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CarAdvice is currently in Victoria’s Yarra Valley for tomorrow’s press launch of Hyundai’s all new i40 Tourer.

From a styling perspective alone, the i40 is visually stunning. It has the kind of looks to be a game changer in the medium car segment and that’s before we’ve even turned the engine over.

Designed under the watchful eye of Hyundai’s Chief Designer, Thomas Bürkle, at the Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Centre in Rüsselsheim, Germany, the i40 Tourer pretty much personifies Hyundai’s new brand slogan “New Thinking. New Possibilities.”

Up close, the i40 is very Euro in its shape and general stance and while we only got the chance to look over a static version of the top spec ‘Premium’ model; the fit, finish and materials all look to be first class.

Hyundai have clearly set out to create a winner in the i40 Tourer with superb quality leather upholstery and seating design that includes both heated and cooled seats in the front and heating in the second row.

There’s also a tonne of room inside the car too. I set my normal driving position and then sat in the back seat behind the driver, and the rear legroom was extraordinarily generous. Again, passenger comfort and space has been very well thought through.

The level of creature comforts in this ‘Premium’ i40 is so extensive that I would be surprised if it isn’t a runaway leader in the medium car segment.

i40 customers have the choice of three trim levels – Active, Elite and Premium. As far as powertrains go, there are just two choices; a 2.0-litre GDI petrol or a 1.7-litre CRDi diesel engine mated to either a six-speed automatic or manual transmission, depending on what trim level you choose.

Fuel economy is said to be outstanding across both engines with figures for the diesel as low as 4.7L/100km and CO2 emissions of just 124g/km.

The level of standard safety kit on board is extensive and includes the likes of nine (yes that’s 9) airbags, LED Daytime Running Lights and a full suite of active safety systems including Emergency Stop Signal (ESS).

Hyundai i40 Tourer pricing starts at $32,490 for the petrol Active manual and tops out at $44,990 for the automatic Premium. In the diesel variants, entry level is $34,490 for the Active manual and $46,490 for the Premium automatic.

CarAdvice will post a full review and road test of Hyundai’s new i40 Tourer this weekend.

  • Flabby Chap

    The cuurent Hyundai cars look good for the first few weeks.

    • SkinnyMan

      Then what happens?

      • Denx

        Then they still look better than toyota

        • matt

          look better then the blandest motoring manufacturer in the world? oh snap you got em there denx….. pfft whatever

  • mrxandthexfactor

    Looks great! Most of the new Hyundais are really good looking.

    • Sumpguard

      Agreed, but game changer? We’ll see I guess.

  • marcelito

    Very nice design inside and out

  • G man

    Looks like a stretch version of the little Lexus hybrids?

    • Matt J

      From the side view, I can see what you mean!

      • matt

        i was thinking more wagon version of accent…

  • SWE

    saw one in metal today! real good!!

  • Jazrod

    I saw a silver one driving along Blaxland Rd in Campbelltown yesterday – nice looking vehicle.

  • Adam Le Fevre

    One must give praise to those who stretch the boundary, a very attractive car that is well supported, marketed, and placed in the right segment, now let’s see Hyundai put in the rental market and cock up all the aspiration it has built for the general buying public and watch the resale plummet!

    In all a job well done, don’t cock it up in the ,market.

    • Rick

      Resale ,what resale we took our Santa fe in as we were thinking about a larger 4×4 vehicle it’s only 16 mths old and we got quoted depending on dealership between $26000 and $28000 this is for a car we paid over $46000 including all the options we got DVD player tow bar etc etc if you want resale buy a Toyota what ever you do don’t buy a Hyundai. You, like me will regret it . However the car has been incredible it’s just not big enough for us unfortunately

      • Matty B

        Rick, it’s an unfortunate position to be in, but I don’t know if you paint all Hyundais with the same stick. Take this into account, All those extras you paid for, take them out of the price, the $3500 odd thousand dollars worth of onroad costs, take those out the price, now take into account that the Sante Fe whilst being a lovely car, is getting at the end of it’s life cycle, what is someone going to pay for a 16 month old one ?

        Except in very extreme circumstances where there is a massive wait for a car, or low supply, getting out of a car with in the first 3 years regardless of what it is, is always going to hurt. Because when someone goes to buy it (especially wholesale) they’re going to be compared on price to a new one.

        I do feel for you though.

        • Rick

          we knew going into it that it was going to hurt getting out of it , however they claim a 3 yr redbook residual 58% so that being said we might wait for it to get to 3 yrs it shouldn’t loose any money between now and the 3 yr mark lol . The part that bothered us the most was the fact that the lowest trade in we got was from Hyundai . That’s where toyota look after their previous customers trade a Toyota in on another toyota and they always offer at least 10% more than anyone else . That being said I’d rather take the lower trade in on the hyundai , than own another Toyota, the prado and land cruiser 200 gave us nothing but problems ,absolute nightmares

          • Matty B

            Don’t put too much faith in “trade” prices though. Especially until you’re ready to go. The car will probably lose bugger all value in the next 12 months though depending on what KM’s you put on it. If you do find a car you want to get into, work out how much you want (realistically) and just ask the question. Tell the dealer if they come up with the price you’re after you’ll do business, just say any more than the number you come up with doesn’t make sense for you. They’ll either work all out to make it happen, tell you’re being unrealistic, or might ask for a little bit of help. Then make you’re decision from there.

          • Rick

            Thanks for the advice matty it’s really the first time we’ve gone to trade a car other than a Toyota which I can safely say was an absolute pleasure . I think if we go ahead we will just list the car as a private sale and see what happens

          • Jonno Smith

            @ Rick
            I was in the same boat as you, mate. I wanted to trade-in my 4 year old Hyundai Elantra for a new Hyundai model. The Hyundai dealer where I bought my Elantra was talking about low, low bucks (about $7k trade-in value)- a 70% depreciation from $23k that I paid brand new! The thing that got me thinking was this salesman’s remark about Hyundai’s poor resale value – he’s selling Hyundai and yet had the cheek to diss Hyundai’s poor residuals. I think he’s also wanting to get fat on the trade-ins and commissions. Greedy bastard!
            To cut the story short, I put the thought of changing cars out of my mind. On March 2010, a massive hailstorm badly damaged my car – which I claimed for total loss, I got back $12k – a 52% depreciation which was more representative of the true value.
            Didn’t get a Hyundai as a replacement! These days, even if the Hyundai are getting better and prettier, that episode really put me off considering Hyundais. The kicker these days are Hyundai’s push for premium pricing on par with the Japanese brands. Don’t think that they’re worth it!

          • Sumpguard

            I sold my ix35 highlander after 12 months for $34,000 after paying $40,500 for it so resale was over 80 percent. It depends on the individual vehicle. Not the brand as a whole.

            Also, take a camry back to your dealer for trade after 18 months and you’ll get a shock also (my neighbours did and weren’t very happy). They are in the business of making a profit and second hand dealers can get them cheap at auction. That’s pretty much where the “real value” for resale is set. Redbook is just a guide and not always accurate.

          • Rick

            @ jonno I agree with nearly every thing you said the Hyundai dealer that we spoke carried on with the same crap and what’s worse the one we spoke to had one the same as ours with more km and no DVD or tow bar yet it was on the lot for $35,990 as for Koreans asking similar money as the japs in away they should the Santa fe has been a hell of a lot better car than both of our toyotas a brand that is extremely overrated
            @ sump guard your a lucky man if they offered me a similar price on mine I’d be quite happy with that
            @ Dan thanks for your advice I will look into it a bit more as I’ve only looked at redbook and I honestly dont know where they get their figures from eg. Srt jeep $27000 I haven’t managed to find one for under $37000 I assume redbook is done by car dealerships . As for your experience with Toyota I’m surprised when we went from the prado to the 200 series cruiser the prado was 12 mths and 40000 km and we only lost $4000 on it but as I’ve said before they are the 2 worst cars I have ever owned and don’t ever see me buying a Toyota ever again .

          • BoatAnchor

            Sell it privately. My wife’s 05 Tucson was offered at 12k to trade. Sold privately in 1 week at 16k. Purchase price was around 31. So a shade over 50% is ok after 5.5 years. Rav4 and xtrail were no better on redbook.

          • nickdl

            @Jonno I had the exact same thing happen last year with my 2000 model Subaru Liberty. The Dealer offered us $4500 for a trade in. A couple of weeks later the hailstorm came and it was written off so we got back $15,000 – more than three times the trade in. Needless to say, we didn’t go back to the greedy Holden dealer and ended up with a Ford. Selling it privately probably would have got us around $12k so it ended up being great that it was written off.

      • Dan

        Rick, Hyundai aren’t any worse than most other popular cars when it comes to resale. The sad fact is you do money as soon as you drive them out of the dealer. I have had Landcruisers etc and after 12-18 mths and found you’ve done nearly half of your money. What makes it worse is that with Toyota you pay so much more for them in the first place.

        What I do now is I go the other way when buying, I do my homework, I go to sites like Discount New Cars and get a price on the car I want. I then go to Carsales.com and see what the dealers have in stock and then go to the car valuation area on Carsales.com and get an idea of the wholesale price of the vehicle. I then get an idea of how much I think I need to spend. After that I go to the dealers towards the end of the month and see what dealers physically have in stock and ask “How much do I have to write a cheque for to buy that car”. You then negotiate hard and you will find that you get a much better deal because you have all the facts.

      • Ted

        Hi Rick,it is not the trade-in ($$$) that you are offered, it’s the change over, and that’s what you are after.

  • http://www.facebook.com/peter.zaharis Peter Zaharis

    I think this is an excellent addition to the market but it is let down by not having a nice touch-screen media display in the centre console. Even if it didn’t have satellite navigation this would just help make the interior look classier. Especially considering what Hyundai is charging now.
    It’s a small thing but I think it detracts from what is otherwise a very good package.

  • Martin

    Where’s the sat-nav? Why don’t Hyundais come with it? Is there an issue with the maps for here?

    • http://CarAdvice The Salesman

      Unless you are a courier/taxi driver why would you need sat nav?
      I think i have nailed the route from home to work. I have even been known to find the shops and my son’s school with out any sat nav aids.
      Would the lack of sat nav really stop you from buying a car?

      • JML

        Lol, just because you have no life, mate, doesn’t mean other people don’t.

        • Nugsdad

          Sat Nav looks good and have / had several cars with it. I now prefer a $20 Metroview app on my iphone. Works well, keeps the maps up to date, and doesn’t charge $4-500 for an update, in addition to the $2000 worth of cost in optioning satnav on a new car.
          Even a $200 Tomtom makes more sense than the manufacturer’s installation.

          • Matty B

            A multimedia set up would be great though, I really like the set up in the G6E, you can basically select through music the same way as you IPod.

            I couldn’t give to rats about Sat Nav, I’ve yet to use that felt any superior to using googlemaps on my phone. And I’ve used plenty of factory and aftermarket nav units. Only reason I would ever fork over the money is purely for the multimedia functions available on most modern units, but I can’t think of any factory units I’d pay for. Buy aftermarket for half the price.

      • Philthy

        Haha… I suppose if you don’t drive in the rain much, you probably dont need a roof and if you don’t crash very often you dont really need airbags and if you don’t drive backwards very often you probably don’t need a reverse gear..

        Try a bit harder mr Salesman.

        • Matty B

          If you don’t drive much in the rain, don’t crash, and don’t drive backwards….buy a motorbike.

          • http://CarAdvice The Salesman

            LOL well done Matty B, if i could give you 100 points i would.

            In order of priority i would say a reverse camera or sensors should be standard on all new cars.

            I am shocked to hear that up to 10 children a month are run over in the home driveway every month in Australia.

            About 5 a month are killed.

            Sat nav should be at the end of the list, dont you think?

          • Sumpguard

            Agreed. I have sat nav on my phone and despite this when I need to look up an address I still reach for the book. For me personally it’s easier.

            If the manufacturers are going to stick something in the car worth $2,000 as an extra put the effort into the sound system thanks :)

      • Golfschwein

        Good for finance brokers doing night appointments. Not long ago, I promised myself that my next car will have one, but not so sure now, because smart phones do the job.

      • John

        Haha The Salesman, most people life to go to new places every once and a while, just because you only have three drive routes in your life doesn’t mean that others do as well.

        Personally, I don’t really care about built-in sat nav, my iPhone or Navigon can do those duties when needed.

        A nice screen would raise the profile of the dash quite a bit, all the gloss black plastic is a tad cheap looking unfortunately.

        • Matt

          @John: Plenty of people like to go different places, but when this is once every couple of months, why is it so hard to look at a map or use your phone? Or even just buy a GPS that sticks to the windscreen for $200 rather then the $2-3000 for an in built factory sat nav.

    • http://caradvice OSU811

      I would rather the front and rear park sensors standard on the elite and premium. Plus the rear camera standard on the premium over a factory sat nav..

      • http://CarAdvice The Salesman


  • Rick

    Nice car, looks good ,good options and even a manual available ,shame it’s only available in the base and the price for the top spec one is absolutely ludacris . It will have to be a great drive to command a similar price to the commodore wagon

  • Gimp

    Drove a CRDi Active i40 last week and it is indeed a very nice car, lots of room as has been said and the diesel seemed to have enough power. Hoping to drive the Premium soon. I still think the range is around 3K to 5K overpriced though.

    • Matt

      If it’s overpriced why are you test driving it? You’re considering buying it because you think it might be worth that much money. Compare it to the competition and also think about it being a brand new car and in my opinion, the price is 100% justified.

      • matt

        you would think its justafied, stop using my name for garbage.

  • Tim

    Nice car, but overpriced!!!

  • http://caradvice OSU811

    Nice car, excellent quality and features, also maybe best looking touring wagon around! toss up with the volvo V60.!
    only downside is the petrol lacks a little bit in the torque department for this size of car! But great economy, transmissions etc..

  • dadar

    Saw them up close and personal 2 weeks ago.
    First impression seems really quite good, fresh looks (although im not sure how well this will age), good features and equipments…
    And the plastics used in the interior doesn’t feel too cheap.

    Although I have some niggles that I’d like to point out about the car…
    – The DRLs look very TACKY. And we cant switch it off at all. Its either fully on (and its SUPER BRIGHT), or dimmed when the parkers or headlights are switched on. And they look slapped on the car to make it look all glitzy and everything. Didn’t work for me.
    – The car does this musical chime everytime you put the ignition in, or switch the car off. Might be a “novel” idea at first, but I know for a fact that it’ll start to get annoying after a while.
    – That 3rd window… Looks like someone had punched it on the back of its head.. lol

    • Devil’s Advocate

      With the tacky LED DRLs, it is no different to many other cars with them! The LED DRLs on HSVs to name just one…

      • dadar

        Hence why I never been a fan of them just to be frank. =\

  • Mr Gaspo

    Attractive car, great specs and efficiency… too bad about the price for the higher spec diesels. At the asking prices around $5k too much… Might as well buy a Passat. I think Hyundai will struggle to sell these… Wait for a spec and price adjustment in around 12 months.

    • Dan

      Couldn’t agree more. This is what Hyundai have a track record for doing.

  • anthony

    Honda,where is the Accord Euro wagon ???

    Looks WAY better than this…

    • http://caradvice OSU811

      Agree Honda needed to bring in Euro wagon long ago! But looks better than I40? dont think so, Euro is starting to look dated.

      • anthony

        HAve you seen a Euro wagon ?

        I have jusr seen them overseas,and it is goregous looking,very aggressive and sporty

  • Diesel Power

    Where is the new BMW 3 series. You said it will be revealed today!!

    • Matty B

      Where’s the LFA review that was going to be up in 24 hours

  • Rick

    Does anyone else out there think that with all the current wagons available It would be worth while offering a 7 seat option cause I for one hate the fact that I have to drive a suv of minivan just wondering what everyone else’s thought on this is


    Would be nice 2.0 turbo on same price
    Bit over price for 2L 4cylinder car…

  • Commentator

    Looking forward to the review.

  • BoatAnchor

    I also think its 2-5k overpriced and should have the R diesel 2.0 not the U2 1.7



    a few things…the toyota 200 sries diesel is probably the most insanely overated 4wd i have ever driven…and its my job to drive in the army…it CONSTANTLY has a drained battery…uses oil like a Sheik….its glovebox hasnt worked in 6 models i have driven..ever…constantly falls open..and wont close….the tyres are a JOKE….

    but the engine is very good…..but could be stretched easily to 300kw…750nm…eaily….but the cheap diffs and cheap chasis wont cope with it….

    jeep have the answer if you want affordable performance diesel with luxuries…..

    toyota are on borrowed time…..

    • http://NSSAN James Cortez

      Come on talk common sense buddy. 750 Nm from 4461 cc I believe it but 300 kw is a stretched goal. 300 / 4.461 = 67.2 KW / litre. BMW can produce that sort of an output from a diesel engine but toyota?? never heard of

    • Alex

      Toyota are on a winner because they have worked out that 99% of it’s buyers are in love with the idea of what a LC200 could do, but will never do it. For the very few like yourself who discover its weakness, their comments just fall on deaf ears, those buyers aren’t really Toyota’s main customer.

    • Rick

      Agreed Bob I have personally owned one and were I work we had 8 and your right they are the biggest heaps of ¥€**% ever built . I think that people don’t notice some of the problems ,like the oil usage mainly because most people never open the bonnets on their cars . We replaced our fleet with pajeros and 2 Hyundai Santa fe they have all done in excess of 100,000 km and haven’t missed a beat both really good cars . however we had a prado recently join our fleet and it’s already been to the dealer twice both on the back of a tilt tray

  • http://NSSAN James Cortez

    This i40 is waaaay overpriced and too damn heavy. Hyundai – historically – has poor resale even here in North America. For that money you have alternative like Mondeo diesel who handles way better and for slightly more then go and buy Peugeot 508. the latter has rally heritage (205, 206). Why buy Hyundai?

    • http://www.caradvice.com.au Anthony Crawford

      No sure what spec sheet you’re looking at, but mine says that the i40 Tourer weighs in at between 1420kg – 1595kg for the Petrol and slightly heavier for the diesel, which I’m guessing you won’t be getting in the US.

  • ian c

    what explains the better fuel economy in the base model automatic diesel compared to the higher two models (5.6 vs 6). Is it the smaller wheels (can fuel economy be improved by fitting smaller wheels?) or something else such as the bigger brakes, dual zone a-con etc?

  • BJ

    Why do the overseas models get Satnav but we dont???

  • Whatthe

    Will to being quite taken with the new i40…. Though will agree to being a bit surprised at the price… At least a few thousand more than id agree with… But what has surprised me even more is the shameless gouging by the dealers at the moment…. Some dealers are charging up to 7k more just for ‘on roads’…. I dont care what brand its is in that price bracket… Thats disgraceful…

  • F1MotoGP

    In Europe you can get in sedan too. Will get it here?
    ix55 is on sale in Europe. 4840mm long with 3 liter diesel engine. 176kW, 450Nm from 1750 rpm. 6 speed auto. Price from 42290 Euro = 57900 AUD.