• Mr Gaspo

    Wow… A great Lexus, finally! I don’t mind its square off Supra-esque looks either. Toyota flexing its engineering muscle. Can the same team that did this car work on the next gen Corolla and Camry please… Toyotas mainstream need some passion.

    • Radu

      WHAT !!!
      Only 480 nm of torque for a v10 supercar ?
      Lexus tecnology ??
      Even the ISF has more torque..& just about every v6 diesel on the planet…& most v8 ‘s.

    • Sam

      So it’s taken Lexus 10 yrs to come up with this ?
      OMG !!
      But the world keeps turning & it’s passed Lexus by.
      Poor Lexus…but can still rebadge your corolla’s & make your 4 wheeled sofas.

  • Altezza

    Truly an extraordinary car. Impeccable and precise engineering, as expected from Lexus cars but this LF-A feels so special that it has been designed and built flawlessly. If I could drive LF-A just for 30 minutes, this short duration will be an unforgettable experience.

  • Jim Sim

    One word…. Awesome.

  • FrugalOne


    U recon this is good, you should see the Toyota V12 Century, BEST vehicle to ever come out of BigT[tm.F-0]

    & remember… “Lexus finish or better”


    i’ll take 3 gtrs or 2 porsche’s and still have some change,and whip its butt off to 100k’s.there kidding arn’t they.700k.don’t care how good it is.it’s too dear.

    love someone like topgear to do a comparison on the above 3 cars.

    • F1

      Too bad Lexus Aastralia is asking for a total of 10 LFA’s from an initial of 5, due to their high demand..

      This car is more precise then anything from anyhwere.. It corners better then what any EUropean brand could dream of..

      So what do the EUropeans have left? Other then overpriced badges?

      • JEKYL & HYDE

        “this car is more precise than anything from anywhere”

        should we call you a pirate then?(one eyed much)…

        • Ryan

          you think youre mad aye

      • Maple leaf

        Over prized!!!! I can buy almost 2 ferraris for $700k!!

    • JR

      You just don’t get it.

    • 997T

      Yes, quicker to 100km/h…but the LFA just smashed the GTR’s and Porsche’s best times on The Ring (7:14)

    • bert

      You have about a much chance of affording 1 GTR let alone 3! Maybe nissan will let you trade you CAMIRA in and take the finance over 50 years!!

      • JEKYL & HYDE

        my opinion,and 99% of EVERYONE ELSE,you pro toyta wank…

        • Dan

          Are you one of those “we are the 99%” loopers?

          • JEKYL & HYDE

            more like i was responding to a very personal attack by bert the low-life wanker,who has no coin for his lfa because he keeps breaking the match stick diff on his crummy toyota hilux ute.

            most everyone (99 percent infact) could call themselves a 99% looper(whatever that actually is only you know).

          • Dan

            LOL @ 99%. What research have you based your 99% on?

          • Matty B

            It’s alright, 86.8% of all statistics are made up anyway.

    • Sephiroth

      If i have that much money, I’m not going to have 3 same cars or think about which one worth more for the money that i’m going to spend….

    • Brad Palmer

      Top gear has done a review on this car and Jeremy has listed the LFA as his “Favourite car of all time.” Unless you are a professional drag racer, 0-100 times are irrelevant on a track, which is where this car excels.

  • Why?

    $700,000 and still can’t even beat a $170,000 Nissan GTR to 100km/h.

    • haa

      very true.

      • http://www.caradvice.com.au Anthony Crawford

        I’m talking in 0-100km/h terms which, rightly, or wrongly, has become the standard measurement for production cars. That would see the LFA outpaced by the likes of the less expensive 458, Superleggera and Porsche Turbo, not to mention budget priced supercars such as the GT-R you already mentioned. Then there’s the Aventador to contend with.

        That said, 0-100km/h speeds are next to meaningless in the real world where in-gear acceleration is a far more important performance parameter.

    • Gumps

      Silly comparison. You’re trying to compare a car which has been singularly designed to push performance boundaries with a car which has been designed to push technological boundaries with no expense spared. The LFA seems to me to be an answer to a different question – what is the best car you can build?

      And hey, if you were offered a GTR or an LFA, GranTurismo, 911 or 458, would you take the GTR?

    • 997T

      True, but LFA just lapped The Ring in 7:14…which is faster than the GTR

      • Car Fanatic

        For the price you’d buy the GT2 or Corvette ZR1. The LFA was four seconds faster over 20600 meters than the Porsche GT2 and five seconds faster than a ZR1

        That’s less than 0.2 seconds per kilometer for the Porsche and 0.25 seconds per kilometer for the ZR1

        Where in Australia would you find 20.6 Kilometres of road where you can legally drive this the way it was driven to get that ring time?

        Nowhere! Save 300,000 and buy the Porsche or Corvette.

        • 997T

          So if you use your logic then why not just buy a Camry since you can’t legally drive faster than 110km/h in most places?!

        • Dan

          The point… you missed it!!

          With your logic, might as well not buy any other fast exotic car, I mean, where else can you use it properly…

          And you call yourself a “car fanatic”… ummm, yeah….

          • Car Fanatic

            Cause a Camry takes three weeks to hit 110. Plus on the rare occasion when you do a track day at say Eastern creek, how can you justify the 1 to 2 seconds a lap difference doesn’t justify 300K.

            I am indeed a car fanatic, but I’m also a realist. Suck it up Dan, you know I’m right.

          • Dan

            Again, your logic makes no sense. You can use your flawed argument again to justify racing a camry as opposed to a 911, I mean the 30 seconds a lap difference doesn’t justify 300K…

            You FAIL!

    • Al Juraj

      The GT-R’s 4WD gave it an edge to 100, but afterwards, the Lexus will pull away.

    • Sephiroth

      if you really care about 0-100km/h , why don’t you just buy TRD aurion and modify it like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPoCg9UgZA8
      Have a look you might love TRD from now on

  • http://Porsche MB

    Having done a few track days @ Sandown before glad you had a dry day, this car would have been excellent around Sandown…love to know what you were pulling up the back straight.

    Pity they will not be frequently seen on the roads…great car.

    As before now Lexus you have shown has what you can do filter it down the range….Toyota bring back the cars you did well Celica, Supra MR2.

  • Nugsdad

    On the surface totally irrelevant – Is it really worth making a car where only 500 exist, 5 – 10 in Oz and a cost of $700k. 450 of them will be locked in warehouses by collectors or be 1 of their collection of 100 cars and drive 100km per year.
    The hope is always that the learnings and technology trickle into mainstream. Just as new technology starts in a 7 series or S class and migrates to 3 series and C class. The issue here is that this is Toyota and they make no cars that anyone would aspire to own. When you make whitegoods the LFA is a waste of effort. Hopefully Toyota will bring back cars like the Supra, MR2, and even the Celica which capture a bit of LFA DNA.
    If not not then this is just like the America’s Cup, – poor people getting excited about rich men’s toys.

    • http://Porsche MB

      I suppose the same could be said about the SL65 AMG Black only 10 came to the southern hemisphere yet I see a palladium silver one in Melbourne weekly. Only 200 SL65’s were built from memory.

    • Dan

      The whole point of an exotic and exclusive car is just that…

      I can think of dozens other exotic cars that aren’t made in big numbers. This certaintly isn’t the only car in that category.

  • ElecEng

    I want to see CA’s video review with lots of engine sound!!!

  • Frostie

    There’s just something about this car that puts a smile on my face, makes my blood pump faster and my enthusiasm climb even though I’m just sitting here looking at an image on a computer screen. It reignites my automotive lust. You get the sense that this car has a heart-and-soul, it was built with passion in mind. That’s why this car is so revered.

  • Rodge

    Nothing wrong with the car, the problem is the price.
    You can have a supercar with decades of pedigree, (insert your favourite supercar brand) for significantly less money.

    The other Japaneese supercar is of course the Nissan GT-R and it wouldn’t surprise me if their latest version reported to have over 400 KW’s would see this vastly over-priced Lexus away on any racetrack you care to name.

    Personally I’d have a Nissan GT-R, a Jaguar XFR as a daily, and an S Class Mercedes-benz diesel for crusising and spend the other $100,000 on a world trip. All these vehicles plus the world trip show how silly the price of this Lexus really is.

    • JEKYL & HYDE

      i hear that…

    • HJP

      You’re just silly with your comment on comparing LF-A with GT-R. They are totally different beast. The LF-A is one of the true supercars built for exclusivity, other than GT-R which is mass produced.

    • 997T

      How about the Nurburgring? The LFA just smashed the GTR’s time with 7:14 lap.

      Overpriced? Maybe so…but that’s the price one pays for exclusivity….just like “overpriced” watches like Patek Philippe (up to USD1.5 million) and handbags like Hermes Birkin

      • Car Fanatic

        And the Dodge Viper recorded 7:12 on the 14th of September. Better off buying the Viper then.

        • Lafars

           and what about the radical sr8lm 137k $, but it will rape the viper around the ring

    • Dan

      Irreelvant argument what you’d rather have… they have all been sold even before they were manufactured. So the demand is there. It’s worth what someone is willing to pay for it, and given the high demand for this car, it’s clearly worth every penny!

      • Car Fanatic

        How is it irrelevant? Two Viper ACR’s are for sale in the US at the moment. You can buy one so it’s perfectly relevant.

        • Dan

          Did you read my post? It is irrelevant, because the LFA is no longer for sale. They are ALL SOLD OUT! So who cares that there are unlimited amount of Vipers/Corvettes/Crown Vics for sale in the US… you can buy as many as you want. But you can’t buy the LFA anymore, get it? Perfectly irrelevant!

          • JEKYL & HYDE

            maybe toyota will take the chassis,put a twin turbo v6 in it,make the panels out of steel,put a supra badge on it,and sell it for $175k.

            they might sell a few more then….

          • Dan

            Here’s hoping. I wish they bring back a new Supra, plus more. They made some awesome cars in the 90s :(

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1715760895 Charles Dean

    Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s & Porsches are like Camries compared to the LF-A..

    Funny how Lexus, which is just 21yrs old and already has made an ultra super car.. Where as BMW are too busy making X1’s and X2’s and X4.5

    Germans companies are a joke, they don’t have the technology nor the enthusiasm to make such a masterpiece as the Lexus LF-A

    • MB

      But German car companies especially Mercedes Benz & Porsche made supercars relative to their time decades before Toyota let alone Lexus was around eg Mercedes Benz SSK & Porsche 908 & 917

    • Bangel

      Dumb i could have two german masterpieces and have twice the fun , and where is the brand recognition at my local bar , no one will give a toss.

      • 997T

        No one at the bar would give a toss if you drove a German “masterpiece” either….too common these days

        • Bangel

          No one ever mentions toxus in any of my watering holes , just tarted up toyota’s .

          LFA might be a technical wizz , but is got no street cred in OZ , dumb USA collectors will scramble for it , here the names like lambo , ferrari , porsche have the respect.

          • Maple leaf

            Bungles got a point though. Nothing matches a Lamborghini. A Porsche is a tarted up VW?

    • Radu

      Germans don’t have the technology of Lexus?
      That’s funny. If you took away the German invented technology incorporated into this Lexus then it would become a pushing trolley or maybe a pram. Have Lexus ever invented anything ?
      Please explain what is Lexus technology?

  • Car Fanatic

    Lexus might be only 22 years old, Toyota isn’t

  • Dan

    Looking forward to reading all the repetitive Lexus bashing posts from the usual mob… *yawn*

  • SCK

    All Lexus are good, they don’t make any rubbish products.. Build quality and engineering are impeccable.. They use the most sophisticated production methods to create Lexus..

    Go see for your self, just go to a Lexus showroom and look at their cars, they’re very nice.. everything is nice about them

  • john

    Technically brilliant but looks like a rhino front on. For 700k I would’ve expected better and they had 10 years working on it.. The beauty of a 458 in comparison is that it’s a work of art as well as being a great super car

    • JEKYL & HYDE

      hear hear…

  • Stooge

    The engine noise alone is worth the asking price.

    • Radu

      Just buy the soundtrack cd for $ 19.95…will save a lot of money.

  • GIG

    WHAT A CAR!!!

  • JooberFPVGT

    Seriously why is price being the counter argument for this???? This car is for EXCLUSIVITY hence price could be 700, 800,600k . the target market doesnt care. the people who line up for these obviously have money growing off trees and is like poo change to them.

    Overall this car is a technological masterpiece with abrutal sound. It may not have the heritage as many of the italian marques but given lexus will build something super once in a blue moon. Ownership is unique which cant be said of the other marques.

    • JEKYL & HYDE

      think of it this way.

      there’s a lfa,a 458,and a gtr at the lights.

      it’s on….

      whats each driver thinking.

      the 458 guy knows he’ll beat the lfa.

      the gtr guy knows he’ll beat both of them for a fraction of the price

      the lfa guy knows he paid the most coin,and his probably sounds the best.he then activates the a/c recycle button,because he’s about to eat smoke…

      its like having the best looking wife,who’s useless and a dud in bed…

      • Radu

        But it’s not the best looking.

        • Car Fanatic

          Then Mr Veyron tears past them all while 1250Nm rips out your spine. Sure he paid more than all three of the others put together, but at the end of the day that’s a lot of Torque.

  • JHP

    cons says ‘Not as fast as some supercar rivals, you can’t get one for love or money.’ FYI, Paris Hilton got one for love.

  • Car Fanatic

    I’d laugh if Matt Thomas’ JP1 posts a better time when the Joss is released.

  • Nathan

    Ok CA I have one question, Why does the LFA have a six speed gearbox yet the ISF has an 8 speed transmission?

    Is it something to do with having more gears to make it more smoother and practical for daily driving?

    • http://www.caradvice.com.au Anthony Crawford

      Most likely the LFA was conceived and developed earlier than the IS-F and then there’s the weight issue. I have no issues with the 6-speed, in fact, I prefer it.

      • Nathan

        Thanks for the response. 8 is just silly in such a nice car.

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  • http://www.wmcapriceforum.com/ Troutman

    Brilliant piece of engineering, and price is justified by use of exotic materials and sheer exclusivity.

    But despite the ample use of superlatives in the article, I have one question: does anyone know what this car is like to live with day to day as a road car? The Japanese have a reputation to live up to.

    It was a bit over 20 years ago that another new Japanese supercar with a ‘H’ on its nose came onto the market. It was regarded as one of the best cars of its era not only for its handling balance and use of exotic materials, but it was impossibly comfortable and practical to live with. Even grandma could drive it.

  • camaro

    Hi Anthony, you said it’s not fast as rivals. could you please explain for me cause i’m confused. LFA beats nissan GTR at quarter mile and GTR beats 458 so? Alse, LFA is like 12 seconds ahead of 458, 10 seconds for Maclaren MP12C at Nurburgring. And apparently, I’ve read somewhere on internet said that all Ferraries that given to journalist are different to commercial ones (Please check by Google). Waiting for your response.

    • http://twitter.com/parky1020 Jihoon Park

      LFA wasnt built to compete with cars like 458 or mp12c. it was built to compete with those high end supercars, like ferrari 599 gtb fiorano or lamborghini murcielago.
      and clearly, lfa wasn’t fast as them, nor was as cheap.
      that was like the only negative part. it is one of the greatest japanese car ever made by miles.

  • Grenbek

    lexus is the best car company there is and this is the greatest car that lexus has ever made so this is the greatest car in the world

  • madd

    Why does this have less torque than a V8 Commodore?

    • Timmay

      Why does a commodore have less than a diesel jeep. How much usable rpm in a commodore? How long until the brake rotors are warped? Or the A/C craps out

Lexus Lfa Specs

Car Details
Body Type
New Price
Private Sale
Dealer Retail
Dealer Trade
Engine Specifications
Engine Type
Engine Size
Max. Torque
480Nm @  7000rpm
Max. Power
412kW @  8700rpm
Pwr:Wgt Ratio
Bore & Stroke
Compression Ratio
Valve Gear
Drivetrain Specifications
Drive Type
Final Drive Ratio
Fuel Specifications
Fuel Type
Fuel Tank Capacity
Fuel Consumption (Combined)
16.7L / 100km
Weight & Measurement
Kerb Weight
Gross Vehicle Weight
Not Provided
Ground Clearance
Towing Capacity
Brake:0  Unbrake:0
Steering & Suspension
Steering Type
Turning Circle
Front Rim Size
Rear Rim Size
Front Tyres
265/35 R20
Rear Tyres
265/30 R20
Wheel Base
Front Track
Rear Track
Front Brakes
Rear Brakes
Front Suspension
Double wishbone, Upper and Lower Control Arms, Coil Spring, Gas damper, Anti roll bar
Rear Suspension
Multi-link system, Coil Spring, Gas damper, Anti roll bar
Standard Features
Xenon Headlights
Service Interval
12 months /  15,000 kms
48 months /  999,000 kms
Country of Origin