by Brett Davis

Toyota has released the new 2011 Toyota Yaris in Australia, showcasing a revised new look, various weight-savings, more fuel-efficient engines, more equipment and new prices.

The 2011 Toyota Yaris update on the outside features a new headlight design, a single wiper system, and revised front and rear bumpers. The Yaris also features a slightly extended body, by 100mm, providing more interior room.

Toyota has managed to shed 20kg from the Yaris’s weight, with 5kg being saved in the body construction, 6kg in the chassis and 5kg in the seats. An additional 4kg was also saved in other areas.

Thanks to a number of engine revisions such as reductions in friction, improve heat management and a re-tuned engine computer, the Yaris showcases a decrease in overall average fuel consumption by up to 0.4L/100km.

CarAdvice is at the launch of the new Toyota Yaris and is preparing a full review of the new model. Stay tuned for all the details and a full interpretation.

Pricing for the 2011 Toyota Yaris is as follows (excluding on-road costs and taxes):

3-door hatch

















(New model)

5-door hatch




















Automatic transmission (YR, YRS): $1,600
Cruise control (YR): $650

  • theillestlife


  • Charles Dean

    This new one actually looks nice.. I liked the interior of the previous Yaris, but the exterior design was just too busy..

    This one looks more subtle and simple, especially the rear..

  • wolfsburg

    Wow! They are still using a 4-speed automatic with the same old engine!

    • carter

      That is for reliability reasons. Absolutely nothing to do with be cheap and reducing development costs while maintaining profit margins.

      • K

        which means the techs are decades old….

  • Lucii Pooky

    Still has 10 year old engines, still has a 4spd auto and still has toyotas tacky radios and pretty much every review from the UK says that the Polo, Fiesta and Rio kill it. Nice try toyota.

    • Rz

      This will sell more then Polo, Fiesta and Rio combined :)

      • Lucii Pooky

        Yes, sadly they will, thats what happens when you convince people you have a great product. :(

        • theillestlife

          its what happens when you do have a great product. it may not be good in looks or classy, but its reliable and has a toyota badge… which means it will appeal to people like cake attracts all the fat kids.

          but id still buy a polo or golf over this all day everyday.

          • Sumpguard

            Bulletproof maybe but a “great product”? No!!

            Suddenly the RIO with its superior safety list, 6 speed auto and arguably superior styling looks like good value!

          • theillestlife

            @ sumpguard, if its not a great product (comming from me, a toyota hater – besides the supra, chaser etc) why is it the most popular car? obviously its a great product if they sell bucket loads of it…


        heres a big call.

        watch the polo outsell it. Girls buy cars on looks and thats all. the mazda 2 is a plastic ricebubble compared to others in its class, but girls buy it because its cute. had a couple cousins wanting small cars, and even after driving them all and deciding on the best… the both took m2’s because of how they looked. Todays generation is the LOOK AT ME generation. Bland wont cut it toyota!

  • http://Caradvice Jordan

    looks ok, but boring engine, and 4 speed auto!!

  • duckula

    Toyota does it again… another half arsed effort… cos u know the nannas will still buy it… Cant wait till the koreans overtake you… ( not that Im a massive korean car fan) but they are making huge efforts… and Toyota sits back in the late 80’s with their 4 speedo auto.

    • Fl01

      It’s not as the others give you 6-speed for free.. Example the Rio cost much more then this.. The rio with 4-speed is more expensive then the Yaris..

      At the end of the day, people in this segment don’t really care or need 7 or 8gear transmission..

      Comfort, Reliability, Price, Resale & Practicality are the priority and this no doubts does very well.. In these regards

      • TJ

        It’s further evidence of Toyota’s complacency IMO.
        Toyota hasn’t even bothered offering the option of a more advanced transmission/engine.
        You’re right in saying that there are alot of people in this segment who don’t care at all, but I believe that there are those out there, including myself, who rate drivetrains/transmissions and driving dynamics as just important.
        Sorry Toyota, not good enough for 2011, going on 2012.

      • duckula

        4 speed on the base model 1.4 kia, 6 speed on the 1.6 , least they give people the choice…. Toyota just hope people wont notice – and they probably dont, more fool them… It just shows that Toyota are lazy… other markets have better gear in them in the same model… they just treat aussies like chumps, but then maybe they are chumps for buying this outdated crud.


        nope in this sector, young girls cars, its all about looks! they dont give a damn for anything else.

  • Alexander

    It looks good and has decent kit, but those engines/transmissions are disappointing! Why not the new gen 75kw 1.33 dual vvti engine with the ‘Super CVT-i’ auto with the 7 speed paddle shift mode and a six speed full manual. In addition to the 1.33 they could also offer the EU market 97kw 1.6l ‘Valvematic’ engine… typical Toyota… watering down cars for our market.

  • Goodfa

    Why even bother with the 1.3 when the fuel economy of the 1.5 is basically the same.

    You can understand when they use a smaller engine to get better fuel economy but if it doesn’t what is the point.

    Kia have done the same with the RIO where the 1.6 has better economy than the 1.4.

    • F1MotoGP

      but the 1.6 is direct injection and the 1.4 is not that is why 1.6 is better.

  • Pauly

    the engines and transmissions are pathetic. Especially when the fuel economy is rubbish.

    The Mazda 3 SkyActive has better economy then this thing!

    Toyota Australia, why no diesels?

    Good idea making Sat Nav standard in the higher spec models. Good thing to copy from the Mazda 3.

    • camaro

      simply diesel engine at good quality cost them a fortune. And to be honest the price gap between petrol n diesel engine is enough for u to refill ur car in years except utes.

  • Doctor

    Certainly looks better but $650 for C/Control is steep.
    Toyota must be taking lessons from BMW.

  • F1MotoGP

    Kia Rio looks better and much better engine – 1.6 direct injection and six speed auto. Toyota could end up like Honda if they do not upgrade the 4 speed auto and old engines.

  • A.

    Still using the old 1.3 and 1.5. I don’t understand why they didn’t add the new 1.33 and someone mentioned putting in the 1.6 used in Europe that would have been even better. Maybe they might add them later.

    Interior looks bad and cheap why can’t they use the integrated audio units which would help plus normal black seats.

    Finally they should have put the 16inch alloys with rear disc brakes on the zr and yrx as well as rain sensing wipers and push-button start.

  • Flabby Chap

    “2011 Toyota Yaris facelift hits Australia”

    This just clearly proves that some motoring journalists don’t know the difference between a completely new model and a facelift.

    • mrxandthexfactor

      Exactly. This is the 2012 New Generation Toyota Yaris. CA-fail.

  • Rick

    Wow look another white good for our roads ,let’s hope they fixed all the problems of the old one

    • jr

      like what ???

      • Sumpguard

        We run a fleet of these at work and they have two glaring faults. The front scrapes on the slightest of driveways and faulty tail lights seem manditory (the cars are always near new) . Bang on the lenz “fonzy” style and they come back on. The company next door also run them and have the exact same issues.

        The scraping of the front bumper eventually sees the clips let go and the splash shield underneath drops to the road.

        Other than that they are absolutely bulletproof!

        Perhaps the newly designed bumper will rectify at least one of the issues though both are what I’d call minor.

        • Alexander

          I know someone who bought one with over 200,000km at auction and has since put another 60,000km on it – all trouble free. They do seem pretty bulletproof.

    • bert

      WHAT PROBLEMS???????????????

      • camaro

        the problem is he’s never got one yet.

    • Rick

      Annoying squeaky door trims I’ve only ever been in two different cars (both rentals ) but they both had the same squeaks ,but no one else seems to mention it so maybe I’ve just been in 2 duds ? And one had windscreen wipers decided to give up . Other than that the same issues that others have listed

  • gale


  • Al Juraj

    The dash reminds me of the Nokia N-Gage phone/gaming console hybrid. Steering wheel is chunky and looks nice to hold. It would be a shame though if their auto is two gears too few.

  • kmayb

    Well, I’ve driven it and it’s a big improvement every where, refinement, space , quality, safety, features, performance and economy. All done for the same price. And it’s not a facelift as described in the headline at all CA , the onlt thing carried over is the Engine & Tranny and there have been improves there. They have done all this for the same price as the last Gen. Try saying that about the Korean Cars which have gone up thousands of dollars over their previous Small car examples. Japs win yet again and they will keep on winning with this car, it will sell very very well against the competition, it will be the best value all rounder in this most competitive class for sure. And before you all go off about stuff you don’t know I will again remind you I HAVE driven it… :)

    • PhantomHamster

      Work for toyota Much… Ive driven it too, and its just a tiZzy tart up…

    • David Smith

      The Koreans, Kia in particular, did do a couple of little things like a 1.6 GDI engine and six-speed shifter.
      Somebody is trying harder than somebody else.


    nissan can’t get rid of their tiida range quick enough,and looks are a big reason.

    now what car does the new yaris look like?


      the old one

  • Toyota Guru

    Brett Davis writes:

    “The 2011 Toyota Yaris update on the outside features a new headlight design, a single wiper system, and revised front and rear bumpers. The Yaris also features a slightly extended body, by 100mm, providing more interior room.”

    Brett, what planet are you on?!? Like others have said here, this is NOT an update nor a facelift. It’s a completely new car.

    Oh, btw, thanks Toyota Australia for taking nearly 12 months to bring this car here, considering it was released in Japan (with the Vitz badge again) back in December last year! And thanks also for carrying over boring old 12 year old engines and transmissions too. Why in the hell wouldn’t you bring the 1NR-FE Smart Stop engine here?!?

    • scottjames_12

      Why? Because 99% of people that buy Toyota’s couldn’t give a rats a$$ about what engine it has. All they care about is that it has an ‘engine’ and the Toyota badge. Toyota Australia knows this..

  • notatoy

    I thought it is a new gen Yaris rather than a facelift. I was wrong.

  • BP’93


  • HaplessPossum

    Does the hazard light button really need to be that big?

  • Jacob

    Hyundai and Kia both have a German designer.

    Looks like Toyota doesnt.

  • Ron

    If people are talking about the appearance, why doesn’t Toyota import its iQ. iQ looks good and compact. It is perfect for city driving, like Yaris (you won’t see it on hwy). At least I can imagine it as an Aston Martin.

    • j

      Just think of the market for replica AM Cygnet fibreglass bodykits.

      A cheap “Aston” for cheaper.