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  • Doctor

    This will be an image maker for Hyundai.

    • Trump

      Agreed, will be a great option for apiring enthusiasts on the 2nd hand market in 3-5years time when the have done a little depreciating. Probably be able to pick one up for $10-12k

    • test drive

      I hope that they sell a 5 door model.

      • Old Dog

        I hope they sell a 3 door model!

    • kim bum suk

      So far over 40 posts for this articles.
      What a sad, sorry & sick society we have today when young boys get a hard-on over a Hyundai.

      • bumsucker

        you korean? Mr Kim, Bom Sok,

        you’re a shame to the koreans iF you are.

        you’re probably a typical asian that drives a bmw thinking it’s shameful to drive an asian car or you drive around thinking “yea i’m top dog”

        waves pinky

        • Jacob

          Do you realize Chinese people hate the Japanese…

          • bumsucker

            Koreans hate the japanese too

            samsung overtook sony
            now hyundai will overtake toyota


        • Jerryperth

          Errr……I drive a vw golf…..simply because it is better.  You can dig up as many articles from anywhere but no, I still believe the european cars are better.  These hatches are after all just trying to be like the european hot hatches.  I clearly remember the sight of hail stones raining down on a friends audi during the perth 2010 march storms.  Not a single dent.  Right next to it was a hyundai which was totally anihilated and soaked.
          I am chinese and not ashamed.  It is just a fact that eg china built cars are 5-10 years away from being accepted by the mainstream. 

          • Big_jimmy_69

             Probably coz Chinese products in general are pretty shabby…
            Korean products have come a long way in the past 5 years especially with electronics and motor vehicles… You should see the new safety crash tests etc… European cars are all a hype…


    Thanks CA for the prompt update.

  • theillestlife

    if they get the pricing right, it will appeal to those in the hot hatch segment. and if the driving experience is good, it will sell like hot cakes!

    good work hyundai!

    • Taki Yamauchi

      35K with full option and drive away?
      Include on board GPS navigation, of course…
      That’s would be Korean hot cake !!!

    • theillestlife

      i wonder why my comment got so many hates? :S

      i thought pricing would matter when it comes to a korean car? since if its priced say, in the same ballpark as a GTi, it wouldnt sell as much as if it were priced the same as a golf comfortline?

      but i guess my preception of this should cost less than the hot hatch elite casrs is not seen by any others.

  • Delilah

    lets hope its a bit better that the last petrol turbo Hyundai bought to Oz…the dreaded S-Coupe!

    • Old Dog

      the original turbo scoupe was actually pretty bloody good from a rally perspective. Not sure as a city run about, but were actually very competitive in class. The later softer non turbo scoupe were rubbish.

  • PROJET – L

    Are they gonna put the rear door on the correct side for
    RHD applications?

  • BP’93

    Woo Hoo!! Loving Hyundai more than ever now :D

  • AndyGF

    I like the white one… Vanilla Thriller! ^_^

    • Rick

      I like the green one

      • Peopl3mova

        That grey one looks like a real weapon! reminds me of the gtr

  • Fred

    Where the likes of Celica and Integra have slowly withered away, Veloster comes in with the intention to stay. This is a real winner. It would be awesome to see the Turbo do sub-7-second 0-100 times. And the third door makes the car friendlier for the people at the back.

    • Taki Yamauchi

      Why did you mention Celica and Integra?
      This car isn’t even close to them. No way !!!
      Coupe and hatch back aren’t same after all.

  • bobin

    like how kia and Hyundai are moving forward at the moment. seems like there are a few of the entrenched brands just doing the same old thing, or in a race to the bottom.

  • Voumard

    Not the best looking hot hatch.. I think Kia is doing a little better in terms of styling. Having said that if this car is priced under 30k itd do well but lately Hyundai seem to think they can charge as much as the japs. Like this car could lift a finger to the type-r or even the city. HONDA TOO STRONG

  • Rick

    why don’t Hyundai sell the 2.0l turbo i45 like they do in the states

    • Richard

      I just read a report on the i45 Turbo v Passat V6 v new Camry V6. The Passat and Camry literally blew the turbo away.

      • Rick

        What book was that ? I’d like to read it thanks

        • Al Juraj

          Motor Trend

      • Richard

        How can they ‘literally’ blow the i45 away? Cars don’t breathe. Or have hands to hold things to blow other things away. You should ‘literally’ look at a dictionary.

    • Leeks

       I drive a 1.8 honda civic and i love it (passengers often comment on how “strong” this car is when v-tec kicks in), but i felt totally crushed when i found out that the non-turbo 1.6l veloster does 0-100 in 8.5secs. Hyundai has actually outdone Honda by quite a margin!

  • Cynic

  • Henry

    i rekon they should sell the turbo in the usual style and have the styling options as packages!!

  • http://Frosty Hicks

    *waits for prices*

    • Voumard

      Look mate do yourself a favour and get a new Honda Jazz S then you’ll feel better about life. Power of dreams buddy

  • Grady

    I wish KIA would do a turbo variant of the Cerato Coupe! Well done Hyundai!

  • Hung Low

    The brand needed a performance model in Australia! It looks good beefed up and priced right it could become a cult model for Hyundai!

    • Bangel

      HEY fung now the crummers dead , you better replace the VK with this jobby , no doubt USA tuned suspension .

      • Hung Low

        Watch this outsell your precious V-Dud Sirocco 2 to one out here! How is your Bubba Gump shrimp company going there Forest?

        • Sumpguard

          I’ll go three to one! The original release photos and the associated boring as bat poop colors didn’t do it for me at all but the one above with the blacked out grill looks quite good.

          I also read elswhere that there are small capacity turbos earmarked for the Sportage/ix35 in Australia and possbily the Cerato.

          It will be very interesting to watch how this one does. With hyundai’s reputation in Australia growing bigger by the hour I think it will be a winner.

          • Sumpguard

            Price permitting of course!

        • Bangel

          Funny fung wheres the crude hot hatch ?

          ROCCO buys would not even consider a hundi for a second , and we know who will have the handling correctly sorted , probably US spec soft settings for the veloceter raptor , mushy steering .

  • Irockice

    I do not trust these korean cars, I drove the i45 which they claim 200hp and it feels much slower and weaker then my Aurion which is also rated at 200hp

    • Rick

      The aurion in oz has 268hp you’ve been ripped off

      • Nasal Explorer

        @Irockice – it might help you to study up on the difference between horsepower and kilowatts.

        • Taki Yamauchi

          You can trust Korean products for price, but you get what you paid for.
          But, don’t trust Korean businessman and don’t do business with them for any occasion….
          That what my ex-Greek Boss said to me before.
          I really hate him, but I trust his intuition.
          He did his business very well after all.

          • Peopl3mova


          • Martin

            Congrats for the blatant racism you twat – Koreans are great business people.

          • bumsucker

            oh you typical japp, change your TAKI name to TACKY,

            time to buy some land in Hawaii yea?

          • Old Dog

            …but they do nice bbq.

          • Taki Yamauchi

            Well, personally I have no bad Korean around.
            The people tried steel money from me were Aussie and Chinese.
            I don’t know what Korean business people did, but it’s just very common idea and opinion at all over the World now a days.
            My ex boss even asked me at Job interview “Are you Korean?”.
            Yes, he was ignorant and pluck.
            My name is typical Japanese.
            Few month ago I visited in Philippines for holiday. people asked me same question.
            Looks like they hate Korean for some reason.

            Conclusion of my comment… I have been in Australia for 16 years now, I don’t know I am typical Japanese any more.
            I am called Tacky Yacky sometimes, but they are all good friends of mine.
            And racism? well I wrote fact and my personal experience at previous my comment. And Jap and Korean are same Asian aren’t they?
            So I just discriminate people from these different countries.
            Japanese enjoy buying property for investment reason in oversea include in Gold coast and Hawai, was very popular in late 80′s.
            Since bubbly economy was over in Japan, very rich Chinese and Korean do that’s kind activities.

            Old Dog, Japanese BBQ?
            Where did you try?
            But Wagyu is one of the best beef in the world !!!

          • Willie95

            Wagyu beef? Aren’t they contaminated by the radiations from those nuclear power plants?

            Don’t buy any Jap products as they might have been contaminated too.

          • Sumpguard

            If you’re Japanese it would explain your silly comment about Korean products. It’s no secret you hate how fast they have progresssed.

  • Rick

    Love the sound of the millen car

  • iNoob

    rear has Renault Megane all over it…

  • D Is For Drive

    I am liking the 4 door actually,

  • Taki Yamauchi

    This car price must be same or slightly cheaper than VW Polo GTI.
    Or Simply 5K cheaper than Golf GTI or even 10K, because of engine capacity and bland images.
    The biggest opponent for this car is FT86/BRZ now.
    If their base model price around 35K, this car would be very, very trouble.
    They have NA engine, but 2L with RWD and much much better looking.
    Seriously, Hyundai should release this car sometimes last year or early this year.

    • bumsucker

      somebody get this tacky japp some braces

      • Taki Yamauchi

        Well, I think I made good point don’t you think?

    • Hyundai lover

      Mr Yamauchi said.

      But, don’t trust Korean businessman and don’t do business with them for any occasion….Well, personally I have no bad Korean around.
      The people tried steel money from me were Aussie and Chinese.I really hate him, but I trust his intuition.My name is typical Japanese.Yes, he was ignorant and pluck.
      Conclusion of my comment… I have been in Australia for 16 years now, I don’t know I am typical Japanese any more.

      Mr Yamauchi.
      Sounds like you are loser here in Australia and even in Japan.

      • Hung Low

        Join the CA group of Racist bigots please! Plenty of evidence on here from You, Phil, Golfschwein and Bangel the VW love triangle nutters!
        Lets keep the subject on cars!

    • Hmmm…

      Taki Yam auchi.The FT86/BRZ isn’t much of a hatch back, as you said before you can’t compare a hatch and a coupe like a Celica or Integra as you previously said…given you seem to like stereotypical racist slurs and you’re Japanese, is it that you’re a useless driver and Sat Nav as standard is the most important inclusion on the vehicle?

      I’m sorry, but given you’ve been in Australia 16 years I can only assume you’re an adult? It just doesn’t sound like it. Grow up and realise that there are good and bad people in every race, I certainly wouldn’t want to have to deal with someone such as yourself given the insight into your mentality.

      Sorry for the rant, the childish comments on this site are just ridiculous.

  • RD

    That white version looks stunning! Kudos to Hyundai.

  • Shak

    Love the Green one! Seeing as Hyundai were able to make a case for the Veloster turbo, maybe they could consider a potential case for the genesis family to make its way downunder. They would probably go a long way to helping build more brand cachet in Australia, and would definitely help with profit margins.

  • Adrian R

    Previous reports have stated the non-turbo version would be released in late 2011.

    Can you advise why its been delayed into Q1 2012 as the report says above ?

  • Michelle

    Will the turbo model be launched in New Zealand around the same time as Australia?

  • Andreyoleg

    as tot the comment about European cars – no European cars are the worst when i comes to reliability  – always have been and still are

  • Willie95

    I love the look of this car, the orange one for me.

    The biggest trouble is there is the new Mazda3 skyactive can be bought at about the same price! Similar fuel consumption, but a bigger car, more power, more respectable brand that the 3 is now top seller in Australia so I expect a better resale value, my main concern is how well does a 5 year old Hyundai goes? I drove my friend’s 4 year old gets and it fells like a 15 year old civic.
    The veloster looks better but the 3 is no way an ugly car.

  • Danny

    love the new velociter  in australia and now a new turbo model hatch thats 2dr well sort of 2dr- still getting used to the 2drs passenger side 1 door drivers side,, looks sexy though,,  152kw turbo 1.6 thats preety good considering an s14 s15 200sx is 147kw standard out of a 2.0l turbo,, well done hyundai