The all-new 2012 Isuzu D-Max ute has been unveiled ahead of its Australian launch in the first half of next year.

The new ute was revealed in Thailand, hot on the heels of yesterday’s unveiling of the Chevrolet Colorado. The 2012 Holden Colorado will go on sale in Australia in the first quarter of next year.

Like the previous-generation models, the new D-Max and Colorado share the same bodywork and interior design, but will now offer different drivetrain technology.

Depending on the market, the new Isuzu D-Max will be available with two diesel engines, including two different tunes of a 2.5-litre engine (87kW/280Nm and 101kW/320Nm) and a 132kW/380Nm 3.0-litre.

Isuzu Ute Australia’s Cornelius Ionescu said the 3.0-litre diesel was locked in for our market, with the 2.5-litre under consideration but less likely at this stage. The new D-Max will be offered with five-speed manual and five speed automatic transmission options (a step-up from the outgoing model’s four-speed auto box).

Mr Ionescu confirmed the Isuzu D-Max would continue to be offered in all three body styles: Single Cab, Space Cab and Crew Cab. Customers will also continue to have a choice of rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive models.

Like the Colorado, the Isuzu D-Max Space Cab variant will get rear-hinged doors for improved cabin access. Isuzu says the new model’s ‘i-Grip’ platform underpins a body that is 42 per cent stiffer than before, leading to improved ride and handling characteristics.

Like the Colorado, the D-Max will be available with an advanced safety package, with features including electronic stability control, traction control, ABS, brake assist and a number of airbags.

In the first nine months of this year, Isuzu Ute Australia sold 898 D-Max 4x2s and 3774 D-Max 4x4s, giving it a 2.2 per cent share of the 4×2 pick-up segment and a 5.0 per cent share of the 4×4 pick-up segment. The 4×2 variant trails the Colorado by just 106 units, while the Colorado has a 4156-unit lead in the 4×4 segment.

More details will be revealed closer to the Australian launch of the Isuzu D-Max in the first half of next year. Stay tuned.

  • John Citizen

    A face only a mother could love

    • scottjames_12

      I think I actually like the front a little better than the Colorado…

  • RJL

    Shame they haven’t updated the motor, still think the ranger looks the best

  • K

    Rav4 headlights??

  • mohamad is right when he

    Buy a new ranger

  • http://caradvice OSU811

    looks tough, tough ute imo.

  • Ace

    132kW/380Nm 3.0-litre.

    That would make it the lowest powered of the newcomers
    Ranger/BT50 147/470
    Amarok auto 132/420
    Amarok Manual 120/400
    Colorado 132/470

    It would need to be cheap, it’s already off the pace

    • scottjames_12

      Well, it still beats the 3.0-litre in the GutLux (126kw/343nm)

      But yeah, the GutLux could come with a wind up lacky band and it would probably still outsell everything else :/

      • Rick Patterson

        That’s because people that buy hilux’s don’t look at anything else if they did they wouldn’t buy a gutlux

    • Andre

      Seeing as the colorado and d-max are essentially the same I am wondering if the power/torque figures here are a typo for the 3.0L —-

      • KD

        They will run different engines. The Isuzu will stay with Isuzu engines with the Colorado moving to GM engines

        • hugespud

          That’s a shame as the Colorado has that nice sounding 132kw/440mn(?) motor.

          • Passy

            Having just driven the Ranger and the Colorado, the colorado is MUCH noisier , has that distinct “deiselish” sound , whilst the Ranger is much quieter. A real shame as I was hanging out to buy the Colorado

      • MRL

        As noted, Isuzu will be launching with revamped versions of their existing engines.

        Changes the the engines include a new commonrail system, new injectors, an improved EGR system, revised valve stems and rocker arms, upgraded VGS turbos, and upgraded intercoolers.

        Power and torque figures haven’t changed much, but the power delivery is now smoother with a wider torque band, NVH has been improved, and fuel economy is better… and they remain the only engine you could expect to get 360,000km+ out of.. (all others are rated for 6,000 Hours – roughly 240,000KM)

        Plus, seeing as they don’t have USD $600M of cost recovery to make (as Chev do with their new engines), that puts Isuzu in a very competitive position..

        • Noe

          Finally, somebody that actually knows what they are talking about!

    • Brendan

      It may be a little less powerful, but you have to take into account the vehicle’s weight too. The Ranger may have more power, but from what I’ve seen it’s a big ute and will quite possibly be heavier than the new D-Max.

  • Ethan

    That interior is quite hideous and the instrument binnacle looks Fiesta… What the…

  • mrxandthexfactor

    The interior is somewhat like the Colorado. It’s plain but not dull. Looks quite good for a Ute. But the engine is a disappointment.

  • Kampfer

    Compare to new Ranger and Colorado, this look more like an update than a new ute.

  • maximark

    I like it…

  • Brett

    I’m hanging out for the new Colorado, it by far looks the best

    • Noe

      Are you kidding, it looks like a Chevy Impala!

  • Chris

    Give me a more reliable engine with lower power over a higher powered motor that will not last the distance anyday. Isuzu make the toughest commercial 4×4 diesels, period.

  • Rick Patterson

    Better than a hilux but not as good as the new ford ranger of Nissan navara and I doubt it would be as good as the triton . But my guess is it will be a lot better price than the others

    • Chris

      So have you driven this new D-Max have you? How can you say the Ford Ranger, Navara, and Triton are better without actually trying the new D-Max out. Another internet expert I believe

      • Rick

        While our first names are the same that’s about it. But in their defense the dmax is underpowered compared to the ranger navara and triton ,just my 2 cents . And Chris have you driven the dmax yet, I guess no one here has , so every one should stop having an opinion until they drive it

  • Sven

    I’ve seen interior shots with different (read: nicer, much nicer) dashboards

    • Brendan

      This dashboard sure looks a lot better than the other photos. Hopefully we get it here.

      • Brendan

        The centre console mainly, not just the dash.

    • ?

      Now I’m confused. Which car are we getting?

  • Itsarort

    Hmm, the Isuzu looks a bit mangar-ish and the Colorado has a whopping great big Chev bow-tie on the front. My ’65 Impala doesn’t even have great garish bow-ties anywhere…, it’s all very stylish. I think Chris is right – Isuzu small truck diesel vs yank diesel? Sad to say but it’s got to be Isuzu every time.

  • Pete

    Holden and Fords new trucks are better than this, Isuzu have the reputation but I think they are off the pace compared to the Colorado and Ranger.
    The Colorado looks better too.

  • Ron

    New D-Max will have same body size as current Nissan Navara.
    Double turbo 165 HP 400nm 2.5ltr 4cyl.reliability proven! a complete newly designed chassis a new 5 speed auto or 6 speed manual ( for Europe )

    Chevy is gonna use an Italian VM diesel r u Happy with that?

    My current 3.0ltr A/T has done over 130.000km in just 2 yrs without any major service ( dont tell the world )and still runs 11km to the litre.

  • jason

    vm matori who make the new colorado diesel have been around for many years and have a reputation of making very good diesel engines so icant see that being an issue for holden/chevy

    • Dommont

      same engine as the jeep cherokee kj model and yes, since 2004

  • Don

    Don’t believe you’re looking at a yank chevy diesel in the new Rado. Most likely sourced in Korea as are a lot of new Holden models. Only the V6 will be a detuned Commodore. My mate works at Holden.

  • mitchell

    I have to say the Isuzu is by far the strongest engine
    in Thailand diesel truck circuit racing and drag racing is very popular
    I know someone over there who has 480hp on standard internals and he has done over 100,000k

    also I think the Isuzu has the best technology compared to the rest it may be one of the lowest hp and tq but but it has some nice features like
    double-walled water jacketing
    Chain-driven dual overhead camshafts
    induction-hardened cylinder bores
    just to name some
    I’m not a fan of the Amarok
    it’s like a full grown man on a donkey with 2 whips

  • Bruce

    You have to remember that this is the same block that Bruce Garland gets 190 KWs and 600 NMs out of his Dakar D-Max.
    Also the 2.8 TD they are going to use in the Colorado is the same motor used in the Jeep Wrangler.

    • mitchell

      and I do believe the same2.8 TD engine they are going to be using in the new Foton Tunland so this might be a the advantage

  • Brendan

    I’m looking forward to April-May next year when all the new utes are out. I’ll be looking to upgrade my 7 year old Rodeo then, so can’t wait to get in and test drive them all. After having a great run with this Rodeo I’m quite keen to stick with the Isuzu, and I do like the look of this new one. But I’ve got an open mind so we’ll see what I like best at the time.

  • franko

    d-max or colarado duel cab ?????, disssapointed that there is still no room under the bonnet for a duel battery. and both manufactures have forgotten about the comfort level controls for the driver and front passenger seats. I have been waiting for the 2012 models to come out with these upgrades. they have failed how dissapointing. maybe time to look at ford or nissan.

  • Hud 75

    nice looking ute can’t wait to see them out here. really wanted a ranger but just had 6 delivered to work and already been sent back, started falling apart.

  • moses

    It’s a comercial vehicle, it will do its job fine. You should look for more torque, rather than more hp, this is not a gas engine.

  • samuel ollirac

    isuzu will be the best, and already the best… don’t look at the outside appearance just drive and you’ll find comfort. fuel economy best with isuzu..

  • Peter Repapis

    Help me brothers – when is the DMAX going to be released in Oz.  I am moving over there late April this year.  The DMAX looks good. But have my eye on the Ford Ranger – maybe because it new and Ozzy designed. 
    Give us some advise – and if you know some dates
    Lekka – like they say in SA – for No worries

  • KTG

    I spent a lot of time researching when the time came to upgrade my 2004 petrol Rodeo and it was between the Navara St-x king cab and the Isuzu. Drove the Navara first and loved it although I was concerned about reports the clutch was burning out, Nissan dealership dodged my question about it and ultimately said they are changing to a single mass flywheel. As soon as I drove the Isuzu it felt comfortable. So I got the space cab and my husband and I love it, tows a double horse float (only had one horse in it) with ease. Even the standard stereo is pretty good. My husband would rather drive that then his STi, says a lot! In fact he is getting the dual cab when his lease runs out. Would have loved to have waited for the hinged door version but couldn’t wait.

  • Ounihani

    hani ouni   touns  _sidi  bozid _  sidi ali  ben oun    21620484223  metr  metr   -$$$$$$$$$$

  • Bert

    Jiust drove the new colarado nice ute,soft suspension,plenty of room,better gear box than the last,the engine was fairly quite compared to the last 3.0,but didnt seem to have the low down pull,might be me but felt a bit like the Navara you had to give it a few revs,once up and going felt better.

  • Studebaker062

    nothing wrong with isuzu motors.have a 1998 rodeo 2.8 t/diesel,just replace the motor at 613.000ks.. isuzu 6 ton truck 1988 model, rebiult the motor at 677.000 ks.would like a new isuzu d max but cant handle electronics,or computers.  cheers bob

    • Mat

      I have the same year model rodeo as you. My timing gears are on the way out. I haven’t quite clocked up 180,000 Km. A short motor is a bit hexy ($11,000 fitted complete). Where as the gears with new injector pump is $1800, To fit along with a new oil pump $3500. I am having it compression tested currently to even see if it is a viable option. Would you shift it off or go with the gears or motor?

  • Listen Up!!!

    If your going to buy a new 4×4 out of
    GUTLUX (Hilux)
    Then Defineatly the new RANGER,
    It’s buy far the biggest in all aspects.
    The Engine, The Body, The Interior.
    The Clearance & Width.
    The Rest are way behind,
    Hilux/ Colourado/ DMax/ Amorok
    I’ve Driven all of them 2012 models,
    And I can tell you now go with the Ranger.
    Don’t waste your money on the rest.

  • freeza

    And what about towing? What can people tell me about towing. I tow a big horse float regularly. 

  • Mcbride frank

    i’ve had 2 rodeos ra 04 petrol and now my08 diesel they have been great so much so i did’nt want to trade the petrol one in on the 08,  i test drove the new colorado because i liked it but didn’t like how it drove so i couldn’t wait for the new dmax i love it and i’ll keep my 08 diesel too because i love too, i tow a 6mt 5th wheeler and my current rodeo has no problem doing the job i hope the new dmax is half as good 

  • Ryan Saldajeno

    i can say  isuzu made the best pick  up as well as tough engines guaranted…..