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  • Malcolm

    Wagon? It’s really a hatchback. The load space IS TOO SMALL for a family no matter what this reviewer says. Not mentioned is the horrible looking cheap interior and dash. How ugly are those cheap ridiculous centre air vents? A sedan Commodore is difficult to see out of and this hatchback is a nightmare to see out of front and rear. Oh… What about the around town fuel economy? That’s where most of the driving done, 22litres per hundred?

    • Bent 8 Brigade

      Oh dear, you appear to have missed the point of this V8 engined beast. It’s kind of a car for men who appreciate muscle cars and the enjoyment that is derived from ownership of this type of car. My recommendation for you, as you appear somewhat testosterone deficient and concerned about around-town fuel economy, is a VW Polo. Enjoy.

    • Andrew

      If your after fuel economy clearly you would opt for the SV6, if your buying a V8 you don’t really expect to sip like a hybrid . . .

      • Joker

        Andrew, yes agreed but V8′s should be sipping less regardless in this day and age

        • http://caradvice OSU811

          If you want a luxury tourer wagon with excellent fuel economy then buy the new I40 CRDI wagon.. But that is not really the point of a BIG V8 sports wagon is it??

        • Dave S

          It’s not hard to find owners claiming around 10L per 100k for daily use. To me that sound great from 6.0 V8. I think many people running 3.0 motors would be happy to average 10L per 100ks.

          I know it’s a bit simplitic but: a 2.0 motor does not use 1 third the fuel of the 6.0 v8. It uses more.

      • Phil

        If you were after fuel economy you would not go for the SV6 either!
        It uses 9.9L\100km which is the same as the ~400KW Merc E63 or BMW M5!

        Going on what Joker says….V8 Audi A8 with 273KW uses 9.5L\100km and the Diesel V8 (253KW\800NM) uses 7.8L\100km.

        Sportwagons bootspace isn’t like a hatch though. It’s says 895L capacity which is about 3 times more than a hatch.

        • Harold

          You have the wrong consumption figures for the SV6

          It is 9.3L/100km making it more fuel efficent than the lighter Front Wheel Drive Maxima 350 and Accord V6.

          • Phil

            Not it isn’t Harold. Maybe your thinking of a manual SV6 sedan.
            We’re talking about the SV6 wagon which is auto only (why?) and uses 9.9L\100km – though after checking, Holden’s website and now list it as 9.8L\100km.

        • Harry

          How many years will you have to drive those more economical cars to come out ahead? You don’t live in the real world – everyone should buy an M5, though just checking redbook the 2010 model cost 241k and used 14.8L/100km combined.

    • Ford Mondeo Wagon

      The Ford Mondeo Wagon is the answer, looks better, drives better, fuel economy better, reliability better, quality better, interior better, cargo space is more and better, I could go on but you get the idea, Holdens slogan should be GO WORSE.

      • Pro346

        Load up a mondeo with 5 people all their stuff add jet ski the mondeos going to struggle, isnt that what wagons are for?

        • John

          The Mondeo isn’t going to struggle with the 2L Ecoboost engine.

          In any case, if you are looking at an Commodore SS wagon, you’re not going to be considering a Mondeo. It’s the only way to get a V8 wagon under $100k, and for the money it’s pretty darn good. Better looking than the sedan too.

          • Pro346

            So you think small capacity turbo engines dont struggle with a load ? Have you actually driven one with a load 1200kg jetski , 5 passengers and all their junk.

          • Trickster

            I have a Skoda Octavia RS Diesel Wagon (with DSG) and it tows 1,000kg to 1,300kg without issue. Very stable and with plenty of power and torque in reserve. OK the Skoda Diesel won’t out drag a Commo V8 but it beats the Commo 6′s at the light GPs.

            Funny the boot in the Octavia is larger than a Commodore Sportwagon’s regardless of what the manufactures figures say (a friend of mine as a Sportwagon’s and I fitted more stuff in the Octavia boot than the Sportwagon). I know a Skoda Superb or VW Passat have bigger boots than the Octavia too.

          • Pro346

            Yeah most diesels tow well weight doesnt seem to affect them I was talking about turbo petrols thats what the ecoboost is isnt it?

          • nickdl

            FWD wouldn’t exactly be fun when driving out of a slippery boat ramp. As much as I like the Mondeo wagon, the Territory would be a much better towcar.

      • monaro

        A MONDEO WAGON DRIVES BETTER: you have got to be joking unless you are a 60 something who enjoys driving a stodgy sponge,..they are junk

      • Pro346

        Im not sure whether you actually own a mondeo wagon but no ecoboost is availible with wagons and all petrol models can tow max 1200kg.

    • Catter29

      It is a very nice looking wagon with a strong, well sorted V8. However the V6s are nothing special (how such a high specification V6 can still vibrate and sound as “un-couth” as the old Buick V6 at high rpm has got me) and the plastic surrounding the “IQ” system and central air vents looks very “aftermarket”. It is like they spent about 5 minutes on the design work on how they would integrate the IQ system into the previous series’ dash and then just gave up. Plus the interior platics have anything but an “exxy” feel/look to them and they can show scratch marks just by looking at them.

      However having said that it is a very solid and durable car that is a very good alternative to the SUVs people love and would suit some people better. However the funny thing is the Commodore takes up more space on the road/carpark parking spaces etc than pretty much all of the mainstream SUVs around that price range, including the Ford Territory!

    • Steve the “Keyboard Hero”

      Is this a new model? Commodore is really starting to look and feel long in the tooth.

      Bring on the FWD overseas engineered model as GMs Australian arm has obviously run out of cash to make any changes to what was already a very average package.

    • Alex

      Agree, I liked the wagon, but for the cost the boot was useless. I ended up with a mid size wagon which doesn’t have the power but the boot is about the same size but the cost price was 1/2.

      • Shak

        Which Mid sized wagon did you get that has a similar sized boot to the Commodore, for half the price?

        • Devil’s Advocate

          I would think the Octavia would give it a close race for volume under the shade. That is one figure Holden don’t give out.

    • nickdl

      Another anti-Holden armchair expert on Caradvice…

      I suppose you’ve just read the 895L of boot space spec and decided that it’s not big enough to be called a wagon. Well can I tell you that the Commodore is an extremely practical wagon with a huge amount of boot space, especially with the rear seats folded. Not to mention the enormous legroom in the back seats.

      I’d happily have one of these or a Calais V Sportwagon as a family car, there is really nothing wrong with them. Great value, looks, performance, space and cheap to fix. What more could you want?

      You’ve obviously never even sat in a Sportwagon before, let alone driven one. Rear visibility is actually better than the sedan without a spoiler and you get a reverse camera.

  • Malcolm

    Oh yeah was this really an independent road test or just an advertisement from Holden ? Oh well hopefully Commodire won’t be around for much longer anyway

    • fezman

      Have you driven a sport wagon before? used the boot in one before?

      I highly doubt it as you clearly dont know what your talking about…..

      Good economy in a v8? Who buy’s a v8 for the economy?

    • Phil

      Every review by CA is a advertisment for the car in question these days.
      They’re always positive reviews, esspecially Hyundai (some CA staff actually work for Hyundai).

      • Bent 8 Brigade

        Just because a car gets a positive review doesn’t necessarily mean there is bias involved…if the vehicle gets positive reviews everywhere else, as this Sportwagon does, I don’t smell a rat.
        Agree however that the Hyundai connection to CA is a bit fishy.

  • BP

    The sexiest looking wagon ever! Engines are superb, interior looks exxy matched by tough looks. Great colours too!

    • Devil’s Advocate

      It is a very nice looking wagon with a strong, well sorted V8. However the V6s are nothing special (how such a high specification V6 can still vibrate and sound as “un-couth” as the old Buick V6 at high rpm has got me) and the plastic surrounding the “IQ” system and central air vents looks very “aftermarket”. It is like they spent about 5 minutes on the design work on how they would integrate the IQ system into the previous series’ dash and then just gave up. Plus the interior platics have anything but an “exxy” feel/look to them and they can show scratch marks just by looking at them.

      However having said that it is a very solid and durable car that is a very good alternative to the SUVs people love and would suit some people better. However the funny thing is the Commodore takes up more space on the road/carpark parking spaces etc than pretty much all of the mainstream SUVs around that price range, including the Ford Territory!

  • Pauly

    They are not bad cars at all. However don’t look past the Diesel offerings by Volkswagen, Ford and Mazda for their respective Wagons.

    • nickdl

      Oh yeah because someone wanting a 260kW V8 RWD wagon is really going to look at a diesel Volkswagen estate. Apples and oranges mate!

  • Blue Soup

    thats AWESOME!! 25 different suspension setting all you need to do now is teach BOGANS what it all means!!!
    Have fun with that????

    • Devil’s Advocate

      Simple. Everything from “fooolllyy stiff” to “foooolllyy soft” bro.
      Or another way. “If you turn it all the way in this direction it causes your VB stubbie to froth up and you could spill some of it, turn it the other way and you should be able to drink it fine without spilling a drop as well as less risk of it frothing up when you pop the top off it… TVFPIC!! ;-)

      • Blue Soup

        Maybe you should do the writing for GMH’s Owners manuals since you seem to speak BOGAN well.

        • JonnyBravo

          BOGAN edition

          • Pro346

            So any one that drives a Holden is considered a bogan? well everyone that drives a euro front wheel drive diesel hatchback or similar must be classed as a wanker the same people that need to call roadside service to fix a flat!

          • Bobo

            You can tell that Bogans have really moved on to Euro cars just by the comments. How bout buy the car on its merits not badge and give credit where its due. I love Euro wagons however SSV is a great package and would have it over any Euro car for price, reliability and servicing…

          • Blue Soup

            The more you comment PRO346 the more you sound like a BOGAN!!!!! And not everyone that Drives a GMH or Ford are not BOGANS because some people don’t get the choice of their company cars.

    • Pro346

      Blue soup has a diesel hatchback as his own car its certain…. bogan this bogan that get over it!

      • Blue Soup

        Actually i do not own a Diesel nor a Hatchback Bogan Boy and before you say it i do not own Euro trash either?
        Maybe i even own a GMH?

        • Pro346

          Rollerskates? Maybe a prius ? 10 speed mountain bike?

          • Blue Soup

            There is no need to tell us what fills ya garage!

  • theillestlife

    its all good in a straight line. love to see an aussie car take a corner like a Mercedes. hahahha

    • hehe

      The mercedes AMGs cant take corners too well as well unforutnately

      • F1MotoGP

        You must go to F1 race to see how Mercedes Wagon takes corners! ( it is a F1 Medical Car )

    • crouchy

      Love to see a Mercedes priced like an Aussie.

      • F1MotoGP

        Can not compare the to it is like comparing a Toorak with an average surburb.

        • Oh?

          Also a bit like comparing someone who is educated and can read and write english, with YOU.

          • Pro346

            Did you ever consider english might not be his first language?

  • Shak

    Yes, its thirsty, and yes its not got as much load space as some of the Euro mid sized brigade, but then none of those cars can drive like this, sound like this or look like this.
    Obviously if you are buying an SS Version of the Sportwagon, fuel efficiency isn’t your top priority. Most people who buy one are just looking for a Commodore with more load space, and trust me if you have actually used it before(rather than looked at some photos of its interior) you wouldn’t be saying it doesnt have enough load space.

    • Golfschwein

      Yep! An Omega Sportwagon took five of us, our luggage and Granny’s wheelchair (folded, naturally) for a 3 day weekend a year ago. It even had cases of wine on the return journey, so only then did rear vision become restricted.

      All things considered, I won’t hear a bad word said about its performance, economy or carrying ability. From my sometimes middle pew in the back seat, I think I counted 8 different types of finish on the dash, but that’s a different story.

      • Shak

        True interior quality is not at German levels, and probably wont ever be at this price point, but i agree with every word you said.

        • Golfschwein

          Shak, the funny thing is that very little outlay (says I – it’s probably major tooling) is required to fix it! Ditching the old style animal grain on the lower dash plastics in favour of a technical grain to match the dash and door tops is half the job done, especially now that the VE II interior is an improvement on the car we had.

          • nugsdad

            And PLEASE fix the gawd awful handbrake design

          • Shak

            Noi actually think you are right. Changing interior plastics is a relatively simple task, its just that Holden are getting a bit careless, and seem to have adopted the attitude of “if it aint broke…” While i would love to see a Japanese or German quality interior in our Commodore, the price would inevitably go up.

  • Jerrycan

    I think the sportswagon is still one of the best looking cars on the road including the much more expensive German cars.

    The power upgrades are great value for money, but I am not sure why anyone would need it?
    The relative lack of performance improvement must be limited by being under-tyred (a similar problem with the Falcon turbo).

    As a wagon the space is not a problem but the weight carrying capacity is pretty miserly and is more than a 100kg less than my wife’s 1.9d octavia wagon (660 kg).

    The big problem though is fuel consumption.
    Granted that 10.6 kl/lt on a highway run with a 6 litre engine is quite good, it is not something I could afford or tolerate. Both Holden and Ford should have been looking at diesel options years ago for their big cars.
    It is no coincidence that a very high percentage of BMW and Mercs sold in Australia are diesels.

    Another niggle with the suspension upgrade is I’m surprised that the suspension settings cannot be adjusted from inside the car with a small electric servo.
    Surely not that hard to fit?

    • Dave S

      Dont forget that the 6.0V8 has provided a great figure considering engine size, performance, that the car was run with passengers and air con.

      BMW and MB have their diesel engines because diesel is much cheaper than petrol over there and they dont have the LPG resources that we have.

  • Tony

    i would love to know how many of these commodore and falcon haters have ever driven the latest high performance offerings from the aussie cars.
    you will find they are alot better then you think.
    unfortunatly most of you won’t make it past your local ex rental corolla dealer.


    i really want to know whats involved in a “custom racesport tune”?

    could it be as little as turning the engine on after the cold air intake’s on for the engine’s computer to realise the airflow’s just got better?

    • Pro346

      Usually done through a program a called vcm suite.

      • Pro346

        It definetly has a tune no maf sensor appears to be connected to the intake which would require a mafless tune, any diesel hatchback owners want to vote this down?

      • Nick

        Actually done inhouse at Patterson Cheney holden and i can assure you its a lot more than just switching the engine on after the intake is fitted.

  • http://Porsche MB

    The Commodore Wagon is one of the best if not the best Commodore ever made (except HSV’s) for me it is a little too big but if it was a a little shorter it would do me nicely.

    Even in basic Omega form it is a nice looking unit and there lies the truth….if you design a good looking car from the start why destroy it with a dodgy bodykit ? (HSV take note)

    You dont see the E63 wagon or Sedan, M5 etc….with these plastic parts as an afterthought.

  • laurie

    Hey dad guess what? someone took a flash photo of the car as you went past that post! (:

  • Neil

    One of the best looking wagon’s out there. Better alternative to many of Kluger’s and Captiva’s hanging around local shopping centre’s.

    We’ve had a Sportwagon for three years now and never found it lacking in space, even when filled with four adults and all their luggage for an interstate trip. New interior isn’t a massive step from a quality perspective, but having an integrated multimedia system certainly seems like a step up from the previous audio system.

  • Daniel D

    I really want to like this car and in many ways it ticks all the boxes for us as a Territory replacement, but the lack of a split tailgate, very ordinary interior trim and that awful hand brake cut it out.

    Holden should have spent a few bob more on this car to raise it up a couple of notches. I suspect they would get a lot more sales if they had.

  • Narks

    Imagine the burnout you could pull after picking the kids up from soccer training!

  • Michael

    Why all the hate for this car? Has anyone driven it?

    Drove one recently on a friends insistence (after I test drove an Audi).

    Of course, the interior is no match and it doesn’t feel special like a nice euro, but lets think about what it does offer:

    +Great performance
    +Nice handling
    +Affordable for just about everyone

    I’m not going to buy one myself, but don’t be so quick to judge.

    Btw – this used less fuel than the Audi 2.0TQ (apparently 7.5l per 100 or so) on the test drive (despite both cars being driven like they were stolen).

  • vic

    Though I fully understand the passion of V8 lovers out there, I have to be objective and look at it from the business perspective on Holdens behalf as it doesn’t seem to concern them.
    Firstly, the fact that Holden needs to continue producing these high performance V8s is all well and good .However,in order to remain competitive in the industry they should also invest heavily into more fuel efficient variants to boost their sales.The V8 is a dying breed and should be viewed as what it is:a niche segment.
    Has Holden not realised how G.Ms failure to adapt to market trends and preferences almost led to their demise?
    Why has Toyota taken over as the worlds largest car manufacturer?They invested heavily in fuel efficient technologies which the market craves.
    If Holden does not produce more fuel eficient vehicles it will be to there own detriment.
    At the moment Holden does not exist in the foreseeable future.

    • Dave S

      You cant Compare GM and Toyota.

      Holden has a Diesel option in most of its range. The VE2 supports Ethanol, Dual fuel and soon dedicate LPG.

      When Toyota was number 1, it chased sales at the expense of quality. It has had some of the biggest recalls. Including a recent Camry recall. It has simply flooded the market.

      Toyota, being number 1 has nothing to do with using fuel efficent technology. Nothing in the Toyota range excels in fuel economy compared to its rivals. Even the Prius, is blown away by the Volt. GM’s first attempt at an Electric car. I would say all of the economical models are offset by Toyotas need to push heavy SUV’s onto Everyone (everything from RAv 4 to Landcruiser).

      The only thing Toyota has going for it is: being big.

      On the Sportswagon, looks great. The first wagon I would want to own.

    • Pro346

      @vic Landcruiser anyone?

    • Shak

      Holden and GM as a whole have invested in Fuel efficient technologies. Like Dave has said, Commodore is an extremely versatile vehicle. Most of Holdens range are not bad on fuel when you compare them to competitors. Yes GM previously didnt listen to the market, but now they have. GM is now going full out with their Cruze range, and the Volt is a really good image building vehicle, which also happens to be very efficient. Toyota simply took over because of GM’s failings, and now that they have recovered look out for GM or even VW to take over anytime soon.

  • davie

    I’m not a holden fan and would never purchase such a big car. Its been a while since a I drove one as well, However I do think that this car deserves to do well.

    The age of huge hearse shaped Aussie wagon barges died with the VZ commodore and BFIII falcon wagons. With competition from SUV’s, there is simply not a viable market for that cargo-swallowing shape anymore.

    Most modern wagons follow a similar streamlined shape to the commodore at the expense of pure luggage space; Mazda6, Audi, Mercedes, volvo, etc, etc.

    The interior (at least in pictures) looks ok and functional to me. The GPS buttons look very similar to ones in VW Golfs. It may not be exciting but its not ugly either.

    Yes, it might not be as good in one particular aspect or another as an expensive euro. But it sells based on a combination of several desirable aspects at a reasonable price which its overseas competitors don’t match.

    I think people need to stop and take a breath before writing unsubstantiated rubbish from the anonymity of their suburban keyboard warrior throne rooms.

  • Mick

    Yeah most people knock the Commodore and Falcon because they are the Commodore and Falcon! In reality, the cars are quite decent. I do feel for example, in the Falcons case Direct Injection would be a great move, and the availability of a refined, road tuned version of the Ranger Diesel (utility tuned diesels are detuned and low boost) in the Territory and Falcon. Most overseas cars, Mondeo included, aren’t meant for more than around the town low speed use. I’d have the Falcon over the Mondeo anytime! and for a mid size car, I wouldn’t go past the Cruze. People seem to associate import with better, however take a 5 year old Commodore or Falcon (one that has NOT been used for police vehicles, taxi’s etc) that has been treated normally, and an imported car treated normally, and the imported car will usually have more faults developed on it. Whether this is trim, engine maintenance, or other. Either this, or the drivers and passengers have realised the comfort isn’t what they thought it was. There is a big difference between sitting 2 hours in a Commodore/Falcon than 2 hours in an import for standard models (bit unfair comparing a top of the range spec car to a standard one).

  • Martin V.

    Gee. Anyone would think the Commodore is the worst car in the world judging by some of these posts… Talk about over exaggerate a cars weak points.


      people here under rate it, like too many in the real world over rate it.

      its no doubt, a good car. Its just not the best car in the world, like any 12 year old or tattoo’d douchebag would try and tell you.


    HATE the plastic leather uncomfortable park benches ( front and back ) they try to pass off as seats.

    wheres the beautiful seats from the vz SS gone??

    they ruin the car!

  • Mr Gaspo

    I wish the Sportswagon came as a 7 seater, had the option of a diesel engine, had a rear compartment roller mesh guard and the option of integrated booster seats. This would make for a killer family car that you could shop against Euros… Sadly a good job not taken to where it should have gone to… Frustrating as this car could have been great.

  • Mick

    Bogans drive Holdens, and faggots drive VWs.

    Based on the above, I’d rather be a bogan!

    • barry the towtruck driver

      Im with you Mick.

    • Troy

      Do we? Better trade the Mini in then… idiot!

  • Mark

    The guy with the skoda wagon is in la la land.The interior in the octavia is tiny.I know because i test drove one.
    Also test drove the passatt wagon.
    Ended up buying a sportswagon because it was a hell of a lot quicker handled better and was much bigger inside.
    The passatt wagon handled like a boat.
    Nearly rolled the bastard on a freeway bypass.
    the only drawback is economy.well gas it and all of a sudden it will cost less to run then any euro diesel.
    As for interiors,how much different is the passat dash.People harping on about dash materials is nuts.Ive never ever sat on more comfortable seats then the sv6s.

    • Depressed

      “Nearly rolled it”

      What a load of crap.

      • Mark

        Go test drive both and then honestly tell me which one drives better.
        Never really liked Holdens before.The Passatt was the car i really was interested in when id made a decision to buy a family wagon.But it just didnt drive that well.Had lag,less room and far more body roll then the commodore.

        • Peter Stone

          I’ve test driven the passat VR6 and it handle like little I’ve ever driven, it’s amazing. The VR6 rockets it to 100 in 5.5 seconds using less fuel and sounds unreal doing so. The interior quality has it all over the commodore also. I will be buying the passat thanks

          • gmh-bogan

            Peter Stone what about the other side of the coin.When your veedud breaks down as they allways do.

          • Thrillhouse

            Passat VR6 uses less fuel than what? An aircraft carrier? They might go OK but in the real world they are shockingly inefficient.

  • barry the towtruck driver

    Holden do a really good job with the Sportswagon..Great looking ,fantastic engine,good interior+you can carry a load.
    Like to see a V8 LPG option.

    • Dangel

      and they look good on tray tops as they float down to GM dealers for ECU fault finding .

  • save it for the track

    The tradition continues of not specifying SAE or VDA for boot/luggage space. The 895L boot space of the Holden Sportwagon is the larger figure SAE measurement. A Mondeo wagon has 1005L (SAE), 816L for the hatch. Compare the Octavia Wagon, Superb or a Passat, and even the 580L (VDA) of the Octavia is bigger. As a matter of fact, as an example it wouldn’t surprise me if the Octavia hatch (560L) had more boot space than the Holden Sportwagon.
    Generally it seems that the Europeans use the more honest and less grandoise sounding VDA measurement (even Ford with Mondeo in Europe), with the Koreans using a mixture, and Holden quoting the biggest figure they can scrounge out to take the focus off the drop in space from VZ to VE wagon. Ford Aus likely use the SAE measurement for the Mondeo to show that it is larger than the Holden, as in Europe the Mondeo is quoted in VDA.
    But as many have pointed out, those after a v8 wagon aren’t usually too concerned with fuel economy and space. The small amount of space required to open the wagon is an impressive feature, and that seems to negate the need for a split tailgate.

    • Phil

      Yes, theres a lot of confusion, but don’t expect CA to bother with any clarification on it.

      It’s also confusing with wagons/hatches when trying to find out whether the figures are for the total bootspace (ie right up to the ceiling) or just up to the height of the back seat.

  • Matty B

    If all you guys are comparing the boot space of the sport wagon and mondeo, or a octavia, then you really aren’t holdens concern. Because you’re totally missing the point of the car.

    I’m not a Holden man at all, but I still love driving V8 commodores and falcons, or turbo falcons. If you can take any of the modern Aussie performance cars for a drive, and I don’t mean a lap around the block and tell me that there’s no place for them or at least that it didn’t put a smile on your face, make you pucker up at least once then you might as well go buy a push bike.

    They’re not perfect, but there’s a bucket load of fun to be had and ultimately plenty of room for “most” occassions and people.

  • PeterG

    Wonder what the gronks will drive when these socalled muscle cars disappear?

    Jeep would be the only man car in the price bracket.

  • save it for the track

    Agree it’s not about the boot space. The performance potential of a V8 Sportwagon is greater than a Mondeo, or an Octavia. But that brings another point, how often do most drivers exploit their vehicles full performance potential?
    For most people the Holden Sportwagon is probably not the best compromise between space and performance. That would more likely lkely fall to an Octavia RS wagon or similar.

    • Matty B

      Yeah but seriously, you make do with what you’ve got. I speak to plenty of people who make do with smaller cars but whinge about the space. Get them into a bigger car and they fill it. I had a mate who’s wife was driving a SP23 hatch and would get everything she needed in it, yet when they upgraded to a Rav4 they’re still whinging for room yet they still get everything they need in.

    • Dave S

      I dont imagine anyone interested in an SSV would be sold on the Skoda.

      One of the things i love about the V8 is the Performance and the other is the sound. Its one thing to exploit the great performance and handling of the SSV but another to just enjoy the sound of the V8 (at any revs).

  • David

    Look at the photo of the grey car from the back – the panel gap on the rear bumper on the side is HUGE. Very poor finish/workmanship.

  • Alex young

    The Holdens offer great value for money, I don’t see every1 driving 100k mercs everywhere but you def see Holden’s at 40k..

    You get what you pay for…

    If I bought a Beemer M5 at 200k I expect it to make my coffee as well mate

    • mick


  • mick

    it looks like a commodore hatch back too me!!! i like the sedan better personally. i hope in a decade the commodore and falcon are still about. i’m more on the falcon side of things thou!!! i just feel that both cars are very under rated and people just jump too conlusions that they guzzle fuel and breakdown etc. people should actually drive a brand new commodore or falcon or a used one thats been looked after. you would be suprised. i find with the sixes driven sanely they acutally do give a good fuel ecconomy. its only when ya put ya foot down they guzzle. also i’d love too see a litte VW golf pull 2 tonnes.

  • Doctor

    I don’t know why everyone gets hung up on the fuel consumption – the extra cost is small compared to the depreciation! If you want a V8, just enjoy it and cop the fuel cost and ignore the tight arses’ comments.

  • al

    This car fits into the category: “Keep tax slaves motivated, offer them something to dream about, strive for, overbuild it, make it expensive full of useless, expensive unreliable stuff, no sense at all. A no-common-sense car.” And in 10 years time petrol may easily cost double than now. But by that time the car will be wrecked, because too expensive to maintain, LOL! I just bought an Falcon XF in 5 speed manual. MUCH more fun, common sense, reliable and EAAAASY to fix. Less hours of labour for the mechanic = cheap!

    • nickdl

      How’d you get a computer in your Amish community?


    you buy these cars because you can….not because they make sense….

    • al

      I guess so. And the only people you can ever resell these cars to are people who can… not to people with sense…

  • mike

    If you want a real review read NRMA open road magazine for this month, it tell’s you everything that is wrong with the Holden sportswagon from the ever annoying knuckle breaking handbrake to the lifeless and dull steering to the jiggly ride suspension system, not the typical “australian” writer’s positive spin.

    They compare it to the Ford mondeo and it beats the holden in every category.

    • Mark

      Considering i traded a Mondeo Zetec for a Sportswagon.I find that beats the commodore in every way hilarious.
      Both cars have their strengths.
      Handling of both to me were close,but the rear wheel drive set up feels a bit better.
      Steering goes to the Mondeo,Size and comfort.Clearly the commodore.Get a third person in the back between the 2 kid seats.
      Could never do this in the Mondeo.
      Mondeo feels more solid,better brakes.Power and confort Commodore.
      Also prefer the Commodore interior.Dash is easier to read.
      The deal breaker for me on the Mondeo was the seats.My back would get terribly sore after about a 40 minute drive.
      How can u not have tilt adjustment on seats is beyond me.

      • mike

        I driven my mate’s holden’s from vs-ve and the steering feel is the biggest problem you don’t feel anything, virtually no feedback, just vagueness.

        I hate the commodore interior is the worst bit of the car feels really cheap and the centre console please what were they thinking, the red writing is unreadable in direct sunlight and the handbrake stills irk me put it in the centre of the car.

        I’ve also found commodore seating to be subpar little padding and also has given me a sore back as you described in the mondeo, guess that is a matter of opinion.

        • Mark

          Are we talking about the series 2 Commodore.I can assure u the SV6s seats are far superior to the Mondeo.My wife will tell you the same.
          As for red writing.Dash lights up white.LCD screen is very clear during daylight.
          My wife also prefers driving the commodore to the Mondeo.The only thing she misses are the front parking sensors.
          Im sick of people who are anti Ford Holden etc.The current Falcons and Commodores are a great drive.For the price better then most.

  • Faster than u

    Great if style is important to you. Bring back the Falcon wagon if you want the best combo of space, torqe, economy and quite cabin. Holden is overrated

    • mikeawesome

      The ford wagon isn’t coming back with the mondeo around.
      xr6 turbo wagon would of been fun.

  • jerry

    Two words – Bogan Car

    • Karl


  • oldfart

    One Word – Boofhead !

  • Jobrrien

    nice cars but need to be better

Holden Commodore Specs

Car Details
Body Type
Engine Specifications
Engine Type
Engine Size
Max. Torque
290Nm @  2900rpm
Max. Power
190kW @  6700rpm
Pwr:Wgt Ratio
Bore & Stroke
Compression Ratio
Valve Gear
Drivetrain Specifications
Drive Type
Final Drive Ratio
Fuel Specifications
Fuel Type
Fuel Tank Capacity
Fuel Consumption (Combined)
8.9L / 100km
Weight & Measurement
Kerb Weight
Gross Vehicle Weight
Not Provided
Ground Clearance
Towing Capacity
Brake:2100  Unbrake:1000
Steering & Suspension
Steering Type
Turning Circle
Front Rim Size
Rear Rim Size
Front Tyres
245/45 R18
Rear Tyres
245/45 R18
Wheel Base
Front Track
Rear Track
Front Brakes
Rear Brakes
Standard Features
Air Conditioning, Power front seat Driver
Control & Handling
18 Inch Alloy Wheels, Electronic Brake Force Distribution, Electronic Stability Program
Cruise Control, Leather Steering Wheel, Multi Function Steering Wheel, Parking Distance Control, Power Steering, Reversing Camera
Radio CD with 6 Speakers
Fog Lights - Front, Power Mirrors
Cloth Trim, Power Windows
Dual Airbag Package, Anti-lock Braking, Head Airbags, Side Airbags
Alarm System/Remote Anti Theft, Central Locking Remote Control, Engine Immobiliser
Optional Features
Control & Handling
Sports Suspension
Satellite Navigation
Metallic Paint
Service Interval
12 months /  15,000 kms
36 months /  100,000 kms
VIN Plate Location
Country of Origin