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by Brett Davis

Renault has been spotted hot weather testing the upcoming 2013 Renault Megane facelift in southern Europe. The new model will showcase a fresh design inside and out, with LED daytime running lights and a new rear end.

Renault is yet to release any official details, however, from these spy images we can see the new Renault Megane will take on a slightly new styling layout, boasting new headlights and taillights, as well as a freshened up face in line with Renault’s latest design language.

At the back, the 2013 Renault Megane will feature a more rounded shape incorporating a new rear bumper bar design, new taillights, and a new hatch door.

Specific powertrain details are yet to be confirmed. The new model is likely to run with the existing range of four-cylinder petrol and diesel engine options. A sporty Renault Megane RS will likely join the lineup further down the track with an uprated turbocharged four-cylinder engine.

The 2013 Renault Megane is expected to be unveiled in full at next year’s Geneva Motor Show in March, and will likely go on sale towards the end of 2012. We’ll be sure to provide more concrete details as soon as we hear more.

  • TK

    And Australia will once again only get this new model probably around 2014/15.
    Renault will use Oz to dump current Megane stock , before we get this model.

  • Thomas

    Generally when it comes to facelifts, Australia get Renault vehicles quite soon after Europe. The Koleos facelift is being launched at the Frankfurt motorshow this week and will be launched in Australia in November.

  • o

    You have to wonder with renault, they have great product and it just doesn’t sell, what are they doing wrong, hyudai was in the same position 10 years ago and look at them now.

  • John Citizen

    The current one still looks fresh, maybe because there’s hardly any on the roads?

  • Petar

    There interior is poor.and under the bonet not enough power.

    • http://hotmail edwin

      still better than the average hyundai or toyota. Sels in eurpore not here cos aussies are boring…

  • BatmanSV

    Is it just me, or when you first look at the pics, it’s like another copy of a Mazda 3??

  • delux

    The current gen Megane is quite a nice looking car. Too much space in the wheel arches for the lower spec models. Unfortunately, the previous gen Megane is so much better looking. Why so consrevative, renault?

  • Mr Gaspo

    The current Megane design in pleasant yet to my eyes strangely unresolved. I neither hate or love it… Call it a lack of character if you will. As a package it is great. What is also confusing is the current models lack of a diesel… Very odd for s French car. Overall, a commendable effort but it won’t set the sales charts on fire, neither will the Fluence. Let’s hope Renault keep trying, they deserve to succeed, maybe they find their mojo like they did in the 60s and 70s.

    • PROJET – L

      Wheels mag lists Megane Diesel in their upcoming releases for November/December if I am not wrong.