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  • Navy

    Not bad…but i still love my F-150.

    • aulord

      your easy to please then

  • MH

    Great result Ford. Hopefully the public realises how good it is and puts it at the top of their list

  • Moe

    Seen one at the dealers theyre bigger than the previous model, might get a wildtrak at the end of my apprenticeship i love everything about them

  • ab

    I reckon this is a car that won’t need advertising to sell!

    • http://caradvice OSU811

      IMO it could be Ford’s crappy marketing/advertising department that prevents this from being a huge sales success as usual!!

      • Ben 10

        Here’s hoping that they get their act together on this one, like the territory.

    • rogeroo

      try buying one.I ordered a xlt super cab 3.2 litre auto in december and wont receive it until october
      but i reckon it will be worth the wait…

  • Falcon_Crazy

    Nice – just waiting to take delivery of my new XLT!

    • franky

      hey falcon crazy, when do you get yours?

      • Harry

        Test drove the new hilux, navara and ranger, ranger came out on top by miles. My new XLT is delivered in December, hoping the factory bullbar looks alright!

        • Superstar

          What sort of dollars did you pay? And what state are you in?

          • Harry

            Will pay 56800 when it is delivered, includes bullbar, soft tonneau and floor mats, in country SA

  • Martin

    The Ranger is so nice! Looks alone should sell it! Great to see it’s not just a pretty truck and actually has some substance.

  • o

    Big call to say the interior is better than the VW but if it is then that is a massive gain for ford. This is also a big ute isn’t it ? I remember someone saying its within 10% of the dimensions of an F150

    • http://www.facebook.com/priusfreezone Matthew Werner

      Yeh its close enough to the F-150 that Ford won’t be taking it to the US

      • werner

        sad but true but if they did they probably wouldn’t bring the diesels anyway i wonder how the 2.2 feels power wise

  • m2m

    Excellent! Even though i don’t necessarily agree with the common trend of top of the range utes replacing the family wagon; it’s great to see options that don’t compromise on safety and drivability. By far it’s the best looking 4×4 ute ever produced, and if its a sign of what is to come then I’m sure the previously mentioned trend could be even more popular.

  • http://Zuboora.com Mohamad is right when he says

    Where do I sign?

  • Mr Gaspo

    Ford, build a 5 door wagon version to compete with Prado. Ford is on a roll… Well done Ford and Aussie design expertise.

    • Edu

      Check out the Ford Everest, current SUV version of the Ford Ranger. So it’s very likely going to happen for you!

    • Road Warrior

      Actually Mr Gaspo, an SUV variant to replace the current Everest/Endeavour is currently in development by the team at Geelong. This was confirmed by the press over a year ago. There’s a good chance it will be available here too…

      • scottjames_12

        This is exciting news, I think! If the Ranger is anything to go by, the Prado would have a lot to worry about! Bring on the Everest!

        • zandit

          Not really a direct competitor since the Prado is Landcruiser based No? Mind you, since the Ranger is so much bigger than it used to be, maybe they are on level pegging.

          • scottjames_12

            Nope, the Prado is a hilux underneath, through and through. Pretty sure that has always been the case.

          • Donki

            you are very wrong

    • Christopher

      If the SUV version does come out, they should call it the Raider, like the old courier based model, Ranger/Raider, names even sound the same.

  • eveready

    Great first drive – can’t wait to see a head to head comparison with the Amarok!

    IMO – The best looking vehicle in its class…and sounds like its backed up with substance! Best of all its was engineered here in Aus, congrats Ford.

  • Jimsim

    Great review, saw one yesterday, a red XLT. Seriously massive. Fit and finish looks really really well.
    Good luck Ford. Hope it sells great.

  • AR

    Timing belts or timing chains for the diesels?

    I prefer the stick to shift the transfer case directly rather than the electronic button/knob to shift 2H/4H/N/4Lo. This way, the electronic button/knob tells the electric motor to move the stick.

    • Willie

      A direct shifter to the transfer case would be prefered but the competition (eg Hilux) has a shifter but it just is a switch electronically changing the transfer gears. It is actually possible to rewire the Hilux to engage low range while still in 2wd.

      • AR

        How about the Triton, does the transfer case shifter shifts directly?


      Timing chains for diesels

  • Eric

    Was the Aussie design and testing done with in conjunction with Mazda BT50 as well.

    • scottjames_12

      Hmm, this is a good question. I wonder how much overlap between the models there actually is? I’d imagine that Mazda just have access to the platform and the engines etc.. and then they do their own thing from there? I could be wrong though.

      • eveready

        From what i understand Ford Australia led the Design & Product Development (design, functional, capability, testing engineering etc) with some small Mazda teams brought to Australia to work on the project and on the Mazda specific comodities.

        Mazda led the manufacturing engineering component of the program (proto builds, initial production process design etc..)

        Platform, chassis & engine I imagine would be close to identical – probably similar to the commonality between Mazda 3/Focus (previous gen) – but i could be wrong!

        Its probably fair to say there is much more Ford engineering in the BT-50 then the other way.

  • HaplessPossum

    That interior looks really classy. Love the design.

  • toyo

    This Truck looks all right. However not so sure about the impartiallity of Car Advice when it comes to ford products now with the Focus drop down ad and the $2 Grand prix feature… That grand prix thing was just a blatant marketing excersize by Ford and imo that should have been explained somewhere in the article… Good site this and I have followed the TV show but wont for too long if this type of paid editorial isn’t explained in the future..

    • m2m

      Or Ford is just making some really good stuff…

      • Moe

        Exactly Ford is just making good stuff….

  • Toyota Guru

    Puts the facelift Hilux to shame. Well done Ford (and Mazda).

    • JESSE

      mmm i’ve always been a hilux guy and i’m having to think seriously about what next… to be honest though im tossing up the Mazda cause the ford interior is just too spaceship like… at least i can add a bullbar and a flat tray and mud to the mazda to improve its appearance.

  • Randel

    Can’t wait for the BT50 . Should be special .

    • AR

      The new BT-50 got a smile that looks like the Joker. Now that’s special.

    • http://www.ozmazda.com/ ozmazda

      atleast the BT50 has its own design not someting spewed up from a tacky left over american lunch….

      • Sumpguard

        The mazda hardly qualifies as “designed”!

    • andronicus

      Mate, you seen the BT50?! Seriously, it is a hideous hideous abomination. Looks more franken-ute than proper vehicle.

      Please, i beg you to buy a BT50, I guarantee it will be the funniest decision you ever make (to your mates).

  • Car Window

    CA, you forgot to mention the $53,000 on road price. It’s very expensive. It’s a great car but its pricing means it limits the amount of customers willing it. Plus CA, I cannot find your rating out of 5, have you removed it?

    • Paul

      The top model 3.2 wildtrak shouldn’t be more than the equivalent of 35K in Thailand (where I live now, I’m Australian) – love the tax structure here:) – I might even buy one:) Not sure I’d pay 60K for it though!

  • t39

    New Ranger is great, but:

    The one you’d really want (either dual cab pick-up XLT or Wildtrack) is above $50K. Means more than the diesel New Grand Jeerokee (180KW) and close to new Touareg.

    If you do not use it for work, it would be hard to justify financially.

    • Sumpguard

      That doesn’t stop all the suckers that buy Hiluxes!

  • AR

    $57,390 + $2,000 for auto + ORC = $64,000 RRP on the road is a bit steep for a Ranger.

    • Eric

      $2000 for the auto plus Stamp duty and Lux Car tax

      • zandit

        luxury car tax does not apply to commercial vehicles

        • Eric

          How do you know?

          • zandit

            Used to sell cars, Fords to be exact. Lux car tax, only applys to passenger vehicles not Commercial, always has.

          • Eric

            According the ATO a ute is not automatically LTC exempt.
            Has to do with GVM less the unladed weight less 50% you then have to multiply 68 by the number seating capacity. If the 1st number is smaller than the seating capacity its classed a passenger vehicle and if its higher its classed as a commercial vehicle only then is it LTC exempt.

            So LTC may applied.


    • David

      I just called in to the local dealer and the quote for an XLT with auto is $58,890 drive away.. I know that i can claim it through tax, but still.. nearly $60,000 for a ute?

      • Andrew M

        Toyota has been listing the Hilux at these prices for years and noone has cared till someone else with a far better ute tries it.

        Unless they cant keep up with demand you should be able to haggle a better deal

      • Ed

        Mate go speak to Toyota and ask for drive awar price for hilux sr5 4×4 with option up 4speed auto (4speed auto lol) and see how much it is. Than compare with the new ranger XLT with 6 speed auto. Compare specs safety etc. U will c very quickly how good the ranger is.

        • David

          Ed, I agree that (in my opinion) the Ranger provides better value for money in terms of the kit that comes with the vehicle, but as a class of vehicles, $60,000 is FAR too much coin! Particularly when you look at the prices of similar cars in the US are almost half that of Oz prices..

          • Ed

            David I do agree with your comment.60k regardless of who makes it is in my opinion ridiculous! 60k can buy a really good quality car elsewhere

  • RJL

    Great looking ute! But the price will stop alot of people il have to wait to get one a year old or at next end of year sale

  • RJL

    Why has the Xlt got slightly higher ground clearance than the xl?

    • zandit

      Larger diameter rims and tyre package no doubt.

  • NM

    Can you fit a Chep pallet on the back?

    • David

      From what I understand, NO.. It misses out by 30mm! This is a glaring mistake from Ford.

  • scottjames_12

    Now this is the kind of true Australian product that the media should be crowing about. Globally sold, class leading product. Not the Korean designed, locally assembled, mediocre Holwoo that is the Cruze.

    • Dennis

      What does that have to do with the price of milk?

    • andronicus

      The Cruze is in the same class as a Ranger now? Mustve missed that memo.

  • http://andymervingeorge.com/ Essential Motoring 101

    Great review about the new monster. Its time to change and finally the Ranger is taking it seriously. Its been too long the Hilux and Triton dominating the small pickup scene with its spacious rear passenger area. Cant wait for the Ranger to show up in Malaysia!

  • Anthony

    Good review. Finally, Ford decided to up their game on this category. But I still prefer the Navara.

    • Y

      Navara D22 : Tough real Nissan truck

      Navara D40 : Softie and bloated Renault

  • Aquahead

    I’ve placed an order for a Wildrtak and have to patiently wait until Jan/Feb 2012 for it to arrive. Here’s hoping that all the good press the Ranger has been gathering is followed up by happy owners!

    Great effort from the Team at Ford Australia, I’m so looking forward to my new Ranger!

  • whatthe..

    This is the diesel engine that the Territory should have. Why did Australia develop the 3.2l driveline and then stick a superceded diesel donk in the Territory.

  • Bobo

    Has anyone elso noticed the metal piece for the towbar just under the rear bumper? Is this a mistake in the design? Should you be able to see this part, should it not be integrated? Other than that it looks good…

    • Andrew M

      If they had it higher the hitch height would be ridiculously high

      • Wilo

        That towbar looks crap. If anything it looks like an after thought and totally ruins the rear end.

        If i had the spare coin, i get this taken off and a Hayman Reese installed.

        • app_master

          (my last comment was removed?)
          I agreey, the towbar setup is hideious, why were they not thinking of this ahead. I imagin this is the bar developed for the 3350kg rating, to edge the competition. If you look up under the spare is almost touching the rear bar, hence the reason the hefty towbar sits underneath. But still why, why, why. The hayman reese alterantives are usually much neater, as you only see the hitch, but it may not carry the same load rating.

          • Andrew M

            Um…… Hayman reese makes the Ford Factory tow bars.

            Most Ive seen carry both a Ford and Hayman Reese badge.

            Maybe this is different, but that used to be the case

    • JESSE

      so your biggest problem is that it’s got a visible towbar setup like many proper 4×4’s… would you rather it be covered in plastic like a family car, and eat into the departure angle offroad and be vulnerable to damage when backing up to trailers???

  • camaro

    too be honest, now people get impressed by the look and number faster then ever. If you want to buy a vehicle just go and test it carefully (better rent one to try not a short trip with a talkative salesman) then go to test its rivals. Remember to consider the period of generation as well. One try is worth a thousand reads.

    • camaro

      to be honest :). sorry my bad.

  • Sambo

    Just took one of these for a drive with the manual and 3.2L and it was quite a good car to drive with incredible presence, however I couldn’t help but feel disappointed with the refinement an smoothness of the engine. Comparing to my 3L hilux surf, my 18 year old car was unfortunately better in the NVH department. Also the fenders felt very thin and reminded me of clarkson and the zr1s rear end. Other than those two niggles I really loved the car. However I will wait till I drive the auto before I make a decision on putting my deposit down.

  • realist

    Ford is improving all the time, they have some great products locally and overseas. Kudos to Ford!!

    When Jeep finally release their pickup version of the wrangler then that’ll be the best looking tray back going

  • Digger

    Only 5 days late, but the review appears to be worth the wait. From all reports Ford have done an excellent job with the Ranger. A question for CA though, where in the Flinders Ranges was hit by a meteorite?

    • http://www.ienvipnvbipu.com geyser

      Digger…… the place is called Wilpena Pound. Check it out on google earth.

      • Digger

        I don’t beleive Wilpena Pound was hit by a meteorite, it was a naturally formed ampitheatre. Check for yourself. Perhaps another error by CA.

    • http://www.caradvice.com.au/ Alborz Fallah

      Folks Ford had embargoed the review till Monday- it wasn’t that we were late.


      • Digger

        Recognise that Ford had the review embargoed, your previous article stated it would be provided on a Wednesday – the disappointing part was that CA didn’t advise the article was embargoed, you left your readers hanging. No doubt increased the number of hits to the website waiting for the article to appear though. Nice stats to show prospective advertisers.

  • me-all-day

    A couple of questions:
    What is the turning circle?
    What is the payload?

  • http://www.ozmazda.com/ ozmazda

    Atleast the Mazda BT50 has a bold, new fresh look, not like a spewed up leftover american lunch….like the ranger….

    • Ed

      At the end of the day Ford designed and build the car for Mazda mate!
      Just like the last one, if Mazda designed and/or built a 4×4 ute it would be like a Mazda cx7 lol

      • http://baji192.wordpress.com Baji

        Actually if what I was told was correct, Mazda was responsible for the development of the suspension/steering and Ford was responsible for the development of the powertrains (engine/transmission)

      • http://www.ozmazda.com/ ozmazda

        as for the current one (not the new ones) you will find that Mazda has more of an input than Ford like previous Bravo/Couriers.

  • Ranger Fan

    Nice try Car Advice – The Motor Report beat you to the punch after you promised & didn’t deliver the article.

    On a positive note drove the new Ranger today and it’s a huge leap forward. Can’t wait to get one, forget a Hilux that’s years behind compared to the Ranger! Go and have a look for yourself, then drive the Hilux and you’ll be keen to get it back to the dealership so you can get out and go and buy the Ranger!

    • http://www.caradvice.com.au/ Alborz Fallah

      The article was embargoed till Monday the 26th at 00:01 am, which is when this was published. Any media organisation that published a review prior, broke the media embargo.

  • chook

    If the ranger doesnt sell like hotackes this time then it will prove one thing …..That when something has some degree of australian content ( in this case the design ) then many australians run to buy the import ..The australian car buying public really need to wake up and give a damn for once and take some pride in whats either designed or manufactured here .

  • http://www.finishcorp.com.au Navid

    I didnt like the car at all.

  • Nick

    The price is outrageous. Hell, its dearer than an FPV F6.

    • Eric

      Yep but ownership cost wil be less

  • David

    I have driven the 3.2 diesel and I have to say I was left a little unimpressed with the power. Peak power at 3000rpm compared to 4000rpm on the Triton. Yes the tow rating is high but I doubt many people in the real world would be towing that kind of weight around. I know on paper it all looks great but if you have driven one I will be surprised if you are excited by the engine. Everything else is great. Do I wait for the new Colorado or just buy the Nissan ST-X 550. Before you bag my comments drive it then let me know.

    • Aquahead

      Mate, its a diesel. You drive diesels down low in their rev range, that’s where all the torque sits. If you have to flog a diesel over 3,500rpm, then you have a hole where the torque should be and you ain’t towing anythng!

      470Nm from 1,500rpm to near 3,000rpm means drive the thing in that band and you’ll make the most out of it’s torque, get it’s best performance and economy. Also having the torque band close to peak power means there shouldn’t be any holes to fall into.

      The Triton’s 2.5L engine needs lots of revs as it’s a smaller engine and has to be reved to deliver similar power. It doesn’t have a flat torque curve like the Ranger so at 2,000rpm, the torque drops off and so does any chance of matching the Ranger with a load.

  • Clem

    Everyone please calm down and put your money in the bank. In this case, no cashflow means Ford has no choice to reduce the price. RECESSION is coming to Australia so why bother to donate your $$,$$$ to FORD and Vic Road!!!

  • Steven

    No telescopic steering? Seriously? Not all drivers are under 6ft tall!

    • Devil’s Advocate

      Cars managed to survive for decades without telescopic steering wheels. Plus if I remember rightly I think you can adjust the seat backwards and forwards in a car as well as adjust seat recline angle…. (TIC)

      • Jeff

        Yeah but that’s fine to adjust the seat to suit your legs to the pedals, but then what if that doesn’t suit your arm length to the wheel? A car of this price should have adjustable steering, not everyone manages to find the right relationship to the pedals and steering wheel by moving the seat back and forth.

        • Devil’s Advocate

          Well maybe if some people didn’t have the seat so far reclined back then they may be able to reach the wheel!!! 😉

          • Jeff

            Clearly you just don’t get it.

          • Devil’s Advocate

            Seems like you are the one that just doesn’t get it Jeff. Try moving the seat back (the recline function) forwards and backwards and see how it brings the wheel closer or further away even by moving it just a little bit. If you also read my first response properly you may have seen the “TIC” at the end…

            Sure it is “nice” to have steering wheel reach adjustment for that fine tuning of seathing position, but it is hardly the end of the world and people have been getting by without it for many decades.

  • app_master

    WTF is going on with the TOWBAR setup??? Not a deal breaker but it’s definetly not tidy back there. I would haggle to remove that and wait for a better option (if possible)…?

    • JESSE

      no plastic over it means better departure angle and no plastic to damage when you reverse into a trailer… if you want a girly car buy a fiesta.

  • Jeff

    I really hate the chrome grill, also a comparison with the others is what is needed for a true review.

  • RJL

    Yea I’m not a huge fan of the chrome grill I reckon the red XL looks tough jjust needs some new rims and mud tires

  • Ed

    lol new faglux (aka hilux) only has 343nm, 4 speed auto and can only tow 2.2 ton and well and truly less that a ton in the tray. nowhere near the safety not too mention it can not compare with the water wading depth of the new ranger!

    As I have said before and say again my wife’s Mazda 3 tdi puts out more nm than that (380nm).

    Excellent work ford I will be buying one, and I note ford offer a factor option locker, I will be buying one with that box ticked in XLT trim!

    And can I say one thing the old ford ranger had 380nm at 1800rpm with 95% of that torque available at just 1200rpm.

    FYI I work in the building industry and my mates have fagluxs and issues from bent ladder frame to gearbox to front diff. Not as reliable as city slicker pen pusher people may think who in reality will never take their faglux offroad

  • http://www.paxmanandpaxman.com.au Pelican

    i am really looking forward to the “Red Edition” aka the Ford Ranga.

  • Col

    Bought a wildtrak early this month optioned up to 64k and was told it would be a month away.
    Seems it will be here December now.
    Looked at the Amarok, the salesman didn’t bother getting back with a quote.
    Bought a Hilux the month before and it looks no different to the one we bought 4 yrs ago.
    Seems this will be the double cab to beat until the others catch up.
    lets hope it doesn’t have too many teething problems.
    I can’t stand dealing with Fords crappy service.

  • lol

    my god how many ford fanboys are on this site! maybe after a year we will see how good the ranger is, wonder how many will still be on the road.

    • chook

      well lol…….then youre just wastinh space here and this just isnt the site for you . If you dont like it on here then leave.

  • http://www.suvstrucks.com SUVSTRUCKS.com

    Great looking ute, well done Ford. Will be interesting to see if they can keep up with demand.

    • Greg

      Have owned 4 Hilux SR5 since 2005 and put 80-100000km in 18 months mainly on rough bitumen and black soil roads. I have just bought another Hilux to be delivered in early November. Ranger looks interesting and is worth a look after the hype settle down. Reliabilty and functionality are the key and for anyone that uses a vehicle for what it is designed for the Hilux is still hard to go past.

      Time will tell and its good to see the competition is catching up (maybe surpassing) the Hilux. We will all be better off.

  • It’s ok

    Was in one during a test drive. Although it does in fact handle better than expected I didn’t find the doors and pannels to have the same heavy thud or feel that u get when u close a Toyota door or lean on a pannel (no biggy i suppose.)
    Also there was an annoying buzzing and rattle sound coming from the front left on acceleration and a squeak on the plastic of the centre dash which housed the trip metre info, which stopped when the pressed dash plastic was pressed firmly.
    Surely this shouldnt happen after a few hundred k’s of city only driving.
    I think I may wait to see if the pricing drops next year before seriously looking at it again or go with something that has already has all the bugs ironed out. I’d live to see how the ANCAP test goes

    • Wilo

      I just drove the XLT manual today and was quite impressed, however thought it logical to outline what i didn’t like:

      1. Cheap looking plastic through centre console.
      2. The trip computer has no steering wheel button to flick through various info displays AND it had no digital speedo readout.
      3. The instrumentation looks a little too basic in appearance. Could have jazzed it up somewhat.
      4. No mirror on drivers sunshade.
      5. No grab handle on drivers side.
      6. drivers seat feels somewhat short in length under thighs.

      Maybe im being too picky, but i noticed these things…

      • Johnny Johnstone

        I thought the ute standing still was pretty good, great looking and overall spec was very good. The only thing on all three utes which had the same fault was the window mould around the LHR door 1/4 glass. It didn’t fit properly. I just thought that when I drove it that the engine felt a little breathless. If Ford had put the joint venture engine out of the Nissan ST-X in it this ute would have been unbeatable.

      • Joey

        Wilo, seriously, no mirror on the driver’s sunshade. Do you really think you should be driving a ute?

  • Boycie

    Have driven the last 2 models in the NZ Mazda version (Bounty and BT-50) 285,000 km on the Bounty and now 250,000 and growing on the BT-50 (5 speed auto). Have my order in for the new Ranger/BT-50. The two last versions have worked hard (flogged) every day on and off-road (generally travelling between and on farms). They have proven tough vehicles and were class leaders in their day. I am looking forward to the new Ute – another auto (6-speed – gotta love that); and the extra space (growing boys); and extra power (growing boat); and extra safety features (growing frown from wife). Well done to Ford and Mazda for putting together what I am expecting to be an absolute ripper Ute. Make it home safe.

  • paulb

    Seen the new Ranger.At the local Ford dealership for the first time today.Wow
    The looks,the interior,instruments only seen in Falcon+ Commodore utes.The chrome and badges,even a duel cab with a comfortable back seat.So much though has gone in to this ute\sedan.Well done to all involved in the new Ranger..

  • save it for the track


    mitigation…. Interesting…

  • happy happy joy joy

    i just brought an xlt manual for 49000 with extras cant wait thats gst dealer del wich is a scam

    • It’s ok

      How did u manage that price. Dealers always say they have sold X amount already in an attempt to sign u up but that is 5k under the rrp. I can’t see any dealer dropping that much when they arnt even on the sales room floor. (only demo’s)
      Maybe next year when they are competing with Colorado, new hilux ( 2nd half 2012) Mazda and dmax.

  • http://big jinhua1986@yahoo.com

    The only good thing about this car is the fuel that go’s into the tank… Shame it has to be used on a Merc!

    • Tim

      you are a knob



    dont care how good it looks or handles….53k plus all the rest…for a 32 litre diesel thats only pumping out sub 150kw??..piss weak.

    the rich brickies and tradies will go for it i guess….i reckon the new navara with its killer diesel engine will be a better option for that money….

  • DS

    Interesting how the review didn’t mention how it’s on road manners compare to the Amarok or how its off road performance is compared to the Hilux. Can’t wait to see a review against all dual cab utes.

  • DS

    Interesting how the review didn’t mention how its on road manners compare to the Amarok or how its off road performance is compared to the Hilux. Can’t wait to see a review against all dual cab utes.

  • Gravity

    I wonder if it has a reverse camera. Not for work reasons, but driveway safety when I get home.

  • Arthur Nichols

    I will be getting a XLT 6 sp Manual After Xmas Drives great ,great ride,good cab,Looks Great

  • Interested

    I deal killer for me, in that the Ranger + radio Antenna tip is 2131mm (approx)from the ground, and my garage roller door opening height is 2030mm.
    That means the tip of the antenna will contact the door and fick and bend, when reversing outwards, and eventually snap off.
    A basic thing, BUT when the Falcon Ute & Territory have a base that allows it to be bent up or down, why not the Ranger?
    I am not going to pay for the roof lining to be ripped out, and experiment which radio lead and antennae will then work in the PX Ranger, Ford should have been a bit more thinking, in R&D phase.
    They are not all parked outside in the open air are they?

    • chook

      Surely , is this really just about the aerial ? …or are you joking ?…..push the arial in a bit or bend it down or something , . If this will make your decision on the whole package then does the rest of the package really matter to you ??

      • interested

        Yes it does.
        I have been waiting for this truck since I first heard about it. Of course I am pissed off.
        The ute is that tall I cant easily reach it, the aerial being in the middle over the windscreen, and no it doesn’t push down like internally the old model.
        If Ford Au make the Territory adjustable in rake angle, and the Falc Ute a short stubby unit, why do it different.
        Just forget to tie it down just once and reverse out, and see if it breaks off.
        No mate, I’ll wait for the update model, the PX SERIES 2.

  • Tim

    I have not seen an TV Commercial for this? is there one?
    I just bought the XLT can’t wait comes mid November.
    Dealers say they are selling like hot cakes, so the price is not bothering people.
    And after driving all the utes this was miles out in front im glad i waited until it came out.

  • Harry

    Anyone seen one with the factory ford bullbar?

    • It’s ok

      Yep. I didn’t like it. . I’m going to go arb steel bar

  • Allan

    Just had a look at a XLT auto at Brendale QLD $59,950 drive away, way to much money for a pensioner, thats $5000 over the list price from Ford.

    Grand Cherokee Laredo is now looking better.

  • Teresa

    My husband and I have a 2009 Ford Ranger Wildtrak and we love it!!!
    I can’t wait to see the new model when it comes out!

  • Sledge

    I can see ARB making a stack of cash with an integrated rear bumper/step/receiver hitch like they did with the Range Rover 20 years ago

  • Tradesatwork

    I’ve been a HiLux owner for many years but this time it’s going to be the Ranger. After the test drive it was obvious that the Ranger was going to be a far better tow vehicle with comfort.

  • Scott Hasler

    Picked up my new Ranger in Adelaide and just driven to the Gold Coast. XLT Auto. Very happy with the car after the initial drive ..all 2300km of it.
    Main points…..very quiet in the cabin at speed,powerful and sure footed. Just ate the kilometers. Happy with the cruise control and other control layouts.
    Some minor issues and some pleasant surprises.
    Missed a turn outside of Walgett and ended up driving up towards Lightning Ridge but saw a turn back on track to collarenebri. 80km dirt road in good condition. Travelling 80-90kmph suddenly came across small series of small corrigations that saw the car get right out of shape. Before i could act the rear drivers wheel seemed to lock up for half a second bringing the car right back into line. Slow down fool. Heart stopping moment dealt with by that system…it worked well.
    And riding the brakes down the ranges between Warwick and the coast due to 40km works zone the transmission changes down to hold you at speed. I though that clever. Auto wipers and lights were sopt on.
    Minor issues…my optus phone charger did not work properly in either 12v plugs unless it was pulled to one side…slight rattle in drivers side speaker when deep base is used in music. VW ransporter driver for 20 years and Amarok test drive x 2 but i am certain now i made the right choice.Thats it

    • Hok

      Hi Scott…mind share on the actual fuel consumption rate? thanks.


    Does anyone know the High/Low transfer case ratios?
    Ford Australia can’t even tell me this info!!!

    • Boycie

      Hi Quartermain – hope this is what you were after.

      1st – 5.441 (4.294 old model)
      2nd – 2.839 (2.413)
      3rd – 1.721 (1.491)
      4th – 1.223 (1.000)
      5th – 1.000 (0.800)
      6th – 0.794
      Rev – 4.935 (3.391)
      Final Gear Ratio – 3.55 (3.727)


        Thanks Boycie, I already found this info on the Ranger website, but no H4 or L4 ratios. I’ve sent four e-mails to Ford Australia and received only PR type responses, but no real info. Also tried two dealerships with no luck.
        Perhaps it’s top secret?? Very frustrating!!!

        • Boycie

          Have it now:

          Overall gearing of 52.5:1

  • CJ

    Just spoke to a local dealer and he told me that the 4X2 XLT was due to come out at the end of this month but has now been pushed back until end of December, possibly January because of the floods in Thailand.

    Guess some of us will have to wait a little longer!

  • Stoney

    have ordered xlt super cab supposed to be here in november not getting much confidence of that happening from the dealership has anybody herd how far away the boat is

  • Boycie

    Wow – just been to the dealer. The Mazda is a bit different to start – then thought – Wow it is quite cool. Had a look at the Ford – and it is a good look, but in reality it looks just a bit like a well worked update. God help me – I think I am coming around to the BT-50 look!
    Hopped in the back (and I am not small); and I could get in comfortably. Can’t do that in my existing ute. This is gunna be fun. New GSX auto by end of Nov.


    At last, some technical info from Ford Australia.
    H4 1000:1 L4 2.717:1 Same for 2.2 & 3.2L diesel.
    Therefore 1st L4 52.480:1 ( Manual)
    42.270:1 (Auto)

  • Tom

    Picking my new XLT dual cab up this weekend, cant wait !

  • Gino

    Took the XLT for a drive yesterday very impressive! Finally a manufacturer that listens to farmers, great for towing,heaps of grunt, just love it. Couldn’t wait to trade the Navara in so I did!

  • klaus

    Picked up our black XLT last week, So far I’m impressed. Power galore. Looks great. Rides and handles like a car. Will be using it for towing. Looked at Hilux, our opinon Ranger interior and body style fresher, comparsion Ranger drove much better. Ford a little short on accessories at moment. ECB off the mark quick with some stuff tho.

  • Gino

    Well went to sign paperwork and pick up the XLT on Tuesday as arranged only to be told I needed an extra $1600.00 as a mistake was made on the trade (Nissan)! So told them to jam it! Found out it had been sold. Are all car salesmen real estate salesmen? Went to the Mazda dealers and signed up on a Mazda BT 50 with same accessories plus a standard sat nav and $5200.00 cheaper!! I’m just dumbfounded at my luck as I would have thought the Mazda would be dearer. I must say the ranger has the looks but it’s really a minor issue for me as the Mazda rides better, would anyone know why?

    • Sumpguard

      I’m not surprised the mazda is cheaper as it is so incredibly ugly. I noticed in their ad on TV the one without the bullbar is shoved up the back. Says it all.

      Call me vane but I’ll always pay extra for something I can actually live with. I saw the mazda on the road for the first time last week and it doesn’t look any better in the flesh.

      The ford is now the best looking ute in the segment, the mazda the worst. For me it would be an easy decision.

      So long as you are happy with your vehicle however is what matters. Happy motoring.

  • jonno

    never owned a ford, but!!!!!!!

  • Bungydunstallonthenet

    Test drove the 3.2 litre XL and found the motor to be very noisy while cold, is this a common fault? Are these engines as good as what ford say they are?

  • Boycie

    Just coming up to 3,000km on the new BT-50 auto.  Ranger/Mazda – who cares?  These utes are seriously good – great road manners with heaps of grunt for passing.  And sublime off road.  Had my 2007 BT-50 auto out in the hill paddocks behind the house to compare this morning.  The new one with road tyres could beat it in every way. Just the traction control and diff-lock when left in 2WD went great.  And the new lower gearing in 4WD low – great.  The hill descent in nuetral was superb coming down a steep ridge.  A mate has a Falcon to replace in April – after a fanging session up and down the windy country roads last night – yep the Ranger is now on order!!

  • Gfgdfgergd

    Ford Suck! Just been told that the 1 on order won’t be available till April- May 2012. Bullsh*t! 

  • Tim

    I have a XLT Hi rider that i bought in December,
    Nice car but has an issue, when you brake just before you come to a complete stop it has a thud through the car feels like a loose gearbox mount, took it back to ford the day after i bought it they said everything is ok and that its normal…. its unbelievable they can build a car with that sort of fault. its that bad people in the car feel it and ask what the hell it is.. Not Happy

  • Coujo

     by far one of the best name ideas
    I’ve heard for this beautiful machine!

  • Donki

    Wrong mate, the only electronic bit in a hilux 4wd system is only in the upper models and it is to engage the front diff, not the transfer case, transfer case is full manual the way it should be.

  • Donki

    Hilux facelift model is a 7 year old design ute, it should put it to shame! And new hilux will put this ranger to shame in a year or two. Me personally will never have another ford, my wallet and greasy driveway can’t take anymore!

  • Donki

    when you need a real work ute you gotta pay for it! 

  • Donki

    It will after the first few really really heavy ones

  • Thomaskirk1

    Not happy, 4 month old XLT dual cab, stopped on fwy, in shop for over a week, replaced crank angle sensor, now 2 days later gear stick all sloopy, not event 10K yet !

  • Iwaqa

    OH yea…..bro i like this dam Ford man…..i wish i have money to buy one. i go thru its detail i just want to test one of this

  • Brayden Cresswell

    Or Car window here is a thought work harder and save up for it.

  • rogeroo

    you obviously havnt seen the rear end of a 2012 BT 50

  • I live in hope

    I wrote to Ford Australia and told them they’d be on a winner if they dropped a straight 6 into the Ranger but they didn’t listen. And where are they now? They should keep the engine plant at Geelong and keep building the world’s best engine..the I6. How good would a dual cab 4X4 be with the I6 in a dual fuel version be? I don’t get the diesel fad for city based cars. Diesel is the new asbestos.

  • jemma

    does a 2009 for ranger xlt crew cab utility have a timing belt or a timing chain
    and are they good utes

  • johan dreyer

    I have a terrible rattle that sounds like plastic on plastic on the left side of the dash. On removing the cubby I found the plastic(?!) nut securing the dash only finger tight and replaced it with a metal nut and washer which silenced it…for 50km. Now the rattle is in the centre and I cant get to those without major surgery. Very irritating on a truck with 500km on the odo!!

  • Geoff Keane

    Hi all have a PK Wildtrak anyone has issues with the factory radio aerial? ok while your in a town but open road the signal dies and cant pick nothing up looking to leave the existing aerial about driver on the roof and installing new aerial on my bullbar how hard would it be to rewire it into radio?

  • Leonard

    I bought a Ranger because it was Australian and thought it would remain so. I’ve had my winge.
    Common sense! Why is there no tie down bar on the RANGER Dual cab tailgate ?????

  • Mike T

    I look for petrol ford ranger 4×4 ?? hard find yeah ??

  • Bert

    The 3.2L variant of the T6 seems to be a lemon. Be cautious of glass gearboxes on the auto, as well as turbo’s being prone to early failure due to bad cooling lines (in some cases destroying the engine with it). The 2.2 sounds like the safest bet, however those tend to smoke like 2 strokes after a while. A pretty pickup this ford is, but a tough one it is not.
    Feel free to google ford t6 problems if you think any of the above is BS. Good luck.

Ford Ranger Specs

Car Details
Body Type
New Price
Private Sale
$25,960 - $29,500
Dealer Retail
$26,920 - $32,010
Dealer Trade
$20,400 - $23,600
Engine Specifications
Engine Type
Engine Size
Max. Torque
380Nm @  1800rpm
Max. Power
115kW @  3200rpm
Pwr:Wgt Ratio
Bore & Stroke
Compression Ratio
Valve Gear
Drivetrain Specifications
Drive Type
Final Drive Ratio
Fuel Specifications
Fuel Type
Fuel Tank Capacity
Fuel Consumption (Combined)
9.3L / 100km
Weight & Measurement
Kerb Weight
Gross Vehicle Weight
Ground Clearance
Towing Capacity
Brake:3000  Unbrake:750
Steering & Suspension
Steering Type
Turning Circle
Front Rim Size
Rear Rim Size
Front Tyres
255/60 R18
Rear Tyres
255/60 R18
Wheel Base
Front Track
Rear Track
Front Brakes
Rear Brakes
Front Suspension
Double wishbone, Torsion bar, Hydraulic double acting shock absorber
Rear Suspension
Leaf spring, Hydraulic double acting shock absorber
Standard Features
Air Conditioning
Control & Handling
18 Inch Alloy Wheels, Electronic Brake Force Distribution
Power Steering
Engine & Transmission
Limited Slip Differential
Radio CD with 2 Speakers
Power Mirrors
Cloth Trim
Dual Airbag Package, Anti-lock Braking, Side Airbags
Alarm System/Remote Anti Theft, Central Locking Remote Control, Engine Immobiliser
Optional Features
Metallic Paint
Service Interval
6 months /  10,000 kms
36 months /  100,000 kms
VIN Plate Location
Driver Side Front Chassis
Country of Origin