• supercujo

    Now that would be some serious fun to drive

  • Technofreak

    I am liking all these little beasties!

  • PoisonEagle

    Whats the bet we don’t get the 3 door? Ripped off if thats the case, and I know heaps of guys who want a hot hatch but only like 3 doors.

  • Simon

    I wonder how it will be priced? Sounds exciting with good potential and looks great, but is it just me or does the front grill look a bit plain? Just a silver or red rim around the edge would make it look more ‘complete’ rather than looking like a ‘fully sik’ backyard job.

  • Bangel

    LOOKS sharp , big war coming in hot hatches , the future .

    • Lazybones

      Very true, Can’t wait to laugh at what Holden bring to the battle. A Barina with 2 stripes and 1.0 ltr engine.. whooohooo!!!

  • Yeti Man

    I think the Fiesta 5 door look better than the 3 door version IMO .Just wondering if this will be made in Australia,Europe or Thailand?

  • Grammar Nazi

    The only reason I haven’t considered the Polo GTi has been the lack of manual transmission – this looks like a pretty solid alternative, I hope they tone it down ever so slightly when it comes to the production model (as in no speed-stripes like on the XR4).

    I Just hope they get the pricing right…

  • Wal

    Looks hot. +1 for the 3dr. Interior shots next please