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BMW has been spotted testing a prototype version of the new facelifted 2012 BMW X6 out in public. The revised SUV will feature mild styling tweaks including new headlights and a new front apron and grille fascia, as well as a rumoured additional variant called the xDrive50d, with a large and powerful diesel engine.

It’s a little too early to know for sure, but international reports suggest BMW will introduce the new BMW X6 xDrive50d with the facelift. The new diesel is projected to be a Europe-only model set to join the line-up at the end of this year.

As far as we know, the xDrive50d will consist of a new triple-turbo diesel 3.0-litre six-cylinder engine which could produce anywhere from 250kW to 300kW of power. Stay tuned for more concrete and official details in the near future.

Apart from the possible introduction of a new ’50d’ variant, the facelifted 2012 BMW X6 will come with a range of subtle exterior and interior changes. The most evident of which will be in the front end. Our spy photographer warns us that this particular prototype is fitted with the existing model front bumper bar.

A new front bumper layout will feature a thicker, more aggressive nature, showcasing high ‘cheekbones’ which give the impression of pushing the headlights upwards on the new production model. New large corner vents will also be incorporated into the lower section.

BMW will follow the modern trend of adapting LED lights to the facelift, including much more slimline headlights with LED rings, and LED taillights at the rear.

The 2012 BMW X6 is expected to go on sale in Europe some time towards the end of this year, with an Australian release to follow in 2012.

  • FrugalOne


    This car is beautiful!
    I love it!

    • FrugalOne

      Dude, seriously?
      You need to see a doctor for that.
      This car is disgusting.

      • kazuo

        i like x6 styling, looking very stand out. wish i could buy one instead of 535

      • http://Google car spy

        I agree. It is just downright UGLY!!!!! Ever see it in Black from the rear view? Oh it is not nice to see. But stick the name BMW on this vehicle, and some people will come…It is just UGLY!!!!!!!!

  • Hector

    i like it. i don’t think it’s “awesome” but i like it. i can see why they sell so many of these things. small car interior with a monster truck exterior.

    • DDH

      “Awesome” is the perfect word for the X6 – especially with this new triple diesel.

  • Runnaln

    Is the masking tape to diguise the car or hold the lights in?

  • Andrew Juma

    Still ranks as one of the most hideous vehicles currently on sale. Really gives the Chinese motors competition. X5, good enough.

  • iNoob

    I’m still trying to work out who would buy this car and for what purpose? I bet if you compiled a list of people who actually buy this car – they will most likely be ones who have too much money or they don’t have much but feel the need to be seen in one (while they barely meet their monthly repayments…which is very common in Brisbane)

    Slightly off topic but you know someone has recently purchased one of these (or any Euro badged car) esp since they never indicate changing lanes..

  • qikturbo

    Yep anyone will be able to spot the differences immediately……not!
    I believe a dog would be able to come up with a better shape simply by squeezing out a No.2.

    • G

      I reckon it looks mean enough to make some people do a #2. It’s lot practical but it looks aggressive as a BMW should..

  • Gibbo

    Its still hideous, and completely pointless!

  • Biker

    This car does have a niche and purpose in the current market.
    It is probably geared towards cashed up, wanna-be boy racers over the age of 50 that want to look like they can go off-road at 260 km/h.

    No-one should try and justify the car’s existence in relation to one’s own circumstances and then decide there is no use for it. Or if the look does not appeal, discount it. Each country has its own distinct heritage traits when it comes to cars. US is – the bigger the better. Europe is small & compact. Urban Australia seems to be the lengthier/flatter/closer to the road, the better. And if China had their way it would be cheap & cheerful – all looking excatly the same.

    • DDH

      No the X6 target market is, young rich couples, under 40. Or anyone who wants a Euro badge, individuality, off road ability to a degree – high riding position and the ability to beat any HSV.

  • Andre

    I agree with your comments Biker… I can’t warm to the X6 as I love large cars with a purpose as in large boot … But, hey if you like it, can afford it, go for it…

  • Zanthus

    SsangYong that Walt drives in Breaking Bad anyone?

  • Shockjock

    Four seats. Ludicrous. Need I say more.

    Nothing more than an exercise in needless excess.

    X5 does it better if you want suv.

    5 series touring does it better if you want practical wagon with flair.

    Therefore x6 is pointless. Scrap it you mongrels.

    • Herman

      I have an X6 M50d but I am a cashed up boy racer at 50. It’s a fantastic car. I wanted one from the day I saw the first pictures and now I have one through hard work.