by Karl Peskett

We all know about the tie-up between Aston Martin and Toyota with the Aston Martin Cygnet being based on the Toyota iQ.

However there’s much more to the relationship than just business. It seems there’s some pleasure too as the CEOs of both companies recently demonstrated, swapping race cars at the Nurburgring with some interesting results.

Check out the video below to see Toyoda-san and Dr Bez in action behind the wheel of the LFA and Aston Martin Zagato.

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  • IfItAintARotorItAintAMotor

    Before reading, I thought they were talking about real cars.

    Swapping the Cygnet and a Landcruiser or something… Lol

  • Rick

    I’ll bet the aston blokes felt ripped off

    • theillestlife

      dont know why you got voted down, i guess most readers here prefer a Toyota to a Aston Martin…

      • Rick

        I think all the 80s Holden and ford owners now own toyotas , you know the ones with their heads that far up their a^#% that the only good car ( no matter how bad it really is ) is a Toyota

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  • Rumps

    You don’t see Ford and Holden Managing Directors swapping cars…and if they do, I bet fans will literally kill themselves to death!

    • Zej

      “kill themselves to death” … ?

  • GooSE

    This is awesome. Two manufacturers with respect for each others product. Both amazing cars