• JW

    Honestly, I dislike this vehicle.

    It seems to be rather wasteful. What can it do that an X5 cannot? Well, it may be a bit more sporty, but if you were going for that, you’d much rather buy a sedan or a coupe from BMW without the disadvantages that a SUV would bring.

    Also, it’s quite obvious the practicalities of a 4WD are mostly missing from the X6.

    I would also bet my house it would be more expensive than the X5.

  • Duck

    ^Agreed JW! I’d rather have an X5 over this!

  • Captain Mainwaring

    Quite why BMW would want to copy the styling of the Ssangyong Actyon I don’t really know, but that’s what they’ve gone and done.
    This visual abortion obviously drives nicely, but why the Hell would anybody want to be seen within 100 metres of one?
    This is clearly an example of pushing the brand about as far as even terminally stupid people might be tempted to take the over-hyped bait.

  • Duck

    ^Thats what I was thinking of too Captain, the rear is like the Ugly SsangYong Actyon! Though not as ugly, no way near!

  • jbot

    I think the idea is that you have the high driving position so many people like now, with decent handling and performance. I think making it a 4-seater was a mistake though.

  • Minnow

    Those rims look mighty familiar. BMW….? are you pinching rims from ford?

  • Wheelnut

    I would have this over an X5 ML320 RX330 or any other similar car [including Klugers etc] as its looks make it more of SPORTS Utility Vehicle…. it doesn’t look like a mobile fortress like the others do

  • Captain Mainwaring

    Have another look at the back end Duck, and you might find that the Actyon is actually more attractive,

  • B///M3

    This is a fantastic looking car, it is definitely my next BMW!

  • lolcake?

    LOL…WTF..who would buy something as hidious as that! A 1 year old kid could even design a better looking car!

  • Chucky

    If the Merc CLS which is basically an E-Class with a sleeker shape, 4 seats, and a higher price tag can sell, then I’m sure this thing can.

  • victory

    it is hard to see the point of the X6. my pick would be the X5 but still, there’s no denying the X6 is a beaut!
    doubt bmw will ever have troubles selling it, just like every other model bar the X3

  • William Bennett

    This vehicle outlines what is wrong with the motor world now days. Practicality comes second. This car is supposed to be a practical SUV, yet its nothing of the sort. It is only narrowly nugged off the worst design award by the Toyota Prius. If this, erm, whatever it is sells, then BMW will have pulled off the greatest suck in ever in the motoring world. The X5 is much more practical, doesnt look as bad, and seats 5, i think. Who ever is designing BMW’s these days needs to be replaced, as every one of the current crop is either hideous, or pointlessly out of proportion (1 series coupe)

  • Austran

    Unlike families who would tend to go for the X5, i feel the market for this may lean towards DINKS (double income no kids)… who don’t necessarily need 7 seats, or the reat seat for that matter. They still want the commanding driving position, yet like coupe/off road profile. For me, it looks fantastic.

  • Dlr1

    Best of both worlds? More like the worst of both. Coupe compromise in space and seating with SUV handling. I know the X5 is at the top of its class for handling ect, but why compromise its practicality with this body?

  • realcars

    I reckon it looks good. Like the wheels too.

    Four door coupe concept makes this a standout design.

  • http://- crouchy

    Man id hate to be reversing that thing!!!

    Ugly rear end.

  • No Name

    Having seen one in the flesh on the M25 two weeks ago and the boss has one on order, they are obviously in strong demand. The back end in the real world ain’t as bad as all that.
    I do however have a problem with the type of car, honestly whats the point. If an environmental car tax was going to be applied to wasteful vehicles this should be at the top of the list. Executive off-road coupe Uhh! really don’t get it.
    However BMW have made something work properly, just hope they sort their reliability problems out.

  • Wayne

    what an ugly car….

    the rims looks like Ford XR5

  • Integra

    Wow! I have never seen a car that polarises opinion like the X6. As they say “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.
    My wife loved it at first sight. I loved the powerful muscular look, and once test driven, we ordered one the next day.
    This is quite a big car with great floor area in the boot and my 181cm had plenty of headroom front and back (very comfy rear seats). The X6 stuck to the road and accelerated better than the X5 (which is getting very dated and has IT a bum like a SsangYong). Visibility was reasonable and the reversing camera makes it safer to reverse than her 540i.
    A fifth seat would have been handy, but if she wants to carry more than 3 passengers she can borrow my Q7. But then what would I drive? Just leave the keys, dear!