Ford Australia has posted a lighthearted yet provocative video of the new Ford Falcon EcoLPi that should spark a few Friday afternoon office arguments.

It’s called the ‘Ford Falcon LPi $2 Grand Prix’, and it pits a Ford Falcon XR6 EcoLPi (4.0-litre straight-six LPG) against a Toyota Corolla Ascent hatch (1.8-litre four-cylinder petrol) and a Holden Commodore SV6 (3.6-litre V6 petrol).

There are three challenges in the $2 Grand Prix, all obviously designed to play to the Falcon’s strong points: a 100m sprint, a boot capacity test, and an endurance test.

The three challenges are clearly designed to dismiss stereotypes of LPG-powered vehicles, by showing the Falcon XR6 EcoLPi is the quickest over 100m, has the largest boot (when fitted with the Temporary Mobility Kit, rather than a spare tyre), and can drive the furthest distance on just $2 of fuel, while also proving that it can outperform its top-selling rivals in a series of specific tests.

For the endurance test, the Commodore and Corolla were filled with 1.49 litres of unleaded petrol at $1.34/litre, while the Falcon got 3.17 litres of LPG at $0.63/litre.

In the fine print, it explains the Commodore covered 14.7km before running out of juice, the Corolla 20.2km and the Falcon 25.2km.

Ford V8 Supercar racer Mark Winterbottom probably sums up what we’re all thinking towards the end of the clip when he says, “there’s no surprise really”, before being interrupted by the over-enthusiastic host.

Of course, the video fails to mention the Falcon XR6 EcoLPi is the most expensive – $46,490 before on-road costs – compared with the Commodore SV6 ($43,790) and the Corolla Ascent ($23,740).

What do you think of the clip? Clever by Ford, or a little bit sneaky? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • Nelson Muntz

    Car Advice – getting REALLY fed up with that Focus ad!!! Anyone listening???

    • MattP

      I’m sure if you pay CA the money they will lose by removing the advertisement you don’t like, they will do so.

    • Dave Holmes (CarAdvice CEO)

      I notice some comments on the new Ford ads. Thanks for the feedback and yes we are listening, which is why this ad pushes content down rather than appearing over the CA content. CA is always balancing the needs of loyal readers and our advertisers. The objective of advertising is to be noticed, Ford has clearly succeeded with this execution which I personally like as it is pushing the boundaries and providing something more interesting than your usual online ad. CA needs advertisers to exist, without them the great content our team puts out each day would not be possible. It’s that simple. There are also many new car buyers that visit the site and for many this ad will be relevant. We are always trying to strike the right balance which is why we look at all comments on the site and try an accommodate feedback where we can.
      Regards to all

      • josh

        As someone who visits the site multiple times a day, every day. (It’s actually the homepage on my work-laptop) The way the Ford ad moves the content around is maddening.
        No-one begrudges you your advertising dollar; as you said, it’s what keeps this great site afloat. HOWEVER, the execution in this case is seriously flawed and annoying (as opposed to attention-grabbing) to the reader.
        Thanks for taking the time to reply to the commenter above.

        • Mohamad is right when he says

          I don’t mind it.. In the end.. It’s what keeps caradvice up and running (advertising)
          So us readers welcome it. Keep up the good work caradvice. Myself and many others I’m sure check your site all day looking for exciting news.

        • Dave Holmes (CarAdvice CEO)

          Hi Josh
          That’s a fair point and we will look at ways to reduce frequency for loyal readers in the future.

          • Dave Holmes (CarAdvice CEO)

            of ads I mean – we want you to come back to the site as often as possible.

          • Handsome Al

            Hhahaha Dave.. I can’t really tell if you were joking or not then you post a quick *typo correction after that.. I think that is classic.. Well I can see the humour side of it though..

        • me-all-day

          Use Mozilla Firefox with Adblock plus free add-on.
          You gripe seems odd to me just because I never get the ads!
          I wonder if Car Advice will remove this post?

          • Alex

            Google Chrome has the same plug in – even removes ads from Youtuer videos, ironically.

          • Fred

            ” What Focus ad “…


          • Karl

            Thank you Alex, you’ve just saved me from a mental break down!

      • Dan

        Advertising income for the site is all fair enough. You need it to provide the great content on here. I have no problem with ads, and when it grabs your attention, it’s a great, successful ad. This one however is downright annoying, as it is ruining my user experience on this site. It’s doing the opposite of what it’s supposed to. I will not buy a Ford Focus as a result :) Pass that onto Ford PR…

        • DE

          Rubbish Dan. You would probably never bought a Focus anyway. To suggest an ad would turn you off from buying the best in class, for such a significant purchase, is just a little small minded.

      • Charles Dean

        Starting kissing Toyota’s ass.. You would want to be with them when they start marketing the new Camry.. And we all know how much Toyota spends on marketing..

    • Phil

      Yes the scrolling is very ANNOYING. Plus its not very effective, I couldn’t even see athe commercial that’s supposedly causing it.

      Dave if CA needs more money, why not publish yet more biased articles on Hyundai and get John Cadogan (yes we know he works for both CA AND Hyundai) to pass on some money from Hyundai.

      • Dave Holmes (CarAdvice CEO)

        Thanks Phil
        Whether Hyundai or any other manufacturer, we review the cars equally and without favour. Some writers like some cars more than others which is why we invite the readers to contribute their opinions (as long as they are polite about it). This provides a balanced debate on different makes and models and their strengths and weaknesses. CarAdvice will always review cars on behalf of the target market for that car. It’s a matter of opinion but we try to be fair in our reviews. Our editors, writers and staff critique each other so if someone is showing undue favour it gets pulled into line. And then, we have our avid readers who further challenge the points in a review.

        • Phil

          To give a example (from many observed in Hyundai reviews here)Dave from the “2012 Hyundai Elantra Review”:

          “In the boot alone there’s a massive 420 litres of space and when you add up the interior cabin area, the actual volume equates to 3126.2 litres. For the hopeless mathematicians such as myself, that’s more room than several cars in the medium segment, like the Volkswagen Passat CC and the Honda Accord Euro.”

          How many cars (with bigger boots than the Elantra) were overlooked in the quest for cars with smaller boots to use as a example?

          Cruze has a 445 litre boot, Mazda 3 sedan is 430 litres, new Focus sedan is 421 Litres, corolla is 450 yet CA didn’t shower any of these cars with praise for their bootspace.

          In reality, Elantras bootspace was mediocre. It was pointed out in the comments section, but no “gets pulled into line”.

          • Bobrag

            Yeah for a while there was a big bias towards Hyundai.. I45, elentra etc.. But I feel or hope that is over now.. Because this is a good site..

      • Dan

        I don’t think I’ve seen much bias towards Hyundai on here. The fact that there is some recognition given to Hyundai for how it has stepped up a few notches in recent years, cannot be said that it’s biased.

    • Toyota Guru

      What Focus ad? I use Adblock Plus in Firefox. :)

      • Frostie

        I hardly notice the ads. Since I see a lot of ads every day, its extremely easy for me to ignore their presence.

    • birdie

      get a life, build a bridge and GET OVER IT

    • guru

      If you have inner peace, it doesn’t matter how the ad moves, you won’t be perturbed. Another word for rampant consumption, alcohol, sexuality: intemperance. Our over-indulgences take are toll on our nerves over time. Believe it good man.

      Back on topic though. Good on Ford with LPI. Bring on the ads.

  • MattP

    This is both creative and fun. Clever way to promote this version of the Falcon.

    Well done Ford.

    • Steve the “Keyboard Hero”

      I agree, pity CA feels the need to critique it.

      I don’t remember similar review of Toyota’s NASCAR Camry ad. That must have been on the money, lol.

      P.S. CA, if you don’t realise, no one pays retail on an Australian built car! Also, purchase price is only one factor in ownership cost.

      • Joker

        It’s a good commercial..about time Ford went on the assault and showed off the kind of tech they bring to the table.
        Holden call the Cruze “Australia’s” own car in their latest campaign, this is sneaky too. Marketing is Marketing. $2 worth of Fuel is $2 worth of Fuel. LPI is available across the range so while Ford have shown an XR6, the powertrain would still outperform said vehicles at a lower price and the savings you make on Gas still offset the premium you pay (not to mention the rebate) very quickly.

  • partsguy

    I agree, I can’t stop my page from scrolling!! driving me insane!!!

  • http://caradvise andrew

    Exactly the sort of marketing they should be doing…good to see Ford get on the front foot for a change and market with a bit more aggression

  • James

    If this is the start of the revised marketing then I kind of like it, gets onto the front foot!
    $46k + onroads?? $34990 drive away on the side panel, that LPI must be expensive!

  • nickdl

    So are they planning on releasing a 30 sec version on TV?

    Reviewers have to remember that no one will ever pay anywhere near $46K for an XR6 Falcon. I’m sick of seeing reviewers canning the Falcon and Commododore for being poor value for money. Why can’t you mention that you should expect to get a $5K minimum discount on the RRP for these cars?

    • delux

      I doubt Ford or Holden would be happy with the motoring press if they advertised what theie cars could be purchased for. It doesn’t take much research to realise that you can get great deals on any large australian made vehicle.

      • nickdl

        Ford and Holden are the ones advertising their cars for $10K below cost beside the reviews!!!

  • Sledge

    I think an EcoLpi XR8 could really fill a niche and keep Ford on the front foot. Surely all the liquid-phase development heavy lifting has been done and what a hero-car for the enthusiastic family drivers it would be.

    C’mon Geelong you’re running out of time to show Mullaly what you can do.

    And you could win more than the Grand Final

    • Mohamad is right when he says

      Go the pies!!

    • Philthy

      And how about a turbo-six LPI too just for choice? The XR6 turbo responds very nicely to after market LPI kits from what I’ve read.

      • Nick

        That’s a great idea actually. An EcoBoost Lpi V8 or Inline-6 Falcon should boost sales dramatically. But then again the bogans in society are always going to condemn the falcon because they’ve been manipulate into flying the holden (commodore) flag, and many people are just blind. They think that a commodore is the only option when it comes to buying a good Aussie family sedan. For ford, advertising is an absolute must. When somebody says holden people immediately think of the commodore. When somebody says ford, people don’t immediately think of the falcon.

        • Larson – DT Performance & Dyno Center

          Guys, as good an idea as a turbo XR6 on LPi sounds, its a lot more complicated than that. We offer an aftermarket LPi upgrade for all Ford sixes however the turbo models require a complete ECU upgrade, injector change, cooling upgrade, intake mods and countless hours of dyno time. Now whilst our customers are prepared to fork out the dollars to do this, it simply would not be financially viable for Ford to make these changes on a production vehicle.

          • paulb

            Thanks for the infomation on LPI Turbo.If it could be commercialy done ,would be a hit with the punters..

        • Rick Patterson

          Fords marketing of the falcon is absolutely atrocious and they should all be sacked why isn’t the $2 challenge already on tv .I’m actually starting to think that ford oz want the falcon to fail

  • Joker

    CA, does that RRP price on the Falcon include the rebate from the Govt?

    • Tim Beissmann

      Hi Joker

      No, the price is simply the manufacturer’s list price without any rebates factored in.


    • Matt

      Which means it’s likely that even after on roads it will still be around the $40k mark i guess

      • Phil

        The actual selling price won’t be near $40K.

        Some dealers are advertising normal XR6 autos for $32,990 driveaway – and thats before you go in and do any haggling.
        The LPI normally costs $2500 more so LPI XR6 should sell for around $35,000.

        • me-all-day

          Then try to get one for that. The petrol XR6 is in massive oversupply – hence the heavy discounting. It is complicated by competition from the LPI. Ford will not sell the LPI cheap until the petrol inventory is reduced.

  • Shak

    It seems like a perfectly legitimate ad to me. This is exactly what Holden do in their ads. You dont have to tell 100% of the truth, just the truth which makes you look good. The buying public will simply believe what they are told, and this ad exemplifies that perfectly. And hey if it makes LPG look good why not; although to be a bit more fair they should really have tested it against an LPG powered Commodore.

    • Joker

      I don’t believe Holden offer Liquid Phase Injection on anything other than the HSV’s. This means Technically, Ford are actually doing Holden a favour using the highest powered V6 unit they offer..the 3.0L “fuel miser” Would have been completely outgunned and the Dual Fuel Commodore loses power and gains the weight of two tanks.

      • Frenchie

        Good point Joker. I wonder what the difference in laps compared with a dual fuel Commodore? Ford would have won in the room in the boot and 100m dash, so yes,Ford did do Holden some justice.

    • Andrew M

      In a way it would have made the $2 fuel challenge on the commodore closer if they used the LPG version, but it would have gotten beaten by more on the track and more so as well on the boot space as the LPG commodore puts the tank in the boot (no way around it)

      Falcon still would have won all challenges though.

      They actully did the commodore a favour by not using the slower 3.0L sidi.
      After all the lower spec Falcon is just as quick as the one tested.

      Anyway, I think there is a bit in it about proving the fuel LPG over the highest selling 2 vehicles which are petrol.
      Pitting lpg against lpg wouldnt really compare the fuels.

  • Andrew

    Take a look at that Falcon has a tankless boot ! and no spare !!!! Oh no we really are up s*&t creek with out a paddle now !

    • Paul

      All BMW’s don’t come with a spare or a mobility kit, I don’t see anyone complaining about that.

      • Lambo

        That’s because they use run-flat tyres…..

        • Paul

          And if you are out in the middle of nowhere you are screwed, as the run flats are only good for about 80kms.

          • K

            That’s still 80km further than the Falcon.

      • Andrew

        Its just dirty advertising – oh look how big the boot is because we have put the tank where the spare goes but we wont tell em’ that and t hen they order thier car and are very dissapointed – i would never drive a car with out a spare. Yes we own a BMW if we go on long trips (generally happens in the Commodore) we put a spare in the boot of the 3 series and it rides terribly with it’s run flats anyways.

        • Paul

          So it is alright to put a spare on the boot floor of a 3 series bmw which has a smaller boot any way but it is not good for ford?

          • Andrew

            What i was saying is was take the Commodore because of the space in the boot, we don’t often take the 3 series anywhere we have to take luggage because there is no room and its to risky to run with out a spare . . .

  • David

    As “aussie” cars, the ad should show a Commodore and a Falcon driving through Central Australia.. a long road.. a long way between petrol stations.. and then the Ford driver realises that the petrol station in the middle of nowhere doesn’t have gas. Oh well, just empty the jerry can of spare fuel into her. Oh that’s right, run out of gas and she’s on a flatbed, not simply a jerry can fill as would be the go in the Commodore or Corolla.. :-)

    • Andrew M

      Either way you have to call RACQ.

      I doubt many petrol powered vehicle owners carry jerry cans.

      You would also be surprised at how common LPG is now too.

      Not every station carries non ethanol fuel or premium unleaded but people dont seem to find that a problem.

    • Matthew Werner

      And of all the millions of kilometres driven in Australia each year, what percentage of those are through the outback?

  • JonnyBravo

    new marketing department?

  • Tronic

    Bit Cheeky alright!

    Is this a new standard, acceleration to 100 metres?

    The comparable boots is also dodgy but the $2.00 test is quite clever and nicley shows it’s efficiency compared to even a small engined Corolla.

  • Boyracer

    I rape Falcons with my Aurion

    • Lambo

      Until you see a corner or some twisty roads…..

    • Mike

      For start’s no “real” boyracer would ever consider owning a car like the aurion the reasons are front wheel, gutless engine, cheap interior, terrible seating, electricial faults etc. And it’s associated with TRD
      Toyota racing development which most people call TURD! lol

      • Shak

        If you have actually driven one you wouldn’t say the engine is Gutless…although everything else is spot on.

      • mick

        i dont think you have driven one in a straight line. thoses things absoultly fly for a naturally asprated six. although i prefer the falcon better road handling and towing

    • Joe


    • chook

      Boyracer….saying this jusy proves ur all crap. Either you look for older falcons to race just to write what u write , or u have a supercharged aurion , which will get done over by turbo XR6s ….suddenly im happy about the strikes happening at toyota in altona .

      • Damon

        Although I’m not a big fan of Aurion, but I must admit the 3.5L engine is silky smooth, quiet and powerful.. And the transmission is absolutely seamless..

    • me-all-day

      No, you beat the petrol powered I6s. LPi will be quicker. An XR6T will make your Aurion’s suspension shake in it’s struts (quite literally too – yes I’ve driven them Boyracer) as it bids you farewell.

    • Jonty

      Just because you are the sort who needs to feel like a hero and race from every traffic light does not mean the car is quicker. BOY racer indeed…

  • Phil

    Tankless boot? The other cars have a tankless boot too!

    Now where the hell did Toyota and Holden put all that unleaded?

    • Max Power

      You are a muppet. Traditionally, LPG cars normally have the LPG tank inside the boot. The LPG Falcon does not, it has the LPG tank fitted like a normal petrol tank.

      • Phil

        ummm Max,

        This comparison was not between LPG cars.

        It was between one LPG car and two Petrol cars.

        Thus a LPG car without a tank in the boot, does not give it a tankless advantage over a petrol car cause they also have tankless boots!

        • Andrew M

          The challenge was to prove that boot capacity can be achieved in an LPG vehicle.

          This advert was not only to prove the Falcons worth but also the fuel itself.

          People who may not be fussed on LPG may have memories of tanks being slapped in the boots.

          I get your point, but they werent awarding it for a tankless boot, it was just a remark in commentry.

        • Lynchy


          The comparison is to show you can now have your cake and eat it to. It’s all about changing peoples perceptions about LPG. Wouldn’t matter what other cars they had there, as others have stated maybe they should of had an lpg powered Commodore there as well to highlight the improvements with regards to the boot.

          • Phil


            It would matter what other cars they had there.

            How about a old BF Falcon LPG Wagon? That also had a tankless boot except it would’ve been able to swallow up twice as many of those boxes they were loading.

          • Andrew M

            But it would have gotten smashed in the sprint and economy run.

            You cant compare cargo space between wagons and sedans, you are really clutching at reasons to hate ford now

          • Andrew

            Having your cake and eating it to is Holden’s dedicated LPG that will have a tankless boot and a spare . . .

          • Andrew M

            the commodore will have a spare option slapped in the boot too

          • Phil

            Andrew M,

            So Ford is allowed to compare bootspace between a “small” hatchback against a large sedan that costs twice as much.
            But no one is allowed to compare a large station wagon against another large sedan of the same price?

          • Andrew

            No when the commodore is release next year the LPG tank is going to replace the petrol tank.

  • Clem

    Don’t forget the Depreciation. Regardless LPG or Petrol. Ford Falcon is worthless.

    • Andrew M

      Dont forget the depreciation, regardless all 2nd hand cars are worthless

      • Paul

        Look at the price of 1-2 year old 7 series or s class they drop by 100 grand.

        • Ben

          Yep you can pick up an 7 series 2005 for less than $70k.
          And you get all the expensive repairs and electronics to go with it… Go Ford!

  • Simon

    Not that I care, but is LPG more environmentally friendly or same as petrol? I would have expected a Green XR6 if it is, and for them to mention that too! I am guessing it is not, since having ‘less CO2 emmissions’ seems to be the big thing car makers likes to advertise these days – well most of them.

  •!/darrensrjohnson Darren

    It’s a little bit sneaky but why not? It’s a great way to get the point of the car across. I’d love to see more take up of LPG and Ethanol to reduce our reliance on overseas oil.

  • The Painter

    This car is long overdue I don’t care how they advertise it it just needs to sell and the technology needs to filter down to other Australian built cars so we can continue to have these types of cars and the other style also being built in this country. Its all good for jobs and the economy and our reliance on imported fuels

  • :-)

    Phil, calm down. It sometimes is important to help give car manufacturers (especially ones that have changed well, Hyundai/Kia) a comparison between more expensive cars and their car.

    Not every reviewer can focus on the exact specifications of the car and then compare to every other single car in the segment. I’ve found it can be very beneficial to visit other sites simply to gain broader perspective, which hopefully can influence your choice on your next car purchase.

    • K

      If they can’t compare it to other cars in the segment, then why are they a motoring journalist? We might as well get Ross Gittins to do a motoring piece instead of his usual column in the Herald.

      It’s this mis-information that breeds unjustified stereotypes.

      • Matt

        Please tell me a single way that the commodore cannot be compared to the falcon….. The commodore is the falcon’s only real competitor as the aurion doesn’t have enough market share and falcons are most likely legitimately losing a lot of sales to corolla as people are converting to the small economical cars these days as they use less fuel, cost less to service, etc.

  • F1MotoGP

    Falcon and Commodore very nice but for half price you can buy Corolla or Hyundai. Cheap transport start with the price unless you earning more than $80,000 pa.

    • Andrew M

      And for half the price of a corolla you can buy a Chery.

      There will always be something cheaper, but you do get a cheaper car.

      By your scale if you need to be earning 80K to afford a Commy or Falcon, then you must need to earn 750K to afford a BMW 7 series

  • Dave

    Hi everyone, here is the actual fuel economy of each car.

    Commodore=10.13 L/100km
    Falcon=12.55 L/100km
    Corolla=7.37 L/100km

    • Pete

      Yes but how much money does the falcon save on fuel and for better performance?! Ford are on a winner with EcoLPI! Great ad!

    • Matt

      Falcon LPGs have more power and more torque then petrol falcons, and although they use more LGP, its less then half the price of petrol. I don’t know how they aren’t selling more

    • chook

      yes , but work out the running cost in cents per kilometre . Dont go trying to hide the fact that the LPG is about half the price !!

      • Rick Patterson

        Just like to comment on the corolla we used to use them a my previous job along with the commodore and looking at the old log books the average over 100000 km for both respectively are as follows 9.1l per 100km and for the sv6 9.2 l per 100km mixed driving for both and very similar they do the same loop as everyone knows ADR fuel figures mean diddly squat

  • Car Fanatic

    Why didn’t they run a Diesel against the Falcon?

    • Phil

      Yea they could’ve even used their own Mondeo Diesel Wagon.
      Mondeo wouldn’t win the drag race, but it would win the bootspace easily. With economy slightly more than twice as good as Falcon LPI to offset the price of diesel (which is slightly more than twice as much), it’d be lineball on the $2 run. RRP is cheaper in Mondeo too.

      • Dave S

        Falcon > Mondeo.

        There is more to driving than just saving a few cents.
        Any driver will know that the Falcon is a better car then the Mondeo.

        Oh and LPG will be cleaner than diesel too.

      • Boss

        But you can’t compare the bootspace of a wagon to a sedan so that comparison wouldn’t work

        • Phil

          Why can’t the comparison of bootspace be made between wagon and sedan?

          Ford used a small hatchback to compare bootspace against it’s large car that also happens to cost twice as much and thats ok?

          • Karl

            That could work the other way too; they were comparing the economy of a powerful 6 cylinder to a small 4 cylinder.

    • Shak

      Because the whole point of the exercise is to prove how good LPG is now in comparison to its traditional rivals.

  • FRDH8R

    Ha! First time Ford has won anything in a while!!

    • Alex

      Can’t remember Holden winning much lately, maybe 1 or two championships vs at least 6 from Ford (who one last year.. FORD), and how many times has Ford won Mt Panorama the last few years… three times more than Holden that’s how many LOL! Idiot.

      • Dave S

        I think most of those wins you are think of are from Team Vodafone – which have been Holden for the last 2 years.

        L & H 500 1 week ago Holden
        Bathurst last year Holden.

        Lets not forget 15 years of sales at Number 1 sport for Commodore.

        • me-all-day

          Yes yes Dave, it’s all true – but at the end of the day a Commodore is a Commodore. An inferior product to the Falcon.
          But I suppose that doesnt matter either as Holden are still creaming Ford in sales. For what it’s worth – well done Holden.

  • Terry Zarzoff

    Did they do a comparision to show which one starts the quickest? Didnt think so, in this regard, the Falcon would lose hands down. Seriously, who wants a car that embarrasses you when you go to start it, and farts and carries on like a second hand whipper-snipper.

    • Frostie

      Start-up would take no longer than 2 seconds. How?
      The LPG is primed as soon as you open the door, a higher amp battery enables the starter motor to start the engine faster and the ECO in EcoLpi means direct injection so the LPG is burned more efficient, which is why the EcoLpi Falcon bet a petrol Falcon in a drag race.

  • Bang Bang

    lol Ford are so sh*t at selling cars that there no money left to advertise on TV, resorting to youtube instead. What a joke of a manufacturer. Sooner the Falcon goes the better, its days are numbered.

    • DE

      Last 2 years Ford Australia has been profitable. Holden and Toyota have struggled. Numbers don’t always equal prifit if the margin is too low.

      Anyway, I think you’ll find that you’ve been too busy on youtube to notice the countless Ford ads popping up on TV lately.

      • Charles Dean

        So according to your theory, ford has been ripping us off?..

  • Jack Cough

    Ford flogging a dead horse AGAIN. Heres some advice for you Ford, instead of making stupid ads for something that already has 1 foot in the grave, why don’t you channel some energy into giving us A DECENT FULL SIZE CAR. Hurry up and bring the Taurus here and start making some money. The Falcon is a boat that nobody wants to buy – surely the sales figures tell you this.

  • mick

    i think this ad is clever but they should of compared it too an aurion as well as the commodore 3L V6.

  • Ford Man

    Is this a TV commercial or just a YouTube video? It better be a commercial as it’s good marketing for a change. If it’s just a YouTube video, then it was a complete waste of time and money.

  • Jake

    Ford are really getting desperate in the Falcon’s last days…

  • BR

    our company no longer buys Falcons, they have switched to Corollas and Cruzes however they may consider the EcoLPi model, the only concern being the uncertainty over the future of the Falcon and it’s resale values

    • Andrew M

      when its a business purchase resale doesnt matter as much.

      If a vehicle holds above the average resale the ATO will slam tax on it.

      Ive found with the Falcons Ive traded over the years that the trade in price is in line with my depreciation schedule set out by the ATO and sometimes thats an important factor in the mind of a business.

      But as far as resale goes if the Falcon does move from the market, I doubt that will tank their 2nd hand prices.
      If anything I reckon it will actually hold their prices stronger as there would be less redily available.

      Have a look at the F-Truck when they pulled that from the Aussie market. there are some 2nd hand ones selling for more than their new price

      • DE

        Look at how the late model Falcon Wagons are holding on for value. Auctions are having no problems clearing them at good prices.

        • Alex

          Falcon = money pit. You buy one you’ll never sell it. If you do it will be so cheap it win’t be worth it.

          I have been contemplating buying one because the NEW ONES are SO CHEAP but the problem is going to occur when I sell it (or try to) in a few years. The CHEAP NEW price will start to look VERY EXPENSIVE when I see what the car isn’t worth in three years.

          It is actualy cheaper to buy a dearer more reputable (if not boring) brand like Toyota as it will still be worth something in the future.

          • me-all-day

            The servicing costs are substantially dearer than the petrol Falcons – check out Ford fixed price servicing at their website.
            VERY Disappointing Ford!

          • chook

            Alex . You talk crap . Full stop ……..

          • Jonty

            Alex, silly people out there probably thought they would buy the car they wanted (and enjoy it for the time they own it) rather than get a few $k better resale in three years time.

            So you go ahead and buy your (by your own admission) boring toyota and drive it for the new several years just so that you have a few extra dollars in the future.

            Then again a bicycle may be a better option…not as expensive and definately wont be losing a lot on resale.

  • BR

    the F-truck is a harder to find vehicle and in demand for its purpose this is why they holding on the used car market, however the Falcon is a different kettle of fish and readily available

    • Alex

      Currect, it it is a Ute or 4WD then it will hold it’s value.
      Even a Falcon ute can hold its value (the only model that does).

  • Fred


    Rudd Labor today revealed the detail of its secret new tax on LPG, two days after the Budget and only after the media and industry alerted them to it.

    Two ministers deputised by an embarrassed Treasurer Wayne Swan released a five page press release at 6.52am this morning, after the media reported that 500,000 motorists face a new excise slug on their LPG.

    The tax starts at 2.5 cents per litre on 1 July next year and rises to 12.5 cents per litre in 2015.

    • chook

      Whether we do or we dont get that LPG excise is not so relevant with the price of LPG . I dont currently use LPG but i have in 4 previous falcons dating back to 1987 . By the time petrol reaches 3 dollars per litre then whether LPG is $1.50 or $2.00 per litre it will still be a great choice . I have over the years heard pathetic comments from people who ive spoken to where they think LPG would be at par with petrol and so on and on they went , and now over 20 years later LPG is still near half the price of ULP . I bet so many people out there wish LPG was the price of petrol just so they feel some justification , instead of just getting a conversion done on their car or buying one with a LPG system . Soon I will look at getting one of the new systems done on the falcon i have now .

      • Bangel

        Your falcon has no resale value so its a waste of cash , send it to the wreckers yard now and get a fiesta , that will hold its value better .

  • paulb

    Fred on the 27/5/11 the tax was not passed in Parliment.When Woodside started the Rankin A+B+C platforms on the Burrup Peninsula about 25 years ago.The agreement was to have the lower excise for 25 years.
    Given another Gas deal was signed today worth 29 Billion with Chevron.Any increase in LPG excise is in really bad taste considering the massive Business investment in that industry.

  • Fred

    It would have been interesting to have a diesel pitted against this group.

    • Karl

      I agree, the LPi would probably still win thought.
      Most people who haven’t yet discovered how good modern LPG systems are would be surprised.

      • Karl


  • Pest Patrol

    what do you need from your car?
    if it’s mainly about fuel consumption then remember the Corolla is half the price to begin with and the Falcon after 5 years will hardly be worth much more due to its larger deprciation

  • Daniel Debattista

    This is an unfair test. Of course $2 is going to get you almost twice the amount of LPG than unleaded petrol. This test should have been the 2 litre grand prix not the $2 grand prix.