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by Brett Davis

Skoda is said to be developing a four new SUV-based vehicles that will replace the Skoda Roomster and Skoda Yeti in the future. Two crossovers are set to replace the Roomster while two new SUVs will replace the Yeti.

According to a CAR report, Skoda is working on replacing the Skoda Roomster with a small-to-medium size crossover around the same size as the Volkswagen Touran. A larger crossover around the size of a Volkswagen Sharan is also in the pipeline to diversify the range.

Making up the more off-road-oriented packages are two SUVs, said to replace the recently announced Skoda Yeti. One is expected to be based on the Volkswagen Tiguan, while another larger version based on the Volkswagen Passat platform will offer seven seats.

Both the large versions of each are said to be planned for a 2016 release, while the smaller of the two – the small crossover and the Tiguan-based SUV – will apparently arrive in 2014 and 2015, respectively.

The expansion of Skoda models is part of Volkswagen Group’s plans to be the biggest carmaker by 2018, a goal which may be achieved by the end of this year.

  • Bent 8 Brigade

    At least we have plenty of warning…cover your eyes now, people!

    • Jimbo

      Are you clowns serious? Personally I like the look of Skoda’s. I should as I own one. However the one above is a pretty attractive unit as SUV’s go. The constant blather about the apparent ugliness of Skoda’s is just a little sad now! What do you drive Bent 8 Brigade?

      • GTR-XUI

        My challenge to Skoda is to make a car that looks like its been designed this century.

        • Jimbo

          Hey CA, I’m guessing by the large numbers votes occurring in relatively short periods of time that there my be some trolling going on. Might want to check up on that. Skoda articles seem to be the target for some reason.

          • Jimbo

            Case and point!

          • 3d4

            And its always 28 (positive or negative points)

        • Golfschwein

          …and one that doesn’t look like a skinny fluorescent pink banana…

      • Bangel

        He lives in VK crummer ,with fake HDT plastic add ons .

  • Mr Gaspo

    I keep balking at Skodas higher than VW pricing and dowdy styling… Solid and decent cars that they are. Add unproven brand in Oz = limited sales. To build the brand, at least pricing should be well below VW and then Skoda can build up based on their merits… Look how Subaru started.

    • PhantomHamster

      Yeah I agree, I wouldnt mind having an ugly skoda ( u have to admit, none of them are pretty) if the price was wayyyyy cheaper than the VW equiv – but they keep banging on about Skoda being the ‘budget’ version of VW – but in Oz at least they aint cheap enough to overlook the styling or lack of…

      • Hung Low

        The Octavia 90tsi at $24990 on road was a good buy, and a more realistic pricing point for Skoda to gain acceptance for that ugly face her in Australis!

  • Mr Gaspo

    I Compared a Superb wagon and a Passat wagon ( diesel). The Skoda was over $5k more. Loved the Skoda, but price and uncertain resale put me off… Now if the Superb was around $5k cheaper I’d punt on the Skoda.

  • 3D4

    Tahat thing on the picture is now couple of years old impression of Skodas SUV and definitely doesnt go with the new design language introduced at Frankfurt… will look different – 100% sure

    And once for all – Skoda is here for practicality and not for design (VAG has more brands to show their pontential Bentley, Audi, Lamborghini…) therefore SIMPLY CLEVER ads… Skoda is for people who look at car and think about clever things, umbrella in the rear passenger door, rechargeable torch in the boot, variable seating VARIO FLEX, above standard boot space etc… Skoda is not for posers for sure.. You either want to just look cool in your car (posing) or you want car that works, is reliable and gives you smile every time they laugh at you and then are not able to fit a bicycle in their cool looking wheels….

    • kejovi

      that’s why i’m replacing a sv21 camry wagon with a yeti, practical, reliable and tough.

      • kejovi

        hey how come i’m only -15?

  • Peter of Bankstown

    Compare these european prices to prices Skoda Australia expect us to pay. (thank god for my aspergers)

    Engine Fuel Economy CO2 Emissions Annual Road Tax Active Ambition Elegance
    ŠKODA Yeti
    1.2 TSI/77kW(105bhp) 6.4l/100 km 149 g/km €302 €22,330 €23,460 €25,415
    1.2 TSI/105kW(105bhp) DSG Auto 6.4l/100 km 154 g/km €302 €24,610 €25,735 €27,695
    1.6 TDI/77kW(105bhp) GreenLine 4.6l/100km 119g/km €104 €23,365 €24,325 €26,235
    2.0 TDI/81kW(110bhp) 5.4l/100km 140g/km €156 €23,150 €24,280 €26,235
    2.0 TDI/125kW(170bhp) 4×4 5.9l/100km 155g/km €302 – €29,545 €31,480
    2.0 TDI/103kW(140bhp) 4×4 DSG 6.5l/100km 169g/km €447 – €31,495 €33,395
    2.0 TDI/103kW(140bhp) GL Pack 5.1l/100km 134g/Km €156 – €25,895 €27,850

    • Bungameng

      There is no such thing as European price. The prices differ in European countries, even Eurozone. Each country has different taxes and each importer has different prices.

      For example, there are Germans going to Slovenia to buy German-made VWs, because those are cheaper there. Same with Škoda around.

      Also the trim level differs within Europe, not to mention worldwide. “Elegance” in Britain is different than in the Czech Republic, or in Australia.

    • F1MotoGP

      If you do not like prices here have a look at in Singapore!
      Yeti 1.2 is $123,900 SGD = 94,335 AUD!!

  • Caitlin

    Show us a car that actully looks like it was designed in 2011, not 2004…

    Jimbo I think Skoda is a target because CA reviews the same car all the time… They also announce a mew pne every week…And they are nothing special, personally I think it was a poor decision on behalf of VW to bring them here… There is not enough product differentiation between the VW and Skoda ranges… Well, apart from the 6 year old designs…

    • Able

      The com-gen above is about 6 years old (the front’s from the Joyster concept) so Miss Arrogant, it’s pretty current for then. You’ve clearly never driven one.

      Oh by the way, you sound a lot like ‘Jojo’ who has been around these forums for a few years. Ring any bells? Does for me…

      • Bangel

        Yep shes back , has no idea , skoda is gaining a good foot hold in OZ , they are soaring in china, india and russia , where the friendly no nonesense look goes down well .

        My last trip to eastern europe stunned me with their numbers on the road .

        • Golfschwein

          And 21 people approve of her hatred, amazingly. I’m going for a minus 27, personally, to see if I can knock Jimbo off his perch. It’s time for the pluses and minuses to go, if people can’t discuss civilly.

          • Bangel

            YEP ” what we have here is a failure to communicate ” , who let the dog out , sitting in her crummer licking the cheap dash plastics .

          • Hung Low

            Her hatred? She gave a very valid opinion differing from VAG loving point of view that the majority agree with!

            If your opinions had any credentials of “balance”, you would have slung out the same comment toward Bangel in the past with his repetitive drivel!.

            As I have mentioned numerous times, stop being a hypocrite Golf pig!

          • Golfschwein

            You’re another one: if you can’t share the love and enthusiasm, just rack off. And stop talking to me.

    • kejovi

      what is a mew pne?

      • kejovi

        oh hang on,new one, sorry (i should really look at the keyboard more often)

    • DDH

      She’s a woman, take her seriously!

  • Bangel

    For those who doubt the success of skoda

    YEAR to end sept sales figures world wide

    fabia 202,000 +19%
    octavia 284,000 +20%
    superb 90,000 +24%
    yeti 50,000 +30%
    roomster 27,000 +11%

    total 650,000 units

    predicted 1.5m units by 2018 , not bad for a range of boring looking , reliable cars .

    Roll on VAG .

    • F1MotoGP

      Top car sold in Europe 2010

      Car Brand (Manufacturing Group)… Cars Sold in 2010 … % Market Share … % Change from 2009

      1 Volkswagen (VW) … 1,541,279 … 11.2 … -6.6
      2 Renault … 1,147,486 … 8.3 … +3.4
      3 Ford … 1,109,588 … 8.0 … -13.3
      4 Opel / Vauxhall (GM) … 1,006,832 … 7.3 … -5.5
      5 Peugeot (PSA) … 1,005,916 … 7.3 … -0.4
      6 Citroen (PSA) … 838,147 … 6.1 … -4.5
      7 Fiat … 825,376 … 6.0 … -18.8
      8 Audi (VW)… 623,536 … 4.5 … +1.7
      9 BMW … 609,196 … 4.4 … +6.5
      10 Mercedes (Daimler) … 586,146 … 4.3 … -0.1
      11 Toyota … 582,457 … 4. 2 … -16.5
      12 Skoda (VW) … 468,034 … 3.4 … -3.2
      13 Nissan … 402,654 … 2.9 … +9.7
      14 Hyundai … 358,284 … 2.6 … +4.7
      15 Seat (VW) … 301,931 … 2.2 … -4.7
      16 Dacia (Renault) … 262,777 … 1.9 … +10.2
      17 Kia … 262,627 … 1.9 … +4.5
      18 Volvo … 230,307 … 1.7 … +12.6
      19 Suzuki … 195,458 … 1.4 … -21.7
      20 Honda … 187,408 … 1.4 … -23.4

      • Bangel

        Looks like 2010 was a bad bad year for just about every body , skoda certainly turned it around in 2011.

        • Hung Low

          GM’s figures aren’t to shabby in Europe Bangel, they have almost fooled as many people as VW!

          • Bangel

            Try 2,934,780 for the VAG group , not inc bentley , lambo ,bugatti , porsche .

          • Hung Low

            So how many did they (VAG) sell in the Americas compared to GM in their territory?

  • Darcy Dunbar

    So we should expect these in Australia about 9 months before the next model comes out – based on the delay in getting the Yeti here!

    In Germany at present I’ve seen a very neat Fabia wagon, which would have gone well in Australia. Also sat comfortably on 190kph up the autobahn in an old diesel Roomster – amazing vehicles with one of the most comfortable rear seats I’ve ever travelled in!