi dear Aussies! I’m from France!
    I own 159 1.9 JTD (march 2008).
    My car use regime is home-job, and job-home. Plus weekends with family
    in provence. That’s all. Every 20000 km I give Alfie to our local
    AR repair centre. Sometimes they find something, sometimes not.
    Problems? R u laughing?)))
    If u don’t trust French speakin’ guys & girls))),
    ask Jeremy Clarkson & Co. from Top Gear magazine

  • http://www.automotivecraze.com Alfa Romeo 159 review

    Thanks for sharing this useful information about the 2008 Alfa Romeo 159 .I bought the Alfa Romeo 159 Ti last year.Its all features are great.But I also like the New Alfa Romeo 159 car.This car has so many impressive features such as it is fully loaded with more than £3000 worth of gadgets that are having lowered suspension, red Brembo brake callipers, sports dials with red background. So, if you are crazy of fast and safe driving, the 159 Alfa is the most suitable option for you.This car is fully loaded with advanced techniques.so overall this car rocks.For more detail refer http://www.automotivecraze.com/new-alfa-romeo-159-limited-edition-car-review/

  • Mario

    Alfa Romeo 159 TI JTS 3.2 V6 2011

    I own this beautiful car since new i think its one of the best cars i ever driven i can’t give any bad comments its typical Italian machine has all the power you could have in a car guys don’t listen to other bad comments people are never happy go with your heart YOU GOT LOVE IT OR HATE IT  i will  i did compare with Lexus but its only typical Toyota i don’t see value on them