The all-new Ssangyong SUT-1 dual-cab pick-up will go on sale in Australia in the second quarter of 2012, with the tough-looking ute likely to be renamed Actyon for our market.

Fresh from its international unveiling at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany, Ssangyong Australia has confirmed the all-new dual-cab ute will join the local line-up before the middle of next year, replacing the current Actyon Dual Cab.

“Ssangyong is looking forward to the release of the new utility next year,” said Ssangyong Australia general manager Jeff Barber.

“Its bold new styling, upgrades to engine and transmissions, and the addition of ESP are sure to broaden its appeal and increase demand for the model.”

Ssangyong Australia’s Michelle Rowney said the vehicle’s name was still to be locked down for our market, but admitted the SUT-1 would “most likely” be renamed Actyon.

With the launch still six months away, Ms Rowney said it was too early to speculate on the price, but she insisted pricing would be “competitive”. The current Actyon Dual Cab ute ranges from $24,990 driveaway (Actyon Tradie 4×2 manual) to $39,990 driveaway (Actyon Sports SPR auto).

The new model will come with either a six-speed manual or six-speed automatic transmission, and will offer with the option of rear-wheel drive or switchable four-wheel drive.

The outgoing model’s six-speed automatic transmission is sourced from Melbourne-based manufacturer Drivetrain Systems International, and Ms Rowney said she was confident the new model would continue to source the self-shifting transmission locally.

Ssangyong Actyon Dual Cab sales have fallen slightly over the first eight months of this year – down from 426 over the same period in 2010 to 394 in 2011. The 4×2 model has a 0.5 per cent share of the market, and its sales are down 28.8 per cent year-to-date. The 4×4 model has a smaller share of its market (0.3 per cent), although sales of this model have increased 22.7 per cent year-to-date.

The new Ssangyong dual-cab ute will join a light-commercial vehicle market in Australia that has never been more competitive. The Actyon replacement will go head to head with all-new or upgraded models of the Ford Ranger, Holden Colorado, Toyota HiLux, Mazda BT-50, Isuzu D-Max, Volkswagen Amarok, as well as the popular Nissan Navara and Mitsubishi Triton, and an increasing number of cut-price Chinese imports.

For the full details and specifications of the Ssangyong SUT-1, read our report from the Frankfurt Motor Show.

  • Vibe

    It doesn’t look too bad actually.

  • Car Window

    It looks fine, but I suggest that Ssangyong change the name.

    • mully

      has ford changed there name? how about holden honda kia mazda  y dont u change your name u fool

  • Jake Williams

    This is an all new car right?

    It looks exactly the same as the Actyon SUT but with a different front-end…

  • mrxandthexfactor

    Hilux, Amarok, Ranger, Colorado, Triton and Navara will still be better.

  • Carl

    That’s it i’m gonna stop visiting car advice for a week to see if that infuriating scrolling advertising stops!!! There are so many other sites that can give me the same information without the pain in the neck scrolling!

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        Firefox + Adblock plus = Happy internet experience

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          Guys without adds caradvice wouldn’t be around. I suggest you put up with it!

          • Grr

            Kiss ass ….

            Ads dont have to block the whole bloody screen!!

  • FrugalOne

    What is the width between the wheelhouse/arches in the rear tray?ie Will a std. CHEP pallet between them?

    Does the reat ute tub remove and can a flat tray be fitted to the chassis?

    • Mr Happy :)

      If it’s like the one it’s replacing (which everything besides the front does), then the tub is removable, I’ve seen a few CORE Fleet Actyon vehicles with the style side box removed and an aluminium tray fitted.

      They’re quite comfy too, coil springs all round, and they track better than a hilux on a muddy gravel haul road.

    • FrugalOne

      I would leave the tub on it and sign write *****PRIMO!***** down the sides.

  • darkone

    definately looks better than the previous model,if you can get past the front end styling of the current model,apparently these arent too bad.

  • Datsun P510

    Hey Henry, jbot and Carl, ever watched TV at night? On any given night you will watch 20 to 30 million dollars of production. (not including 200 million $ films) So who do think pays for this and other websites? Not us… the advertisers….. Yep thats right 20 to 30 MILLION $$$ worth.

  • DeskDreaming

    I reckon i have seen better quality interior plastics used on the inside of the barby truck – rubbish

    • FrugalOne

      Buy this & you could fit all of your dolls in it.


    take off the spoiler bit that sits on top of the tray near the rear glass,turn it around,and,use it as rear spoiler on an old holden ute(hq-wb) lol…

  • Pierre Geldenhuys

    The looks are fine, but what is killing it in the South Africa Market is the lack of after market accessories. Maybe Ssangyong can give attention to these, i.e. special suspension kit to raise the vehicle a bit, snorkel accessories, radio/satellite navigation/entertainment kits. Not that there is something wrong with the factory fitted suspension, the vehicle is just a bit low for recreational purposes in South Africa.

  • grumpy

    I have had one of the original 07 model Actyons since they forst cam into AU and have loved every minute of it, better than a toyo or troll anyday… cheaper to run too at 10 litres per 100k’s with more grunt than needed.

    The interior finish is also top notch, to all the knockers, go try one you may be surprised, I have done 100,000ks without issues or failures.

  • Markosity1973

    I am on my second Ssangyong now and I would suggest to all those who bag the brand to actually drive one. They are a far better drive than the price suggests and like the post above I have found the interiors along with the rest of the car  to be top notch.

    People should also be aware that these cars feature Aussie made DSI 6 speed autos. So you are actually supporting Aussie made after a fashion when you buy one.

  • Dave

    I have an 08 model Tradie it is a base model but lacks little in terms of internal comfort it has been a very good car with very little problems, The down side is when something does go wrong it takes forever to fix I was left without aircon for nearly two months for the sake of an aircon bracket? and importunately just before Christmas I was run of the road by some moron it has now been three months since accident and am still waiting for parts? the problem is I organised some equipment totalling  550kg from Texas in the USA it was made and delivered two my door step in two weeks so why 12 weeks for parts they probably weigh 150kg this I don’t understand they should have panel work here in Australia and order the replacements as required it isn’t that hard.but to the Knockers of the car it is a far better car than you would expect for the money so try it you will be surprised it really does drive like a reasonable car but can carry your garbage in the back and tow a good size caravan or work trailer.