by Brett Davis

GM is working on a Chevrolet Spark EV and aims to release it in the US next year. The EV will be based on the popular Chevrolet Spark (our Holden Barina Spark), featuring a full-electric powertrain.

GM previewed the idea of the Chevrolet Spark EV earlier this year with the unveiling of the Chevrolet Beat EV concept in India. In concept form, the Beat (also known as the Spark) features a 20kWh lithium-ion battery pack providing current to an electric motor.

The electric motor, stationed in the front spinning the front wheels, produces 45kW of power. The EV package provides enough power pull the small hatch around for 130km. A full recharge using a conventional 240-volt socket can be achieved in under eight hours.

Although these specifications are for the Beat EV concept, Chevrolet is likely to borrow much of the setup for its production version Spark EV. Production is set to around 2000 units per year, with a majority of them being reserved for sale in certain regions such as California.

The 2013 Chevrolet Spark EV will debut some time in late-2012, and be sold as a 2013 model year (MY).

  • Grr

    THIS CAR IS SO BLOODY UGLY!!! Its so out of proportion, and why do they need such huge lights on such a tiny car????

    • Peter Stone

      Its definitely not my type of car but I still think its cute…

      • Grr

        sorry, but no car should be cute!

  • Alexander

    Spark is a good name for an EV, Holden should take it on as a direct rival to the iMiev.

    • Gianni

      Hopefully cheaper. An iMiev costs 48k! FOR THAT!


    Save you money, a quality golf cart will do just fine

  • darkone

    this car is horrid enough when put up against the nissan micra competition,please dont insult us and make it electric,my traxxas buggy would have more style

    • Bangel

      YEP shes ugly , out walking with my bride and she commented on the SPARK ,” one ugly dumpy car”.

      I said it was a good effort from DAEWOO , tradies can get one for their tarts and put a BOW TIE badge on it .

  • Jonno Smith

    In Europe, the GM engineers shoehorned the 1.4 Turbo iTi engine (as in the Chevy/Holden Cruze SRi) into a Chevy Spark as a pace car for motorsports events.
    Man! if I had that car, I would shove the Spark’s ‘UGLY’ face close up behind M3s, AMGs, even CommoFalcons butts on the straights and overtake them on the bends!
    HSV, Walkinshaw Racing – take note & bring out the ‘Fire-Spark’!

  • Chris

    It’s not my type of car but I think they look great, especially in that green, I see heaps of them around, mainly young girls/guys driving them so I guess Holden have hit their target market bang on again.