Despite years of teasers and concepts, we might actually know very little about the production versions of the Subaru BRZ and the Toyota FT-86 rear-wheel drive sports cars.

US publication Car & Driver claims to have it on good authority that an agreement exists between the two manufacturers that neither will reveal a single production body panel of their rear-wheel drive sports coupes until their official unveilings at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show.

Subaru Australia’s David Rowley said he was not personally aware of any such agreement, but confirmed the first time the world would see the production version of the Subaru BRZ was at the Tokyo show, which starts on November 30.

Rumours out of last week’s Frankfurt Motor Show suggest the new models’ engine will use a Subaru block and Toyota’s port and direct-injection system, with a maximum power output of around 149kW (200hp).

Neither Subaru nor Toyota have officially confirmed any performance specifications at this stage.

Both models will be built by Subaru at its Gunma plant in Japan, with production to start in the first half of next year.

According to Car & Driver, Toyota has been responsible for the basic design and styling of both vehicles, while Subaru took the lead in engine and chassis development.

Subaru officials have reportedly claimed the BRZ will have a centre of gravity 450mm from the ground – putting it in the same league as the Porsche Cayman and the Ferrari 458 Italia.

Subaru Australia is yet to confirm its plans for the BRZ, but will make an announcement on the philosophically challenging rear-wheel drive model later this year.

The Toyota FT-86 (or whatever it is eventually called in production form), will go on sale in Australia around the third quarter of next year.

  • Harry

    I like that cutaway picture better than all the other stuff they have shown up until now. Doesn’t show any overly angular headlights or concave panneling, it’s simple and clean.

    • niceCAR

      “Toyota has been responsible for the basic design and styling of both vehicles”
      This makes me thing the final version will look like whitegoods

  • AndyGF

    Once they realized the GO wont match the SHOW, there going all timid on us… a pity, but not surprising.

    (on the positive side, I think the Subaru versions and Toyota versions should look totally different?)

    • incentive106

      149kW – it better weight 1000kg or its a waste of effort.

  • Demonaz

    Misleading article title…

  • Showtime

    I seriously doubt it. Toyota have been showing the FT-86 concept for over 2 years now. Even the camo mule looks like the concept. If they radically change the design they may as well kill the car now.

    And Subaru should definitely bring the BRZ here. I don’t care about “AWD range”. Subaru need to branch out and sell more than just 4 cars.

  • Justin Scott

    This has to be the logest gestation period for a full scale production model EVER! Just release it already!

    • Kampfer

      It’s a long way from R35 GTR…

    • IfItAintARotorItAintAMotor

      Joss Supercar?

  • Tom

    The ft86 Looks poo anyway, this show of concepts on Toyota part has been edging on far too long! The amount of time spent teasing us has made me lose interest

    I miss the good old days of boy racer wet dreams, silvia’s, supras, skylines and such! Affordable rear wheel drives that could be boosted cheaply!

    Oh well….

  • Jim sim

    Over it.

  • DWS1

    Why can they not be like Mazda, who have nice concept vehicles that go into production very quickly …and not much dilution in the overall designs
    New CX-5 SUV looks the goods.

  • Ben 10

    Just bring the cars out already. this has drawn out way too long

  • DT

    for the love of god, just give us another Supra!! :0(

  • Troy Splann

    149kw ???? this thing will want to be 800kg!

  • ANF

    Man put this thing in production already, i think its not going to be what people are expecting when it comes out

  • toyo

    Mazda Mx5 weighs 1167kg and makes do with only 118kw and it has always been described as one of the most fun vehicles in a resonable price range on the market so I think that this thing could still weigh upto 1300 kg and still offer similar levels of performance to the Mazda. To me revelent Fun can be had/should be had at lower speeds on the road a car doesn’t need to have the power of a veyron or italia to be revelvant in this safety concious world we live. At the end of the day the max speed limit is 110km/hr on our roads so why not have a reasonably priced sports car that allows enjoyment at or around these speeds. I hope they don’t change or tone down the toyota concept too much before release, anyway the U.S Scion brand concept of this car is the best looking of the lot. Just build the thing anyway, tired of the concepts lets see the finished product !

    • Dragan

      I have to agree, they should keep the U.S Scion version as prodution vehicle across the globe….not a dumbed down one for aussies and more fun one for US/EUROPE/JDMarkets….

      [but I dont expect that it’s wheels and branded tyres will make it to the showroom floor]

  • levi

    well i think this looks poo too. i am over it also, toyota can eat balls

  • Kieran

    Here is an idea for Subaru.

    Make some use of the 149kw 2.0 DOHC from the BRZ and use it in the Impreza range and rejuvenate the long lost high output naturally aspirated Impreza RS from 2004.

    There needs to be that engine in the middle of the Impreza range again, above the base 110kw motor and below the forced induced engine range WRX, WRX STi.

    A high output naturally aspirated Impreza would be on my buying cards straight away!

  • George

    Natural Aspirated + 149 KW + Rear wheel drive = FUUUAAARRRRKKK DAT INSTANT RESPONSE.

  • Audiking

    Furk Toyota buy German made becus they are good quality

    • ze scheister

      ze deutsch ist gusscheisse housser

    • DWS1


  • TBS260z

    Yes hopefully this sparks a new affordable RWD sports car fight. New silvia wouldn’t be a bad thing aslong as it’s evolutionary from the S15. Unlike what they did to the GTR.

  • Matt

    Boxer Rear wheel drive Zenith (BRZ), guess there won’t be an AWD variant –> BAZ