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Hot hatch fans rejoice: the Hyundai Veloster Turbo is on the way.

Hyundai Motor America CEO John Krafcik made the announcement in the lead-up to the 2011 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, and the news quickly spread to Hyundai USA’s Twitter page:

“It’s official. Veloster Turbo is coming. More details in January at the Detroit Auto Show.”

The engine that will almost certainly power the Veloster Turbo was revealed at the Hyundai-Kia International Powertrain Conference in South Korea late last month. The Gamma 1.6 T-GDI will produce 152kW of power (at 6000rpm) and 265Nm of torque (at 1750rpm).

The engine will feature a twin-scroll turbocharger, direct injection and dual variable valve timing, and promises to give the Veloster the boost hot hatch fans have been hoping for.

The standard naturally aspirated Veloster is powered by the same 1.6-litre engine as the all-new Kia Rio, which produces 103kW and 167Nm of torque. The Veloster accelerates from 0-100km/h in around 8.5 seconds, a mark the Turbo will no doubt blast past.

Hyundai Australia has confirmed the Veloster Turbo will be sold in Australia. Follow this link to read our full story.

The standard Hyundai Veloster will arrive in Australia in the coming months, although at this stage it remains unclear if it will sneak into showrooms before Christmas or push out to January 2012.

Hyundai is expected to unveil the Veloster Turbo at the 2012 North American International Auto Show in Detroit in January.

  • Pauly

    If Car Advice’s rumors of the $25,000 starting price for the base model Veloster in Australia. Then the starting price of the Veloster should hopfully undercut the typical hot hatch starting price of $40,000.

    Cool car, different and not ashamed of it.

    Well done Hyundai!

    • test drive

      $40,000 is too rich. That money buys a 2L AWD WRX or Golf GTI, also 2L turbo with class leading dynamics.
      $30K is about the sweet spot.

      • test drive

        Sorry, correction – 2.5L WRX.

  • Pauly

    I also wonder if this will prompt Honda to announce a Turbo Charged CR-Z in the coming months?

    A Turbo Charged CR-Z could steal some thunder from the upcoming FT-86/BRZ/ Veloster Turbo unvielings happening over the next few Motorshows.

    • theillestlife

      assuming youre talking about the australian market…. they have to bring the CR-Z down here first before they think about a souped up version!

      • Denx

        Plus, they have to move acura here to compete with infiniti, opel in 2012

      • test drive

        Why do people want their perfomance in a bowl!?!?

  • Fred

    A good looking car needs to go hard, and finally, Hyundai has given the green light.

    152kw on tap will make it a cheaper, handsomer yet heaps more reliable alternative to a GTI.

    • Bangel

      Dream on fred , handling is not yet resolved in the house of hundi , will be a real handfull if its not tied down right , hello guard rails .

      They have along way to go to catch euro hot hatches .


    wow Fanatastic news ; hope price for this 1.6T should be around 30Gs…and 0 to 100 should be 6.? c’mon Hyundai you can do it…..people gonna luvit!

    • sammy

      it will likely be closer to 7secs 0-100…

  • Doctor

    The Koreans are certainly on the move upward!

  • Noel

    I haven’t owned a Hyundai yet but I think the day is fast approaching, they really are kicking some major goals lately. Recently the i40 won the EuroCarBody gold award this year, in front the A6, B-class, 1 series and CX-5.

    Their biggest challenge now is getting past bigoted opinions.

    • Denx

      i30 had done so, selling so many of them. I would not consider buying hyundai yet, but clearly it is pushing other brands to be more competitive.

    • Noel

      LMFAO…what was so offensive about my comment for me to have so many negative votes?

      Is it all the European car bigots offended by the fact the i40 won the EuroCarBody award? hey it’s not me making the decision lol

      Or are people saying I’m wrong and Hyundai doesn’t have to bigoted opinions?

      • Noel

        sorry was meant to say “Hyundai doesn’t have to change bigoted opinions”?”

        • Rick

          Don’t worry about it Noel it’s just the usual brand snobs

  • DeJaVu

    Is it me or are those power specifications higher than the FT86?

    • Peopl3mova

      Has 50Nm more torque but Hp are practically identical

  • Rick

    Well done Hyundai let’s just hope it handles , or at least upsets the brand snobs

    • BoatAnchor

      This wont upset the badge snobs as they just scoff and dismiss it as ‘just a Hyundai’ I dont care what badge snobs think as they are the ones missing out on the best value machinery purely because they are worried about what their stuck-up snobby ‘friends’ think.

      • Rick

        But imagine this . Decide to do a track day turn up in the Hyundai get laughed at, while in the pits by the vw owners etc . and then manage to do better lap times PRICELESS . Personally I’m like you I really couldn’t care what badge is on a car . When I purchase a car I test everything in the same price range and pick the best

        • sammy

          Although hyundai is improving every year, they are not there yet. They need to improve the handling of their cars, use better quality interior parts and improve the general ‘feel’ of their cars. I have driven a lot of the new hyundai’s but they still feel so cheap…

          • BoatAnchor

            Feel cheap compared to what? Mazda and Toyota are the same if not worse. Lower end euro’s may feel expensive but they are far from reliable. Holdenwoos are a different story however.

  • scottjames_12

    This is nice, but I’m more interested in the next generation Genesis Coupe. Hopefully they improve on the current model and give us something that is as good as but cheaper than the 370Z!

    • ReasonR

      370Z is about 90k.. Now lets say the Genesis will be 80k.. Now do you seriously think anyone will pay $80,000 for a Hyundai?

      • scottjames_12

        Er.. I don’t know where you live, but in Australia I can see brand new 370Z’s for sale from about 66k drive away…

        If the V6 Genesis is batting in the same league and sells for between 40 and 50k, I can see it being quite successful!

  • crouchy

    Throw that engine in the Genisis and you have a FT86 killer. Both in power and price.

  • http://nissan James Cortez

    Folks: Hyundai veloster specific output and torque: 95 kw/l and 165.6 Nm/l. This is higher than most Japs turbo bar the Evo IX and the Subie STi matches its torque specific figure but NOT the power. Look more closely: higher than the Golf GTI, Bimmer 335 I, BMW 1351, BMW M1, Audi S4 supercharged, Volvo S60 T5 & T6, and slightly eclipse the Volkswagen Golf-R aussie spec power.

    The proof is in the pudding. Hyundai has really progressed rapidly in the last few years. Well done!!

    • Bangel

      EASY stuff JIMMY CORSETT , turn up the bar , also means more stress , be carefull , might just explode , dont plan on a stage 1 , the germans are masters at this , not the koreans, its early days for them .

      • lols

        1. What is ‘stage 1’? Fast n furious is not real life.
        2. You really think engineers just slap turbos willy nilly on unmodified engines?

      • BoatAnchor

        Some Germans are ‘masters’ at engineering but they too get it wrong sometimes. 1.4 twincharger has a glorious history of exploding. As does other VW and Audi electrical systems. Just because a car is German doesn’t mean its bulletproof. Every dog has its day and Hyundai’s is fast approaching. VW had theirs in the 60’s and 70’s.

      • http://NSSAN James Cortez

        Bagel, for them to give a long warranty on their product – if you use your head – must mean that it’s got to be reliable.

        • Phil

          OH yea, Vauxhall offers a lifetime warranty in the UK (1st owner only up to 175,000kms) while Toyota/Honda only offer the minimum 3 years.
          Meanwhile Renault and Mitsibishi offer 5 year warrantys.

          So using James Logic – for the UK Market at least, Vauxhall should be far and away the most reliable brand followed by Mitsubishi/Renault and Toyota/Honda way down the bottom.
          Look at the reliability surveys and you find the brands with the long warrantys are down the bottom! The ones at the top only offer the shorter warrantys.

      • http://NSSAN James Cortez

        Bagel, for them to give a long warranty on their product – if you use your head – must mean that it’s got to be reliable

  • http://www.serenaus.com.au Huw

    Personally, the 3 doors is a turn off. A coupe should be a coupe, meaning an enclosed two door. Smallish cars with three or four doors are a joke unless driver and all passengers are migdets. Kia coupe, would be my preference, and the way the Kia design language is progressing, the next gen model should be hot (needs a hatch back though) nuff said

    • Simon

      Huw, the pics I have seen all show a 5 door (as above, the second picture has the back driver’s side door open). I think it is good, but agree wishing there were more 2 door coupes on the market, like the old Honda Civics, or current Kia Koup. I know in US they do 2 door Honda Coupe in both Accord and Civic, I wish manufacturers they would make 2 door coupes and bring to Aus., I think there would be a market (and new MX-6 would be awesome!)

    • Fred

      Turn-off? I think having that third door is great. People don’t have to shy away from coupes just because their mates have to squeeze through the back seats. The RX-8 also had extra doors which increased practicality without diminishing coolness.

  • Simon

    Just realised that it’s 3 door plus boot, not 5 door like I though. Oops – I think that’s funky to have the two doors on passenger and not on driver, yeah practical totally, much easier to vaccum!